Friday, October 8, 2010

10/8/10 Worst of the Worst from Notre Dame

Well, that was completely and totally devastating. At least we got a glimpse of the future in Rettig.

Pardon our tardiness, but our ropes kept on breaking on the, we're back here to recap the pain from last weekend before looking ahead (through clasped hands) at the NC State game.


1M) Rettig getting knocked out

Well, that pretty much sealed our fate, no?

We all expected Chase to be a little nervous not only starting his first game, but doing so A) Against ND, B) In primetime under the lights and C) On national television...and he was. He was absolutely shaky the first four or five throws--but again, that's to be expected.

However, we did get a chance to see what Chase could do as he fired a laser down the field to Bobby Swigert in-stride for a beauty of a TD pass. Sadly, he exited the game shortly after due to injury, and took BC's hopes of winning this game with him.

The Uninspired crowd

Sometimes u gotta fight the small battles and stand and cheer.. And don't get me started on comparing bc to the sec ones, and its not just the product on the field.. Look at usce. The super fans have it together outside of that, it's very weak

3M) McGovern's D first series

We're all very proud of our defense, and rightfully so. A lot of that credit goes to Spaz for the system he's created, but Govs hasn't exactly been doing amazing things with it. It was a shock to me to see ND come out and easily, EASILY drive down the field on BC for the first TD. While the players didn't play great on that first series, they also weren't in the right position to make a play...and that's on the D-Coord.

4W) Gause getting man handled (esp by #5)

Gause, has seen the big games since his freshman year, and I have to say, typically his spotlight games are his best. But this year, against the Frauds was probably his worst.

Without watching the replay (I seriously can’t force myself to, I lived it once) I would say 3 scores were over the head of Gause, add a PI in the end zone and a couple other plays and you end with just a bad game.. I’m not sure if they were gunning for him or if he just got beat repeatedly.. But Gause is capable of better than that.

5M) Nyquill

Gary Tranquil's playcalling has done something none of us ever thought was possible: pine for Dana Bible. Now, I don't know if it's just because Bible has Russel Wikson to work with and now feels he can call an aggressive game, but comparatively Gary Tranquil's play calls look neutered at best and incompetent at worst.

For me, the worst part about this is all of my UNC friends who cracked a smile once they heard that we hired "NyQuill" and warned me about how much I'd "appreciate" his play calling and game planning.

He's just horrible.

6W) Replacing Rettig with Marsco instead of Shinskie

Rettig gave me new wind in my sails, I felt like we were still in the fight, and it was exciting to watch.

When he went down, I knew it was going to be rough.. But I felt that We were still in the game. When they replaced Rettig with Marscovetra I felt like they tossed the playbook away and just told him to play safe. As it originally felt that we could stretch the field with Rettig, we could barely get a first down with Marsco. Now I don’t know if this is just the plays that were sent in, or just execution. But it became thoroughly hard to watch.

I felt if Shinskie was in at QB he would be given the opportunity to stretch the field some, which wasn’t the case with Marsco. I like getting Marsco reps, but that should have been done in the first two weeks really. Shinskie is our number two option; behind a healthy Rettig in my opinion. Although UD makes you facepalm from time to time with some picks , I think he also gives you opportunities to win as well.

7M) The Lee incompletion

Wesley, you and I agree on most things, but this is something where we're at polar ends of the spectrum. I really think Marsco should be the 2nd QB behind Rettig and that Shinskie should never take another snap at BC. You think Shinskie is the clear #2, so I can't say that I agree with your 6th overall selection here.

For my pick here, I'm going with the real heartbreaker of a play, the one real legit downfield shot after Rettig wasn't a great throw by any means, but Lee appeared to make little to no adjustment on the ball and it fell incomplete.

8W) horrible blocking by WR’s

I don’t wanna call out Momah here, but You know, you don’t know what you got til its gone.. How the days of B-Rob and Gunnell are missed, and on this point not just for their ability to catch the ball. But their great ability to block. When you think of WR’s you think of them catching the ball, because , well that’s what the ESPN highlight real shows you, but the other 80% or so of the time that the ball isn’t in their hands they have to block, and block well. Well if there is one person that I would think would really excel at this is someone who plays both sides of the ball, at 6’6” (he actually may be taller) would really dominate on blocking, and it just didn’t happen. And it wasn’t just Momah that was having issues blocking, no WR really stepped up and put on a demo on how it should be done, hopefully this week will show a remedy of this issue that really has been apparent all year, but maybe not as loud as it was against Notre Dame.

9m) Marsco not making it count

I agree with you, Wesley. The most bizarre point about Momah is that this is a guy who is a converted DE. Is he really afraid to block DB's after bowling over OT's? I just don't get it.

For my last pick, I'm going to go with Marsco not making it count. When calling for Shinskie's head, and I do believe rightfully so, most hoped Marsco would shine but he didn't.

He's continuously checked down so much that it's Jason-Campbell like. He doesn't look down the field enough, and when he does decide to take shots, the shots were thrown lightly and intercepted easily.

I do believe that arm strength is vastly over-rated as a quality for CFB QB's, but you MUST be accurate and take shots into space with great touch if you don't have the cannon. Marsco had plenty of time to shine under the big lights and just didn't get it done.

10W) Predictive play calling

I (probably like every person in the stadium) was calling the next play on offense. It was like a live game of NCAA 10. Run middle run middle, pass to the tallest guy, kick.. no run outside, nothing really deep, I literally was getting sleepy watching this happen.

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