Thursday, October 28, 2010

Draft 10/29: Keys to the Game vs. Clemson

Well, BC is now 2 and 5, and desperately need a win to have a flare of hope to even make a bowl game, well in comes to town a new rival in Clemson. Here are our Keys to the game to beat Clemson, and start heading the ship in the right direction.

1M)Don't kick it to Andre Ellington.

Boston College hasn't really been on fire when it comes to Kick Coverage.. Well don't kick to Andre Ellington, seriously, just don't do it.

2W) Rettig shakes his jitters early

Lately Rettig seems to take a about a quarter and a half to get settled, but after that he seems to get good rhythm and happy feet time is over. Hopefully this week Rettig has his feet and timing set early.

3M)Getting the hot routes right.

Last year Clemson's DC threw the kitchen sink at B, with regularity. We can expect to see more of the same this week. We need Chase and the WR's to e in the same page for those hot routes once the impending blitz is recognized.

4W) Montel being en fuego

Did you watch the Celtics / Heat game Tuesday night? The Heat were getting it handed to them.. and there really wasn’t much they could do about it . They have 3 stars, but none were really putting up the points, Then, Lebron (as much as I am not a fan) took over.. He put up points and made it a game.. Well Montel, We need you to take over and make this a game.

5M) Where have you gone, Cole-diMaggio?

Johnathan Coleman is one of our favorites so it was super exciting for us to see him emerge early in the season... But where has he been the last couple of games? Seems like part of the problem is he's simply not getting looks....he needs to break coverage early and be a prime target for Chase with the blitzes we're sure to see.

6W) Forget 3, make it 7!

BC has had a hard time moving the ball on offense, and that’s really not an opinion, its a fact. BC needs to force the issue to convert touchdowns when they are in the red zone, and stop settling for 3. If BC is going to win, we are going to have to take some risks., so going for it on 4th is going to happen.

7M) Time to press coverage

Playing back and allowing the short completion simply hasn't been a successful strategy. Parker is good enough QB to consistently complete the short passes all day so we need to force the issue.

8W) Throw on first down

Im not gonna say we should run a crazy offense, I am not going to say we should even run a balanced offense.. I am just asking for a small victory here. Throw on first down, give it a chance. Our opponents know our tendencies, and they play towards them.

9M) Bobby "Old Spice Swagger" Swigert returning kicks

Wesley, I do believe we will throw it on first down. The question is whether or not we do it before halfway through the third quarter. About even odds there, I would guess.

For my last selection, I'm going with using Swigert on kick and punt returns. He's been terrrific as a freshman catching the ball, but for those who follow recruiting it was Bobby's kick and punt return skills that got most of us the most excited. Chris Fox is a good athlete and a serviceable backup in the defensive backfield but he clearly shouldn't be returning kicks. Montel is easily the most valuable player on the team given our overall weakness on offense and risking injury to him on punts is painfully dumb (not that we want Bobby injured by any means). Let's put Bobby in a position to make a play....or ten...we'll need it Saturday..

10W) Get ahead Early

With our offense, we haven’t really been the shock and awe that we may have grown used to in the past. For us to win, we will need to get ahead early and try to maintain that lead. Our defense should keep us in lots of games, but we will need an early push from the offense to have that lead, as comebacks will be very hard for us to manufacture.


BCMike: Dont kick to Ellington, Hot Routes, Cole Di-Maggio, Press Coverage, Swigert Returning Kicks

Wesley: Rettig Shake Jitters, Montel en fuego, Get 7, Throw on 1st, Get ahead early

Draft 10-29: Keys to the Game vs. Clemson
BCMike: Dont kick to Ellington, Hot Routes, Cole Di-Maggio, Press Coverage, Swigert Returning Kicks
Wesley: Rettig Shake Jitters, Montel en fuego, Get 7, Throw on 1st, Get ahead early free polls

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  1. I'm with Wes this time. I'd rather kick deep and take our chances than kick out of bounds, have failed squibs, and give Clemson the ball and the 40 every time.

    However, another key to the game. KICK OFF more than ONCE.