Monday, October 15, 2012

Blauds takes aim at Eagle in Atlanta: The BCDraft response

"Jersey Guy" Mark Blaudschun recently took a run at our friend and fellow blogger Eagle in Atlanta (which as an Eagle also in Atlanta, I'm often asked if I am in addition to being "BCMike", but I suppose that's neither here nor there) on his website.

First, let's address the fact that Mark Blaudschun is now writing utilizing the same medium we at BCDraft, BCI, Soaring to Glory, Eagle in Atlanta, and every other BC blog uses.  

Also note that from this group of BC bloggers only Blaudschun was fired from the Globe because he was a shitty hack of a lazy writer who even the GLOBE of all places thought was underperforming.  This is the same paper that gives equal time and space to UConn rugby as it did to BC football when we were in the national championship hunt a couple years ago.  If the GLOBE, THE FUCKING GLOBE thought you did a horrible job covering BC sports, that's really saying something.

I digress.

Listen, Blaudy is entitled to his opinion.  He can defend Spaz until his last day on campus and likely will long after he's gone.  But going after an alum?  A blogger? Someone who actually writes for free (or darn close to it, I know these ads don't pay a whole lot) to support the school and helps stroke the most infinitesimally small competitive flames that are left in this fanbase?

Eagle in Atlanta needs to get a clue?

No, Blauds.  YOU need to get a clue.  While you were paid at the Globe and periodically rolled out of bed and logged on to Eagle Action or Eagle Outsider to get your article for the month, you were a public figure PAID to cover BC sports.  You were fair game.

Spaz is getting paid handsomely for what he's doing.  I have to imagine that on a per-win basis, he's out-earning Saban and the Ol' Ball Coach at this point.  He's a public figure and PAID to coach football and occasionally win games.  He's fair game.  

You went out of your way to not only attack Eagle in Atlanta, but in what can only be interpreted as a pathetic attempt of using whatever little clout you mistakenly believe you have, embarrass or humble a blogger and calling him out a publishing his name without his permission.

You want to talk about guys who don't get it?  You want to try to make me understand that because you think a guy really likes a place that's afforded him millions of dollars and given him the only head coaching job of his career that we should like him and want him to stay as our Head Football Coach?  I have no problems believing Spaz loves BC.   

Frankly (pun intended), I don't give a shit.  

I love Olivia Wilde, but does that qualify me for being her beau?  Affection or appreciation isn't a qualification for anything.  It's a nice addition but it's not the meat.  The meat here is simple: CAN YOU COACH?  CAN YOU RECRUIT?  CAN YOU DEVELOP TALENT?  If our next coach can do those three things and openly hates Boston College, I'm fine with it.  

I'm sure you think you're being a loyal friend of Spaz and trying to show the rest of us who (occasionally) cover BC sports that this is how it's done.  You're trying to one-up one of the leading bloggers and show everyone just who the new boss is in town.

We've got news for you.  You're not one of us.  You'll never be one of us.  

...and when you take a shot at one of us, you take a shot at all of us.

Eat a bag of dicks,