Friday, January 6, 2012

1/6/12 draft: why the MNC line up stinks

As the Championship game comes around we would like to draft our top reasons for displeasure.

1M) Been there, done that
Not only has this game already been played, it¹s not like we¹rereplayingsome amazing game that had a ton of drama, fantastic plays andexcitingplay. The last time these two got together, paint drying got a 8.3sharefrom Nielsen.

2W) If you can't win your division, you shouldn't compete for the NC
I think this is where I call for a revamp of the way the NationalChampionship is played. I am not necessarily calling for a playoffsystem, but I just think you have to win your division, to play thewinner of another division. Isn't that what its all about? Being anational Champion? The SEC championship has already been settled, sonow,there is a potential that a SEC champion loses to another SEC team forthe NC, this makes no sense. Well wait it does.. $$$ and that¹s theonlytype of sense it makes.

3M) It¹s not fair to LSU
So let me get this right‹LSU beats Alabama, wins their division andconference (as Wesley pointed out) and now all Alabama has to do isclipLSU the *SECOND* time they play them to become the national champion?How in the world is that fair? Let¹s say for the sake of the argumentthat ŒBama wins. Now you have one win for each, one loss foreachŠexceptLSU played one more game (SEC title game). All others being equal,shouldn¹t the title stay with LSU even if they lost?

4W) Okie St
Really this matchup should be against OSU and LSU. Both winning theirconference. And its not exactly like OSU had a cakewalk season beatingmany teamss by 59 or greater and having one blemish against IowaState (who had a pretty decent year ) in double overtime on a Friday night.If Iwas Gundy, Id be more than just a pissed off man that's 40.. I wouldpetition the BCS for angling what they wanted all along an $EC rematch

This whole conference superiority thing has gotten so entirely out ofcontrol it's not even funny. The press has brainwashed the majority offans (and themselves) into believing that only the SEC matters andonlyteams from the SEC are worthy of playing for a national championship.It's just fucking crazy. LSU should be there. I get that. They'reundefeated and deserve to be there.But let's look at Alabama. They played one ranked team in LSU, who weallknow they lost to. OOC, they scheduled North Texas, a DougMartin-lessKent State, and Georgia Southern...ALL at home.If this was a team from the Big Ten or PAC-12 people would bescreamingand stomping their feet over such a schedule.Listen, I'm not an idiot--I do think the SEC is a terrific footballconference. I just think it's the ONLY football conference.There are good teams outside of the SEC, too. I promise.

6W) Why Monday?
I think it is time for the BCS or someone to say, lets have aChampionshipSaturday so our ratings are at their highest, more people can enjoy thegame, easier to travel for etc.Don't understand the "biggest game of the year" on a Monday.

7M) The element of surprise is gone
I understand this kind of goes to the "been there, done that" point,buthere I'm talking about the lack of excitement going into the gamebecausewe already know how they match up.Will LSU's D be able to shut down the Alabama rushing attack??Yes.Will Alamaba's D shut stop the mediocre LSU rushing attack?Yes.Any offense at all?No, not really.How will they match up?Like to hefty school girls slapping each other for three hoursstraight.I don't know about you, but I am REALLY excited about this matchup! Somany surprises in store!!

8W) The fans
You paint such an awesome visual of two hefty girls slapping eachother,for some reason I think this happens in a fast food place..But I digressI hate saying this, but living in the south makes this extra hard forme.Maybe its a hint of jealousy, I am not quite sure, maybe its the abilityfor two teams to have a very short drive to their "nationalchampionship"game. Im not sure. But I just can't handle all the fans going crazy overthe potential that their team is dominant once again, and every team inthe SEC is second only to the New England Patriots .So no matter what happens, I lose.

9M) SEC Spin
I feel your pain, Wesley. Of course, you're actually *IN* Alabama so itsurely is exacerbated for you.Here in going with the spin that casual fans and SEC fans are going toput on this championship. Meaning, it will be another brick in the wallof the supposed SEC dominance in championship games, even though an SECteam has to win by default this year.An example of what I'm talking about is my former boss. He's more of acasual fan and he was talking about how Auburn dominated Oregon in theMNC Game. What? Yeah apparently Auburn just killed them. Those PAC-10 guys justcan't hang with SEC ballin', he informed me.Weird, I told him. I thought it was a field goal game that could havefor either way late in the fourth quarter.

10W) My personal quagmire of who to root for
As most fans of football, I can always root for one over another, even ifI have no dog in the race. Well in this case, there really is no outcomethat I am happy with. At All. If both Teams could lose and forfeit theirfuture seasons I would probably be most pleased. Go Commercials?