Friday, March 16, 2012

Draft 3-16: Reasons to be excited about the future of the BC Men's Basketball team

Although 2012 is over, and we don’t predict to be a preseason number 1 in 2013, there are some reasons to be excited about the future of the program.
So here we go.

1W) Freshman 9

We are currently making lots of freshman mistakes but with the amount of

freshman time being played I feel even next year will be a dramatic

improvement . Most schools give freshman sub 20 mins a game with most of

ours playing tremendously more I am excited about the experience they

are achieving.

2M) Ryan Anderson

While Football has the ³Curse of the four star² athelete/recruit, BC has

enjoyed phenomenal success when we¹ve picked up Gatorade Players of the

Year from a given state. Will Blackmon (football) was one in Rhode

Island, ReggieJackson was one in Colorado, and Ryan Anderson joins the

eye-popping impressive list of GPOY from the Great State of


Ryan is a bit of a ³tweener², which is why many thought he would have not

been recruited as heavily as former winners of that award. As the year

progressed, so did Ryan‹and the future is oh so bright.

3W) Donahue

BCMike, I Agree on Ryan I do think he will be solid going forward

On my third draft pick I am going with the coach, even though wewere the

number 12 seed in the ACC tournament this coach is no cigar stone Indian,

if you watch the games the excitement coming from coach Donahue is

contagious, you get pumped even when down 20. I have full confidence that

we have the right coach for the job going forward and excited to see him

grow his team.

4M) Long Range Lonnie Jackson

100% agreed on Cap¹n D. It¹s not often a coach can come short of double

digit wins, finish indead last place and still have the buy-in of the

students, athletes, alums, and media. He¹s done it, however. At

least..thus far. He¹ll have to put up much better wins/losses numbers

next year. This year everyone knew would be tough.

I don¹t know if anyone else sees this comparison, but Lonnie Jackson has

some Jared Dudley in him. On more than one occasion Jackson got hot from

beyond the arc and just took over games. He¹s still way too streaky, but

as a freshman to see that sort of burst and possibility to take over a

game‹that kind of thing makes you very optimistic about the future. When

he¹s hot, I¹m not sure I¹ve seen any look more natural popping threes

outside of Tyrese Rice.

5W) Team Cohesion

As mentioned before we have a very young team, if I said that 100 times

it probably wasn't enough.

But we have a team that essentially never played with each other, and

never played for Donahue. Not just one or two, the majority of the


As the team continues to play together, there will be a tremendous amount

of cohesion built, and cohesion builds winning programs.

6M) Clifford

It¹s not terribly often that you hear ³Athletic² paired with ³seven

footer², but that¹s exactly what Dennis Clifford is. He was a little

awkward on the floor the first part of the year but definitely grew into

his game and had some really nice games this year. I think as he puts on

a little weight and gets more comfortable with his offensive game, teams

and fans are going to be saying two years from now ³Sheesh! Would this

guy graduate already?!?². I think he could wind up being in elite BC

company when his career is over if he continues to work his craft.

7W) Donahue Disciples

BCMike , couldn¹t agree more on Clifford, I agree he has a bright future

as an Eagle. That was actually you stealing my number 6 draft choice.

On my 7th round draft pick, I am going with the Donahue Disciples. This

small but growing number of fans that are absolutely excited and are

showing passion for the coach/ program and future.

As we continue to improve this group is going to give us an increasingly

larger Home Field advantage.

8M) Jordan Daniels

Daniels is a player that absolutely grew throughout the season and on me

as a fan. If he can be a consistent offensive weapon for this team

instead of his super hot pretty cold swings, it would be an absolute

game-changer with the growth of Clifford and Caudill.

9W) Future Eagles

The future is looking bright with 2 highly anticipated guards expected to

join the Eagles in the next season, it feels like the Eagles Basketball

team has a strong foundation and will continue to grow under Coach


10M) Heckmann's back, man.

Patrick Heckmann came out of the gates strong to start the year but a

case of Mono derailed an earlier promising season. A year of recovery

and conditioning will have The German back on track as one of the Eagles'

best players.