Friday, November 25, 2011

Keys to the Game vs. Miami

Keys to the Game

1W) Don't allow the big play

BC did a good job of stopping the big play last week against Notre Lame,
but Miami lives and dies by it. If we are going to win, Miami is going to
not be able to convert these

2M) Leave it all on the field

It¹s be a frustrating season for all involved from the true freshman to
the fifth year senior(s?). Point is this take it out on Miami. Leave it
on the field. Allow it to fuel you. Make sure that this final game of
this season is done with every ounce of everything you have and you
walkaway knowing you left every little bit of it out there.

3W) Scoring over 24

I am sticking with this. The D is going to be able to do some things, but
if the Offense isn't able to put up over 24 points, its going to make it
happen in Coral Gables. If Brock can show he can get a gameplan for over
24 points, it may leave us all on a high note for next year. If not, its
going to be a longer and colder offseason.

4M) Force Jacory to make the throws

Harris has my respect as an athlete and he can be a good QB, however if
we force him to be a pocket passer downfield and play back, we'll be in a
good position to force some turnovers.

5W) Defensive TD, LB

Mike I agree completely with your assessment of Harris, and if force him
to make the throws we will be in a good position.
Going off my last pick of scoring over 24, I think that the Offense is
going to need some help from the D. I am not going to say Kuechly needs to
do it , but our strongest corp is the LB crew, I think and hope that one
of them is able to do a pick 6

6M) o-line wearing down D-line

It might not pay immediate dividends, but we need our O-line to grind out a drive or two on the ground to beat up the Miami D-line and keep them from pinning their ears back and coming after Chase when we do pass.

7W) Max Homecoming

Holloway will be able to play in front of friends and family this week, as
we play in Florida. As Max has had nothing short of a very hot hand on
Defense lately, we will need him to continue that streak and show everyone
that it is actually more than just a streak, it is his style of play that
we can look forward to enjoying for another year! And what a great place
to do it!

8M) Punt coverage

We had an outstanding week last week with Quigs and the punt team. This week we'll kick to Benjamin and possibly others with breakaway speed that can make a big difference in field position. We need to contain the returns and have another great day by Quigs.


As ALJ has progressed as a true freshman, we were able to see him slowly
grow on a field, when we needed players in the worst of ways. Coming in
as a highly touted four star CB that we were able to get after he
de-committed from the U, expectations are high, and will continue to be. I
hope for ALJ to show the U what they missed when he changed his mind, and
for us Eagle fans a glimpse into the future

10M) Chase, set your feet

We touched on this earlier with the O-line protecting the QB but the other half is Chase finding space to set up and get his feet set. If his footwork is down he can throw a terrific ball--we need Chase to make sure he puts himself in a position to be able to have His feet set.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Worst of the Worst vs. Notre Dame

1M) 0-3 vs. Notre Dame

It used to be us making fun of this game saying that a rivalry is a game where the other team wins occasionally. Now, and for the entirety of this season, we’re the punchline. We’re 0-3 in our last three games to ND. Yes, this one was closer, but they don’t give you “you lost, but hey at least it was close” awards. Spaz has never beaten Notre Dame, and has given us precious reason to believe he’s ever capable of doing so.

2W) The BC Tease

Wow Mike , that is definitely a gut check first round pick, I unfortunately agree.
On my second pick , I am going to go with something close to that. As the gameprogressed, I honestly thought we could get a W.. Maybe it was my own will but I was really thinking it would happen. But we just couldn’t produce the points to make it happen.

3M) The dropped D-Fletch INT

I’m as big of a D-Fletch fan as you’ll find, but he had a game to forget on a couple of really key plays. I’m only going to address one here: the dropped INT on the goal line. ND only wound up getting three out of it, but as it turns out—those three points could have made quite the difference and certainly would have moved momentum in our direction much earlier in the ballgame. For a player like Asprilla orALJ, or any other of the green D-backs this drop would have been borderlineexcusable. First game at ND, big rivalry game, not a lot ofexperience, etc., but D-Fletch has had all of those things and is a very good CB. That drop really hurt us early on…and sadly correctly set the tone for how the game would go.

4W) Freese onsides kick

Rightwhen you knew this was going to be what gave us another opportunity to win, or be the nail on the coffin. We all witnessed what may have been the worst onsides kick in BC history.
I like Freese, I really do he is a very talented player, but that onsides kick gave us no opportunity to recover

5M) Wasting Quigley’s Day

Oh man…Wesley, I couldn’t agree with you more. What a fantastic kick in the junk that was. I stilllike Freese and think that while this year has been tough for him, he’s a good kicker overall—but man oh man was that onsides kick a thing of legend (in as bad of a way as possible). If Ididn’t know better, I’d think this was a secret Spaz strategy to catch them off guard 30 yards down the field. Brutal way to end the game.

I’m going to flip the coin theother way and talk about the wasted efforts of the silver lining that was Ryan Quigley’s day Saturday. Simply put, he kept us in the game. If you look at the total offense numbers, it’s a blowout on paper. It was only due to Twig’s amazing punting day that we even stayed close. This is not to forget the awesome day the punt coverage team had as well—certainly not a one man show and together they were simply terrific. Truly a shame that such a performance was wasted on a loss. Had we won, this likely would have been a top 3 best of the best call-out.

Lastly, let’s take a moment toappreciate how GOOD our punters have been recently. Much of the talk recently has been about how spoiled we’ve been as fans/alums for the QB play we had prior to / including Crane (this is where most split). While that’s a fair topic, let’s not forget Johnny Ayers and his outstanding four years and now the three plus that we’re getting out of Quigley. You only really notice them, generally speaking, when they do something bad. We haven’t paid attention to the punting game inalmost a decade. We need to appreciate this fact.

6W) Not getting over 14

Really the Defense had a good gameplan and executed it. Holding ND to 16 points is what it needed to do to obtain a win, so I would say that the defense did their part. The offense on the other hand was nothing short of offensive. After being put in repetitive good position with the ball, the offense reminded me of groundhog day as it was uber predictable. Not enough shots down field, when tosses toPantale were working they didn’t continue to go there. You need to play to win, and I have to say our Offensive game plan seemed to play not to make mistakes.

7M) O-LinePassProtection

Agreed on the point line, Wesley. It’s a little sad when you look at this year—and Spaz’s tenure for that matter—and you realize we’ve only scored over 20 points something like four times in two years against FBS competition (Duke, Wake, Kent State, and Maryland. I won’t even bother at that collective winning percentage; you can make a healthy guess). That’s not even addressing the 13.33 (13, 13, 14) pts/game average in the three recent bowl games—not that we’ll have to worry about that this year.


Here with my 4th pick, 7th overall I’m going with the O-Line pass protection. Yes, I know they’ve been beaten up all year, but now folks are getting after Rettig more and more. I’m not. When Chase has time to throw and sets his feet (this happens maybe 1/5, 1/6 plays), he throws a tight, accurate ball. When the line breaks down, Chase admittedly gets happy feet and when that happens he’s as accurate as a drunk throwing beads at Mardi Gras—except it looks like he’s not having nearly as much fun.

So yes, I agree Chase needs to calm down those happy feet—but look to the cause…the lack of protection from the O-line.

8W) Hearing the ND band play our song

Now Granted I like hearing Shipping up to Boston over and over, and the Notre Dame band did about as well as any French bandcould do. But let me set them straight real quick.
That song is associated to Boston College, Irish and tradition. All things that Notre Dame has tried to be attached to for years, but has failed miserably.

9M) Jonas Gray injury

No kidding. It’s not like the name of the City of Boston isn’t right in the song title or anything for “Shipping up to BOSTON”. Sheesh. ….and these are the kids who like to pretend like they’re wicked smaht. What a bunch of retahds.

For number nine I’m going with the Jonas Gray injury. I know it wasn’t a BC player but the announcers did talk at length at how the young man has turned his life around and had worked so hard at becoming a better football player and person—and that it was all finally paying off for him and he was now looking like a strong candidate to be drafted into the NFL. It was very sad to see the knee injury occur and all you can do is wish this young man the best and tell him if he needs a roadmap for how to overcome adversity and make your way into the NFL, check out #58 for Big Blue on Sunday Night Football.

10M) The rest of the BC programs getting losses as well

Mike I agree, Gray was absolutely destroying us as well, he is just a huge back to bring down. Hope nothing but the best for the guy.
It wasn't just a rough weekend for the football team. Hockey, Basketball, and pretty much every other team that was fielded over the weekend came back with a loss.. A'int that a kick in the pants.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keys to the game vs. Notre Dame

Keys to the Game.

1W) Keep the foot on the Gas

28 pts or bust
Ok, Boston College has shown that it can go for 30 mins on offense.. I
hate to say it , but 14points isn't going to win against ND. It will take
twice of that to win.
28 points is what it takes, which really isn't much. But If we are able
to hit the 28 point water mark. I think there will be a W.

2M) It¹s the Holy War

What I mean by that is this: don¹t worry about the records. Don¹t worry
about the point spread. Don¹t worry about the expectations. Don¹t worry
about what the media is saying. This is the Holy War. These are the
only two FBS Catholic Schools playing football. Both with proud Irish
roots. Ours, of course, are real‹my ancestor¹s ship didn¹t dock in
Indiana. I digress

This is a rivalry game. Get up for it. Soak in the ambiance that is
Notre Dame Stadium. Know that despite what some of their lesser fans
might argue, this is a rivalry game and one which has never paid
attention to rankings or spreads. This is a rivalry game, and anything
can happen.

3W) Chase Rettig Rollouts

You know one thing that I saw in the first couple of games that seemed to
die off as of late? The Roll outs from Chase. Although I have seen a
marginal improvement from the O Line, I still like when Chase Rolls out,
and buys some more time for himself and the receivers. And I kinda think
he is even more accurate when doing this , as he focuses less on the
Defense coming after him and more about the throw

4M) no Redzone fumbles

We are simply not good enough to get away with fumbling the ball in our
own red zone nor can we afford to miss an opportunity to put up points
while in theirs.

If we are going to pull this upset, we need to limit the turnovers but
specifically we can't have the killer ones like we did vs. FSU.

We do that, this game gets quickly out of hand.

5W) Keuchly out tackling Teo.

Although I really don't think this is going to be much of a competition,
I don't think that I am going to be the only one counting and matching
these at home.
As both players we be competing for the overall win, I do think the
individual competition of who is a better LB will be an interesting one.,
and I already know who I would pick.

6M) team leaders providing the spark

we know the team isn't going to rally around Spaz or his incoherent
mumblings, do we need our guys to self-motivate and inspire each other.

Early in the season when searching for excuses and we and creative ways
to throw out players under the bus, Spaz said we lacked leadership.

Prove him wrong, step up and be a leader of yourself and your teammates.

7W) Trick play.

I don't know if it's a flea-flicker or what, but I want to see something
that makes me realize that they are willing to try something different.
No this doesn't include the Bordner option. I want to win the game, and
play that way

8M) Holloway making 'em howl

Last week Max had a breakout performance where he consistently dominated
the opposing tackle and harassed Glennon all game long.

If Max can keep this mean streak going and put the same sort of pressure
on Rees (or whomever else they decide to throw back there) that allows us
to play that soft opportunistic zone that Spaz / Govs love to run.

He was THE game changer last week, of we see it happen again this week it
could be the start of something special.

9W) Chase Completion % over 60

Now let me put the disclaimer that he needs to throw the ball over 20
times, but a completion rate over 60% is all that I think he needs to
Chase has had some happy feet understandably, those happy feet have a hard
time being consistent, possibly utilizing draft pick 3 he can help improve
his % to 60, but by doing that, I believe we win. And 60% isn't an insane

10M) Asprilla / Sylvia taking chances

Listen, we're 24.5 point underdogs. If we play back and just hope turnovers come our way, we might be waiting a very long time.

We need to take chances and be aggressive on D in the passing game and try to get interceptions and big returns.

I understand the risk on being aggressive here, but I think it's a risk we need to take to win.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best of the Best vs. NC State

Hooray! We won the Ginger Bowl!

1) Max's Motor

I don't know what or who possessed Max Holloway on Saturday, but I
hope he comes back often. The last time I recall a DE position
for BC that was as dominant as Max was on Saturday, he wore 94.
Mathias Kiwanuka for those of you who thought Herzy was the only
Eagle ever to dawn the numberĊ  Truly an outstanding performance,
multiple pressures, sacks, forced fumblefor
more out of Max. Just a truly tremendous game by Holloway.

2w) Rettig to Larmond
Mike I couldn't agree more, are we seeing the max that we hear so
about in doing camp?

The pass from Rettig to Larmond was as good as they come, perfect
great route running, and a TD what more do you want haha.. Oh top
off with mamas boy written on his towel that he displayed after the
td,i'm guessing this could be a recurring thing

3m) Bordner read-option TD

I absolutely agree with this one, Wesley--you took my pick out from
me. Chase has been beaten up--both by the press of recent and by
D-linemen coming after him this year--and this play showed all of
haters what he can do. Just a perfectly thrown ball with supreme
accuracy and just enough air under it so that a great move by
the line of scrimmage was rewarded with six. Great call.

For my second pick, third overall, I'll go with the Border
on the goal-line. Just like we called for in the keys to the game
(link), Bordner caught
the NC State a little off guard and walked into the endzone for the
BC touchdown.

It was used again with not as much success (as it turned into a
QB sneak with little threat of a pitch/handoff and zero threat of a
pass), but this was a great play call and execution close to the

4W) Luke getting 18
Now you just read the number, 18 right? That's what most
will read and say, another day at the office for Luke.. But then you
only know about 1/10th of the story. Luke had 9 going into the 4th
quarter, and injured his shoulder. I think a lot of us BC fans were
concerned about Luke's health, and sad about the potential of not
the 10 or greater streak he has been on.. But Luke came back and
tackles in the 4th quarter alone.
Like I said , you look at the stats of 18, and although those are
impressive, understanding that Luke went out with an injury, and
back in possessed is the real story.

5M) Chase to Amidon bomb

If you had the misfortune of watching the Florida State / BC game,
you know we rarely ever took shots downfield (or had the time to
them, for that matter). This time, the line held up enough to give
time to move laterally and see that Amidon had beaten his man on a
route. The ball was actually beautifully placed in a space that
Amidon could have caught it, there was zero chance of an INT on that

Amidon made a terrific adjustment with his body from where he was
the sidelines, secured the ball and got one foot in bounds all
NC State Corner had an idea of what was going on. This huge chunk
yardage set up the Bordner TD run and put BC out in front--where we
never look back (strange to type that this year).

6W)Quinn Sack

Yes, Quinn had a penalty, but I was very impressed with the amount of
pressure that Quinn put on NC State, and really got the opportunity
demonstrate his strength when he was able to keep his pads low.

7M) Kickoff / Punt return coverage

It may sound faint, but TJ Graham is a game-breaker. The fact that we
were able to keep him under wraps and not allow him to hurt us at all.

8W) First half offensive play calling

Honestly , the first half of offensive play calling was hands down the
best play calling we have seen all year. There was plenty of different
sets, good change of pace, and was pretty successful ( would have been
more successful without some drops etc) with that said, the second half
was atrocious.
Dave Brock, when scripting a game plan, do the whole game next time, we
need it.

9M) Sylvia blitz

One of our biggest problems with bringing pressure has been when we have
blitzed, we've telegraphed it well ahead of time.

On this play, Sylvia walked up to the line and got a great jump, pursued
into the backfield and --this is the great part--leapt at the running
back and brought him down before he had a chance.

10W) Duggan
You know as Duggan is a true freshman, stepping in the starting role for
an injured KPL, he has done nothing short of an awesome job.
Duggan was able to grab a handful of tackles, and overall is outplaying
his experience. Has he made some mistakes, sure, but he is a very pleasant

Friday, November 11, 2011

Draft 11-11-11: Keys to the Game vs. NC State

We call this week PatriotGolfer week,as the old disciplinarian comes back in town, the Eagles will have their last home game of the 2011 season.

1W) Don't try to out TOB, TOB.

As it goes without saying, Spaz has a lot of tendencies of TOB, playing not to lose would probably be one of the biggest ones. It's kinda like thatmovie where the guy tries to outrun the semi truck but just cant seem to keep the gas pedal over 65 consistently. If we do get a lead, I hope Spaz somehow has a transformation and just keeps driving..

2M) Blitz Glennon every down

I’m not even joking. A joke would be “hey, I bet Glennon is better than Russell Wilson”. Glennon, like his brother, stays in the pocket entirely too long and often makes bad decisions as he somehow is able to sense the rush yet does nothing to elude it. The kid actually does throw a pretty ball if you give him plenty of time for himself and the play to develop, and a solid two yard pocket with no one pressuring him. In other words, our typical front four rush.
We need to blitz all the time vs. Glennon. Sitting back and watching him have time we’ll get hurt. Pressure him and we’re bound to get rewarded with multiple turnovers.

3W) Chase Enfuego

I somewhat disagree with you on that last one , as much as I enjoyed seeing Asprilla light up Manuellast week, I actually think we are lacking in a couple areas to be successful on that.
1)being lack of Defensive line push 2) KPL is out If both of these two points were different I would completely agree with you.
I think for us to be successful this week we need Chase to show everyone that he is the leader on the Offense, that means rollouts, shaking defenders and making good decisions with the ball. Yes I agree that the O Line hasn’t been doing him a ton of favors, but leaders, lead. So here is your chance to show that you are a leader

4M) All (a)Bordner run-option

Huh? The lack of defensive line push is *exactly* why we need to blitz. If we could create pressure with our front four consistently we wouldn’t have to blitz. Unfortunately, we do need to blitz to create pressure. Iagree with you it’s tough with KPL out, but his run-stop game is arguably much better than his pass D anyway. Duggan has been solid in his absence Ithink.
I’m still a Chase fan—I really am. However, I have to agree with a poster who I saw recently said he thought Chase was getting “David Carr’d”. I struggle not to agree with this. I think Chase is getting a little gun shy to the pressure—and who could blame him with the pass protection being what it’s been thus far. I still think he has all of the tools but they’ve not come together this year as much as he and the rest of us would like.
My key here is to run the Bordner run-option. I don’t know why it worked so well….well, minus the goal-line fumble. Part of it was just because FSU was unprepared for it, but as Wesley and I can tell you from seeing Bordner in person, the kid is physically imposing. You don’t think QB when you see him, you think slightly underweight TE. I think he can do some damage at this run-option thing and gosh knows TOB won’t adjust to it if it’s actually effective. I think we trot it out early and milk it if it’s effective.

5W) D Fletch – Lives!

I think the biggest positive of having Bordner in the game is the threat of him jumping in, as teams have to plan for it and lose the focus on the other items in place, so I like the change of pace.
Haha and I do followthe rationale of no d line push is a reason to blitz, but if your Dline is unable to #OccupytheOLine, when we blitz it ends up being futile, and we just end up with players way out of position for no gain.
Donnie has been one of our most heralded players in the secondary in awhile, although he has been very quiet this year. As it is his senior year, this is going to be his last time to shine in front of the BC Eagles Faithful, so it is time for him to add somefootage for tapes for the pros to look at.

6M) Coaching to win, not to lose by a little

Haha, I like #OccupyThe0Line Iwonder if the students are planning an event for *our* O-Line…. Sigh….

This is a little like your first key, but specifically addresses something that the media and the “roving horde of BC bloggers” have addressed ad nauseum this week: the 4th quarter milking the clock drive and subsequent punt from the FSU side of the field down by 30.

Even if you (I’m hoping a strong IF) have lost all hope that we can be competitive and still fight back in a game, you have to be aggressive enough for me to think that maybe you still want to try to win the game and do some damage. Spaz needs to put the kids in a position where they can fight back and try to win the game—not learn how to gracefully turn over and die so the final score doesn’t reflect how much of a beating we truly endured.

7W) Fan support

This probably won't be the most popular item on the list, but it is something that matters. As a fan you have an association to the team, whether you went to the school or not, you are what fills the stadium, what generates money for the school, and one of the most noticeable items when glancing at games is the fan support in the stadium. Heck when you hear recruits talk about things, one of the biggest items is the feeling / buzz during the game whether the team won or lost.
I agree, Boston College has a ton of hurdles. Lack of tailgating, Staties, rough product on the field, Unemotional coaches, etc etc etc. But as fans its what we have signed up for, whether we think the coach should be returning for additional year or not… As this is the last home game for the seniors , I'd like to see good fan support as it looks to be a pretty nice Saturday on the Heights.

8W) LB’s keying the run

TOB is going to want to run when he can. Yes, I want us to blitz and be aware of the hot routes (red seven…RED SEVEN!!!) but I think our backers can get the upper hand early by jumping the run and forcing NCSU to be one-dimensional. If we can force them to pass and get pressure, I think we’ll have a good chance at a W.

9W)Keeks being Keeks

We say it most weeks, but its very true, Kuechly week in and out is our best tackler, thisgame could easily be his last game at the heights ( something I hadn't really thought of before)
I hope that I am wrong, but it is very possible as he is already viewed as a first round pick. I would like to see Keeks going out whether it be the for the season or for his career with a bang.

10M) Freese hitting his mark

I think this will be a very tight, close game. One that is likely determined by less than a touchdown…which means that our kickers will most certainly play a roll. Freese will need to be money for us if it’s a close game and be ready to trot onto the field to kick the game winner at a moment’s notice. Get that Duke monkey off your back and win the game!

Wesley drafted: Don’t out TOB TOB, Chase en fuego, D-Fletch Lives, Fan Support, Keeks being Keeks
BCMike drafted: Blitz Glennon, all aBordner, Coach to win, LB’s key the run, Freese hits his mark

Draft 11-11-11: Keys to the Game vs. NC State
Wesley drafted: Dont out TOB TOB, Chase en fuego, D-Fletch Lives, Fan Support, Keeks being Keeks
BCMike drafted: Blitz Glennon, all Bordner, Coach to win, LBs key the run, Freese hits his mark free polls

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/9/11 draft: Spaz's replacement

It's been a up and down year for BC, and the one saving grace is that the curtain is certainly closing on the Head Coaching career of Frank

Coach, thank you for all of your year as a Defensive
Coordinator and we appreciate you stepping up and taking thereigns when
we needed some consistency at the head of our table. We hope you
thoroughly enjoy retirement and visit Alumni Stadium often.

Since Spaz will be gone in a couple weeks, let's focus our attention on who will be replacing the mustachioed one at the Head Coaching spot.

Some are reaches, others would be easy gets.


1M) Mike Leach

Despite what you may have heard about him, Mike Leach is a good guy and
one who values education for his players and teams. In fact, while at
Texas Tech, Leach had the Red Raiders leading the country in graduation
rates for a public institution. Now, if you know anything about Texas
Tech‹that accomplishment is that much more impressive.

Leach would bring a long, painfully overdue level of excitement and
energy to TheHeights and create a buzz in Chestnut Hill that hasn?t been
here since Matty Ice and Jags were. Yes, he would likely take a couple
seasons to get ?his guys? in house, but I have no problem believing that
he could take this current team and turn them into a bowl team in his
first year.

2W) Ruffin McNeill, Eastern Carolina

I do like the thought of Mike Leach , and I think he would be a fit as well, but I think a some of the whalepants crowd would have a bit of a
problem with Leach, just based on the name, not necessarily anything past

On my choice, I actually am going with Ruffin McNeill, who actually was a
DC under Leach, and is currently the HC at East Carolina. At ECU he has
done some pretty good things, and able to compete with the bigger
programs in the Carolinas. Although he is an ECU Alum, I have to think
that BC could actually give him a pay increase, something that they
couldn'tt necessarily give everyone.

3M) Steve Logan, Tampa Bay

Yes, THAT Steve Logan. He was tied to Jags and dismissed because of his affiliation bit at the end of the day he was, at the supreme least, responsible for one of the best offenses and teams Boston College has ever had.

He did interview for the position when it became open which shows his interest and unlike just about every other possible outside candidate, he know what BC is like and what BC is about.

4W) Al Golden, Miami

BCMike as I do like the thought as Steve Logan as a HC, I think it would take an AD change to make that happen, so we may see that opportunity.

I am going with Al Golden, as I liked Golden when he was a candidate in 2009, and went to Miami, but due to the recent issues in Miami, it seems that there may be an out clause for Al pending sanctions, see cbssports article ( So we may actually get a second chance at what I think is a very good coach, who has some ties to BC and the NorthEast

5M) Tony Sparano

I expect Tony to be available after this season and I love his X's and O's.

He's in a borderline unwinable situation on the NFL and while he's likely to be kicked out of Miami he's be a big hot in Chestnut Hill.

6W) Bill O'Brien, New England

I honestly do not know much about Bill O'Brien, outside that he is the current Offensive Coordinator for the Pats and has ties to BC. But there have been current rumors that he has sent GDF multiple emails on how to improve the program and is very interested in the Program, and obviously has ties to the North East

7M) Rick Trickett, FSU

We need to get back to what we traditionally do best and that's the O-Line. Trickett is known as one of the best line guys out there and could help us earn back the title we've so clearly lost.

8W) Kevin Sumlin, Houston

Currently the Head Coach at the University of Houston, but has coached at at Oklahoma/Texas A&M and Purdue to name a few Sumlin is a tested Head Coach that has a proven track record in a tough area to compete. Although Sumlin doesn't have any ties in the Northeast, I still think he could be successful.

9M) Kirby Smart, Alabama

Kirby has followed Nick Saban around for the majority of his career—but wherever he’s gone, he’s helped make teams better. It’s true that Smart has no Head Coaching experience, but that’s why this is not as much of a stretch as some might think. He’s looking for a major program to give him a shot to be a head of a program and I’m sure he would rather have a go of it elsewhere other than the SEC attempting to rebuild a program and going against his alma mater, his mentor’s school, and his former employer (UGA, Alabama, and LSU, respectively), the ACC would be a perfect fit for Smart as he’d be able to stay on the East Coast and likely compete immediately.

10W) Butch Jones, Cincinnati

This one hasn't really been floated out there, but I think that it should. Butch ran a good program when he was at Central Michigan, and was able to compete with the higher competition, and now he is in Cincinnati and after a rough first year seems to slowly be getting his program in place, I think Butch has some serious potential, and could be a good Head Coach at the Heights!

BCMike: Leach, Logan, Soprano, Trickett, Smart
Wesley: McNeill, Golden, O'Brien, Sumlin, Jones

11-9 draft: Spaz's Replacement
BCMike: Leach, Logan, Soprano, Trickett, Smart
Wesley: McNeill, Golden, O'Brien, Sumlin, Jones free polls 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Draft:11-3: Keys to the game vs. Florida State

Well it is that time again, game time, as the Eagles come off of their first ACC win, they have a tough test at home on a short time of rest against the Seminoles of Florida State. As this is the first game that is on prime time, the Eagles will try to have their best game forward for the nation to see..

1W) Stop EJ Manuel

I am hoping to see a good amount of blitzes, and some great penetration by the Dline , as EJ is a Quarterback that can beat you in multiple ways. This game I think is going to come down to putting EJ Manuel on his back , a problem we have had with allquarterbacks we have faced this year and not letting him move around in thepocket, or have any quick runs. Already rushing for three touchdowns andhaving a QB rating of 155 means we have to stop him from being successful against us at all costs.

2M) Rise and Shine for Prime Time

It’s been a tough year, but now you’ve won a game (convincingly, at that) and things are feeling good. The spotlight of the nation is now turned upon you…at home…at night…in primetime. It’s time for us to rise up and play our best ball in front of the nation. Feed off the moment and play the best game of the year Thursday night.

3W) Deep Threat

ANNNNDDDD you stole my next draft pick.. Maybe that is a good sign, I think being ready for being on regular espn, not 2 3 or the ocho is a change, so we are undefeated on thatchannel!!
There is no doubt that Florida State watched the film of us vs Maryland, which must look like a boot leg tape of the paris hilton video, but nonetheless they see the constant running that the Duece did over and over and over.. They will be loading the box, trying to stop that run, which will be a great opportunity to dump it over their heads.

4M) O-Line U earning their namesake

While Deuce Finch gained much of thefame for his incredible 243 yard performance in the end-of-days conditions this past week vs. Maryland—and rightfully so—the thing I think most BC fans were happy about is how well our O-Line played. Truly their best game of the year and it wasn’t even close. For whatever reason—they jelled. Was it the conditions? The competition? The back in the backfield? Who knows. What I do know is we saw our O-Line dominate for the first time in YEARS against a D-1 opponent. It’s time to bring sexy back…in the form of our lost title…O-line U.

You dominate like you did vs. Maryland and O-Line U might just be back.

5W) Coaches take Chances

We aren't going to be favored at home, Florida has florida athletes, which typically we do not get. So to beat them we are going to have to go outside of our typical scope. We are going to have to take some chances, go for it on fourth, and play to win, not to keep it close.

6M) Superfans being Super

People in the media and BC haters love to give our fans a hard time…but truthfully, our student section is among the loudest, best organized in the nation. I’ll honestly put them up against any school, any day (it’s the rest we have an issue with). We need our kids to be hyped up and create a genuine homefield advantage for us…something that helps fuels our players and makes the FSU kids wonder hey—what happened here—and what sort of hostile environment did we just walk into? If we are going to win this game it will be a team effort—not just the players and the coaches—but the fans in the stands making Alumni the sort of homefield advantages that Thursday night games have been for our Eagles over the years.

7W) Secondary stepping up

Great Call on the SuperFans, I truly hope we look better on this Thursday night vs. our future ACC Brethren Pitt did last week.
As the Dline is going to be my thermometer in if we win or lose, secondary .. Is going to be the secondary. The secondary is going to more than likely play strict zone as they typically do, but have to cover their zone a bit tighter as CJ has been very successful at 10 yard slants and curls. Hopefully our secondary is ready, because I see them as a key to victory.

8M) Duggan doin’ damage

Still gives me the creepy-crawlies that Pitt is coming to the ACC. I was / am still all for Syracuse, but I could have passed on Pitt and been fine. Still better than the other Big East dregs I suppose. Moving on…

Sean Duggan has played very well as a true frosh when he was throw into the mix earlier this year and stepped up making his first start in KPL’s absence last week. He played well but we need him to step it up one more notch and be ready for the bright lights, big opponent, big stage game he’s about to play in. We know what Keeks will come to the table with, and Devitto has been solid. We need Duggan to dig deep and do damage (+5 points for alliteration, right?).

9W) Playing for something

HAHA get over it BCMike.. I actually see a value in Pitt over some of the other choices.
The Bowl game is still a possibility, although its hard, its possible. I think the playing for something can keep these guys going. So here we go!

10M) Get Pantale & Anderson involved EARLY

I know it seems like we say this every week…and frankly, I’m pretty sure we have. However, if we’re going to try to run effectively on the ‘Noles, it means keeping Florida State from stacking the box and from having their LB’s and Safeties creep up to help the run. Simply put, the easiest way to do that is to throw to the tight ends early and establish them as pass-catching threats. We do that, it opens up a lot for us…and we’re going to need a lot opened up if we’re going to pull this upset. Get ‘em involved, and get ‘em involved early

Wesley: Stop EJ, Deep Threat, Take Chances, Secondary, Playing for something
BCMike: Primetime, OLineU, Superfans, Duggan, Tight Ends

Draft:11-3: Keys to the game vs. Florida State
Wesley: Stop EJ, Deep Threat, Take Chances, Secondary, Playing for something
BCMike: Primetime, OLineU, Superfans, Duggan, Tight Ends free polls