Monday, November 5, 2012

The Frank Spaziani Electoral College

The Spaz Electoral College shows which US States Spaz has won and lost through his tenure as Head Football Coach at Boston College. 

First, let’s look at the US States Spaz has won:

Ohio (+40)
Michigan (+21)
Maryland (+14)
New York (+6)

Spaz used a couple of convincing wins over a Doug Martin coached Kent State teams to claim the always valuable swing state of Ohio.  Another upper Midwestern state fell to Spaz in Michigan due to a 21 point win vs. MAC powerhouse Central Michigan.

Maryland was hotly contested, with five contests for the Chesapeake Bay State.  Spaz dominated this contest winning 80% of his matchups with Maryland and Navy, collectively.

Spaz used a solid win vs. Syracuse to help lessen the blow of the Army loss in 2012 to capture New York State.

Unfortunately, the Spaz camp has lost more than its fair share of states as well.

Leading the pack of losses is Florida:

Florida (-102)
Virginia (-61)
South Carolina (-48)
Indiana (-24)
Georgia (-20)
Illinois (-16)
North Carolina (-14)
California (-11)
Nevada (-7)

Florida State, Miami, and Central Florida all contributed significant points to the Florida blowout, which wasn’t surprising to anyone following the Spaz campaign bus.

Virginia was lost to VT solely, as Spaz’ teams defeated UVA several times during his tenure.  Showing consistency can be both good and bad, Spaz has not lost to the Cavaliers, nor beaten the Hokies.

South Carolina was handled easily by Clemson whose one loss has been avenged multiple times over. 

Georgia, Illinois, California, and Nevada all owe their states to the only team from their state that played BC, so Georgia Tech, Northwestern, USC, and Nevada, respectively.

North Carolina was the most contested state with Spaz winning 50% of the 10 matchups from NC schools Duke, North Carolina, NC State, and Wake Forest.