Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Draft 8/30: Top Surprises in the initial Depth Chart of 2011

Every year when the first depth chart comes out there are some surprises, this is a year with a bit more off season / camp injuries and turbulence than most, so we decided to draft the biggest surprises of the depth chart for the home opener against Northwestern.

1W) Nate Richman

I really expected him to play the first game, maybe I was overly optimistic, but reports sounded good. But the last thing I thought I'd see was him backing up Wetzel at LT, but that is the way the depth chart reads, I am curious if that is just to get him spot work or to confuse us readers.

2M) Three Wide

I don't remember ever seeing a BC depth chart that listed three starting WR's. This gets megiddy thinking about what Rogers has in mind….

3W) Andre Williams

Coach Spaz is pretty coy when talking injuries, so younever really understand where you stand as far as injuries, but it seemed that both Montel and Andre could be out of the season opener nursing injuries.

It seems that Andre will be back in time, and starting, although I would expect Tajh Kimble to spell him pretty regularly as Kimble has been VERY highly regarded in practice, and Andre will not want to overextend.

4M) Hampton Hughes at Safety

I'll be honest, I don't know much about the kid but I have to admit I always cheer e

xtra hard for the unheralded, low-star and walk-on guys. Here's a player who walked on at BC and despite being a great high school player in Texas at the safety position, had BC move him to WR for his first two years. A couple of off-the-field issues later, and the depth chart for the safety position is a bit of a head-scratcher. Enter Mr. Hughes, who's clearly worked his tail off to the point where his HC is willing to give him the nod against arguably the best QB we've faced in sometime. I'll be cheering extra hard for Hampton to have a big day on Saturday and to make the most of this terrific opportunity.

5W) 2 Freshmen DE's on the 2 deep

You know we have been hearing a lot from Canada , better known as MehdiAbdesmad, we knew that he could sneak into the two deep after being an early enrolee, and have heard nothing but great things regarding his motor vision and pure size But we havent heard much from Connor Wujciak, but expect both Connor and Mehdi to get a good amount of playing time, and both should make an impact!

6M) Divitto over Clancy

This isn't groundbreaking or completely unexpected, but Clancy does have one more year in the system so I thought he might be the favorite over the younger Devitto.

7W) Shinskie our number 2 man @ QB

Mike I agree, I thought that Clancy may get it from Divitto, but Divitto must be pretty stout, and he also has some VERY large shoes to fill at this position!

Now on my pick for Shinskie being our number 2 man, I know that there is an OR for Marscovetra, but the reality is that someone has to take the majority of the snaps with the first team.,

And that has already been done , and done by Shinskie. I am actually good with this , Shiniskie is a capable quarterback, although I of course prefer Rettig , but ability was never the problem when Shinskie was the starter, it was decision making, technique, and staring down receivers. There was a lot of talk of Bordner being number 2, or Marsco , or even our incoming freshman, but our number 2 guy is Shinskie… at least for now, I enjoy the lack of true QB controversy at this point,and hopefully for the duration of the season

8M) Swigert returning punts and kicks

I know Bobby has done it, and done it well in the past—however I thought that we would give Amidon and / orMcCaffrey this job, possibly others. It's not that I don't think Bobby can't do it—it's that I think he's one of our most valuable WR's and I don't like the idea of him taking the beating that the position requires.

9W) Jim Noel SS

Mike I think you are wrong on your 8th round pick, that or just getting sloppy, I like Bobby returning kicks, I agree he is a good WR, but I'd rather have him out there in a position we are deep(er) at with WR

Than having Dominique Williams out there in a position we have not much more than a skeleton crew of.

I pick my last pick based on a whew of relief. Jim, Jimmy, whatever you want to call him, is a very talented athlete, and phenomenal in the secondary. I actually preferred him to Legrande last year. ( man its hard to believe he is a Junior)

There was talk , from Spaz of moving him around, and justifying him in a backup role, I much prefer in him in the SS position, and think that's where he needs to stay for the remainder of his career at the heights.

10M) Chase Rettig, QB

Not as sloppy as I intend on getting this weekend, Wesley!

For my final pick, I'm going with the "Surprise feeling" I had when looking at the QB spot and not having an anxiety attack. Since Matt Ryan I haven't had that feeling. I was trepidatious at best with Crane (who was arguably better than I gave him credit for at the time), always constantly worried about Dominique Davis, and I won't even talk about the other most recent candidates still on the team. Needless to say, it's been entirely too long for us as BC football fans for us to look down at the starting roster…smile, and feel confident about who we have under center.


Wesley: Richman, Andre, DEs, Shinskie, Noel

BCMike: 3Wide, Hampton, Divitto, Swigert, Rettig

Draft 8-30: Top Surprises in the initial Depth Chart of 2011
Wesley: Richman, Andre, DEs, Shinskie, Noel
BCMike: 3Wide, Hampton, Divitto, Swigert, Rettig
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24 Draft: Best 2011 Tailgating beer

Sure, we've done this one before but another year, more beers, and a more refined palate (or not, if you're Wesley) = another blog post on the best tailgating beers.
Without further ado, I present to you the beers you need to tailgate with in 2011....


I like to put out what I want first, even if I am not sure if the other one is going to take it.I love PBR... It is cheap, no one is going to steal your beer if you have PBR. And it kinda lays the ground work for don’t eff with me, I do not care about anything.

2M) Sam Adams Boston Lager

PBR makes my short list of beers along with Heineken that I just can't force myself to drink. This is not to say I'm above a High Life or Miller LIte--far from it--PBR just stands for "Pretty Bad, Right?" in my book.

For my first selection, I'm going with Sam Boston Lager. It’s a solid, straightforward lager that’s got plenty of taste, but still goes down easy. Plus when you’re tailgating away, it’s a nice little “hey, here’s some Boston for ya” to show off to the locals.

3W) Natural Light

Mike great call with Sam Adams ; Boston Lager, its a great Boston Beer, and I
really don't know a better one to represent BC, and its mighty tasty.On my second one, let me put out a disclaimer.. I do not only enjoy cheap beers, but I do appreciate them haha. I chose Natural Light as the 3rd round pick of beers, Natural light is essentially the beer of broke college students.. But on top of that,where do you think Matt Ryan go the nickname Matty Ice? Hmmm....

4M) Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Tough to believe we hang out together, right folks?
Next up I have a beer that just tastes like football--in a good way. Tumbler Brown A
le is a delicious brew you should have once the season has turned and there's a little chill in the air...it's a perfect football beer.
This is only the second year Tumbler has been around, so if you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a sixer. You won't be sorry, I promise.

5W) Shiner Bock

Haha, I hear ya over there Mike, But I am being selective on Football/Tailgating Beers here. This ain't taco mac baby!!
Reason I choose Shinerbock is for a couple reasons. Its a relatively cheap beer, it lets people know you are at least trying to offer something somewhat higher than the bottom of the barrel , but reminds them , its a football game after all.

6M) Full Sail Session Lager

Wesley, that was a solid pick. I love me some Shiner and you're right--for themoney it's impossible to get a better value.
Next up I'm going with Full Sail Session Lager. This tasty treat out of Oregon was made for tailgating...seriously! the "session" tag means that they know you're about to finish the 30 pack so they make it super easy drinking and great for tailgating fare

7W) Tailgate Light

I mean how could we do a draft about the best tailgating beer, and not include onewhose exclusive purpose in life is for tailgating? Slight disclaimer here, I've actually never tasted this, just thought it would be a huge disservice to include them here for namesake alone.

8M) Sam Adams Octoberfest

Well, at least you had one good choice, Wesley.

A steal at the 8 spot, I'm grabbing Sam Octoberfest. A tasty Märzen brew, we still have the Boston thing going for us plus the rich delicious malty flavors of the full boddied but ever-drinkable Octoberfest.

9W) Bud Light

Haha, I still feel pretty strong that I am going to win this one BCMike.

Is Bud Light my favorite beer? Negative. It is by far not even close. But setup a tailgate and look around, what is the most evident beer ? Bud Light, by a very far margin.

So I am going to finish with the crowd-pleaser, Bud Light

10M) Harp Lager

Wesley, you might win this draft--and if you do; I'll have to shed a tear in my beer. I'm still confident my picks are solid here.

While there are many brews that are delicious, it can't be heavy or too boozy at a tailgate as this is a volume sport.

For my last entry, we're going a little light while still rocking the BC Irish pride with Harp Lager. It's solid, smooth, easy to drink and refreshing while the dog-days of summer are still with us. Shout-out to my next selection, which would have been Harpoon IPA. Still a terrific brew...maybe I should have taken it here instead of Harp...

Wesley drafted: PBR, Natural Light, Shiner Bock, Tailgate Light, Bud Light
BCMike drafted: Sierra Nevada Tumbler, Sam Boston Lager, Full Session Lager, Sam Octoberfest, Harp Lager

8/24 draft: Best 2011 Tailgating Beer
Wesley: PBR, Natural Light, Shiner Bock, Tailgate Light, Bud Light
BCMike: Sierra Nevada Tumbler, Sam Boston Lager, Full Session Lager, Sam Octoberfest, Harp Lager
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preseason 2011 Ballot

In what is easily one of the most unlikely outcomes from last year's BlogPoll Top 25, we were invited back to vote and be a part of the biggest blogpoll on the internets. Well, that we know of in any event.

Here's our draft for week one. If you have a beef--let us know about it and why...argue your point in the comments section. We have until Monday morning to change it...


Monday, August 22, 2011

8/22/11--Interview with Joe from Soaring to Glory

Today we're lucky to have with us Joe from Soaring to Glory. Joe asked us a couple questions and we returned fire. You can also find this interview over on Joe's site, www.SoaringToGlory.com.
Joe: What is your prediction for BC's record for 2011?

BCD-W: 8-4 (+Bowl Game Win). For the 2011 season, BCMike and I feel that an 8-4 regular season record is probable. An 8-4 season isn't quite what we would like obviously, a 12-0 is ideal, but we feel that an 8-4 record is a dramatic improvement for a lot of reasons from the previous season. For starters, the schedule in 2011 is not even comparable to the previous. Especially the first couple of games with Northwestern and UCF, drastically overshadow last years Kent and Weber Grill State.

Having a new Offensive Coordinator,
with a different gameplan (hopefully) and a unseasoned young line is the comprised of excuses for 2011. We feel Rettig will be better, our offensive game production HAS to be higher, right? And our defense will have some fall off on the line, but overall be just as strong.

We feel that our toughest games will be @ Virginia Tech and Florida State at home, and not only because the typical pundits pick those to be the favorites of their divisions, but based on our overall record against them and when they appear on the schedule. Some potential wildcards that will be relied upon this season that could sway this record one direction or another are Kaleb Ramsey, as we feel like he will be a leader that is needed on a retooled Dline. Colin Larmond, to be able to give us another deep speedy threat...and John Wetzel, to help anchor relatively young
offensive line.

If these wildcards come through, our season could be even brighter. We truly feel that we are positioned for an even stronger 2012, but 2011 should be a definite improvement from 2010. And of course we added a bowl game win, for no scientific reason other than we are tired of losing them.

BCD-W: Joe, with a new system, a stable of very capable backs we are in a very different position than we have been in the past few years, what is your take on the Over / Under for Montel being the all time leading rusher for the ACC by the end of the regular season?

Joe: Well, before Montel was injured, I had pegged the odds at 75%. I figured, sure, he's coming off of a knee surgery, but he's the
ACC preseason player of the year, and he managed to log over 1200 yards in a terrible offensive season last year where he missed time. Now, with revelations that he is going to possibly miss the first few weeks of the season, it just became a harder task.

The odds drop again in my opinion over questions regarding his long-term effectiveness. When you have two knee surgeries in less than a year, it's hard to imagine that there won't be some sort of residual effect.
We all want him to come back as soon as possible and be a major contributor again as he has been in the past, but I cannot even guarantee he will be running at peak efficiency.

I put the odds now at around 50-50.

Joe: If you scan the 2011 commitments list, Boston College has some fine recruits coming in. Of the ones we assume will play as true freshmen, who do you think will make the biggest impact this season?

BCD-M: To me this is a fairly obvious one—
ALJ. We actually drafted top break-out players in 2011 and Al was selected third. I think the other that might have a big impact from all reports at camp is Wujciak.

BCD-W: On Friday, Boston College hosted a media day to display the new Uniforms and Helmets. While I won’t get into how
many stripes are required in a helmet, I will get into the Spaz demeanor. Spaz was banging on the table and stating his goals of winning the Atlantic, the ACC and going to the Orange Bowl. How did you like his new approach to the media? Do you think this is based on his overwhelming feeling that 2011 will be a success?

Joe: Well, I think Spaz needs this season to be a success, mainly because they fell completely flat last year with a light schedule, and some of the natives are restless. I’m sure he knows the characterization of himself from media and bloggers like myself (though I doubt he reads mine) as being conservative, vanilla, and anything but bold. To be honest, I like this new approach a lot.

I’ve been hard on the coach for the previous two years, but if this is him sincerely trying to turn things up a few notches, then I appreciate it. If this is an indication that he will be more bold and aggressive, then that’s exactly what I’m looking for, and I will give him another chance, because it's precisely what we need. The "we are what we are" mentality needs to leave this program and never come back.
We need to see this kind of energy and swagger a lot more often.

His predecessor had it, and BC did alright, so I certainly think it’s a welcome change coming from him. If this is the start of a new Coach Spaz, then I’m all for it.

Joe: Boston College was, simply put, a disaster on offense last year. 109th in FBS in yards per game, 109th in points scored (18.46 ppg). We all know they’re not as bad as they played last season under that dreadful scheme. What do you think are some reasonable expectations for Kevin Rogers in his first season, given the pieces around him?

BCD-M: My expectations are that he doesn’t cause me to want to kill myself. That would be a step in the right direction. To me, the most criminal part abo
ut Goodnight Gary’s tenure wasn’t the unheralded turtling, it was the blindingly transparent and predictable play-calling.

First down we’ll go off-guard (two to three yards). Second down, we’ll go off-tackle (two to three yards). Third and five, we’ll run a short pattern about four yards deep and get stopped a yard short. It was just so predicable it got to the point where we were being shown nine men fronts CONSISTENTLY and *STILL* ran directly into them.

You have to believe that other DC’s that we faced last year circled the BC game with a red sharpie on the calendar hanging in the office and recorded it on DVR for future job interviews.
That’s my expectation. My expectation is that DC’s facing us won’t use our game as a resume for future positions.

BCD-M: Everyone (especially us after this interview) is high on Rettig and hopes/thinks he'll start the next three years. If you're Spaz, how do you pitch QB recruits? Do you even go after QBs? How do you recruit top talent QBs without undermining the confidence of your sophomore quarterback?

Joe: Well, you have to bring someone in, even if just to fill out the roster. You’ve got Rettig and then Suntrup behind him, so all appearances are that the Eagles are set at quarterback for the foreseeable future, but you just never know. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. This is a little bit of a tough situation, and I’m glad it’s the coaches’ problem and not mine. Hopefully the coaches will be able to sell what is a successful offensive scheme to new recruits, along with all of the other basics they reportedly pitch (like a solid program, good academics, “family” nature, etc.).

Rettig is already in a situation now where there’s supposedly a solid quarterback in Suntrup waiting behind him in the wings, so I’m sure he knows that having a steady stream of talent coming in and potentially vying for his spot is just the nature of the beast. He just has to keep going out there and doing what he’s supposed to do, and things will work themselves out.

Joe: Our defense had a very solid year in 2010, particularly in rushing where they were number one in the nation. The Eagles have lost men like Mark Herzlich, Mike Morrissey, and Brad Newman, but are adding some real talent in guys like Al Louis-Jean and otherwise return a number of starters. Generally speaking, what’s your outlook for the defense’s performance this year? Is it safe to say they’re heading for another respectable showing in 2011?

BCD-M: My biggest question is up the middle. The “Spaz” D relies upon two big DT’s stuffing the run up the middle and allowing the LB’s to clean up the tackles without having to take on o-line traffic.

I love Kaleb Ramsey’s athleticism, but to me he’s always
been a rip-first type of player, which is great for DE’s but DT’s have to maintain their blocks first and foremost, then look for the ball and pursue.

Wesley thinks this is Kaleb’s break-out season and reports from camp have been that he’s looked terrific thus far at the new position. If he can successfully make the transition and become a dominant inside force, there’s no reason why this defense can’t be among the best we’ve seen at The Heights in year

BCD-M: Give me your top two players on offense that could play defense (and what position and why).

Joe: First, and I guess you could see it coming, is Ifeanyi Momah.
Why not, he’s already done it before at defensive end for BC. His prior history indicates he played the position in high school as well, so it’s not like he wouldn’t know what he was doing. Do I think he’s better suited to be a WR, yes, but if he had to switch over, he could fit.

Second, I’ll say tight end Chris Pantale.
He also played defensive end in high school and reportedly set a school record for sacks, so we know he can do it. He measures in at 6-6, 251 lb., which is right in the ballpark of the defensive ends we’ve got now. I think he would succeed here, but clearly we need him where he is.

We'd like to thank Joe for the back and forth banter. For more on Joe's take on the Eagles throughout the year, make sure to stop by
SoaringToGlory.com and click on as many ads as possible. GO BC!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/20/11 -- Games we're most looking forward to...

We've got at least 12 games on the schedule...hopefully as many as 14....but for the 12 that we know, here's what we're looking forward to most!

1W) @ Virginia Tech

Cause its our time to shine baby.
Maybe games we're looking forward to the most next year?

2M) @ Central Florida

Every season, the BCMike crew picks one road trip
to go to—no matter what. This year, the destination is in sunny Orlando Florida where our Eagles take on the Golden Knights of Central Florida. In addition to being a great destination (perhaps just a little nicer than Storrs or Morgantown, yes), I think this will be a great game. Jeffrey Godfrey is a talented QB and the UCF defense is legit. I still think we come away with a W, but it will be a hard fought battle and a good game to watch.

3W) Northwestern

Love this matchup, and I hope this series lasts a long time.
Although it's a bit rough being the first game of the year!
Good for recruiting, TV time, and gets us a good OOC.

4M) @ Clemson

I might be able to go to this one as well! CU is
always a great time--although the Tigers have seemed to have had our number in recent years save last, this remains my favorite road-trip destination year in and out (yes, over ND). This was the first fanbase I ever connected with in the ACC after we jettisoned from the fail cesspool aka The Big(L)east and the fans were passionate, welcoming, and just good people who also loved college football. It’s always a fun trip.

5W) Notre Dame

Haha you guys thought this would be number
1 didn't you? Lol
Well it wasn't, for a lot of reasons. But it is noteworthy, and it is a game that will get a lot of attention and TV time about this rivalry.
And its time to BC to show the guys from the cornfield in Indiana who is really who in the world of football.


It's on Thursday night prime time. Chances are good that the 'noles will be competing as one of the top teams in our division next year and
this game will likely be a pivotal one. If BC wins, we're probably going to be in the driver's seat…and with this sort of exposure, it's a chance for us to shine and show what we can do (to both the voters and the new recruits). Historically, BC plays MUCH better at home, even BETTER at night, and has a terrific Thursday night record. Now, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that you can dial that up and we’ll automatically win regardless of the year or the opponent—but I do think we stand a VERY good chance of knocking off the ‘Noles given the circumstances. I would not like our odds at all if this was early in the year at 1PM in Tallahassee.

7W) @ Miami

Mike good call on the Thursday night game against FSU.
A lot of pundits will be picking FSU to win it all. I like this kinda game for BC aswell!

I am going to choose the Miami game here for a few reasons. 1) Chances of me making this game is highly likely. 2) there is a large eagles presence in southern Florida 3) Miami is going through a change, and I like the opportunity to pick them up the first year. 4) I think Jacory Harris is overrated, although good, 2010 didn't impress me much with him. And 5 and most importantly!!! Have you seen the Miami cheerleaders??!?!?!?

8M) NC State

Ah, cheerleaders. Always a solid reason, Wesley.

I'm going with a late steal here of the TOB Bowl. While last
season was Ginger's first win over his old program, I don't think he's going to be able to start any kind of a winning streak here vs. our boys. I like the new look BC offense to give Ginger's Dfits and regardless if Russell Wilson is or back or not, our D is going to shut down the O. Always more of an emotional game than we would like to admit, even though there's now not one player left on the roster who was brought in by Toby.

9W) @ Maryland

I think we are able to get one back from last year against the
terps, and with a new coach at the helm.. I think with the recent coaching change we may be able to do just that!

10M) Wake Forest

Well, when your choices are Duke, UMass, or Wake—it’s not exactly a “who’s who” lineup, now is it… Here I’m going with Wake Forest. Mainly because watching the UMass game will give me nothing but anguish.
If we beat them by 40, we’re supposed to—if we win by 20 we should have beaten them by more, and god forbid we win by less than 20, we’ll be in the “almost lost to a D1AA” category by the ignorant media that have no idea that UMass is actually a solid FCS team year in and out. Duke—well, I just can’t get excited about Duke football. I’m sorry. I wish I could. Honest.

So by default, I’ll go with Wake Forest. It wasn’t too long ago that Grobe & Co. were the toasts of the town and ACC champs—showing that a small private school with unheralded recruits could make it to a BCS game with the right coach and system. The battles with BC since we joined the conference have always been very close. Sometimes we’d win by a little, other times we’d lose on the last play or two. It’s a school we share much in common with and while they’ll likely be the doormats of the conference, let alone the division this year, I expect them to give us their very best game and make it an exciting one as the Wake/BC ones usually are.

Wesley drafted: VT, Northwestern, ND, Miami, Maryland
BCMike drafted: UCF, Clemson, FSU, NCST, Wake

Games we are most looking forward to
Wesley: VT, Northwestern, ND, Miami, Maryland
BCMike: UCF, Clemson, FSU, NCST, Wake
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Friday, August 19, 2011

8/19/11 Draft: Best Tailgate foods, 2011 edition

As we near the start of the season, I must admit that while I love the actual games themselves, I do love the whole gameday experience very much including the tailgating options. Today we'll explore the 2011 choices for best tailgating food...beer to follow shortly.

Late shout out to Jennifer (@jennycupcakes1) who swears by @BCHysteria's wife's buffalo chicken dip w/tortilla chips....Wesley and I may have to check that out before the Northwestern game in a couple of weeks!

Little reminder you can follow me @BCMike22 and @BCDraft to keep up to date on...well, whatever the hell I want to tweet I suppose.

Enough twibble, on to the draft....


1BCMike) Beer-Dog

For those of you lucky enough to have enjoyed the bliss that is the beer-dog, you already know. Sure, dogs are great on the grill and I’m actually a fan of a little char on mine when I enjoy one off the coals, but make no mistake, the best way to eat a hot dog is to have a beer-dog. To make a beer dog, you need to throw in a quality dog (Nathan’s footlongs will do just fine) into a crockpot with a
darker (not dark) beer, such as Shiner Bock, Sam Octoberfest, etc., for a couple hours at low temp, building up before you serve them. The dogs plump up and are super juicy, delicious melded with that fantastic dark malt flavor from the beer. Serve them on a toasted hot dog bun and whammo—you have the PERFECT tailgating food, a delicacy you can eat with one hand and enjoy a cold brewkowski in the other.

2Wesley) Spicy Hamburger

Mike, your first pick is going to be hard to beat.
But I am going to go with my favorite game food, its hot off the charcoal grill a freshly made hamburger that has a few shakes of tabasco in the middle, and then heavy on the pepper on the outside

When it gets to the pink perfection its ready to scarf down.. But you have to cover it with a soft kaiser roll

3M) Cheez-Balls

Wesley—nice call on the spicy burger. I’m a huge fan of the McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning which actually is phenomenal on burgers. If you like burgers and spicy—make sure you give it a “fair shake”—you won’t be sorry.

Next here I’m going with the old standby, Cheez-balls.
Now, while you might think taking the Cheez-balls this early in the draft is a mistake; let me tell you why it’s not. You put out ANY food along side the cheez-balls, and I promise you what will happen…people will reach in a grab a handful of cheez-balls and scarf them down while they look at the other food and decide what they want. They’re simple, super easy to eat, and provide a nice starchy base for liquid consumption as the day/night goes on. Plus, as an added bonus, you can throw them at your friends with respectable accuracy. Unlike Doritos or Potato Chips which will get soggy and nasty with the humid September games, the little orange bundles of cheez bliss will be crunchy ready to satisfy that craving at any point during the event.

4W) Cheese and Crackers

Mike, Sucks that you came with the Cheese balls, although good, tasty and very portable item but Cheese and crackers are where its at..
And I'm not trying to be uppity or anything like that at all.

Cheese and crackers are filling, tasty, and just great on a warm day to continually snack on and forget that time is flying by. Basically Cheese and crackers = the Bees Knees.

5M) The Pretzel Necklace

Well folks, Wesley just threw the draft. Cheese and Crackers? Can I get you some Pino Griggio with that, punkin? (in my best Keyshawn voice) C’mon, man!! While cheese and crackers are more than acceptable at a dinner
party or an afternoon snack before dinner, you have to step up your game when tailgating my friend.

That’s why I’m rolling with for my third selection. I’m going with the beer festival favorite, the Pretzel necklace. Easy to assemble at home with a couple of feet of yarn or string, you can hang delicious pretzels ready to be eaten up
whenever you choose. The real beauty in this is the hands-free aspect, you can have a beer in one hand, a Bloody Mary in the other, and still be able to grab a pretzel or two without having to put anything down.

Now I do have to say, there is SOME risk of these pretzels getting soggy with the summer air or losing their crunch, so you don’t want to overpopulate your pretzel necklace. 20-30 small ones or 8-10 bigger ones will do you just fine, and given how close it is to your pie hole I promise you’ll run out before they turn soggy. Lastly, for you single gents or ladies out there, it makes for a nice conversation piece and can lead to a nice co-ed asking to nibble on your necklace for a little game day sustenance.

6W) Chips – Doritos

Mike I knew you would hate on the Cheese and
crackers, but I know you will be enjoying them on September 3rd!

With my next choice, I go with a good classic , easy choice.. Doritos are easy, cheap, no prep.. And a favorite amongst at all tailgating events both young and old

7M) BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Wesley, I like the Doritos pick. While I do think they can get nasty if left out over time, it’s tough to go wrong with Doritos—it's a safe choice as not many people really dislike them.

Next up, I’m going with another delicious option—BBQ pulled pork sandwich. They only, and I mean *ONLY* drawback to BBQ and pulled
pork is that it is inherently messy, something that a tailgate aficionados such as our readers know all too well. Enter the hamburger bun, ready to sop up off of that tastiness for us. Now, let’s make sure you’re not just throwing meat on a bun and covering it with sauce—that would be a rookie mistake. The moisture from the pulled pork will go right through the bun and you’ll be left with a sandwich that dissolves in your hand and not in your mouth as the BBQ gods intended.

What you want to do is cook the pulled pork in advance enough that it’s still fully hot and in the cooker, but drained of the juices and has been simmering WITH a good base BBQ sauce first. If you want to dab a little more on the end or add a touch of spicy to it after it’s on the bun—that’s fine, but this way the pork will stick together with the sauce and allow you to enjoy this delight with one hand only—again, an important factor in the top food for tailgate debates.

8W) Deviled Eggs

Call me crazy, ok, ok, I am....but there is nothing better
than a Deviled Egg or 12 on a hot day.. But hold on there cowboy a dozen deviled eggs can put a hurtin' on ya, especially if you are mixing with some frosty adult beverages.

Deviled Eggs are easy to transport, have a little zing on them, and a fan favorite, as you typically will never have to bring any back home, and yes go heavy on the paprika!!

9M) Raw Veggie Plate

Are you trying to get people sick? Deviled eggs out in the sun for hours? What’s next, raw chicken? Listen—I love me some deviled eggs, so I’m with you on your affinity for the dish, but a tailgating food they are not…unless it’s a noon game and you’re tailgating at 8 or 9 am….in which case I would have to admit it's a good call.

With my last selection, I’m going with the great enabler,
the Raw Veggie Plate. First, it’s just nice to give your friend’s new vegetarian girlfriend something to eat while the rest of your Neanderthal friends scarf down various forms of roasted animals…but it can be part of your day, too. Know why? First you have that beer dog, follow it up with some cheez balls and in between grabbing a couple cold ones you throw down a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. But what’s that? A couple carrots sticks and a broccoli floret or two and all of a sudden you’re not pigging out, you’re enjoying a well balanced meal. That’s right, you’re an adult enjoying a healthy option because you care about what goes into that temple of a body of yours.

What’s that? You’re asking me if I want another Beer-Dog? Oh sure, why not—I just had some veggies so I can afford to splurge a little I suppose....

10W) Hot Wings

Listen BCMike, I like seeing some vegetables on the
side to decorate a plate, but I didn’t become this big bundle of joy by overloading on them.

You think I threw this draft , well here is where I win it… This is an easy HUGE crowd pleaser, that you can make your own on a grill, or you can go a lazier route and pick them up on the way. But hot wings are always a pregame W in my book!

BCMike drafted: Beer-Dogs, Cheez-balls, Pretzel Necklace, BBQ Sammich, Veggie Plate
Wesley drafted: Spicy hamburger, Cheese and Crackers, Doritos, deviled eggs, hot wings

Best 2011 Tailgate Food Draft
BCMike: Beer-Dogs, Cheez-balls, Pretzel Necklace, BBQ Sammich, Veggie Plate
Wesley: Spicy hamburger, Cheese and Crackers, Doritos, deviled eggs, hot wings
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