Monday, November 30, 2009

11/30 Draft: Best plays vs. Maryland

We're back!

Hope you all had great Turkey Days! The good news for us is that we get to do "best plays" instead of "worst of the worst"...although that prevent defense at the end almost had us in the latter category...


1W) Keeks 4th down stop

I blinked, I swear that's all I did, as I sat a few rows back, I swear it was only a blink, and I hadn't a clue what happened. BUT, what had happened was, Maryland Quick snap, and Superman matched his nickname. Keuchly literally got over the line and met em in the backfield to get a great stop on 4th down, this was just an awesome play.

2M) Larmond Tight Rope walk

To be completely honest, I thought he went out of bounds on the play. I was yelling at the TV for the Eagles to quickly snap the ball and kick the extra point so that the play would count....

But the replay never came. Larmond's run after the catch was a thing of beauty. I don't know what it is about his stride that makes defenders take poor angles on him, but he consistently outruns them. While it was a nice pass by Uncle Dave, this TD was 90% turn and burn by Colin. Great show of speed and angles by the talented sophomore.

3W) Scafe search and destroy

This was a combination of things, 1 being Maryland's O line esp in the middle, "turtling" up. 2 being Scafe powering up the middle.. Its one thing to pressure a QB, and it is a completely different thing to make the sack. Scafe is a lot faster than I gave him credit for at the beginning of the season. Scafe has made great strides throughout 2009, and I am excited for his return in 2010.

4M) Sid 42 yarder

Did anyone else have a flashback to the Notre
Dame game and Montel Harris when the ESPN-U people started putting up the "Sid is still perfect kicking for the year" stat whenever he was about to kick (much like the ND game where they advertised Montel hadn't fumbled in ~427 touches)?
I again pleaded with the TV gods to take the stat down, but sure enough it came up enough times and finally clipped Sid's streak of non-misses. But here's where it gets great. We all know Sid doesn't have a huge leg, but he's been money inside of 35 this year. Kickers are generally pretty fragile mentally and missing a makeable 31 yarder would have put many kickers in a bad place. But Sid bucked up and came out to try a FG ten yards longer than his season high (of 32). He knocked it through the uprights and that kick wound up making the difference at the end of the game.

5W) Montel screen pass / staying alive

Montel,Montel, Montel. I just cannot say enough about you.. You carried the ball for 41 times.. 41!! Thats a ton! Montel needs a vacation, and some time in the hot tub.
The play with montel that really stuck out to me is the little screen pass to him, Montel excels well on the edge, heck he excels well right up the middle as well.. But I was glad to see we had a screen pass in our little bag of tricks.

6M) Shinskie no INT

After Uncle Dave's last couple outings, some
Eagles fans started referring to him as "shINTskie". I think the criticism was fair as it's tough to win games when you throw three plus INT's, but give credit where it's due: Uncle Dave had a big ZERO in the turnover column this Saturday. No fumbles, no INT's. In a two point game, one turnover would have made a world of difference.

7W) Larmond Onside kick recovery
This was the bad feeling in the depths of your stomach.. As I sat with my fellow BC fans, we were wondering if we were going to get a reinactment of the VT game on us, by maryland getting an onsides kick, and then scoring.. And let me be the first to tell you, this was a GREAT onsides kick, it really was picture perfect. But Larmond, trying to make up for an earlier drop of a would be TD, got at least 50 feet off the ground and caught the ball to quell any worries of a loss against the Terps, and the BC faithful exhaled.

8M) Quigley Punts/Kickoffs

We continue the praise of the kicking staff this week by giving kudos to Quigley. Out of Ryan's five kickoffs, two went unreturned. Out of his four punts, only one went returned (4 yards), one was a touchback, but he also had a great inside the 20 (actually inside the five yard line) punt that pinned Maryland back deep in the second half. Averaging 40 yards on the day with a long of 47, Quigs is just getting it done week in and out.

9W) Jeff Smith going out with a couple good KRs

I don't mind going on the record and saying I am a Jeff Smith fan, and although I of course would have loved to have seen him run one or two or for TDs to end his BC career, he did finish solid, with some good KRs

10M) Big Mac helping the D keep Maryland to 61 yards rushing

Big Mac's 11 tackles helped the BC defense stimy the Maryland rushing attack, keeping them to 61 yards rushing on 28 carries (2.18 yards/carry).
By and large the LB's also did a great job in the pass defense game. Between Big Mac and Keeks, the Maryland offense had a tough time getting anything going.


Wesley drafted: Keeks stop on 4th, Scafe search and destroy, Montel screen pass/staying alive, Larmond onside kick recovery, Smith returns
BCMike drafted: Larmond tight rope run, sid 42 yarder, no T in shINskie, Quigley punts n kickoffs, Big Mac's tackles

11-30 Draft: Best plays vs. Maryland
Wesley: Keeks stop on 4th, Scafe , Montel, Larmond onsides, Smitty
BCMike: Larmond TD, Sid 42, Shinskie, Quigley, BigMac free polls

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day Vacation

Our apologies to those trying to check in for new articles from Wednesday after. I (Mike) have been in Florida and unavailable to do anything...and since we don't really plan ahead and do articles in advance; that means Wesley was all to his lonesome (sorry Wesley!).

We will be back and ready to go Monday morning recapping the Maryland game (let's hope it's "best plays" and not "worst of the worst"), but until then have a couple beers and enjoy a tryptophan nap until we return.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Draft: 10/24: Draft the Seniors

Well the final regular season game is coming up this weekend, so we thought we would take time to Draft the Seniors, they will definitely be missed.

1.Richie Gunns

I've watched BC football for quite a while and there are two WR's that I have enjoyed over all others: B-Rob and Richie Gunns. Richie's tenacity and fearlessness to go over the middle (short, medium, or long) knowing he's going to get clobbered yet still going up and making the catch is unparalelled. If you need a first down on 3rd and 10, as a BC fan you know where the ball is going. He's been dependable, and a great leader at the heights. He will go down in my book as one of the best WR's at BC.

2W) Sid Vicious

Most Underrated player I have ever seen, grabbed from the stands, to the field, and his opening game was against Virginia Tech, how about that for an opener, and this year, his senior year, he is perfect so far, and he is now our currentpoints leader.. Let me say that again so it registers a bit better, Steve Aponavicius is our ALL TIME POINTS LEADER.. What a great story Sid has been!

3M) Marcellus "Marty" "Boomcat" Bowman

Bowman waited for his chance and has made the best of it, cecoming a fan favorite for his trademark slobberknockers where he comes in from the side of the field so fast the screen blurs (no joke, Eugene Jarvis can attest to the replay, he really does blur before he blows up the scat-back). While only starting one season, he's managed to endear himself to Eagles faithful as one of the best, most fun to watch, and certainly one that we will miss the most next year.

4W) Mike McLaughlin

Being a two time team captain says something.. Especially when you have stars such as Herzlich and Raji and Brace that you are bumping elbows with. Mac has had a great run at BC, although his numbers arent mind blowing his preformance on the field has been. I think all BC fans remember the leap frog sack he put on Maryland in 2008. That was just an exclamation point on a great career for Mac

5M) Matt Tennant

What can you say about a guy who dominates for three years as a starter? Tough, gritty, and mean....great qualities for the QB of the O-line. He's gone against the best in the ACC and best'd them all. I'm guessing going against Raji and Brace in practice all those years helped him along! Just the next stud O-lineman from O-Line U

6W) Justin Jarvis

Justin has had a great career at BC, he has caught Touchdown passes from Matt Ryan to Chris Crane to Justin Tuggle to Uncle Dave at 6'5" Jarvis has been a big target in the end zone for BC, and will be missed next season

7M) Clarence Megwa

Here at BC, we don't do small challenges. Our players don't have to battle academic eligibility issues, they're more concerned with things like beating cancer and surviving comas inducedby life-threatening blood clots after broken bones. Megwa worked his arse off to get backon the field in 2009 and his spirit is what this team is all about. This wonderful story is often glossed over by Herzy's amazing tale; but Megwa's is also worth the price of admission. We will miss him very much next year.

8W) Jeff Smith

Jeff was a burner that Boston College fans fell instantly in love with, especially after his display at Clemson while runningkick returns back. Boston college felt like it finally had its speedster. "The Jet" had concussion issues though, and was thought that he would never play football again. well he was cleared to play, and gets to finish up his regular season this week against Maryland. Jeff also proved his speed on the edge a couple times this year, especially at home against Florida state on a wheel route that went for a touchdown.

9M) Austin Giles

Giles has been the quintesential team player. Want him at DE? No problem. Short at DT? He'll pack on 20 lbs and give it a go. With a motor that is ever going, I can promise you that you never saw Giles half-ass it or quit on a play. He played hard every down and gave it everything he had, every game. Coaches tell players to "leave it all out on the field". Giles is the posterboy for how to follow that.

10W)Jack Geiser

With my last pick I am going with someone that , the lower the stats, the better the preformance. Jack has done agreat job at long snapper here at Boston College, by barely being noticed. By not being noticed, everyone is certain he is doing a great job.. Jack, thanks for being reliable at your position. Here is us noticing you, in a positive light.

BCMike: Gunns, Boomkat, Tennant, Megwa,Giles
Wesley: Sid, Mac, Jarvis, Smitty, Geiser

Draft: 10-24: Draft the Seniors
BCMike: Gunns, Boomkat, Tennant, Megwa,Giles
Wesley: Sid, Mac, Jarvis, Smitty, Geiser free polls

Monday, November 23, 2009

Draft: 10/23: Worst of the Worst vs. UNC

Well that one was just hard to watch, Although they fought back after an early 21 point deficit , it just wasn’t enough, and the possibility of a 10 win season, and ACC Championship game, is in now out of the realm of possibility for our beloved Eagles.

1W) Shinskie Fumble

losing the ball pretty much the first play of the game, was rough as it took the wind out of the Sails at Alumni, Letting that INT become a TD, ensures it

2M) Five HUNDRED!!

Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you would throw the ball up in the air to a group of your friends and announce the point value? That game was called “500” and Dave Shinskie appeared to be playing it last week. One of the INT’s wasn’t that bad, but the rest were pretty darn awful.

3W)3rd Down Conversions

I believe the final number was 0-13, whenever the number is that bad, you just need to plan on not winning..

4M) Putting a defensive effort that good to waste

It made me think of the Clemson game where the offense just took the day off and the defense played with a lot of heart, but it wound up going unnoticed in the bad loss. Here again it stinks that an outstanding performance by the D was wasted. They weren’t perfect, but the fellas on the defensive side of the ball deserved to win that game.

5W) Deunta Williams

Him being in the game , ruined it for the Eagles. 3 ints in one day, is just ridiculous

6M) The we didn’t make Clemson fight for it

Clemson deserved to win the division this year. BC was clearly the only other team worth a damn in the division and Clemson licked us pretty good earlier in the year. However, you wanted to make Clemson fight for it to win. We wanted to still be able to say that we were tied for first with the Tigers, but lost to a tie-breaker. Instead, we rolled over and gave it to Clemson and allowed them to play loose vs. UVA and win easily.

7W) Even the Backup getting picked

Proving it wasn’t only Shinskie having a bad day, but maybe more so UNC having a great day.The Backup QB Mike Marscovetra’s first pass of the day was a pick.

8M) The realization that we are going to a crappy bowl game

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy we’re going bowling for the 11th or 12th consecutive year or whatever. I know this team has overcome monumental roadblocks and we have a lot to be proud of….but all of that doesn’t change the fact that BC only really has two choices every year. Orange Bowl or crappy bowl. We’re not going to the former.

9W) Montels running for not.

Montel is carrying the bulk of the load, and gather up 132 yards against a stout North Carolina Defense.But 132 yards of running , produced 0 TDs , which just seems a bit odd for me .Also, I don’t understand why Jeff Smith wasn’t used a bit more as a backup for Montel, if he was good enough to play in Garbage time, why Can’t he play a few reps during the game?

10M) Dropsies

We went over this last week as an issue and even went as far to call it out in the keys to the game….when Shinskie is struggling as much as he was last game, he really needed the WR’s to pick him up and make some plays for him. They really couldn’t get it going for him. If both WR’s continue to drop balls and Shinskie keeps forcing balls, we could be looking at an upset loss at Maryland.


Wesley:Fumble, 3rd down, Denuta, backup picked, Montel

BCMike: 500, Defense, Clemson fight, crappy bowl, Dropsies

Draft: 10-23: Worst of the Worst vs. UNC
Wesley:Fumble, 3rd down, Denuta, backup picked, Montel
BCMike: 500, Defense, Clemson fight, crappy bowl, Dropsies free polls

Friday, November 20, 2009

Draft 11/20: Best Available Coaches

You know, here at BCDraft, we try not to just be problem identifiers, we try to be problem solvers. So instead of just telling you the coaches on the hot seat, we took the liberty to lay out some possible replacements. So sit back and relax as we go over the possibilites

1M) Bud Foster (Virginia Tech)

College Football is really a combinations of a lot of things if you want to be successful. Yes, the talent you have coming in through the doors is a big part of that, but as is developing that talent, coaching it, and getting the most out of the players you have to work with. Bud Foster you could argue squeezes every iota out of his guys over at Virginia Tech. As much as Frank Beamer is revered in Blacksburg, it’s Bud Foster that most Hokies seem to be star struck by. Being able to get your guys to play with passion and as a team, committed to one goal…well, that’s a pretty tall order, but one that Foster has filled on a regular basis for nearly a decade at Virginia Tech.

2W) Tommy Tuberville

When Tommy was released from Auburn, I really questioned Auburns thought process. I understand the wanting of change, but it was only a few years before when Auburn had outstanding seasons, even in 2004 when he went 100% undefeated and even beat the VT Hokies in the Sugar Bowl. Other than his first season as Head Coach of Auburn he only had 1 losing season.. Pretty Impressive in my mind, that while pretty much Owning Alabama, Auburns biggest rival. But enough of the past. I know Tommy has spent some time doing the media part, but I feel he is ready to rejoin the reigns, and whatever team gets him, will get a great coach.

3M) Mike London

Mike London’s teams have played good, disciplined football on both sides of the field, but most notably on defense. His record at Richmond is outstanding and until recently, has the nation’s longest winning streak (stretching approximately ~22 games). His stops along the way at William & Mary, Boston College, and UVa, as well as his hometown of the talent-laden area of Hampton, Virginia make him an ideal candidate for a team on the East Coast looking to compete in Virginia. Not obvious enough for ya? He’s the next Head Football coach of the Cavaliers. Write it down.

4W) Tommy Bowden

Tommy never had a full losing season at Clemson.. can you believe that ? In just under 10 seasons, Tommy never had a losing season, I just find that crazy.. yes he was unable to get the BIG wins.. but he never had a losing record. And on top of that, he led TULANE to an undefeated season in 1998 (Remember Shaun King?) they were ranked number 7 in the nation! Yes that Tulane! I think Tommy is ready to be back in Coaching next season.. and a team will pick up a repeated winner.

5M) Mark Whipple (Miami)

The “U” has it’s swagger back! Well, it did…for a couple moments at least. I’m not sure that Whipple necessarily has what it takes to be a Head Coach at a BCS school personality and leadership-wise, but it’s pretty clear that the man knows X’s and O’s. Most fans will tell you that they want a guy who is personable and friendly with the media, but I’m here to tell you that being well liked and losing (Jim Zorn) isn’t half as good as being an asshole and winning (Nick Saban). Given what he’s been able to show with Miami’s young talent, he’s got to be on a lot of AD’s interview list now.

6W) Charlie Strong (Florida)

After being passed over , repeatedly. Urban Meyer has repeatedly gone to bat for Charlie on him being one of the best Coordinators in the game. And unfortunately it was rumored that race was a reason for Strong not being a Head Coach somewhere yet. Strong has been a DC at Florida since about 2002, where the Gators have had one of the most stout defenses in the nation. I feel 2010 is the year Strong gets his chance at a head coaching job.. I only wonder where?

7M) Al Golden (Temple)

What Al has done at Temple is pretty incredible. A team that was once kicked out of the BigEast now would have a legitimate shot at winning the league, should they have been a member this year (seriously, think about it!). The former Boston College linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator has made his mark in Philly and resurrected the program that was a couple losing seasons away from being dissolved into a possible conference champion. Al is also currently enjoying the “Urban Meyer” effect of “well, hell…if he can do THAT at Utah (Temple), just think of what he can do HERE!!”.

8W) Phil Fulmer

This guy is won a National Championship, thats gotta be good for something right?After being replaced at Tennessee by Lane Kiffin, he now is on CBS as a Commentator.. Phil is a good coach, recruiter ,and will help a good team progress.. I think he will be back in coaching next year. And the rumors for him is he will be at Louisville.

9M) Steve Addazio (Florida)

Addazio has been able to recruit and design offenses for some of the most explosive and talented players in the nation the past several years. He’s a smart OC who knows the game and knows how to recruit. Those are two pretty darn important things to have if you’re going to be a Head Coach in D1.

10W) Jeff Jagodzinski

After bouncing out of BC, Jags had the short lived title of Offensive Coordinator at Tampa Bay. He was fired right before the season started.. And honestly right now I have no clue what Jags is doing right now, there is rumors he is collecting to paychecks from BC and Tampa Bay, and enjoying that life. And there is rumors that he is next in line to take over Louisville. Love him or hate him he was successful at Boston College, and he was out of Tampa Bay before he could be tied to thier losing season this year. If Jags wants to Coach, I feel a place like Louisville may also be a great location.

11M) Ryan Day (Boston College)

There isn’t a more well-thought of non-assistant coach out there in D1 right now. Day was heavily rumored to be Chip Kelly’s #1 choice as Offensive Coordinator at Oregon, but turned the job down to stay with the Eagles (presumably an eventual successor to Spaz?). Day is very successful recruiter and has been instrumental in landing some of the key recruits the Eagles have enjoyed over the past several seasons. He’s been able to learn under different offensive coordinators and will likely become one himself in the short term if he’s not plucked up by another BCS school looking to make waves this offseason.

12W) Dennis Franchione

Coach Fran had a few jumps around coaching : From New Mexico, to TCU , to Alabama, and then returned back to Texas to coach Texas A&M. After not being able to meet the expectations of the Texas A&M fanbase, he was released. Although Coach Fran has always revealed his want to coach in the state of Texas, there aren't too many openings left, nor any with vacancies. Fran would be a great coach to grab for an up and coming program.. Just wonder who all has him on thier list.


BCMike: Foster, London, Whipple, Golden, Addazio, Day

Wesley: Tuberville, Bowden, Strong, Fulmer, Jags, Franchione

Draft 11-20: Best Available Coaches
BCMike: Foster, London, Whipple, Golden, Addazio, Day
Wesley: Tuberville, Bowden, Strong, Fulmer, Jags, Franchione free polls

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keys to the Game vs. UNC

It's Thursday...and that means it's Podcast time! Lucky you!

Wesley >Protect this house
BCMike >No turnovers
Wesley >Look out for DE Quinn, be comfortable in the pocket, but someone put a hat on this guy.
BCMike >Secondary step up
Wesley >Boomcat big play
BCMike >Mike Morrisey stopping TE
Wesley >Montel Reps
BCMike >BCGunnz/Larmond no drops
Wesley >Focus last game @ alumni
BCMike >Keep UNC honest, reverse/screens

Score Predictions?? You will have to listen and find out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18 Draft: Heisman Contenders

The season is coming to a close shortly (I know, right?), and Heisman banter is everywhere. Today we throw our two cents in.


1W) Case Keenum

Although he has fallen off the radar a bit ,
since the decline of his Houston team,
it is hard to overlook the accuracy and amount of yards that Case has put up.
Case has a rating of 155.76 , 4,194 yards and 31 TDs.. to me that is just nuts.
As a Junior , you wonder if he plans on leaving early for the draft.

2M) CJ Spiller

First let’s be honest…this year, there really
isn’t a bonafide Heisman contender deserving of the award. This is not to say that the award always goes to the most deserving player *cough* Jason White *cough* but this year’s crop is pretty scarce. That being said, I do believe CJ Spiller to be the tallest midget here. He’s used in any and every way possible for Clemson, and is a legitimate threat running, receiving, returning, and even passing. As many CJ Spiller supporters have pointed out, CJ’s career numbers line up almost exactly with Reggie Bush’s, however Reggie also only played for three years, but CJ split time with current Cleveland Brown James Davis for three years as well…so you could possibly call that a wash.

3W) Toby Gerhart

Gerhart from Stanford is starting to make a
late surge, especially with his play against USC. So far he is averaging over 5 yards per carry a total yardage of just shy of 1400 yards, and 19 TDs...Pretty impressive numbers if you ask me.

With his recent limelight, he could just be getting noticed right at the correct time! If Stanford continues to play well, I see Toby's stock to also rise.

4M) Mark Ingram

Sophomores need not apply…until Tim
Tebow came along. Now the award truly goes to who the voters believe is the actual best player in college football, regardless of age or academic rung. This year, it may very well be Mark Ingram. Ingram gets my vote for the best pure running back in college football this year. While there are others that are more versatile (Spiller) and others that are more explosive (Devine), Ingram is as close to a total package as there is for a pure running back in 2009. Not that this should matter a whole lot, but is there anyone who doubts that out of all of the candidates in the Heisman talk this year who will have the best NFL career? Ingram is ready for the NFL now as an every down back.

5W) Ryan Williams

Let me preface this with... He is only a

Already over 1200 yards for the season, his FIRST season in College football.
and averaging almost 6 yards per carry, Ryan is proving that it doesn't matter what year you are, that you can dominate. If Ryan really pushes he can get an invite to New York, but right now he is the dark horse.

6M) Tim Tebow

I hate putting Tebow here. I really do.
But, the fact of the matter is that he may very well be the best college football player….not just in 2009, or in 2007 when he won his first Heisman, but ever. That’s right, ever. Love him or hate him (I’m in the second camp, just over-saturated), you have to agree that there’s a legitimate argument to Tim Tebow being the best college football player ever. What’s more is that despite getting his bell run and undoubtedly being a different player ever since, he has his Florida Gators in line for ANOTHER national title. I know the voting takes place prior to the national championship game, but if Florida wins it again with Tebow leading the way…is there any doubt who the award should go to?

7W) Jordan Shipley

Yeah Yeah I know WR rarely get this
award.. But let me get this out there.
Shipley is having a GREAT year.. I mean Great. Although he only has 8 TDs so far. He has already grabbed almost 1100 Yards.. and a ton of that is YAC. Proving to be Colt McCoy's favorite target, a lot of Jordan's yards were after being double and sometimes even triple covered! If not a Heisman winner, I definitely feel that he is an Honorable Mention.

8M) Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy is a sure-fire first ballot hall of famer
in the “best name for Texas College Football” voting. I actually think Jordon Shipley deserves the nod over Colt in this year's Heisman's voting, too...but Wesley stole him away a pick too soon for me.

Much like Tebow, McCoy has lead his Longhorns to an undefeated season (so far) and has made the big plays when he needs to. The one thing I don’t think McCoy gets enough credit for is his elusiveness and speed as a runner. I think we want to make him a “gunslinger” QB, as his namesake would seem to lead us to believe, but he’s really a well rounded collegiate QB and can seriously hurt you with his legs…not just his arm. I also believe that out of this class of Heisman contenders, much like Ingram with RB’s, that Colt will have the best NFL career of this bunch.

9W) Andy Dalton

How can we even have this discussion
without talking about Andy Dalton.
His stats are good, not crazy, but very good.. he has thrown for over 2000 yards
17 Touchdowns, with only 4 picks. and has a completion percentage over 63.
But his real accolades come as he just continues to win. And I for one feel like that is where the Heisman typically fails.. Andy Dalton is a great leader as a Junior for the Horned Frogs, and I expect him to continue this trend next year!

10M) Josh Nesbitt

Hey, if Eric Crouch can win it at Nebraska running
the option and hardly ever throwing the ball, why can’t Nesbitt win it at GT under the same parameters? Last season teams concentrated on stopping the QB first and the result was record numbers and national accolades for Jonathan Dwyer. This season, teams geared up to stop the reigning ACC Offensive player of the year only to find that Nesbitt is a significant threat on his own. It’s really tough to judge players in Paul Johnson’s offense, and Demaryius “Bebe” Thomas is a luxury that not many QB’s have to throw to as a safety valve…but you can make an argument for Nesbitt being largely responsible for GT being ranked in the top five by season’s end.


Wesley drafted: Case Keenum, Toby Gerhart, Ryan Williams, Jordan Shipley, Andy Dalton
BCMike drafted: Spiller, Ingram, Tebow, McCoy, Nesbitt
11-17 Draft: Heisman Contenders
Wesley - Case Keenum, Toby Gerhart, Ryan Williams, Jordan Shipley, Andy Dalton
BCMike - Spiller, Ingram, Tebow, McCoy, Nesbitt free polls