Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/30 Draft: Best Offensive ACC Players 2009 to date

Well, we're only a third of the way through the college football season (scary that it's that far in already, no?), but already there are some players we expected more out of, and others who have taken their game to the next level.

Below, Wesley and I will draft what we think are the best offensive players (skill position) in the ACC to date. I'll let Wesley lead it off.

1W) Jacory Harris

I am going to start with Jacory Harris, I honestly still don't think I pronounce his name correctly..
But this guy is really lighting it up so far, and seems to be VERY cool under pressure. And at some point I honestly felt like I would see him in marron and gold.. But in my opinion, what's good for the U, is good for the whole league.

2M) CJ Spiller

He's simply the most explosive player in the league, IMO. His ability to hurt you as a runner is there, but he's the only guy in the conference with a legit ability to hurt you as a runner, a receiver, and a returner (ac BC found out first-hand). The preseason billing was considerable, and so far I'm not sure he's exceeded it--but I think he's met it thus far.

3W) Tyrod Taylor

T-Mobile, Although he doesn't have the strongest arm in the league, I will say, he probably has the best wheels.
and I am not talking straight up 40 speed. Im talking just elusiveness, he has a great pocket presence.. And has jumped tremendously on his passing ability. And while beating Nebraska, and then Miami, has shown great leadership abilities

4M) Demaryius Thomas

It was only a couple of weeks ago that it was brought up in conversation that two of the ACC's best/most talented WR's to come out in the past five years (Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas) also had the worst QB's in the past five years (Reggie Ball--who I consider to be the worst voluntarily starting D1A QB I've ever seen, and Josh Nesbitt who is a great running threat, but passes like most JV QB's). If Thomas was playing on Texas or at USC, the guy would have his own website promoting him for the Heisman. He's unbelievably talented. Now I know Wesley is going to say I'm going too early for him here because his numbers aren't earth shattering (16/362/2), but I ask you who he has throwing him the ball.

5W) Josh Nesbitt

I really feel that the USS Nesbitt, is the reason for a lot of sucess at Georgia Tech. He definitely has a lot of heart, and give the GT fans a good bit to cheer for. And let me say, I am not certain that he would fit in all systems well in D-1 football, I really do feel he fits well in Paul Johnson's option offense.

6M) Ryan Williams

As I've stated before, my girlfriend is--much to my
dismay--a diehard Hokie alum/fan. When Darren Evans went down in the preseason, she was very worried. I told her not to be, because I was pretty sure she would be VERY happy with what Ryan Williams did...Williams, as most BC fans will remember was almost an Eagle as his recruiting came down to BC and VT. BC landed Haden, and Williams went to VT. Now I know that recruiting rankings and HS film doesn't mean jack, but Williams was VERY impressive on tape so my expectations for the guy were sky-high.

With the lone exception of fumbling a punt (which one could make the case that lost the game vs. 'Bama), the man has been a machine. Williams is averaging 126 yards on the ground per game, good for first in the ACC (he leads the ACC in scoring, too). Second place? 81.5 yards/game. The delta is that big.

I can't tell you how excited I am to see this kid at VT for three more years (red text=severe sarcasm)!

7W) Christian Ponder

Hate to say it but you are right on Ryan, he definitely seems like the real deal.

If you asked me what the first and most important thing I would want in a QB, I would immediately respond, I want them to be SMART, and great decision makers. I honestly feel like this aspect is overlooked. And Christian Ponder is very smart. Ponder is a Junior this year and working on his MBA. But his smarts definitely show on the field as well. Ponder seemed to fill in right where Drew Weatheford left off, and in my opinion, could even exceed him. (But lets hope he has an off week this Saturday )

8M) Russell Wilson

Christian Ponder is a nice choice, Wesley. I honestly don't think the guy gets the credit he deserves. He's a gigantic pain in the ass to play against.

Now, I'm not as big of a Russell Wilson fan as many others out there, but the fact of the matter is that his stats are impressive enough to warrant being on this list. Sure, none of them have come against the only real game that's mattered thus far for the Wolf Pack (vs. SCar 12-23, 74 yards 0 TD), and racked up 8 TD's and 573 yards vs. Gardner Webb and Murray State....

But he also DID light up Pitt for 4 TD's and 322 yards last week. His total stat line thus far: 12 TD's, 0 INT's and just under 1,000 yards passing. Not a huge fan, but you gotta give it up to the guy, those stats are impressive.

9W) Thaddeus Lewis

I def have to agree on Russell Wilson, as young as he is, he is doing great. I see him excelling at the next level very well!
I am choosing Thaddeus Lewis as my last pick, purely on speculation, well I guess all of these picks are speculation, but you follow me.
When was the last time a Duke QB was hyped? I mean seriously, the guy deserves credit enough for that. His results don't seem to have come through yet, but QB is just one part of a team, and I feel like they eventually will materialize.

10M) Travis Benjamin

Steal of the draft! Well...unless you thought I had it before, in which case this is just another good pick.

Thaddeus Lewis? WTF are you thinking, Wesley. Expectations were sky-high at Duke this year (4 wins, maybe 5!!), and Lewis and the Blue Devils have not delivered.

I'll go with an unsung hero from the recently broken up Media darling (they were hot and heavy for three weeks until that trip to Blacksburg), Travis Benjamin. He's an undersized WR, but one that just has a huge knack of making the big play. Not only has he proven his worth as a WR, but he's also shown he can help on special teams by returning punts and kicks. He's a dynamic, shifty guy with break-away speed...and fast becoming Jacory Harris' favorite target.

Wesley- Harris, Taylor, Nesbitt, Ponder, Lewis
BCMike- Spiller, Thomas, Williams, Wilson, Benjamin

9-30 Draft: Best Offensive ACC Players 2009 to date
Wesley- Harris, Taylor, Nesbitt, Ponder, Lewis
BCMike- Spiller, Thomas, Williams, Wilson, Benjamin
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Monday, September 28, 2009

9/29 Draft: ACC Coaches

Today we draft the ACC coaches. Not on recruiting, or handling the media, but just on gameday coaching and player development. Today BCMike will lead it off.

1M) Jim Grobe

Simply put, this guy is just a hell of a coach. Much like BC, historically, Wake Forest has not gotten the biggest "5 star" recruits every year,
but Grobe has turned this program into a winner--and is now sending kids to the NFL (and high rounds of the NFL at that). He's a super-smart coach who does an incredible job adapting in-game to the challenges that face him. To me, if he was at a bigger name school like a Texas or a USC, he would be a household name. I have all the respect in the world for Grobe.

2W) Frank Beamer

Good call on Grobe, he is a heck of a coach, with a great system, just wonder how long he plans to stay at Wake Forest?

On my pick I take Frank Beamer, I mean how could I not.

This guy has done Great in the ACC, he is a natural leader, and he even has a style of football play named after him.. Beamer Ball..

I have a lot of respect for Beamer and the style of play he brings to the ACC.

3M) Paul Johnson

Beamer is a good call, Wesley, no doubt. But for me, I honestly
would have taken Paul Johnson first. It's not that I don't appreciate what Frank has done, but I just feel like Paul Johnson is in the top 5, perhaps 10 coaches in the NCAA's. I really and truly do. He's bringing back his take on the wing option and has made GT into a winner....it's scary to think he's done all of this with kids who, for the most part, aren't even his recruits and weren't brought in to run his system. I remember what a pain in the ass Navy was whenever we played them and he coached them. When he came into GT, something like 11 players transferred. I have to say I'm very glad they're on the other side of the conference; because I don't envy going up against his system once he has HIS players in place.

4W) Bobby Bowden

I like Paul Johnson, I really do.. Great coach at Navy, and

Giving Georgia Tech something to cheer about, there is no doubt about that

Just ask Miami.

But I have to go with an oldie, but a goodie.. Bobby Bowden

I mean seriously.. I am very surprised he went this late in the draft. He is a winner, and I don't really care if really coaches anymore or not. He wins. and that's that. Is FSU back to where it used to be? hmm probably not, but when you have a field named after you, I have to think you are one of the best coaches in the conference.

5M) Randy Shannon

I have all the respect in the world for Bobby Bowden. Personally, the guy is a sweetheart. Resume, what he's done is close to untouchable. But let's fact it, he's only staying in the game in an attempt to win the Pine Box Derby with JoePa. He's just a figurehead now and for me, he's just not adding anything to FSU any longer.

I'm going with Randy Shannon here.

Sure, it's sad when you actually have to write a rule specifically stating
"no guns" for your players, but Shannon had an uphill battle he had to win. He replaced Larry Coker (who gets my vote as the most aptly named coach EVER. EV-ER!!!), who didn't care what the players did as long as they looked good on the field. Erickson and Jimmy Johnson weren't exactly disciplinarians, either. He's come into Miami and has turned the program around. Plus, he was smart enough to know he wasn't smart enough and brought in Mark Whipple who I believe is a great fit there. I understand the jury is still out on Shannon, but as much as I hate Miami, I do like the coach.

6W) Frank Spaziani

Randy Shannon, although great assistant, and player at the U. The jury is still out on his HC abilities in my book.

On that note, I am going to go with another ex Defensive Coordinator, and go with Boston College's own Spaz. He leads with his own dry humor.. which leaves the media wondering if he is serious or joking most of the time., and which can be hard for some of the ultra faithful to even follow. But on the field he is all about results, and hopefully he continues to grow this even more at his tenure at BC.

7M) Dabo Swinney

I agree with you Wesley, the jury is still out on Spaz. Obviously, I want him to do well. I want to take him first overall....but so far it's been a learning process, which is what you expect from any new head coach.

I'm taking Dabo Swinney here because not only has he
successfully done, for the most part, what Spaz is trying to do--but he's got the fan base ridiculously fired up as well. Some might say that the Clemson fans are an easy group to get fired up, but he's put a charge into the program and was someone that was much talked about going elsewhere. I know this is a little early for him, but I almost look at it as a stock. If it's Dabo stock, I'm buying as of now.

8W) Tom O'Brien

I just can't understand why "That Boy"

even belongs up here, outside of the possibility that you are banking that ranking based upon success against Boston College? But an overall ranking of 6-4 , really doesn't get ohh's and ahh's out of me.

I guess I better be quiet.. I am sure that my choice here isn't going to grab me any extra fans. But hear me out.. we are talking game day preformance, nothing else. During his BC years , he had a record of 75-45, and keep in mind that Boston College had gone through some turbulant changes before Tom O'Brien. TOB, appears to be making some progress at NC State, and I imagine that they will be a solid team very soon.

9M) Butch Davis

TOB? Really? Listen, I respect what he did at BC...but giving me crap about taking Swinney when TOB actually has a LOSING RECORD at NCSU is laughable. Sorry, the only thing the guy is good at is taking programs in the dirt back to mediocrity, and making excuses on why it's either A) not happening fast enough, or B) not winning enough.

Well, that and his ability to charm both LNH and Dana Bible Patriot Golfer.

I'm going Butch Davis here. Now, I know this isn't about recruiting,
but right now--frankly, there's not a whole hell of a lot left at the bottom of the ACC coaching pool. SEC fans boast about how great of a conference the SEC is--yet the ACC has more first round picks, and more overall picks in the last ten years. So talent-wise--clearly, they are wrong. Where they're right is coaching.

Butch has never blown me away as a fantastic game day coach, but frankly, he's just better than the options left with Fridge, Al Groan, and Cutcliffe. Cutcliffe might be decent, but so far the early returns are crappy. Fridge was good once, but no coach should be at his school for as long as he's been and have a team that's THIS f'in bad. I don't need to tell you why Al Groan is bad. I still have no idea how he has a job. There's no other profession outside of government work where you can suck with such ferocity and remain employed.

10W) Ralph Friedgen

Butch is a good call this late in the Draft, and honestly I wish I had him to pick instead of mine.

On my pick, well since there is little left on the list to choose from.. I am going to go with the "FRIDGE"

Fridge has done well at Maryland , but probably better at the start of his career there in 2001 , rather than lately.
But with a total record of 65-38 at Maryland, that's really not too bad at all.


BCMike-Grobe, Johnson, Shannon, Swinney, Butch

Wesley-Beamer, Bowden, Spaz, TOB, Fridge

9-29 Draft: ACC Coaches
BCMike-Grobe, Johnson, Shannon, Swinney, Butch
Wesley-Beamer, Bowden, Spaz, TOB, Fridge

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/28 Draft: Best play vs. Wake

There were a lot of good plays, and there were some not so good. But overall a Win is a win right?
Today we are going to analyze the best plays of the game.

1W) Swat by Isaac Johnson, and Wes Davis recovery

Wow, Just when you thought it was over... it wasn't. Isaac hasn't really got too much publicity ... yet
But from now on he will be remembered for that game changing swat and Skinners paw, on about the 5 yard line in overtime.. It really was a great move by Isaac to force a fumble , and for Wes Davis to see the ball laying there and cover it up..

2M) Jordon McMichael's pine tar grab

I almost expected to see a smiling George Brett on the
sidelines after this catch. Shinskie threw a great ball where only McMichael could catch it. The big fella through his mitt out and it just stuck. It was throw so hard and looked to be such a near impossible catch that the safety who was coming over to give McMichael a reminder shot of "hey, I was near the play" that DB's often give to recievers that he was forced to buckle his knees and give up on the play after Jordon caught it. He showed great speed, hands, route running...everything you could hope for from your TE. Fantastic pass catching game from McMichael.

3W) Pass across the middle to Colin Larmond Jr. from Shinskie

Mike great call on that one, that was just a great pull from McMichael, what better highlight material could you ask for?

My next choice isn't quite as flashy, but not too far behind. It was a deep route ran by Larmond Jr. On this play, Colin has 2 defenders trailing him, its almost like they knew he was going to get the ball, and there wasn't a thing that they could do about it .. Shinskie placed the ball perfectly, right in the back of the end zone.. where only number 10 could put his hands on it.. It really didnt look like a true freshman pass.. but it was, and a great one at that, and a great grab by Colin.

4M) We found our Quarterback

Shinkskie wasn't perfect, but he was sure pretty darn good. Shinskie
threw for three TD's, only giving the ball away once on a downfield pass. He generally was accurate, and just about always put enough mustard on the ball to get it there in a hurry. Most of his incompletions were away from the defenders; putting the ball where only our guys had a shot at it. It's so nice not to have to worry about who is the QB from here on out. Our starting Quarterback is Dave Shinskie.

5W) Haden tough running

If this wasn't the best outing by Haden, I don't remember what was. He ran the ball, even up the gut more effectively than I can remember him doing.
He had great cuts, and ALWAYS fell forward. Haden was in great form, and right at the time when we needed him to be.

6M) Rich Gunnell's pass defense

This will probably not be on the top of
most people's minds, but on BC's first offensive drive, Shinskie held on to the ball a little too long and an uncovered blitzer made his way to the QB and hit him while he was trying to get the ball off. This resulted in a fluttering "500!" ball in the area of Gunnell and Williams. When Gunnell recognized the ball wasn't getting zipped his way, he was able to immediately find where Williams was (in a GREAT position to intercept the ball), made up the ground, and went up for the ball while defending Williams from making the INT in the endzone. Williams actually had two hands on the ball, but Gunnell knocked it down and forced the incompletion, which gave BC a shot to convert a Field Goal on 4th down instead of turning the ball over. Sid made the figgie, BC takes the lead, and our QB doesn't lose confidence. Great play by Richie Gunns.

7W) Shinskie - Pantale TD

I cringe when I see a true freshman throw over the middle in the redzone..
I guess its just the lack of space for people to get open, or the linebackers sitting back, trying to snag a pick, im not certain, but it definitely stresses me out. Shinskie did a great job on this, he actually looked at several options , before seeing his TE , Pantale (Pan-tail-e) open about 2 yards into the end zone, he threw a high rocket , and Pantale brought it down..

8M) Justin Jarvis (re) emerging

Shinskie started off looking Richie Gunns way six out of his first eight passes (which I think is a good thing, getting him involved early and going to your best WR), but Grobe is a smart coach and started doubling Gunns in the second half. Who is going to step up? Fellow Senior Justin Jarvis has a fantastic day pulling in five catches (all in the 2nd half, IIRC) for 66 yards.

9W)Shinskie tucking and running

No real Pizazz here, but I think everyone that has been watching this game smiled when they saw this. When you have young and inexperienced QBs, you hope to minimalize forcing anything to work. Well on this play, BC was driving pretty well, and needed to keep the big MO rolling thier way. After Shinskie looked down and saw all his recievers covered, he took it on his own. Now Shinskie definitely doesn't have the best 40 on the team, but he moved ok.. and slid safely beyond the first down marker.

10M) Kuechly leading the team in tackles

I know we're starting to sound like a broken record on Kuechly,
but the kid lead the team in tackles while not playing the whole game on defense. Out of his team-high nine tackles, I counted at least three of them that were on special teams.

Wesley -Isaac swat, Shinskie-Larmond Jr, Shinskie-Pantale, Haden Run, Shinskie Run

BCMike -Jordan grab, QB, Gunns D, Jarvis, Keuchly

9-28 Draft: Best play vs. Wake
Wesley -Isaac swat, Shinskie-Larmond Jr, Shinskie-Pantale, Haden Run, Shinskie Run
BCMike -Jordan grab, QB, Gunns D, Jarvis, Keuchly
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

SPECIAL: Interview with BC's Alex Albright

As always, we will stick to our "Draft" format, but when we are able to have special guests that become available, we will have them on.

Today, we are extremely fortunate to have Alex Albright join us. Wesley conducted the interview with Alex. A big BCDraft "THANK YOU!!" to Alex Albright for taking the time to chat with us.


BCDraft: Let me start it off with what everyone wants to know, how does it feel to be back on the field this year?

Alex Albright: It feels great. I haven’t been out there for a while and it was beginning to get to me because I missed being on the field, in the hotels, and in the locker room with the guys so it is a familiar feeling that I have been missing for a long time.

BCD: After having a stellar 2007, 2008 got cut short because of a neck injury.. Can you tell us a bit about this injury , and how the surgery and recovery process went?

AA: Basically I was born with a neck that was a little to flexible and when I would flex it a certain degree back, it was cutting off my spinal cord a little more than normal and was causing some problems. So they had to fuse 2 vertebrae together in order to make it so my neck wouldn’t move as much. The only recovery was time really, there wasn’t any therapy too much because I worked on moving my neck on my own time so it was easy to gain my range of motion almost completely back.

BCD: You were recruited by a good amount of schools coming out of High School, and you chose Boston College ( we are very thankful you did). How did you make this decision? What was this process like?

AA: Well Boston College was straight up with me. They let me know that I was one of their top recruits at that position and that they really wanted me to come, but they were only going to take two defensive ends that year so if two committed they would not have a spot for me. All the other schools were waiting on senior film because I didn’t play that much as a junior. In the end the opportunity to play was more enticing than an Ohio State team jumpsuit on the bench.

BCD: As you are now a role model now, who inspired
you when you were younger?

AA: My favorite player was Mike Alstott on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was just a tough player who I loved to watch. Him and John Lynch on that team were the guys who I paid most attention too. I remember my father taking me to the Bucs’ training camp once and to an old Bucs game in Tampa and it was awesome. I still have a close up photo of Alstott in my room at home.

BCD: Before the game.. everyone is listening to music.. trying to get in the zone..
what are you listening to?

AA: Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I like to just listen to the sounds of the locker room. You hear guys taping up their wrists, the faint boom of the bass in their headphones, people talking, and sometimes even the fans and band outside. I like to just fully immerse myself in the experience that is college football because my injuries have taught me that this will definitely not last so I should enjoy it while I can.

BCD: A lot has been made about the video game NCAA10 by EASports. Do guys check out their ratings? Who is the most under-rated player on BC's team in the game? Do you play (and if so, what teams do you play with and why)?

AA: Guys on the team love that game. People are always making fun of the lowest rated player and it gets pretty funny. I do play from time to time so I don’t know the ratings too well, but the most underrated player would have to be myself, because when I created myself as a kid I was always a 99 rating, so I should be a 99 now right?

BCD: Nicknames are easy....we know Aponovicious "Sid", and of course many players in the past like "ice". Aside from "Uncle Dave", what are some of the other nicknames that players call each other, outside of Albright what is your nickname?

AA: A few guys call me Bam Bam because my uncle let a few guys know that it was my nickname as a young kid. Tuggle is “Tuggs”, Claiborne is “Claybooty”, Mike McLaughlin is “Mac” Bowman is “Boomcat”, Billy Flutie is “Flakes" or "Flutie Flakes”, Jim Noel is “Sticks”, Quigly is “Twigly”, Autin Giles “The Dancing Bear”, Castonzo “Cazy”, Rich “Gunnz” Gunnell, that’s a lot of them

BCD: During your career at BC, you’ve had an uncanny ability to get to the passer. Since you’re an undersized (by weight standards) DE, most people assume you usually go with a speed rush, but I’ve noticed that you mix it up a good bit. Do you enter the game knowing the tendencies of the specific Tackle you’re going up against, or do you have your own game plan and apply it to whomever you’re facing?

AA: Oh yeah you definitely look at what certain guys do when they get a speed rush or are presented with twists, etc. You have to know your enemy and play to their disadvantages. When I do get the opportunity to pass rush and I’m not doing a blitz of something there is a lot that goes through my head, but I always have their disadvantages in the back of my mind when I decide what move to do.

BCD: This [past] week you guys [went] to Clemson, to play
the Tigers in Death Valley. As a fan this is one of my favorite away venues to go to.
Do you have a favorite ? And if so why?

AA: Clemson is one of my favorites. The stadium is so
loud, but the fans are very hospitable. It’s a great atmosphere for football. When I broke my arm the fans we asking me if I was okay and saying I played well and they have always been very welcoming to my parents and opposing fans.

BCD: Every year BC seems to not get the respect it deserves on the preseason polls.. does this become “locker room material” to motivate the team?

AA: Of course. When people always make you as the underdog, you get defensive and take it personally. [If] people don’t respect us than we feel the need to keep supplying them with material to put us in the polls. If they don’t want to do that preseason then fine, but the thing that matters to us is where we are in the end.

BCD: You were originally recruited by TOB, and then played under Jags.. and now Spaz… explain how the changes in coaching have effected you.

AA: The only dramatic change would be different position coach when Jags came, but we were still running the same defense so not too much changed.

BCD: What is your favorite sack?

AA: Against Notre Dame. They were on a drive inside the red zone and we were only up by 14 or so. We needed a stop and to hold them to a field goal so coach called a blitz and I knew I had two guys blitzing inside so I went with speed past the right tackle and the safety Paul Anderson and I came away with the sack.

BCD: Who would you say was the toughest QB to sack (not saying anything about the OL trying to stop you, but specifically which QB is toughest to take down / get your hands on, etc. )?

AA: Julian Edelman from Kent State last year. That is one of the shiftiest players I have ever seen in my life and there is a reason he is doing big things for the patriots as a 6th round pick. He is a highly underrated player. Majority of what their team was able to do the past few years was because of Eugene Jarvis and Julian’s abilty to make people miss with his feet.

BCD: Alex, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We hope you and the rest of our Eagles have a great year!

9/24 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Wake w/special guest EAGLE IN ATLANTA

Well it's that time again, Keys for the Game!

This week, we were joined by 1st team all-star selection, the Godfather of soul BC Blogging, Eagle in Atlanta.

Our basic keys are below. For the whole story and our discussion on the Clemson game, listen to the Podcast!

* Excuse the end of the Podcast where we trail off a little at the end. There were some shiny object that grabbed our attention and a little technical difficulties at the very end. Hey, still not bad for a kid who never took an A/V class.

Podcast HERE!!! -->

Keys to the Game vs. Wake Forest

1 Eagle in Atlanta) Minimize mistakes on the Offensive Line

2 BCDraft) QB’s ability to get the ball off quickly & accurately

3ATL) Designed runs for Justin Tuggle

4BCD) McGovern continued excellent playcalling

5ATL) Ryan Quigley’s punting

6BCD) Aggressive Defensive Play by LB’s/CB’s

7ATL) Rich Gunnell stepping it up

8BCD) Big Mac returning strong

9ATL) Getting Montel Harris the ball in space

10BCD) Tranquil adapting the game plan

Again a *BIG* thank you to Eagle in Atlanta for joining us this week. For more on Eagle in Atlanta check out his website: http://www.atleagle.com.


Eagle in Atlanta drafted: Min O-Line mistakes, Tuggle runs, Quigs punts, Richie Gunns stepping up, Harris in space
BCDraft drafted: QB accuracy - quickness, McGov'n playcalling, aggressive DB-LB play, Big Mac, New Tranquill

9-24 Draft: Keys to Victory vs. Wake Forest
ATL - Min O-Line mistakes, Tuggle runs, Quigs punts, Richie Gunns stepping up, Harris in space
BCD - QB accuracy - quickness, McGov'n playcalling, aggressive DB-LB play, Big Mac, New Tranquill
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/23 Draft: Best Available Recruit for BC in 2010

Recruiting is definitely not an exact science..
But it is a little bit of math, physics, and gambling.
Here we choose our picks as we feel match BC's needs.
As recent recruits @ QB and Reciever have been filled.. this will be slightly harder than anticipated.

1W) Henry Anderson (DE)

As I usually try to wait until the late rounds to cheat, I am going round one, first choice on this one. Currently a Stanford commit, Henry Anderson would be a great pick up at DE, and fill a void at depth in this position. As I no longer can respect any offer given by Harbaugh, I think BC could entertain him quite easily. Also, Mr. Anderson's grades seems to outstanding.. and recruiting out of GA, can only help BC in the future.

2M) Bjoern Werner (DT)

Let me first preface my picks by saying I'm far from a recruiting guru. I leaned pretty heavily on Rivals recruiting and
Eagle Outsider's listings/rankings, etc.

Werner looks to be a great get as a DT. He's grown up all over, including Maryland, Connecticut, and mainly Germany.
What makes this particularly appealing to me is that we already have another German in Kasim Edeballi. All we would need is one more German with a "G" in is last name to have "KGB", with "Kasim" (insert the G), and "Bjoern". Hell, mabye it could just be Giles?
Point is we obviously still need to fill holes at DT, particularly with the talk that Quinn will be moved to DE.

3W) Seantrel Henderson (OT)

Now I would have to say that I would be an idiot to not want the overall #1 prospect.
And BC has recruited in MN. BC is definitely going against the Big name schools here with Michigan, USC, OU, etc going after this stud. But why do I feel BC has even a fighters chance?
Well, a couple of reasons. 1) With recent highly recruited players commiting to BC, Boston College has shown that it can go against the big dogs and compete. 2) BC is O-line U afterall. showing that its a pipeline to the NFL. 3)Depth. Our offensive line is not dramatically deep, and the possibility of immediate playing time is there.

4M) Jarrett Darmstatter (TE/DE)

I'm going back to the DL here again. Darmstatter is a TE/DE, which I believe we would certainly prefer him to fill DE shoes. Another Jersey boy, at 6'4", 241lbs, he could probably pack on 10lbs if he enrolled in the spring and be starting in the fall. Competition will be tough for Darmstatter though, we're going against a slew of offers. Nine other BCS teams involved here.

5W) Sharrif Floyd (DT)

Pennsylvania always seems to be a great recruiting ground for BC, and this is no exception.
Sharrif is a player that at one point BC seemed to lead with, now seems to be the one chasing.
Sharrif is now being courted moreso by Florida, Penn State etc.
Sharrif would be a great addition to the team, again because of depth issues now on the D line, he has the possibility to see almost immediate playing time. And you have to agree that seeing Raji and Brace on Sundays couldn't hurt ,right?

6M) Rodman Noel (CB/S)

Sharrif Floyd? C'mon, Wesley. Even the most casual fan of recruiting knows BC has been out of the picture on Floyd for quite some time now. While he'd be a great get, he's simply not coming to BC. Wasted pick on your part.

Mike Farrell of Eagle Action commented on Rodman Noel a little while back stating that Rodman might even be better than Jimmy, a current Eagle on BC's roster who is starting to show some early returns. This also would continue to show that BC can recruit and get the best players in the state and New England, as well as continue to showcase our pipeline with Everett.

7W) Brad Herzlich (LB)

Pennsylvania once again shows up on the radar here. And what better than Brad Herzlich, Mark's Brother. Other than a proven gene pool for growth, size, smarts etc. Brad has shown that he can play with the best of them as well. if you check out his tape, he appears to be more than just Mark's brother. Also boasting a great GPA, I feel like BC would be missing something by not getting Brad Herzlich.

8M) Shane Johnson (OG)

Johnson comes from Maryland's famed DeMatha* at 6'5", and tipping the scales at just over three bills. From looking at his tapes, he looks to have fantastic pass protection, a great ability to get under a guy's pads that is rushing him. His run blocking isn't fantastic, but that's much easier to teach. I don't think he would be ready as a true freshman to start, but he looks to have promise and be a guy who could do so in a couple of years.

* thanks to Chris C for the help!

9W) Ibraheim Campbell (DB)

Although 100% unintended, getting a 3rd recruit out of the hot state of Pennsylvania, will not hurt Boston College at all. Currently , BC looks great at the DB position, but thats not a reason to stop recruiting , its can actually be justified as more reason to get deeper. as there will be great talent to help train the young atheletes, and more possibilites of redshirting and having more experienced players on the field in the future. Ibraheim appears to be a great player with a lot of upside, also , of all the players I drafted appears to be the one to be leaning to BC the hardest.

10M) Brandon Coleman (WR)

Coleman looks NFL prototypical at 6'6" 200lbs. While we looks pretty darn good at WR now with Shakim Phillips coming in, you can never have enough depth at talent positions. He apparently runs a 4.5 40, and that's just scary fast for a guy 6'6". Due to his long frame, when he's running at full speed he doesn't LOOK like he's going that fast, but then he zooms right past defenders who have take the wrong angle as a result.

Coleman going deep with Phillips crossing over the middle? Yeah, that sounds pretty nice to me.


Wesley- Anderson, Henderson, Floyd, Herzlich, Campbell
BCMike- Werner, Darmstatter, Noel, Johnson, Coleman

9-23 Draft: Best Available Recruit for BC in 2010
Wesley- Anderson, Henderson, Floyd, Herzlich, Campbell
BCMike- Werner, Darmstatter, Noel, Johnson, Coleman
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9/22 Draft: Best surprises thus far in '09

After yesterday's downer, we're bouncing back today and reflecting on the positives thus far into our early season. It actually was somewhat therapeutic. While the loss to Clemson was a tough one to swallow, it helps when we look at the big picture and see that there are SOME positives going on, and several we didn't see coming.

So here we're going to draft the biggest positive surprises thus far in the '09 season.

Now finally dry (like the play on words here?), BCMike starts us off with the first selection:

1M) Luke Kuechly

It's hard to let a true freshman just "be", as it's so
terribly tempting to coin them "the next ____" or "little _____". To me, on defense so far Kuechly is the best true frosh player I've seen since Toal, who won BigEast rookie of the year award (or "newcomer"...whatever). It's not fair to say Kuechly wasn't highly recruited, as BC battled Stanford, Michigan State, Louisville and others for his services....but knowing what we've seen this far early in Kuechly's career, it's fair to say that he's better than a "three star" ranking and on the fast track for a pretty terrific time at The Heights.

The fact that he's done it all thus far with the preseason expectations of red-shirting this year, but instead playing--nay, STARTING makes it all the more impressive. Kuechly is easily my #1 pick here.

2W) Marty Bowman

This kid needs a nickname, he is really taking away the
deep threat by laying the lumber to anyone that comes near him. A senior leader , I really feel like bc may have one of the better secondaies in the nation. And with new starters on the line, and a very young line backer group, marty really helps make everyones job easier

3M) Two early blowout wins

Heading into the season, all we heard as BC fans was how horrific we would be, and that we would *probably* be able to beat Northeastern, but we should most certainly be on the lookout for Kent State. For as long as I've been a BC fan, it seemed that our teams played--for better or for worse--to the level of their competition. The first two games provided a lot of hope (we'll see if that was justified or not as the season advances), as BC absolutely demolished NE and KSU, winning by a combined score of 88-7 (and that 7 was a late TD in garbage time vs. KSU).

4W) Megwa back on the field

Wasn't it stated by jags, to forget football, just hope this guy can walk again? After that horrible hit he took across the middle against clemson last year, which broke his leg, he was also in a coma. Clarence has shown a ton of strength, both interior and exterior, to get back on the field this year.

5M) Mike Morrissey’s play

Great call on Megwa, Wesley. As good of a football
player as Clarence is, he's arguably and even better guy. So happy to see him back on the field competing after everything he went through.

I like to think of myself as being fairly in-the-know about our players, so when names like Morrissey and DiSanzo were starting to get tossed around, I have to be honest, I really didn't know what to think. As I researched more, I found that Morrissey was actually a walk-on. Eek! That's fine and all for kickers....but LB's??

Morrissey has absolutely proven my low expectations wrong and proved himself to be extremely valuable. He caused a safety vs. Northeastern and the INT Clancy made was a direct result of Morrissey's hustle and batted ball. He's a smart player and a fun one to watch.

6W) Sid being perfect

Sid is batting 1000, what was a major concern before the Season, sid has proven himself reliable. Which should really help in future games
Mike you have to say that you were as surprised as I was to hear that Sid has the lead in most ACC kicker stats.

7M) Beat Cancer T-Shirts

You're right about that, I never thought I would see Sid's name up in lights like that. Give credit where it's due, nice job by Sid thus far this season.

For my fourth pick, seventh overall, I'm going with the
"Beat Cancer" shirts that BC was able to produce. Not only is the #94 jersey available for sale, but BC organized the shirt sales such that $5 from every shirt goes to the ACS specifically for finding a cure for Ewing's Sarcoma. To me, the biggest surprise is that BC did this well. Don't get me wrong, I love my alma mater and all, but in the past, this would completely be something that BC botched up or didn't do in time. Serious props to the folks at Follett and BC for coming together and making this happen. Very happy to see this executed correctly.

8W) Flaherty stepping in flawlessly for Geiser

When a long snapper is replaced, not many people even notice, but sometimes they do. And when they do its for all the wrong reasons. Flaherety has played this year so far without any major issues, and as a red shirt frosh, I call that a win.

9M) Pantale

It should be known that I am a big fan of Lars
Anderson and was surprised to see both Lars and McMichael shifted to "H back" positions on the depth chart. What that really turned out to mean was weak side TE, as we've run a ton of 2-TE sets on offense thus far early in the year.

I had heard good things about Pantale last year through his work with the scout team, but you never really know until the kids put on the pads and play in an actual game. Pantale is a terrific route-runner and a prototypical catching TE. He doesn't have the size or strength yet to be a great blocker, but the buzz was for real, he looks to be a pretty special player at TE for years to come.

10W) DiSanzo

Now, I know keuchly is getting a lions share of attention. Disanzo is quietly getting it done as well. He seems to pursue very well, wraps up his tackles , and against Clemson he even had a pick. Still very young in his BC career, he shows a lot of promise, and excited to watch him continue to excel.


BCMike drafted: Kuechly, blowout wins, Morrissey, Beat Cancer T-Shirts, Pantale
Wesley drafted: Bowman, Megwa, Sid, Flaherty, DiSanzo

9-22 Draft: Best surprises thus far early in the '09 Season?
BCMike - Kuechly, blowout wins, Morrissey, Beat Cancer T-Shirts, Pantale
Wesley - Bowman, Megwa, Sid, Flaherty, DiSanzo
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