Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BCDraft SPECIAL: Interview with BC Hoops legend, Troy Bell

Today we are joined by one of the all-time greats in BC basketball history (if not THE greatest, depending on who you ask!), Mr. Troy Bell.

BCDraft: Troy, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and talk to us.

Troy Bell: No problem at all bro.

BCD: Many folks who are BC die-hards know your story of being a little under the radar coming out of high school and you being in the backyard (within a mile, if I’m not mistaken) of a Big10 school who never even offered you. Can you share that story with those unfamiliar?

TB: The U of M[innesota] actually did offer me, but it was more of a charity scholarship. From the words they used during the meeting, it seemed as if they felt that they were doing me a favor. They also wanted me to sign on the spot without taking even one out of state visit. Then they scheduled a home visit and canceled it in the same week. I guess they weren't very interested.

BCD: Hard to believe that Minnesota let you slip away. I can only imagine how many Gopher fans had to ask themselves “what if” once they saw you dominating on the collegiate level.

Did getting looked over by Minnesota drive you to improve your game once at BC? If so, how?

TB: Deep down i knew i wanted to leave home so I wasn't upset at all. But growing up I always made it a point to work on my game as much as I could, so once at school I just continued the trend.

BCD: Well fortunately enough for Eagles fans, Al Skinner & Co. did offer you and we were lucky enough that you did decide to come to the Heights. Can you explain what made you become an Eagle vs. the other options that were out there?

TB: I chose BC because I felt at home on my visit. I felt that the coaching staff was honest with me regarding my possibilities as a student athlete. And I got along with all the players. Growing up my main goal was to earn a college scholarship. I felt that I was a good player, but when you experience the AAU scene you discover that there are many good players out there. And with the NBA being a far-fetched goal, I felt that BC could prepare me for a future that didn't involve basketball. And that was very important to me at the time.

BCD: Okay, a bit of a silly question here, but did you notice the trend you started with low numbers at BC becoming star players? The resurgence of BC hoops really started with you and your #2. However, soon after there was Craig Smith (#1), Jared Dudley (#3), and Tyrese Rice (#4). Adding to this theory is the uber-talented sophomore Reggie Jackson (#0), who’s not at this legendary status quite yet but looks to be promising. Did you ever notice this small number trend, and what do you think about starting it all? Why did you choose #2 to begin with?

TB: hahaha. Well, I chose number 2 because jbeer
[Jonathan Beerbohm] had number 4. And 4 was the number I wanted. But I never noticed that.

BCD: Okay, now on to some personal memories. What would you say is your best memory from a game while at BC? Who was it against and why was it special?

TB: I have many great bball memories from my time at BC. But one that stands out was beating UConn at home back
in 2001. That game was so important for the season because that let us know that what we had done up until that point wasn't a fluke. And also that we can do anything that we put our minds to collectively as a team. There's no better feeling than playing on a team where everyone plays hard, together, and is willing to sacrifice for one another during the difficult moments for glory. That’s a beautiful feeling.

BCD: I had to ask my friend and fellow blogger Bill from Eagle in Atlanta if he had any questions for you. He gave me a couple that I thought were interesting to ask. First, do you keep in touch with any of your fellow teammates from when you played for the Eagles?

TB: I've stayed in touch with almost everyone. Nick dunn, JBeer, Xavier, kenny walls, jer watson, uka, andrew, craig, bird, cotton. i'm drawing a blank now ha.

BCD: One more from Bill…how would you characterize playing in the NBA vs. playing in Italy? What are some of the big differences in play and what things to you like / dislike about both of them? Any plans on returning to the NBA, or do you see yourself spending most of your career overseas?

TB: The euro game is more team based than the NBA. That's the biggest difference. Here you have to be able to play without the ball, meaning work off screens and such. Knock down the few open shots you may get. The talent level isn't that of the nba, but everyone plays hard and plays together. The NBA is more "ME" and euro ball is all "WE." I
haven't really thought about the NBA since I left. The NBA is [a] great place if your n the right situation, but my experience wasn't a very good one. I was blessed to make it and for that chance I will always be thankful. But if our paths never cross again, I will be okay with that too.

BCD: Who was your favorite player growing up?

TB: Michael Jordan

BCD: Are you able to watch much BC hoops once you’ve graduated? What are your thoughts on the 2005 team that featured Craig Smith, Jared Dudley, Sean Marshall, Sean Williams, and Tyrese Rice?

TB: They were a very good team...I was at that game vs nova. Def a heartbreaker.

BCD: I would have mugged a girl scout to
have you on that team…I still think we would have beaten ‘Nova 7 out of 10 that year. I honestly remember being brought to my knees in agony watching the end of that game. UGH. *Sigh* Moving on…

Has it been easy for you to handle fandom, particularly from BC fans? Coming from a program that had seen more lows than highs prior to your arrival, many a BC fan put you on quite the pedestal. How do you feel being looked at in such a way? Is there a lot of pressure that comes with being an all-time fan favorite?

TB: The BC community has always been great to me. More than anything I'm just thankful that the fans hold me in such high regard. i have never felt any pressure from the BC community, I have always felt appreciated and for that I will always be grateful. The memories that I have as a player wouldn't be possible without my teammates, the staff, and the fans. We all need each other.

BCD: If there was one thing you could have changed about your time at The Heights, what would it be?

TB: I would have rode the stationary bike during the middle of my junior year to get some strength back in my legs.
I experienced a 7 or 8 game shooting slump and I couldn't figure out how to correct it. Coming off my knee surgery early in the season I felt fine, but as the season dragged on I was losing the pop in my legs which affected my jump shot. Had I known then what I know maybe I could have stopped it.

BCD: Troy, the team is having a tough go of it this year. Last season it seemed that Rice willed the team to the tourney, but now that he’s gone the team appears devoid of leadership, direction, and frankly at some times, heart. What are your thoughts? What do you think needs to happen to right the ship?

TB: I haven't been able to follow them much this year. But with a young team the flex offense is often difficult. Even though its simple, there are many ins and outs to it. Its one of the most difficult offenses to stop when being run by an experienced team. So as the players mature I'm sure they will be more effective. But as for the heart and the desire, you can't coach that in my opinion. Either you want it, or you don't. I hope the players are able to turn things around.

BCD: On that same line, despite a history of success with “under recruited” prospects such as yourself, Al Skinner has a growing number of fans and alums calling for his job due to the poor play and perceived poor recruiting. What are your thoughts, and what would you say to BC fans who think it’s time for new leadership on the floor at Conte Forum?

TB: Coach Skinner has clearly proven to be
an outstanding coach. But even the best have down years, look at UNC.

BCD: That's a good point about even UNC having a down year...and they haven't even had any sort of recruiting problems so I suppose no one is immune.

Speaking of coaching, after your playing days are behind you a good number of years from now, do you think you might want to get into coaching, or not?

TB: I'm not sure yet how I feel about coaching. If I do, I would like to work with one of my previous BC coaches who are now heads. I think I have a lot to offer though.

BCD: Recently after you departed, BC headed for the greener pastures of the ACC. What are your thoughts on the move?

TB: I think it was a great move for BC.

BCD: What ACC schools would you have liked to have played on an annual basis if you had been at BC through the ACC schedule? What teams would you miss playing the most from the Big East?

TB: I would have loved to play UNC, but that's the only team that really stands out to me. I would have missed playing Syracuse, St. Johns at The Garden, UConn, and Vill.

BCD: Okay, going to ask for four players here….explanations if you can manage it! Best player you…

1) played against in college
2) played against in the NBA
3) played against in Europe
4) played with at BC


1) Jay Will...Duke-
Very explosive multi-talented player with the best supporting cast in college basketball.

2) D-Wade...Heat-When I played against him in Chicago at hoops gym he seemed to be the most complete player that I have ever guarded. Post and perimeter game was mean, and he has great strength to go with it all. He became a different player after college.

3) Not sure 4 europe-Haven't had these same feelings about an individual player here.

4) BC-Ryan Sidney his
freshman year was a great teammate b/c he played hard and gave us a different more aggressive back court. Together we were hard to stop. I loved his energy and toughness.

BCD: Troy, I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to have had you come on. Thank you so much for your time and the interview. I know you’re in Italy today, and maybe back in the NBA at some point, but you’ll always be an Eagle to us. Go BC!

TB: Say hello to the BC fans out there 4 me. And that I will always be grateful for everything they did for me as a player/person. Go BC!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Top 10 reasons to go to the Andy Marsh Tourney

Our good friends Jeff and Brian over at BCI asked us to plug their charity golf tourney that they started in honor of their fallen classmate and fellow BC'er Andy Marsh ('04, in the middle above).

If you're in the New England area and feel like making a difference and swinging the sticks with some other good BC folks, you should really check it out. Here's the link to the piece on BCI.

We'll take a BC Draft spin on the event reasons to go to the event in August!

If you can't make it but want to make a donation, click the link.


1M) Waffle House / IHOP rule

No matter how fat you think you are, you go to the Waffle
House or IHOP (depending on if you're in the South or North) and there's someone there who guaranteed weighs 125lbs more than you do. Is it bad to feel good about yourself because there's someone who is worse off than you are? Of course not, but I don't kick my cat for the cat's enjoyment, either.

Here, no matter how bad your golf game is, there's surely a golfer who is worse than you are that will be there..and you'll think you're Tiger Woods*. I'm sure Brian falls into this category. Rumor has it that Shooter McGavin's famous line of "I hear he spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff" was based loosely on Brian's short game.

So get out there, BC folks. Give it a shot and feel better about yourself.

* You might not feel like a cheating sexaholic, but maybe you will. Regardless, you'll feel better about your golf game.

2W) It's Golf after all

Golf is good for the soul… it’s a proven fact..
ok ok I made that up.
In fact some days I probably double my blood pressure while playing. But golf is definitely enjoyable especially if you are partaking with a few friends

3M) Maine in August is beautiful

There probably aren't a ton of people who are BC
fans who don't know this, but you may have forgotten. Maine in the late summer is just perfect. While it might be too hot in Atlanta (I can assure you it will be), it won't be in Maine. It will be beautiful the clear air will make you want to return every year for the tourney.

As an added bonus, you can grab a REAL lobster roll, a nice hot chunk piece on a toasted hot-dog roll up there for about seven bucks. Never had a better one. That alone would be a good reason, actually...

4W) No Excuses

We are helping you get all of your excuses
out of the way now. It’s plenty in advance, its not during football season, its very reasonably priced, still trying to come up with something? Don’t think its possible. There are too many ways to help make this great event a success.

5M) It includes dinner, you cheap bastards

Okay, maybe you're not cheap, but I sometimes am.
As a part of your $100 per golfer dues, you get a DINNER and...AND drinks for an hour! I have seen enough of my fellow BC'ers to know the damage you can (okay, I can) do with food at a tailgate let alone the tab you can run up (okay, I can) at the bar. You factor that in, and the golf is pretty darn cheap if you think about it.

6W) Vacation made easy

You ever start worrying about your
vacation plans , and not having any? Well worry no more. This event is a GREAT way to start off a vacation. With it being the cornerstone of the vacation you will be able to branch out and do TONS of stuff, whether you are flying solo, going with friends, or taking the fam.

7M) There's a silent auction

Many people don't know this, but there's
a key to winning silent auctions, and I'm going to let you in on the secret. You put one of your buddies next to you with a bunch of entry forms and you just go back and forth feverishly filling them out, and acting frustrated by the other's new bid. This requires a good bit of acting, but if you are dedicated to your craft you should be able to carry it off, as no one wants to get involved in a bidding war. You could just be going in increments of $0.50 or something, but the at the end the box will be full of nothing but you and your buddy's bids.

Of course, after you win, you'll feel great until you realize that you actually just cost Andy's fund a bunch of money and will then choose to make a separate, additional donation..but you'll still get the item you wanted the most. See? Win-win for everyone.

8W) Because football season is too far away

If you are like us, we basically have an
internal timer for College Football.. and right now we are in the dry season, as there is not much going on for awhile, ok 6 months, 18 days, and some change.. but who is counting anyways.. so we need something to look forward to before 9/4. What a better way to brush up on your drinking abilities, tailgating, and smack talk than to play a charity golf tourney!

9M) Because you're a BC guy, and this is what we do

Out of all of the moments I've been proud to
have been associated with BC, none of which topped this past summer and fall when it was announced that Herzy had been diagnosed with cancer. Yes, I had my heart filled and chest puffed out by Mark's outlook and fighting spirit, but even more so by the actions of our fellow BC'ers. When we need each other the most, that's when we're at our best. Andy wasn't as fortunate in the end as Herzy was, but he still left a legacy behind and many people who care deeply about him to keep his memory alive. We can all do our part to make his wishes of having friends, family, and alums get together once a year a reality.

If you can't make it, make a donation. Can't afford a lot? Neither can I...but I'm going to give something. Maybe a dollar. Maybe five. Maybe a lot more. BC folks stick together, and I hope we can all remember that.

10W) Because BCDraft recommends it

We know you take all of our advice, on everything
Boston College. But really you should take ALL of our advice , from how to raise your children, going on your first date, even driving directions.. So we are trying to make the whole decision making process in your life a lot easier.. We are Recommending this event, which basically makes it a no brainer to contribute! I mean seriously… Have we ever been wrong before??

Monday, February 8, 2010

Draft 2/8: Ways that Nawlins' won the Superbowl

We are a little delayed on this, but sometimes life happens in between posts, but we do apologize for that. So without further hesitation we will start the reasons we feel that New Orleans won the Superbowl.

1W) The Manning Interception

I really feel like the interception by Tracy Porter sealed the deal for the Saints, the game was tight, Manning was pressing, and then Porter stepped right up in a would be curl route and took it to the house.. this deflated the possible come back by the Colts and pushed the MO towards the Saints

2M) Onside Kick by the Saint

I really loved this move by Sean Payton. Instead of acting like most rookie head coaches in the biggest spotlight and "turtling" after the 4th down horrific play call and play, he came back strong and showed his players and the Colts that his boys were going to be there to win it...not just play in the big game. I think the recovery was important, but the decision itself just to go for it energized the Saints, the fans, and really turned the momentum of the game in the Saints favor.

3W) Final FG by the Saints, putting him over the record for the SuperBowl

Kicking is important, and often overlooked. But it is very hard to discount the importance of Garrett Hartley in this Superbowl. He was successful 3 times over 40 yards, which is a record, and unblemished in extra points.

4M) Lance Moore’s 2-pt conversion

While it's true that it wasn't a one or two point game, it continued to send the message of an aggressive club that was in it to win it. Instead of giving Manning and Co. a chance to WIN it with a TD drive, they now knew that at best, they could TIE New Orleans and then be forced to play D while still giving Brees and the Saints a chance to answer. Just a big change in mindset going from "okay, we make this drive, we're Superbowl champs!" to "we need this just to tie it and hope they don't score again". Sure, it was the smart play by the books, but it was a terrific play call and was executed correctly.

5W) Pierre Thomas Second attempt TD run

It was easy to just go down and take it in on the next play, but Thomas fought hard for the touchdown run.. I honestly think he got pinballed 4 or more times, before making it into the endzone..

6M) Chris Reis’ fumble recoveries

Who, exactly, is Chris Reis? Turns out Chris Reis was the guy probably most responsible for the Saints win outside of Drew Brees. He's the one who came up with the early fumble recovery after Roby's kick return in the first quarter, and then at the start of the third quarter was the player who wound up with the ball at the bottom of the pile giving New Orleans possession twice in it's own half of the field. Either one of those balls go the other way, it's quite possible we're talking about Peyton's second ring, not Payton's first.

7W) The Who not dying on stage at Halftime

Are The Who legends? Yes. Are The Who one of the great bands? More than likely yes. Are they Superbowl halftime show worthy? In my opinion no. I truly feel ever since the " wardrobe malfunction" a few years ago the Superbowl halftime show has been safe, to a fault. Although I did find the light show aspect of it cool, The Who surviving the halftime show was the real win.

8M) Brees w/ no interceptions

My biggest concern for the Saints heading into the game was that Brees might get a little caught up in the spectacle that is the big game, and force the action if the Colts played back and made him complete a lot of short passes (I referred to it as the BC defense). Brees took what the Colts gave him and made many extremely accurate throws. If memory serves, there was really only one ball that the Colts had a chance to get their hands on. The insanely high completion percentage and the Superbowl-breaking record for most completions was certainly a driving reason behind the Saints first ring.

9W) The Saints fans showing up in full force

I've got to give credit to BCMike here. He did call it.

The saints fans paid their dues to be in Miami and celebrate thier Superbowl Victory.. Once they started leading it was without question who the "home team" was.

And the party that followed in New Orleans , made all of us jealous.

10M) Shockey Playing Smart

One of the knocks on Jeremy Shockey, which I think is a fair one, is that he doesn't often play very smart. He's an average blocker at best, but he's an underrated route-runner and has terrific hands for a TE. Despite all of this, he often puts himself in a position where he's taking a personal foul penalty as he often talks the talk regardless of whether or not he's walking the walk. However in the Superbowl, he kept it quiet, head down, and was a good outlet for Brees on a small handful of passes including a TD grab.

Wesley:manning pick, FG, Pierre Thomas TD, Who living, Saints fans
BCMike:onside kick , 2 pt conversion, Reis Recoveries, Brees 0 picks, Shockey

2-10 Draft: Key plays from the Superbowl
Wesley:manning pick, FG, Pierre Thomas TD, Who living, Saints fans
onside kick , 2 pt conversion, Reis Recoveries, Brees 0 picks, Shockey free polls

Friday, February 5, 2010

Draft 2/5: Keys to win for 'Nawlins

Yesterday we looked at what Indy needed to do to win the Superbowl. Today we look at our Cajun friends and what the Saints must do to be successful on Sunday.


1M) Don't just be happy to be there

Many fans, the city of New Orleans is celebrating as if getting to the Superbowl is the big prize. It isn't. They can't just be happy to be there and content to just be a part of the show.

2W) Make Colts beat u by running the ball, sit back and keep everything in front

The Saints do have a valid running game, no doubt. But they really focus on putting the spear in the heart with some great play by Peyton Manning.
And that's why he is one of the best QB in the game right now, without question

3M) Get up early, get the crowd involved and believing

We touched on this yesterday. I'm expecting a very pro-New Orleans crowd. While I don't think it will really have much of an effect on Manning & Co, the energy that the crowd will bring could spur on the Saints, as many are going to be there for the first time and could use a supportive environment. If they score early and show that they are in it to win it from the get-go, I think the fans will get involved and help the team.

4W) Drew Brees out cannon Manning..

A tough task to do, but that's really what makes this game so interesting, it is without a doubt a battle of cannons
Drew has had more than just flashes of greatness, he has shown to be a leader on the field and off, and his players respect him.
But Drew's task of out cannoning Manning is going to be a full time one..

5M) Establish Meachem as a deep threat early

If the Saints can stretch the field and make Indy play back on their heels, this will open up the underneath passing lanes for Brees and give him much more room to throw the ball. Meachem has proven to be a big home run threat as of late and can really burn. If the Colts know Nawlins is just looking 15 yards and in, they're going to start jumping some of those crossing routes. Go deep early and connect with your long ball threat and stretch out the D.

6W) Garrett Hartley

I really feel like it will come down to his kicking to who wins this game He has been strong, but think that it comes down to a kick somewhere throughout the game to determine the Champion
Garrett has done a great job this year, but throughout the game when people are going to be focusing on the great QB play, I think that a lot of people are going to overlook solid kicking some... and Garrett has the possibility of reminding them
How instrumental it is.

7M) Brees taking his time

Don't force it. This is, without a doubt, the biggest game in Drew Brees' career. A whole city is counting on him to take it home. He's the star of the team and is no doubt feeling a lot of pressure to perform. If he starts forcing things, that means turnovers. Just relax, and take what the Colts give you.

8W) Bush on fire!

Yes there is an opposite to Garcon being on Fire, and that is Bush.. I won't have a hidden agenda with Bush, I am not a big fan, so that is out there.
But he has been on a roll throughout the playoffs.. If he can heat up it can be a huge momentum swing for the Saints.. and in a game like this.. that may be all that is needed.

9M) Establishing Pierre Thomas

Good call on Bush, Wesley. However I'm taking the RB that got the Saints all those wins during the regular season, Pierre Thomas. If they can get Thomas going early, gashing yards up the middle, it will open things up on the flank for Bush & Co and make this offense extremely difficult to contain.

10W) Sean Payton out-coaching Jim Caldwell

You are exactly right BCMike, Thomas is their premier back!
In a battle of young coaches at their respective locations, Sean Payton will have to outcoach Jim Caldwell.. Both have shown some greatness but Sean will have to have some tricks in the bag to out do Caldwell, but he has shown this in the past that he can do so.


BCMike: not just happy to be there, Get up early, Meachem, Brees taking his time, Pierre Thomas
Wesley: Make Colts run, Brees outdo Manning, Hartley, Bush on fire, Payton outcoaching Caldwell
1-5 Draft: Keys to the Superbowl for Nawlins
BCMike: not just happy to be there, Get up early, Meachem, Brees taking his time, Pierre Thomas
Wesley: Make Colts run, Brees outdo Manning, Hartley, Bush on fire, Payton outcoaching free polls

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/4 Draft: Superbowl edition...Keys to the game, Indy version

Well the Superbowl is almost here and since the big game is just around the corner, Wesley and I thought it would make sense to do Keys to the Game for both Indy and Nawlins. Today we'll focus on what the Colts need to have happen for Manning's second ring, Friday we'll tackle Brees and the Saints.

Wesley, start us off!


1W) Keep Manning upright

Manning is one of the best QBs in the nation, and some would even contest that it is the best in the nation. He will have lots of options of who to toss the ball to. But the biggest thing will be making sure he is stable and has plenty of time to decide where it goes.

2M) Contain Reggie Bush on Special Teams

Listen, both teams are going to score. A lot. However, specials teams and turnovers are going to play a big part, as the ball is going to be up in the air quite a bit and there will be INT's to be had. If Bush is able to score on the Colts w/out having to drive the field, that could be the difference. Bush can be a big game changer and the Saints seem feed off of his energy when he starts going. If they can contain him on special teams, he'll likely have a pedestrian game which is all the Colts can ask for.

3W) Keeping Garcon on fire

Did you catch the Jets/ Colts game 2 weeks ago? WOW. I know most people know who he is, and its not like he is coming from worst to first, but he was just outstanding in the Championship game, and if they can keep him on fire it will be key!

4M) Running enough to keep LB's honest

Both the Saints and the Colts pass to set up the run and are pass-first types of offenses, but that being said you still have to keep the LB's out of the passing lanes. The simple way you do this is by running the ball effectively enough so that the 'backers have to honor the threat and don't just jump back into coverage. By keeping them honest, the lanes will open up for Manning and he'll likely have no problem carving up the New Orleans defense.

5W) Keeping the Manning Curse reversed

Manning was previously termed the QB who can't win the Big game.. And I honestly can think that it was even getting to him.. until all of that changed and he won the Super Bowl. Well If Manning loses here, the same talk will be dragged back out. Undoubtedly, it will be on his mind, but hopefully in the very back as he fights this mysterious, partially beaten curse.

6M) Getting up early and taking control of the crowd

I'm expecting to see a very pro-New Orleans crowd, mainly because the Colts just won it a couple years ago and this is the first time the Saints have ever made it to the Superbowl, so there's likely going to be a significant disparity in the number of Colts and Saints supporters. If the Saints get up early, it's going to seem like a home game for the Cajun folk and that's an extra hurdle that the Colts would have to overcome. If the Colts can get up early and make their supporters heard (and more importantly, the Saints' supporters silenced), it could make the game come easier to Manning & Co.

7W) To out-do the commercials

I am not going to lie, the Super Bowl in the past could have been called the superbowl until recently. Ever since The longest yard superbowl they have been a lot better, but there are still certain things that I focus on during the Superbowl, such as commercials, and maybe even the cheerleaders. But on this occassion, its not going to be a slow grind it out game, there are 2 VERY HIGH powered offenses going at eachother. For the Colts to win they are going to outshine all of that, and be an eventful show, because the Saints are definitely going to do thier part to do the same!

8M) Collie and Clark moving the chains

While it's true Garcon and Wayne are the deep threats, it's Collie and Clark who keep the chains moving. Many times they're running slant patterns through the middle of the field, going across LB's. Those catches are always tough, but if they can be sure-handed and hold on to those possession-type catches, the Indy offense is a very tough beast to stop.

9W) Addai a factor in the passing game

Addai is a good back, definitely not an every down running back in my opinion, but a good back, so good in fact I had him on my fantasy football team, and I want to take this minute to tell him thanks for his preformance (no I didnt win, but 9th outta 10 a'int bad ) But i think Addai needs to get the opportunity to get more passes out of the backfield, it will spread the defense out a bit, and give a great QB in manning another option.

10M) Force Brees to nickel and dime

The Saints love to score quickly, that's no secret. The Saints are GOING to score, but I think the Colts need to apply the BC defensive theory here and force Brees to drive the length of the field and put the ball up numerous times in order to do so. This will give more chance for error and possibly turnovers. Brees has shown the trait of being a little over-aggressive when forced into nothing but short passes, and that's exactly what the Colts should try to do.


Wesley drafted: Manning upright, keeping Garcon hot, Manning Curse, commercials, Addai in passing game
BCMike drafted: Reggie bush returns, keeping LB's honest, winning crowd over early, Collie and Clark moving chains, force Brees to nickel and dime

2-4 Draft: Superbowl edition...Keys to the game, Indy version
Wesley: Manning upright, keeping Garcon hot, Manning Curse, commercials, Addai in passing game
BCMike: bush returns, LB's honest, crowdearly, Collie and Clark moving chains,Brees nickel n dime free polls

Monday, February 1, 2010

2/1 Draft: Breakthrough footballers in '10-'11

I would like to say that we keep on trying to start a post on the basketball team, but everytime Wesley and I both are able to catch one that's televised, it's another heartbreaker and we just don't care to start off on such a sour note.

On to today's topic...

We're going to look at guys either coming in fresh or on the roster that are going to have a breakthrough season. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

1M) Colin Larmond, Jr., WR

I think Colin broke out being a player in last year's bowl game vs. Vandy where Dom Davis connected on one of his only completions on the day and Larmond just smoked the secondary on his way to the endzone.

This year, we saw flashes of greatness, as he's consistently able to get behind corners and smoke safeties. He plays the ball exceptionally well in the air when a defender is on him, but seems to have the most trouble with the open catch, the easiest ones where no one else is around and all that's left between him and the endzone is open space. This year with Richie Gunns moving on (hopefully to the NFL!), Larmond is going to have to step up and be the go-to-guy for the QB, be it Shinskie, Marsco, Rettig, or Bordner.

2W) Jonathan Coleman, WR

Mike, I like your pick on Larmond, but I really have to pick Coleman. He is an unknown, but everyone that has seen him has nothing but great things to say about him, and I mean EVERYONE! Not only did he give us a great interview, but Traq was just quoted on rivals saying he was thoroughly impressed by his play in the bowl practices. I think we could have a great long term player in Coleman!

3M) Mark Spinney, C

The O-Line returns as a strength for the Eagles, despite losing talented late-first round / early second round NFL draft pick Matt Tennant. The other four remain and will be able to help the Eagles grind out the tough yards with Montel. The question is, who will replace Tennant? Many had speculated that Claibs would move over to the spot and then either Cleary or Goodman would take his guard spot, but in a recent interview Offensive Coordinator Gary Tranquill told Eagle Action's Eric Hoffses that he intended to keep Claibs where he is and move either Richman, Spinney, Cleary, or Davis to the center slot.

Spinney is the only natural center from that group, and after spending last year on the 2-deep as the center, I think he'll be the one to take over for Tennant.

4W) Alex Albright, DE

After seeming to fight the injury bug repeatedly as of late, I really feel like Alex will step up and have a tremendous senior season. When Alex has been on the field, he has been a force, and I know he knows that .. Maybe my optimistic side has gotten the best of me on this one, as BC REALLY needs strong DE play this year, and it make sense that Alex be that guy..

5M) Nate Freese, K

Believe it or not, Sid Vicious has used up his eligibility. I was starting to think BC's all-time leading scorer had sold his soul to the NCAA to play forever...

We don't like to admit it as football players or fans, but the kicker is a major factor in many games and scores 20-30% of a team's points. That's big. I think that Freese will step up his game and come in and take off where Sid left off. I'm sure he's got a bigger leg than Sid had, but Sid was reliable inside..let's hope that Nate Freese is as well. If Freese can step up and deliver, we'll have one of the best kicking games in the ACC with Freese and Quigs.

6W) Jim Noel, DB

Mike you know, you are right, Freese HAS to step up, there really is not many options. And I believe he redshirted last year? so if successful, we could be covered in the kicking arena for 4 more years. I know as many have seen Freese has a VERY strong leg and may open our options up a bit.

But enough on him, I choose Jim Noel. Jim showed great poise, discipline, ability and plenty of other adjectives last year for being a true frosh. I really feel like he will match up to be our next Kevin Akins, as sort of a DB/LB hybrid which will give us some different looks on defense... which is exactly what we need.. And Jim, if you are reading this, being compared to Akins is a compliment, and I hope for both of us you get used to it, because that means you are doing a tremendous job!

7M) Deuce Finch, RB

We saw bits and pieces of what Deuce could do last year, but he unfortunately went down with injury part of the way through the year and Montel had to step up his already considerable load.

With another year of college weight lifting and training now under his belt, I think we're going to see a good bit of Finch this year and that's a great thing for both BC and Harris, as Finch is a little more of a pounding type of back that will be able to spell Montel and perhaps help out with short-yardage and goal-line type carries.

8W) Clyde Lee III, WR

Mike, really how did you let me get Clyde this late in the game.Clyde has all the skills, it just needs to translate to play on the field. Last year there was a lot of talk of seeing Lee lined up and his play making ability. And we really didnt see him enough.. making some good plays yes, but he just wasnt in the game enough. hopefully 2010 will be different and we will see Clyde's skills in full effect.

9M) Andre Lawrence, LB

For those who recall, Lawrence shined in the spring game taking back an INT to the house and tallying an impressive number of tackles. However, the staff must have felt Lawrence was undersized and need a year to bulk up. Many have already plugged Will Thompson into the "open" LB spot next to Herzy and Keeks, but I think that Lawrence is a dark horse here and could really do some damage. Herzy could play SAM, Keeks MIKE, and Lawrence WIL.

10W) Jordon McMichael, TE

Okay, he had a great catch last year, but that was about all that we saw from him last year. I feel that the hype on Jordon will be matched in 2010 by play on the field.


BCMike drafted: Larmond, Jr., Spinney, Freese, Finch, Lawrence
Wesley drafed: Coleman, Albright, Noel, Lee, McMichael

2-1 Draft: Breakthrough footballers in '10-'11
BCMike drafted: Larmond, Jr., Spinney, Freese, Finch, Lawrence
Wesley drafed: Coleman, Albright, Noel, Lee, McMichael free polls