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12/31 Draft: Our favorites from '09

So we took a couple holidays off..sue us! Actually, please don't sue us. We don't make any money off of this thing and frankly can't afford the for missing a couple days.


Since today is the last day of 2009, we thought we would take the spirit of Christmas and The New Year alive by enjoying some self-absorbency. Below are our favorite ten posts of the year. If you haven't seen them before, give them a read, they might be enjoyable for you as well.

Again, thank you to all of our readers and ESPECIALLY those who comment and write in emails to us. The feedback is really what keeps us going, so thank you. We hope you've enjoyed reading BCDraft as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

We can all pray that we'll be significantly better in 2010, but don't get your hopes up. I'm just saying, let's be realistic about this. I digress...


1W) Patriot Golfer / NC State preview

We did this one while I was conferenced in; while driving down the road in California.. First we were just going to do a normal Keys to Victory against NC State, then when we thought about it , we thought it may be a bit more entertaining to have Patriot Golfers Point of view on the game.. and it turned out pretty well.

2M) American Gladiators

We've had a good bit of fun photoshopping
various things throughout the year, but this was one of my favorites. To give credit where it's due, this was Wesley's idea that we worked together on. Some photos came out better than others, but just about every one of them gave both of us a healthy belly laugh. My favorite is still probably the main picture with Spaz, Govs, and Tranq.

3W) Alex Albright interview

I want to say that this was our first Player Interview? If I am wrong, I am sorry.
But it just lined up really well. The questions were both personal and impersonal, football and random, but the real content came in Alex's responses. He was both direct and verbose, with his answers and showed EXACTLY what a BC Student- Athelete is!

4M) Marcellus Bowman interview

We were most fortunate to have Chris Cameron hook us up with Marty for a live phone interview. It was our first taste of really acting like "media" members (we all know we're entirely too unprofessional to be considered media, but still...) and the interview itself was just fantastic. I liked Bowman before the interview and after talking to him, I became one of his biggest fans. Terrific kid, great player, and as Mike Farrell from says--hardest hitter ever at Boston College.

5W) Renaming the Pac-10

Haha, quick and dirty, yes this was fun, and VERY easy.. but the amount of hate mail, and such that we got from this was amusing. as much as it proves that the most work doesn't usually = most fruit, as this article had our most reads so far.

6M) Andre Ware predictions

As BC fans, we're a little bit on the hypersensitive side when it comes to preseason predictions. Now some would make the suggestion that this reaction is a learned one; as the media has never been kind to BC in any sport (outside of hockey) in the preseason and we're always one of those teams who has to prove they belong, instead of having to prove that they don't (see OU, ND, tOSU). Andre's comments at the beginning of the year set off a shitstorm that I'm not sure we've seen before or since. Andre called for "two, maybe three" wins for our boys who were returning from their second consecutive A3CG. On the verge of a nine win season, we penned the Andre Ware article which has proven to be one of our fellow BC fan's favorites to date.

7W) Meter

I have to admit it , I am a serious Meter fan. He does a great service for BC, and I think his voice helps spread the BC name around. I honestly can't, nor want to hear any other voice of the Eagles. Meter didn't let down , when he showed us how a real podcast should be run.

8M) Emotions of TOB

Again, I must give credit where it's due--this
was another one of Wesley's ideas that morphed into the final post that became "The Emotions of TOB". Much like the Gladiators post, this one had us both rolling as we found photo after photo of Ginger showing zero expression and then coming up with the best emotions to describe them. Nothing of substance here, but plenty of laughs...and that goes a long way for me.

9W) First post

Let me prelude this with, I FAILED .. haha It was our first draft, and I honestly didn't know where it was going. Heck , I still don't. This draft was to basically rank the top 10 ACC teams.. and although I virtually failed,it laid a good foundation for going forward. As it was a very difficult start, it was very fun start to something good.

10M) Worst of Worst from Clemson

This was the first game Wesley and I went
to together this year. We had a blast despite the multiple rain delays and losing badly. Being able to share our frustrations with what went wrong set a template for future posts and allowed us to go outside the box a bit with our thoughts (which has, for better or worse, become a bit of a staple around here) with selections such as "6. Getting my piece of shit tent up".

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Draft 12/24: Keys to the Game w/ Kyle of Trojanwire

As we always do before our games we have our Thursday Podcast!
Today we were joined by
Trojanwire's own Kyle. If you haven't had the chance to check out Trojanwire, please do. As they have GREAT content, and awesome Song girl Mondays! That are without a doubt a huge cure for anyone's case of the Mondays!

So without any further hesitation, Click below to hear our Keys to the Game.

Draft 12/23: Renaming the PAC-10/12

Now with the PAC 10 talk of growth, and potential teams to grow into that conference, we thought we would give some fresh material for the conference to steal and label themselves as marketing geniuses! Here goes the renaming the PAC! Since we used "Pac-12" yesterday, we're going to try something more outside the box....


1M) The Pacific Conference

Just drop the "10"! "Pac-con". Just like
Pac-Man, just Pac-Con! You can still have the phone pacific thing going on without the risk of being another Big10 also ran having the wrong number in your conference title.

2W) The Big Surf


I think conferences need to have snazzier names. Yes, I used the word snazzier haha. ACC/SEC/Big EAST yaddda yadda ya. The Big Surf.. Doesn't that just entice you.. just a little bit even??

3M) Conference West

Kind of like C*USA, just
putting the conference first. Conference West!

4W) Left Coast Conference

Ok, I try not to go overly political on this site, because first last and always this is a BC/Football/ Random site first, and a Political Site last. But California/Oregon/ Washington etc are known for being Liberal or left. So why not just call this the
left coast conference? Plus, a more simple answer is look at a map, most of these schools are on the left side (if you are curious which side is left
put your hand up, its the index finger and thumb that make an L)

5M) Gold Rush Conference

The reason that the country
populated itself so quickly across the west, in addition to the homestead act, was the Gold Rush! What's that? No, not the poorly colored BC gear, I'm talking about a new conference, the Gold Rush Conference!

6W) West Side Conference

Good call on the Gold Rush Conference.. I like it !!
I am going with West Side Conference.. Bring Ice Cube, WC, and of course Mack 10 as spokesmen.It's descriptive, its quick and to the point, what's not to like about the West Side Conference?

7M) West Coast Conference

Okay, so I know the WCC is
already taken, but what do you do when you're a major power and want something that someone has? You buy it! The Pac-10 can all have the members chip in a couple mil and buy the conference name away from it's current owners and go with the new WCC name.

8W) The Big Quake Conference

Ok ok , no history lesson is
needed here, large portions of the PAC resides on fault linesGrowing up in california, I learned VERY quick what earthquakes were! So as a good intimidating name such as the The Big Quake Conference!

9M) It doesn't matter because the East Coast media will ignore you anyway

That's right, you heard me.

10W) The Big West

Just when The Big East started sounding cool
, oh wait it didn't . But the Big West sounds a bit more fluid. Although the Big West is already being used.. I am sure that the PAC could easily come off the Greenbacks necessary to make this happen.


BCMike drafted: Pac-Con, Conference West, Gold Rush, WCC, Doesn't matter

Wesley drafted: Big Surf, Left Coast, West Side, Big Quake, Big West

12-23 draft: New Name for the Pac-10
BCMike: Pac-Con, Conference West, Gold Rush, WCC, Doesn't matter
Wesley: Big Surf, Left Coast, West Side, Big Quake, Big West free polls

12/22 Draft: Expanding the Pac-10

Just when we were running a little low on material, the CFB gods help us out. Sure enough, right on the heels of the Big10/11/whatever talking expansion, the Pac-10 has thrown it's name into the ring as well as a conference that will also explore expansion (PAC-12 here we come!).


1W) Hawaii

Let me start by saying, yes I know this is an odd one, especially to start off with. But I think Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean, no? And it really probably fits in better with the PAC group anyways. I honestly think that Hawaii can give some challenge to the PAC teams.

2M) Boise State

The ACC Rule aside (thou shalt not
bring in teams into the conference that beat the incumbent teams, else said expansion teams be named "bad fits"), Boise State is a no-brainer. The football team has won something close to 38 of it's last 40 games. Say what you want about the quality of the opponent the Broncos play, but they've done it vs. some pretty good teams as of late (OU in a BCS bowl, the Pac-10 Champion Oregon Ducks this year). It would be a good move for the Broncos because they wouldn't have to worry about how awful their schedule is; they'd have a built-in legitimacy playing Oregon and USC every year as well as Cal, a much improved Stanford team, etc.

Plus, they could keep the smurf turf and just use the white logo outline for the Pac10. See? It all fits.

3W) Fresno State

Fresno State.. think about it.
They are on the sea of lost, they belong in the PAC.
They have been rather successful in the WAC overall, and really thier location make them prime for the PAC!


BYU has had a solid program for
quite some time now after falling from grace post-Ty Detmer. The Cougs are a good get for the Pac-10 as BYU is a good school and let's face it, there's not much risk in bringing in these clean-cut folks. The basketball team is good every once in a while, but the football team has been very competitive and would continue to be after moving up in the world and joining a major BCS auto-bid conference.

5W) New Mexico

QUIT LAUGHING!!! The Lobos would make a great homecoming matchup for all the current PAC teams! heck even Washington St!

6M) Utah

The Utes have proven that they are
no flash in the pan, producing BCS winning bowl teams and first round picks. While Utah still doesn't get the name recognition and automatic respect that perhaps they deserve at this point, joining a major conference could give them the boost they need to get over the hump of legitimacy.

7W) Colorado

All joking aside, This probably makes the most sense.
Colorado isn't really a fit for the Big 12.. It's almost an outsider, so shouldnt the PAC be an option? There is no question whether the PAC would want them, they definitely would, and I honestly think this would be mutually benefical as recruiting in CU would increase, and the media market of the PAC would as well!

8M) Colorado State

Well hell, Wesley...if Colorado is going,
shouldn't Colorado State go, too? I mean you already have Washington/Washington State, Oregon/Oregon State, Arizona/Arizona State, Cal/Cal State? Ok, well it ends before Cal State, but still, if we're going to add the Buffs, it would make sense to add the Rams as well.

9W) Boston College

Yes Boston College.. Have you figured out why I say BC? NO?
well is BC near the Pacific Ocean? Negative, they are near another body of water. I think they would just like BC, or to SAY BC because that seems to be the hot thing to do lately.
Naming BC as a team that wants to jump conferences, to the Big east, Big ten, heck Why not the PAC! Although I am pretty certain that BC would prefer to stay in the ACC. Kinda working out pretty well for them you know? Oh and the whole BC doesnt travel well stigma would be in effect if they played in the PAC btw.

10M) San Diego State

BC? Boy, you are off your rocker.
I'm going with another public UC-system school with San Diego State. It's nice because it actually does expand the media market a little bit by getting the San Diego area (okay, not much, but still), plus it's a large state school that's churned out a surprising amount of NFL talent over the years (Marshall Faulk / Joe Gibbs / Herm Edwards anyone). I'm sure the powers that be in California wouldn't mind adding another school from the Great Republic.


Wesley drafted: Hawaii, Fresno State, New Mexico, Colorado, Boston College
BCMike drafted: Boise State, BYU, Utah, Colorado State, San Diego State

12-22 Draft: Expanding the Pac-10
Wesley drafted: Hawaii, Fresno State, New Mexico, Colorado, Boston College
BCMike drafted: Boise State, BYU, Utah, Colorado State, San Diego State free polls

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12/21 Draft: Renaming the Big10

Okay, so on Thursday we covered the teams that we believe should be ripe for the picking by the Big1Ten1. Today we delve into what to name the Big10 after it becomes a twelve member conference....


1M) The Heartland 12

Sure, it might sound a little cheesy, but hey--it's true! America's heartland is in the midwest where the grand majority of the conference members are.

2W) The Dirty Dozen

I honestly doubt this will be a choice.. but honestly it probably would be the best option , to sound like a old western mixed with football.

3M) Great Lakes Conference

I think this actually might be my favorite, and I have to say that I did not come up with this myself, but rather read it somewhere else (forget where, apologies to the original creator...not THE original creator, but you know what I mean). I enjoy things that actually make sense, unlike the LA Lakers or the Utah Jazz (is Jazz even allowed in Utah?), and seeing how most of the teams are within a couple hundred miles of the great lakes, it would make a lot of sence. The GLC would be a cool name I think.

4W) The and 1 conference

Cause we never know when we are going to add 1, ACC you have 12? WE Might just have 13, PAC you have 10? Well , 11 may be just right for us.. You just never know when And 1 will add one on ya !

5M) The Western conference

Back to basics, I say! The original name of the Big10 was the Western Conference, and it informally changed to the Big10 in the 1920's before becoming the formal name in the 40's. While it's not in the West Coast, it WAS the original name so I think going back would be kind of cool.


I mean, Mid American Conference, or Mid Atlantic although I am uncertain what that exactly means.. Maybe it allows a franchise license to the Big MAC, and McDonalds money would start to flow in? Possibilites are endless on this one!

7M) The Bigger 12 conference

Big12 is taken.

8W) The FCS Region C Conference

To really make no sense, they could start a region conference, hoping everyone jumps in.. and somehow take Region C.. Although no one jumps in..FAIL

9M) tBig Ten Conference

In honor of THE Ohio State University which wins everything in this one team conference anyway. We doubt they're going to add anyone that will be competitive (like the ACC did with BC/VT/Miami), expansion is much easier on the current members if you bring in doormats.

10W) The Conference

Kinda stealing a bit of BCMike's thunder here, but if they want to have The in front of every school in thier conference, then just call it THE conference.


BCMike drafted: Heartland 12, Great Lakes Conference, The Western Conference, Bigger 12 Conference, tbig ten
Wesley drafted: Dirty Dozen, The And-1 Conference, MAC II, The Conference, FCS Region 3

12-21 Draft: Renaming the Big10
BCMike drafted: Heartland 12, Great Lakes Conference, The Western Conference, Bigger 12, tbig ten
Wesley drafted: Dirty Dozen, The And-1 Conference, MAC II, The Conference, FCS Region 3 free polls

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12/18 Draft: Best plays of the 2009 Regular Season

Before we dive deep into our draft, let us preface with it is without question that Mark Herzlich beating cancer is the overall number 1 of best things of 2009, but this being focused on the on the field plays, we are going to roll with those.


1W) Isaac Johnson vs Wake to stop a would be loss

This feels like FOREVER ago, do you
remember, we ALMOST lost to wake at home, actually it was about to happen.. in OT.. and you know it would have been a horrible horrible trend.. but it was all stopped, by a play by the backup in the Secondary Isaac Johnson by swatting the ball in the attempted handoff by skinner…

2M) Boomcat’s goal-line blowup vs. ND

It's truly very sad that such an
outstanding defensive performance (our best of the year, IMO) was in a loss as the offense fumbled and intercepted the ball away FIVE times, but there was one specific play that stands out in my mind from that game.

Notre Dame is on the BC half yard line. It's fourth down. Former Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis decides to go for it. Hey, it's only a half-yard, right? The ND back gets the ball and takes a step towards the goal line...then out of no where, Marty Bowman comes in and stops him DEAD in his tracks, holding the Fake Irish out of the End Zone and giving the Eagles another shot of life. Absolutely dead in his tracks. Amazing hit.

3W) Keeks pick 6 vs. CMU

Just when you thought he had done
it all, and he almost had.. but he finished with a pick 6 to help the offense out against Central Michigan. This is when we REALLY found out more about our young star LB

4M) McMichael’s Pine Tar Grab vs. Wake

This to me, on offense, was the biggest
jaw-dropper of the year. The pass from Shinskie was a little hot, and a little high, but McMichael just stuck out his paw and nabbed it out of the air like it was a Nerf Velco football set. The catch was so tough to make that the safety who was in pursuit of Jordon took the wrong route when the big TE made the grab, clearing the way for the TD rumble.

5W) Shinskie to Jet wheel route vs FSU

Call me nostalgic , whatever.. but this
was just a great play, something the fans had been almost verbatim asking for.

And I am a big Jet fan. Oh , and let me top that off a bit… when everyone was calling for us to watch out for the FSU speed.. and then we beat them with…. Speed.. right down the line.. gotta love it!

6M) Mike Morrissey’s stop on Sewell on 4th down vs. UVA

While BC should have beaten ND (IMO)
and was the favorite vs. UNC at home, this year was devoid of the usual "WTF loss". UVA could have been it, and very likely would have been had it not been for Mike Morrissey's heroics stopping a late-charging UVA team lead by a very tough to handle Jamel Sewell. Only needing three yards for the first down on fourth on the BC 14(ish), Morrissey quickly got in great tackling position after originally going into his drops to stop Sewell and preserve the BC victory.

7W) Montel 41 carries vs UVA

Workhorse, animal, determined, some
of the verbs I think of when I hear 41 carries. Montel never complained, fretted or anything

When he was asked to take the workload of the carries in almost a dangerous fashion. Racking up over 1300 regular season yards didn’t exactly hurt either.

8M) Montel running Wild(cat) all over NC State

The numbers are still eye-popping:
264 yards, five TD's, and a near 10 yard/tote average. If memory serves, the stats out of the wildcat, ahem "Bazooka", were even more gaudy, somewhere around the 20 yard/carry mark.

The amazing performance by Harris was unmatched this year by any other back to my knowledge, although the Wolfpack soon earned the reputation of being the team that one could earn career numbers against in 2009. Regardless, this remains the most outstanding single game running back performance in the history of Boston College football.

9W) Sid, All points leader…

I will keep this one short and sweet,
as I am sure that I have shared enough love for Sid from day 1 of the season.

But to come from the stands, to the BC all time points leader, is impressive to say the least.

10M) Bowman blowing up Kent St’s Jarvis

We never wish injury on anyone,
which is exactly what happened to Eugene Jarvis after Marty Bowman hit him. Watching the hit on ESPN360, the only way that one could if not at the game in person, you could understand why. Bowman was literally a blur and it's not too often that an internet game image can make you go "wow!" and cringe at the same time.

For Eagles fans, it set the tone on what we would look to expect from Boomcat week in and out, and stands as one of the biggest hits and best plays for the Eagles on the year.


Wesley drafted: IJ swat in OT, Keeks pick 6, Jet wheel route, 41 carries for the Ninja, Sid all time leading scorer
BCMike drafted: Boomcat ND blowup, McMichael pine-tar grab, Morrissey's UVA stop, Montel Bazooka's NCSU, Bowman Jarvis hit

12-18 Draft: Best plays of 2009 regular season
Wesley - IJ swat in OT, Keeks pick 6, Jet wheel route, 41 carries 4 Ninja, Sid leading scorer
Boomcat ND hit, McMichael grab, Morrissey's UVA stop, Montel Bazooka's NCSU, Bowman Jarvis hit free polls

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12/16 Draft: What school should the Big 10 draft?

The Big10 has finally realized that the national perception of the conference is an over-rated Ohio State and a bunch of also-rans. Adding in to the fact that voters don't get to see any Big10 teams play for the last three weeks of the season (also could be interpreted as "don't have to see"), the powers that be of the former "Western Conference", now the BigTen.
BTW, if and when they expand, are they seriously going to stick with "The Big10"? I'm pretty sure "Big12" is already taken, and being two schools off really doesn't jive with the overall academic reputation of the conference...I digress...


1M) Mizzou

In the Midwest footprint? Check. Public School? Check? Large land-grant school? Check. Good research program? Check. New media market? Check.

If the Big10 were created today (err, 11...err....12?) and the Big10 had to start from scratch, how wouldn't Mizzou be included? Big12 homers will argue that the Big12 is a better conference, but it's really about what's a better fit for the program. Mizzou isn't going to win anything any time soon being in the same football conference as Texas, OU, etc. They'll be willing to listen and the Big10 would be foolish not to admit them if they accept the invite.

2W) ND

Notre Dame.. Yes I know they would be cutting thier own financial throat here, but
thae heat has been on for QUITE some time now. And really, going 6-6 year in and year out really doesn't help thier ratings in any manor either.. You have to think that to prove thier relevancy in this decade/ millineum etc they would have to do a lot better than that, plus the geography would also play a role. I just wonder how long they feel like they should be an independent, with special BCS ties, if they never see a BCS game outside of from the stands.

3M) Pitt

Notre Dame? Wasted pick! This would, and will, NEVER HAPPEN. Why? Because when is the last time you saw any person, entity, etc., take a 91.7% paycut? That's exactly what ND would be doing if they joined a conference. All of that TV money, bowl money, ticket sales, etc., would now be split 12 ways, not one way. Never gonna happen. I can see why the Big10 would want them, but ND isn't coming.
My choice here is to raid the BigEast and go with Pitt. Pitt is a decent/good school on
the western side of PA, which since the Penn State expansion is now in the outer lengths of the Big10's footprint television-wise.
It's got a good basketball program and an up and down football program (but one that has a lot of good historic accomplishments/players), and again a good public research university. You're not going to expand a ton of marketshare as many folks in Pittsburgh are Big10 fans anyway (much like GT being in tATL, but ATL being an SEC city anyway), but it's not a big academic downgrade like WVU or NJU would be, and would add a nice rivalry for PSU who doesn't really have one naturally in the conference currently.

4W) Cuse

As in the Orangemen, yeah thats right, to me they are still the Orangemen. When you join a conference, you have to add something. Kind of like what BC adds to the ACC, media market, different fans, different recruiting areas etc. Syracuse could add that for the Big 10 and 3/4. And also add some good basketball matchups as well.


Sure, I know that it's slightly outside the footprint and is a private school, but TCU is a true diamond in the rough and would seriously add credibility to the Big10's football teams. I'm absolutely ignorant on TCU's other sports teams, but much like NBE
members with basketball and BC with baseball since joining the ACC, I imagine a couple years in Big10 hoops and TCU would be able to be competitive.
TCU's record speaks for itself, and it's not padded the way that Boise State's has been, TCU has gone out and played good teams on the road. They would instantly compete for Big10 titles in football and the rest would likely come around in time.
It's a good school, but not a big research center (non-public's rarely are due to a lack of public $$$$$$ financing $$$$$). Still, a very good option for the conference.

6W) Cincy

I truly feel like TCU would fit well in the Big 12, but Big 10 would probably work pretty well too.. maybe we just need an all texas league, wow just tons of schools, players, talent out of that state.

Now I choose Cincy, and I am 200% certain this would infuriate the Big Easty but more reason to do it . Cincy is becoming , or maybe even has become a team definitely worth mentioning. Whether that is coaching, the program etc, time will tell. But Cincy moving over to the Big 10 would give them matchups that would take them over the hump and instead of playing the Runner up SEC team, they could easily be playing for the National Championship!

7M) Iowa State

Nice call with Cincy, Wesley. I thought that Cincy was private and was surprised to learn otherwise earlier this year.

If you want to know how to expand without pissing off the current members, ask the North Carolina schools of the ACC: Don't bring in anyone good! The ACC has been "down" ever since the conference expanded and BC, Miami, and VT started representing the divisions in the ACC Championship game.
You don't run that risk with Iowa State. You get more wins for most of the teams in the conference. You get another natural rivalry with Iowa (Illinois), and another large, public, land-grant institution. I'm not sure on their research capabilities, but that would be gravy. Bring in Iowa State and chalk up one more win per Big10 team.

8W) Louisville

Yes , That Louisville! And there are a couple of reasons why.
Get the Big 10 to start matching up with SEC teams as thier market would grow slightly more southern, and having them play KY, TN etc.
Louisville long term in the basketball arena has been a contender and will be one. And I honestly feel like they will get thier football program back to where it needs to be shortly, but I guess we will see when that actually does happen.

9M) Navy

L'Ville? I guess, I mean I can see the Hoops being a positive, but I'm not sure it's academically where the Big10 wants to go.
My last selection here is Navy. That's right, the Middies! Academic rep? Check. Public? It doesn't get any more public! Large land grant? Kinda...but most of all it's a great academic addition (Annapolis) and, *AND* it would expose the Big10 to the DelMarVa area that Maryland currently holds. Navy wouldn't win any titles any time soon, but they would be good for the conference and a literal zero-risk move.


Haha.. I will more than likely lose this one just because.. But hear me out, or read me out or whatever it is that you are doing. MTSU is located in a good media market of Nashville. Which currently only supports 1 team that is Vandy. And I would have to
say if you have ever been to Nashville you are well aware that Vandy really isn't the "Home Team" per se. Its more of a buffet style of teams ranging from Memphis, Vandy, Bama, UT, KY and a few more. Let me add another stat for you, MTSU only trails the UT Vols by about 1500 students . Yes THAT UT, in LANE Stadium with the disgusting hunter orange color, seating over 100k..
Another reason, MTSU has only been division 1 BCS, whatever you want to call it for about 8 years, and this year they are headed to a bowl..
And not only does it benefit the Big 10, the MTSU Blue Raiders would love to play some other teams than the Sun Belt, and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers!


BCMike drafted: Mizzou, PItt, TCU, Iowa State, Navy
Wesley drafted: ND, Cuse, Cincy, L'Ville, MTSU

12-16 Draft: What school should the Big 10 draft?
BCMike drafted: Mizzou, PItt, TCU, Iowa State, Navy
Wesley drafted: ND, Cuse, Cincy, L'Ville, MTSU free polls