Saturday, December 25, 2010

Draft Christmas: Blessings in 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone from BCDraft, for our Christmas draft we wanted to draft the blessings in 2010 in BC Football that we are thankful. Drafting ten was very easy, and I am sure we left some off, although 2010 didn’t get us the record we desired, it definitely was full of things to be thankful for.

1W) Mark Herzlich return..

BCMike, you know which one I have to take first.. so I’ll take it.

This is multi fold.. one that he survived treatment, two that he was able to walk move normally live a normal life, three he was able to play football again, four he is going to the senior bowl to showcase for the NFL draft.. If that isn’t a modern day miracle I really don’t know what is..

2M) Five straight wins

Sure, they were preceded by 5 straight losses, but could you imagine where we would be without these last five wins?

3W) Luke even better

Luke had a phenomenal year in 2009..As a true freshman , he played outstanding.. well amazing happened he got even better.. Luke raised the bar on himself and then used it for jump rope.. Leading the nation in tackles as a sophomore and extending his 10 tackles or greater to 21 games, is just a couple of crazy stats that I think as fans is hard for us to even put our arms around.

4M) Freshman influx

From Andre Williams to KPL, Rettig to Swigert, Amidon to CJ, this year's Eagles relied heavily on new freshman stepping up and making a difference. Some learning curves were steeper than others, but point if fact is that we enter 2011 with a ton of young talent.

5W) Montel Harris being Montel Harris

When we were having question marks at QB, youth at WR, a line that was trying to gel. Montel took the team on his shoulders as he carried the ball 40+ times in some games..We were able to own the clock, move the ball and settle the other positions down as Montel showed great leadership of doing whatever it takes to win.. Montel is just about 1000 yards shy of being the leading ACC rusher..

6M) Our schedule
The coastal didn't wind up being the murderer's row that folks thought--nor was the Atlantic a complete pile as others had suggested before the start of the season; but facts are facts and this schedule was still the most friendly we have had in recent memory. Yes, there were some quality teams on it, but for a team that played so many young and inexperienced players, it sure helped that we were able to do so against opponents we had a legitimate shot of beating

7W) Run D

BCMike good call on our schedule.. truly a blessing, and one that we won’t really have in 2011..You know when we did our Best QBs we face in 2010 just before the start of the season, it was a bit hard to draft..But teams that preferred to use their running game , well that is a different story. And that was a huge reason for the success this year..As Boston College’s Run D is rated number one in the nation!

8M) Our bowl match-up

Usually BC is playing teams that have two, sometimes three more losses on the year. This year, we're playing a team that has FIVE more WINS than we do. While Nevada might not be a name many folks are familiar with, they only have loss (six point loss at #24 Hawaii) and are ranked in the BCS as #13. This game is being played Sunday night the last game before the MNC game and competing against no other bowl games.

Many eyes will be on the Eagles January 9th, and most will be tuning in to find out more about Nevada--but this is a chance for us to show them what BC can do. We are very fortunate to be playing such a high caliber opponent on such a big national stage.

9W) Castonzo

BCMike, I like the bowl match-up as well, heck I’m semi thrilled that we were able to make a bowl.This year we had a lot of stories, and I feel like we could triple the length of this draft and not cover all of them.. but Castonzo was/is a blessing for several reasons.. He was nominated for a Rhodes and made it pretty far down the process.. He is a chemistry major and could possibly be a first round draft pick this year. Castonzo keeps the O line U tradition, and puts an explanation point after the term student-athelete!

10M) Our relationship with the players, prospects, coaches, etc.

Part of what we do here that our readers enjoy is our interviews and roundtables with prospective, current, and former players. Without them taking the time out of their day and doing interviews with us, we would be just another blog. We look forward to our relationship with BC, the coaches, and players to continue to grow in 2011, but are most appreciative of the work done in 2010.


Wesley: Herzy, Keeks, Montel, Run D, Castanzo

BCMike: 5wins, Frosh, Schedule, Bowl Matchup, BCDraft Relationships

Draft Christmas: Blessings in 2010
Wesley: Herzy, Keeks, Montel, Run D, Castanzo
BCMike: 5wins, Frosh, Schedule, Bowl Matchup, BCDraft Relationships free polls

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Draft 12-22: Bowl Game Beatdowns

Well here it is, Bowl Season and we are here to Draft what we feel will be the biggest beatdowns of the post season. If you enjoyed watching General Custard's last stand, tune in to these games, as we predict about the same outcome.

1M) UCan't vs. Oklahoma

As if being a BC fan isn't tough enough, we get to see the girl slap division of college football put forth their sacrificial lamb to the BCS in the form of a lucky, mediocre, uninspiring heap of meh in the UCan't Huskies. The only folks who are more disappointed in this development than I am are the OU faithful, who were under the impression that with a great year they would be able to play a premiere team in a huge bowl game with a gigantic TV audience. So, instead of playing—say, a top 15 team and being the only bowl game on that day and scoring HUGE TV ratings (that's what BC gets)—they get the rat turd that is UCan't. While the Sooners certainly won't be trying their hardest against the Puppies, they'll still be able to win this game by forty points with the second-stringers.

I will say this is yet another good reason to abandon the BCS so thanks, Puppies. Any step towards BCS destruction I welcome.

2W)Nebraska / Washington

Although, this one I have less reasoning than I do for future picks.. This one is my gut pick. No comment.

3M)Ok St/ Arizona

If we were in a playoff system, Okie State would be a team I would certainly look long and hard at. They're far from a perfect squad but I think they can play with anyone and they seem to rise to the occasion when playing other major teams in the spotlight. Arizona has vastly improved, but let's face it—they shouldn't be on the same field with the Pokes this year.


The U is back, the other one.. FSU.. with a solid coach, and a year to get into a system , they are ready.. USC on the other hand was more of a fire cracker.. So I have to say.. Welcome back to Atlanta USC, are you having night terrors from your last visit here against Auburn? The outcome I plan on it being very similar.. on the losing end.

5M) Boise State to prison rape Utah.

Folks, if you want to see what happens when you steal a twinkie from the biggest guy in the prison and really piss him off—I present to you the Boise State / Utah game. The Utes fooled me and much of America earlier in the year before being exposed as the posterboy for a paper tiger in 2010. Unlike many who think Boise is a flash in the pan, I'm a believer that they're a legit top five team and Boise has shown in the past they have no problem running up the score to prove a point. Expect to see a big point with lots of points in this one.

6W) Wisconsin to hurt TCU's feelings

Wisconsin reminds TCU why they aren't in the BCS… yet.. with a shellacking. Although TCU comes in sitting outside of the bubble of the National Championship, it has its hands full. Wisconsin lost one game this year against MSU, but has been pounding teams week in and week out otherwise..Both Teams are averaging a great spread over their opponents, Wisconsin has done it against a lot better competition.. I see this one getting ugly about 1:31 after kickoff.

7M) Oregon over Auburn
That's right, you heard it here first folks. Yes, Cam Newton is great. Yes, the SEC is amazing and never loses in big games (so I'm told), but no one can keep up with Oregon for four quarters.
Sure, you can point to the 'Bama game where the Tigers came back from 24 down to win the game—but let me ask you this: Do you think Oregon, up by 24 points to ANYONE would stop scoring? The answer in your head is no. Auburn will keep it close in the first half, but by the end the Ducks will have tuckered out the Tigers and will be scoring big points late in the game and making the final score look much more impressive than the actual game was—but it will be in the books—a shellacking of Auburn by the Ducks.

8W)ECU over Maryland..

BCMike, I don't think I can follow up your pick with a great one.. but I think this will surprise some people.. And here is why I think it happens.. This is what you call a shootout.. although Maryland will be unarmed.. ECU has basically proven all year that you have to outscore them to beat them, and by that I mean more than the obvious.. you have to put up in the 30's, 40's 50's and more.. Because they will score.. ECU's D is not great., but Maryland is currently in dismay with the dismissal of Fridge, and rumors of Leach being the replacement, I think the team has lost its personality, and mojo that got them to a bowl game.. The Terps will (turtle up) and get lit up, like the fourth of july by Dominique Davis from ECU.

9M) K-State over 'Cuse.

This is more about 'Cuse not being quite ready to handle the prime-time than anything else. K-State is a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde team, but they have a coach who has been there and knows how to get his guys up for a big game and game plan. I believe this is Marone's first bowl game and it will be interesting to see how they do…but I'm guessing not well.

10W) Navy scattering, covering and smothering SDSU..

Just like your Waffle House hashbrowns.. This is basically a home game for both teams.. Navy is good.. They really are. Ask ND who got beat 35-17, or ECU who got 76 hung on them.. Navy is a tough opponent, and I think SDSU is going to wonder what it got itself into. SDSU has had a good season, but this is going to spin them into oblivion going into the offseason.


BCMike: Ucant-OK, OK St-AZ, Boise-Utah, Oregon-Auburn, K-St-Cuse

Wesley: Nebraska-Wash, FSU-USCe, Wisky-TCU, ECU-MD, Navy-SDSU

Draft 12-22: Bowl Game Beatdowns
BCMike: Ucant-OK, OK St-AZ, Boise-Utah, Oregon-Auburn, K-St-Cuse
Wesley: Nebraska-Wash, FSU-USCe, Wisky-TCU, ECU-MD, Navy-SDSU free polls

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, this season has been a roller-coaster ride (and one we didn't necessarily sign up for at that), but all is well that ends well. We're playing a top 15 team in a bowl game after NYE. Hell, it sounds pretty good when you put it like that.

Wesley suggested the great idea that we draft movies that best encapsulate our feelings on the 2010 football season. This one was a fun one for us...


1W) Friday

We kept getting punked by
people we shouldn't, like Craig was by Debo, (ya win some, ya lose some as Craig's dad says) then we found our footing after it going a bit too far and knocked Debo's ass out!

2M) Major League

After stinking it up for the first part of the season,
the team rallies from behind by playing well together despite bad direction from upper management....and I felt like Harry Doyle after most games.

3W) 3 men and a baby

Mike, you beat me bad on my first pick great
call with Major League..

I choose 3 men and a baby, cause I felt like we had Spaz,Tranq and Govs, with a baby (Rettig) trying to grow him, but have some serious issues on how that process should go.. oh and you can only guess who Spaz is in this movie.. lol

4m) The Mark Herzlich story: Stay up

Because we all know Mark's incredible journey and
successful battle against cancer absolutely will be made in to a movie--and rightfully so. The only question is: who plays Herzy? Please don't say Shia LeBouf.....

5W) Necessary Roughness

Called the old dog back to the game e

6M) Grumpy Old Men

I will go with "Grumpy old men". Both because of
our coaches and how our fans felt most of the year.

7W) Groundhog day

Every Saturday I woke up expecting to see something
completely different.. only to see the same offense., and luckily the same defense.. week in and week out.

8M) Matrix II

You are really expecting a lot out of it, there's just
so much promise and there's nothing else out in the theaters so you're just expecting this movie to kill. The start is okay, and you're really ready to be wowed, but it just gets slow and is far from what you expected and you leave very disappointed. On it's own merit, it's actually a good movie, but you were just expecting a much better story than what was actually told so you come away with a taste in your mouth of what could have (should have) been.

9W) Fight Club

It was a hallucinogenic season.. is that even a word..
we started the season beating ourselves up.. and then got others into the ring..

10m) The Shawshank Redemption

Because I feel like we had to crawl through five
hundred yards of shit smelling foulness that I don't want to imagine to come out free and bowl eligible on the other side.

"....Sometimes it makes me sad, though... Jags being gone. I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up DOES rejoice. But still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone. I guess I just miss Matt Ryan."

Wesley drafted: Friday, 3 Men and a baby, Necessary Roughness, Groundhog Day, Fight Club
BCMike drafted: Major League, Herzy Story, Grumpy Old Men, Matrix II, Shawshank Redemption

2010 BC Football Season
Wesley: Friday, 3 Men and a baby, Necessary Roughness, Groundhog Day, Fight Club
BCMike: Major League, Herzy Story, Grumpy Old Men, Matrix II, Shawshank Redemption free polls

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Draft 11-30: Plays of the Game vs. Cuse

Well Boston College was able to end it's regular season on a five game winning streak, promise of a bowl bid, and beating a former Big East rival, on thier turf, considering where we were a couple months ago, this was definitely an accomplishment! Here were our favorite plays of the game against the Orange!

1M) Andre the Giant

With Montel on the sidelines, we needed a solid, mistake-free game from Andre. With the exception of a few missed blocking assignments in pass protection, we got just that. Terrific job by the true freshman.

2W) Herzy Pick to end the regular season

BCMike, I agree. Andre stepped right in and was the workhorse we knew he could be. And did a great job!It was almost like it was scripted.. Syracuse was driving , not too much time left on the clock.. and Mark Herzlich grabbed a pick for the second week in a row. What a way to close the regular season..

3M) Not actually playing the "freshman" game

Good call on the Herzy pick Wesley--I almost went that direction myself, but I had to go with Andre.Here I'm going with not playing the drinking game "freshman". What the hell am I talking about? Well, during the game you may have noticed that the announcers were quite insistent upon pointing out how young our team is (despite having more degree holders on our team than any other team in FBS), and Wesley and I jokingly said it would have been a great drinking game if we had to take a sip every time the announcers said "Freshman". Trust me when I say it was amazing once you started paying attention to it. I'm glad we didn't participate because my liver would have given out.

4W) The play that almost was

Our play calling hasn't been the most exciting to put it incredibly mildly, but tranq dog dialed up a great one with an end around to swigert, then pass, it was all there other than the catch, but ive gotta give tranq credit on the call, I loved it!

5M) BC kicking game.

I think it speaks volumes that an "almost" play was one of the big highlights of our OC's year. That's another draft.... I'm going with our kicking game. Freese was automatic as usual, which is entirely under-rated, but more amazing to me is we had a couple touchbacks. When was the last time that happened? Anyone recall? It's truly a weapon if we can establish deep boots on kickoffs instead of granting possession at the 40 yard line as we have in seasons past.

6W) We beat a Big Least team

The Big East sucks.. just look at how their probable conference champ and recipient of a BCS bowl game Yukon.. Well, I have no problem hating on the Big East team, and they are an easy target, because they are worse than horrid.( and this is coming from someone who agrees the acc isn’t the best conference by far this year) but nothing would be worse than losing to them, not only do they suck, but we would never EVER EVER hear the end of it.

7M) Pantale presence

We called for it in our keys and Pantale delivered. While Chase didn't have a game for the ages, he did enough and utilizing Pantale early paid dividends all game long.

8W) Keeks 10 again

Just to prove he was human, Keeks got 10 tackles, which would be called low on his standards, but is very high in the mortal world.Continuing the streak to 21 games.. And also getting nominated for a finalist for the Butkus.

9M) Amidon emergence.

Who knew the kid who quite literally stumbled out of the gates would become one of our most valuable receivers? Along with a favorite of this blog Bobby (or "Billy" as he's known by inane announcers) Swigert, the two have really matured an developed just the way you would hope to see throughout the year.

10W)Lindsey showing

I remember seeing him on the field, and wondering if it was by accident, as I had no clue we would ever see him out there on defense.. But there he was in the secondary.. he got his shot and he didn’t back down.. I don’t remember him getting “burned” or anything like that. He played well., and stepped up and into the game.. on the last game of his BC career. Good showing Ryan!

BCMike: Andre the Giant, no Freshman Game, BC kicking, Pantale, Amidon emergence
Wesley: Herzy pick, the almost play, beat big least, Keeks 10, Lindsey

Draft 11-30: Plays of the Game vs. Cuse
BCMike: Andre the Giant, no Freshman Game, BC kicking, Pantale, Amidon emergence
Wesley: Herzy pick, the almost play, beat big least, Keeks 10, Lindsey free polls

Saturday, November 27, 2010

11/26/10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. 'Cuse

Well, for the first time since prior to week four, we can say the Eagles enter the game with a winning record.

While many of us envisioned much bigger things for this BC team this year, we do have the chance to finish strong with five consecutive wins and get to seven wins / winning record for the 12th straight year.

Many of us don't have to be told not to sleep on 'Cuse--particularly the last game of the season...and we sure as heck hope the coaches have our guys ready to play today. Below are the keys to a BC win....Let's go Eagles--finish strong!


1W) Andre Williams 0 fumbles

BCMike, I think we have something with our true freshman running back Andre Williams.. He runs hard and just hits people.. Did you see him lower his shoulder last week against the ‘Hoos? One thing concerns me though., his tendency to eat buttery foods before the game.. as it seems on most KO’s he drops the ball, then picks it up.. Even early in the season he showed his tendency to put the ball on the ground. If he can fix this problem, we could really be successful. I’m just asking everyone close to Andre, no leftover turkey, buttered popcorn, etc right before the game.. and I think we should be pretty good!

2M) Remember the Diamond

Our seniors need to keep on mind that at 6-6, there's no guarantee of a bowl game...but get to 7 wins, and we're in. Last time we played 'Cuse in a meaningful game, Diamond Ferri broke our hearts.

Time for some payback.

3W) McCluskey time

It definitely hurts Boston College that their “franchise player” is out, and there is no doubt about that. But instead of putting all the pressure on Andre Williams as a true freshman, Let McCluskey get a good spell of snaps.. he’s shown good ball handling skills, and he is a senior and has played in his share of important games (ie Clemson 07) He should be very reliable for the Eagles in his last regular season game.

4M) Chase primetime

We're on in a good slot once again. Well, not the noon part but following College Game Day on ESPN is a great place to be for exposure. Chase has had a couple moments in the bright lights already and things didn't go as well as we would have hoped. This time we need him and the rest of the guys to audition and show recruits that BC football is fun and a winning program. This is our chance to put an exclamation point on the season and show how far we've come.

5W) Pressure Nassib

At the start of the season, we did a blog on the best Quarterbacks BC plays this year, well I put Nassib up there. He isn’t going to wow anyone but he typically plays a pretty smart game. One thing that happens a good bit though is he gets sacked, he has already been sacked 28 times this year. I think this is a prime time to run those sack numbers up and force Nassib to hurry passes, and take some sacks.

6M) Safety Play

Good call on pressuring Nassib, Wesley. I have to say I have seen bits and pieces of 'Cuse thus far and you're right--Nassib looks much better this year than he did two years ago.

For the 6th pick I'm going to go with Safety play. The last couple of weeks our safety play hasn't really been tested much but also haven't really made many big plays. 'Cuse loves to go play-action and it's going to be a big test for whichever two safeties we have back there (they've been rotating quite a bit recently if you haven't noticed). We need to make sure we stay disciplined and don't give up the easy bomb on play-action. Make them earn it down the field.

7W) O Line Run blocking.

This is it, this will be the first time all year we hear a coach say wow, your offensive line took a toll on our D line.

The Big uglies will road grate all day long.. they have been hurt, injured and have stepped up for most of the year..

This is the game they own it, and on every single play. You will notice this from the first snap, and it will be the difference , and will make a W for the Eagles.

8M) Pantale presense.

With Montel out, the WR's and TE's need to step up. If Pantale can establish himself early and keep the LB's honest, that will greatly aid Andre Williams and the O-Lone when we run.

9W) Tranq trick plays

You know Mike, I have been hoping for a Pantale presence all year, and I just haven’t, and that is to no blame of him.. The play calls just haven’t been there for him.

And here is where I lose the draft lol.. But with the running game changed with Montel on the sidelines, I am thinking there has to be some sort of trick plays for short yards to compensate. Do I have the exact plays drawn up… hmm not exactly, but I’ve got to think that Tranq has some, and will use them this week.. come on Tranq.. lol

10M) Keeks showcase

The gaudy stats that Luke has put up have not gone unnoticed. While Luke's play in general will certainly have a big impact on the game I have to say I'm really rooting for Keeks to put up some big numbers and make a great case for ACC Defensive POY & Butkus.

Wesley drafted: Andre 0 fumbles, McCluskey time, Pressure Nassib, O-Line U run blocking, Tranq trick plays
BCMike drafted: Remember Diamond, Chase primetime, Safety play, Pantale presence, Keeks showcase

Keys to the Game vs. Syracuse
Wesley: Andre 0 fumbles, McCluskey time, Pressure Nassib, O-Line U run blocking, Tranq trick plays
BCMike: Remember Diamond, Chase primetime, Safety play, Pantale presence, Keeks showcase free polls

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happpy Thanksgiving / Let's Go Eagles!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

For many of us away from Chestnut Hill, this is our first glimpse at Cap'n D and the new look Eagles. They're taking on aTm in the Old Spice Classic on ESPN.

Let's hope our new coach can prove that his system works and we show up looking great on national TV!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Schadenfreude issue / Jafar Joy / Misery loves company

Well, what can we say. We're filled with a lot of hate typically, and this season hasn't really allowed us to get rid of a whole hell of a lot of it.

While we have avoided the cataclysmic disaster that could have been, now at 6-5 from the 2-5 start that had us all examining the suicide clauses in our life insurance policies--it's still been a very tough year to be an Eagles fan.

One of the few bright spots this season has been the ability for us to look down our noses at some other teams & programs and enjoy in their pain alongside ours.

Hey, we never said we were saints.



Or "You Gay" if you're into phonetic pronunciations. For those who have been reading this blog for more than a year, you're probably pretty familiar with me railing on UGA. For those who are not, here's the quick synopsis: If you live in Atlanta, all of the locals who have zero ties to UGA root for UGA with unbridled passion despite GT being actually IN ATLANTA. However, once UGA loses a couple games, all of the bandwagon jumpers with no actual ties to the university dry up like a priest on Sunday. Okay, bad example--but you know what I mean.

It's been quite enjoyable watching the locals who do care freak out at how bad UGA has gotten--but my personal favorite is this quick story:

My co-worker (we'll call him "Q") has the same feelings as I do on UGA. However, last week I saw Q sporting a UGA pull-over. I just about crapped my pants as my eyeballs hung to their fibers barely staying inside my head. I asked him what in the hell he was doing. His response was classic:

"I love wearing this to clients. I get to lead off with "man, it's tough being a UGA fan this year. They stink! They're awful! What a joke!" and people agree with me because they think they're commiserating with me...but I'm just dancing on the inside."

Impressive, Q. Most impressive. It's almost enough to make me want to buy a ND pull-over.


2W) Texas

Oh how the mighty have fallen..How does it feel to be last in the Big 12 South? How does it feel to lose to UCLA, Iowa State.. Oh and don’t forget Baylor!

Go ahead and chalk up another loss on Thanksgiving to A&M, and when you are eating your turkey and dressing , remember the things to be thankful for… That the season is ovah!!!!

3M) UCan't

You know Wesley, it's tough to believe that Iowa State beat Texas. I didn't realize Iowa State could beat....well, anyone. Guess that Colt McCoy guy was pretty good after all.

My second pick is an easy one---UCan't. Yes, yes, it's still sadly very possible that UCan't goes to a BCS bowl game with four losses--that's how horrifically bad the Big East is (much like this year, as bad as the ACC has been--and it's been plenty woeful--thank big guns upstairs that the Big East is around to make us all feel better).

UCan't inexplicably received plenty of preseason love, particularly from the fickle New England media who never have a problem shunning BC but seem to have taken a shining to the Puppies for some reason. Those high hopes have come crashing down and the talks of Randy Edsall leaving for greener pastures have been put to bed. Guess Randy should have cashed that check before the void date appeared: Fall 2010.

An added bonus in all of this is watching the most insane, creepy, unprofessional "writer" of them all, Mr Desmond Conner (or "DC", as he calls himself) have a complete and total meltdown. You'll remember that DC had UCan't a borderline teen ranking to start the year. Whoops.

Fret not, UCan't fans....Ladies hoops just started.

4W) Rutgers

So I am thinking, is coming in dead last in the Big East similar to your Grandmother beating you in a slam dunk contest? Neither of you probably should have been there, and now you just look stupid for showing up?

Rutgers just can’t seem to put it all together even against power houses such as Tulane and South Florida. Let alone the thrashing they took this past Saturday against Cincy.. 69 points..

5M) U$C

Darn. I was hoping NJ State would last, but good
pick Wesley. Oh, did you hear Shiano removed his name from consideration for the Rutgers job? Those jokes never get old....

Yes, they're not that bad, but it doesn't matter. They are not on TV and can't go bowling....definitely satisfying. I was sure that the Reggie Bush violations would never actually catch up with the Trojans, but now between Pete the Poodle bolting for rainier pastures in Seattle and Insane in the Membrane Lane Kiffen taking over the ship, it's nice to see the U$C fans come back down to earth.

Make sure to tune into their bowl game on channel....oh wait. LOL.

6W) Ole Miss Running Rebel Black Bears etc etc

WHATEVER they want to be called this week. Maybe if you didn’t change your mascot your fans would know who to cheer for.. orrr if you are losing to an already crappy Tennessee, maybe they won’t.. Sounds like a year that tailgating is up in the Grove and Play is down.

I especially like this because of all the hype that Masoli got, just to be rendered less than irrelevant.

7M) Notre Dame

HAHA...awesome. Excellent call, Wesley. I love it when folks who blindly break the rules (okay, "bend") don't get the payoff. So if you're curious--yes, I'm glad Brett Farvruh is blowing this year as well.

Yes, Notre Dame beat us...which as we all know sadly doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot this year. But I'm just happy that they lost to Navy....and TULSA. FUCKING TULSA. How great is that?

I still think Kelley is an awesome hire and eventually will return the folks from Indiana Catholic Community College back to the promised land; but I was only all too happy to see that they are not going to make it there this year, and likely not any time soon.

8W) Vandy

Before I get 1000 emails saying, BUT WESLLLEYYY
it’s just Vandy!!!!!!

OR getting 1000 emails saying , BUT WEESSSLEY they play in the SEC (second only to only SOME NFL Conferences)

Ok, Vandy doing bad, helps BC because it proves it is hard to get skilled athletes that are serious in the classroom as well as on the gridiron.

And the SEC comment just makes me sick.. Everyone plays in a conference.. I will say the SEC is the best one, and the ACC is far behind this year.. but everyone goes through the lumps.. and everyone is going to have wins and losses, kinda how it all works out.

ANDDDDD to top it all off, I am glad they are doing crummy , because I am still pissed about the 2008 music city bowl.

9M) Kansas

Really? Kansas? Yeah, well here's the thing: I actually have a good couple of friends that are Kansas fans. Wait--I should clarify. I have a good couple of friends that are Kansas BASKETBALL fans. They didn't know a football from a golf ball until a couple
years ago--then all of a sudden they cared about "Jayhawk Fooball" and were all of a sudden die-hards when Planet Mangino had them playing (and winning) in a BCS Bowl game.

I understand it's a small sample size, but I'm just thrilled to have my Jayhawk friends STFU about being great in football as well. They'll always be great in hoops and frankly--they really don't deserve to be good in anything else. Glad they're bottom dwellers once again.

10W) Akron

Not because I hate them , or anything deep like that..They are having a hard year, and they typically aren’t quite this bad..

It’s just that their total wins could be said by their nickname “ZIPS”.



BCMike drafted: UGA, UCan't, U$C, ND, Kansas
Wesley drafted: Texas, Rutgers, Ole Miss, Vandy, Akron

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Draft 11-21: Plays of the Game vs. UVA

Well we are really liking the trend here at BCDraft as we much rather be doing plays of the game over worst of the worst after a game but, Wow this is going to be hard.. it was all ugly, but we got the W, so that makes it a bit easier to swallow. The seniors are able to extend thier season, and go out with a Win in thier last game at the Heights.

1W) Herzy pick

We needed a stop, it’s the seniors last home game.. And guess what Club grips the INT? none other than BC’s own Mark Herzlich. What a way to end his BC career at home.

2M) 2 x 100

I honestly don't remember the last time BC had two backs go over 100 yards each vs. a BCS opponent, but Andre "The Giant" Williams came up big like a giant when we needed him most. Both backs had great days and we can only hope Montel is OK after the knee tweak

3W) Rettig to Amidon TD

As it looks like this is our deep option, I can get used to this freshman combo, amidon was double covered but was able to pull down a great toss by rettig for 6

4M) We're fucking going to a bowl game

After such a brutal year, I can't believe that we're actually going bowling, but we are...continuing our 12-year streak.

5W) Keeks break up for the W

We know Luke is great but he seems to remind and surprise us each week.. After continuing the 10 tackle streak quite easily , he was the one that was able to swat away the final throw from virgina and get a w for the eagles!

6M)Tranq opening it up

While I am still very anti-Tranq, I have to say we actually took SOME shots downfield. Chase throws a terrific deep ball (although sometimes into coverage) and tossing it deep causes the safeties and 'backers to respect the deep threat and not just stuff the run. Kudos to Tranq for tossing it downfield occasionally.

7W)Rettig to Momah

Momah, played an overall great game, but threw pass from rettig to momah out of their own end zone was nothing short of just a great play by both of them.. Momah is a great mismatch against shorter db's and rettig had great zip on the ball to get it to him quick.. Also good call by tranq, I was expecting dive left lol

8M) Montel Milestone

Despite playing about half the game, Montel passed two more BC greats and now sits #2 on BC's all-time leading rusher only looking up at D-knight...and he's got two more games and another season to go before he's done! Congrats once again to Montel.

9W) CJ Jones overall play

Donnie Fletcher plays very well esp as of late, he positions well and makes moves for ints.

When he got injured I was a bit worried about CJ coming in because of his play early in the season , appeared to be that of what was typical for a freshman, erratic. CJ came in, and played very well, even in on some tough stops. I am very impressed with his progression since earlier this season.

10M) Freese perfect

CJ did play pretty well, perhaps a bit too far off the ball, but better than getting burned deep I suppose.

It's easy to forget about kickers when things are going well but let's give thanks to the terrific season Nate Freese has had. Yes, his FG was a chip shot and you expect the XP's and short ones to be automatic, but all you have to do is look across the field to the other sideline to realize that is simply not the case


Wesley: Herzy Pick, Rettig-Amidon, Keeks finisher, Rettig-Momah, CJ Jones step-up

BCMike: 2 x 100, Bowling, Tranq opening up, Montel Milestone, Freese Perfect

Draft 11-21: Plays of the Game vs. UVA
Wesley: Herzy Pick, Rettig-Amidon, Keeks finisher, Rettig-Momah, CJ Jones step-up
BCMike: 2 x 100, Bowling, Tranq opening up, Montel Milestone, Freese Perfect free polls

Friday, November 19, 2010

Draft 11-19: Keys to Victory vs. UVA

Well here it is , the chance to be bowl elgible, the last home game for the seniors, and a chance to get over 500.

BCMike, you have first, so shoot.

1M) Rettig shakes the jitters early

Regardless of who the OC is, the QB has to be able to find the open receiver in man coverage to make the D play you honest. The one habitually bad thing about Chase thus far is his slow start ad jitters early which allows teams to stack the box on us early and not really give Montel a fair shot at moving the ball.

This weekend, we need Chase to shake the jitters early and get our offense off the ground in the first quarter.

2W)Andre Williams carries

I want to see Andre redeem his early season fumblitis, his tough running style for about 10 carries giving Montel a good breather here and there

3M) Keeping the Max heat up

That's right, I'm going back to the well again with another Holloway call-out. Hey, it worked last week...and the week before! Let's hope Max keeps up his sack streak and is able to force some pressure on the QB and generate some turnovers for the Eagles.

4W)Freese from downtown

Freese has been good lately, but we havent had to call his number out of desperation yet, im thinking that could easily change this week as it will be.a close game and freese showcases his strong leg... From downtown!

5M) Keeping true to our record

Not wins ad losses here but our run D being ranked #1 in the country. Let's make UVA one-dimensional and force some turnovers!

6W) Senior Showcase

It’s the last game for seniors at home. It’s their last Conference game, and its their time to show the BC faithful a showcase of their abilities to remember them by.. Scafe, Herzy, Claiborne, Costanzo, Morrisey, and of course Wes Davis, Albright, Gause to name a few.

7M) Stopping the Payne

Excellent selection there, Wesley. While this season has been a far cry from what could have been, it looks like a bowl trip could e on the horizon and these seniors have to be proud of helping to turn this ship around. I hope they make their last home game count.

For #7 here I'm going with stopping Keith Payne, UVA's leading rusher and more importantly the back that gets into the endzone 15 out of the 18 times the Hoos have found paydirt on the ground this season. Our D needs to step it up and force Verica to pass into the endzone, not allowing them to utilize Payne near the goal line.

8W)Amidon end around

Although not overly successful against Dook, it was a good change of pace. Amidon is our fastest reciever and gives us a different look, and makes the Defense look for something outside of dive left, dive right.. I can see this play putting up some big yards in certain situations.

9M) Breaking Verica's rhythm

Wesley, I have to disagree on Amidon end-around. I think we've run that play six times now and if we have six total yards to show for it; it's a lot. Alex has great straight-line speed, but when he changes direction the sundial clicks a few spots. I think he has a great future ahead of him at BC and will continue to improve, but for now his strengths are speed, not agility--which is very much required to run a successful end-around.

We have spoken about Verica multiple times before and I'm not sure why, but I have always liked Verica. I think he has good mechanics and if given time (IF) and allowed to get into rhythm, I honestly feel he's about as good as anyone we'll have faced this year outside of Wilson. The key is to break his timing, his rhythm. Even if we're unsuccessful in actually sacking him, we need to bring pressure on an irregular basis so he doesn't know what to expect and we can force him out of his comfort zone timing-wise.

10W) Coleman finally gets his TD

BCMike, I like when we disagree, it increases my odds a bit

I think our reader base probably already knows that both BCMike and myself are pretty big Jonathan Coleman fans.. He has done pretty well for his first collegiate season, and shows promise for the future. But he hasn’t yet caught his first Touchdown pass. It was close at Duke, as a pass slipped right through his fingers., This week at home against the Hoos he gets it.


BCMike: Rettig shake jitters, Max Heat, True 2 record, Stopping Payne, Breaking Verica rhythm

Wesley: Williams carries, Freese downtown, Senior showcase, Amidon End around, Coleman TD

Draft 11-19: Keys to Victory vs. UVA
BCMike: Rettig shake jitters, Max Heat, True 2 record, Stopping Payne, Breaking Verica rhythm
Wesley: Williams carries, Freese downtown, Senior showcase, Amidon End around, Coleman TD free polls

Wednesday, November 17, 2010