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10/14/10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Florida State

The Chase is on, folks. It's Rettig's second career start and while we saw glimpses of greatness vs. Notre Dame a couple weeks ago, sadly the talented freshman was knocked out after on a couple series.

He takes the field in hostile Doak-Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee this weekend (directly following College GameDay on ESPN) and the hopes and dreams of BC crazies like ourselves squarely on his shoulders.

Below, Wesley and I draft the keys to the game vs. FSU.


1M) We Must Protect this....Quarterback

We've seen what Shinskie can do as a starter,
and we know what Marsco can do as a backup. Frankly, I really--desperately--want to see what Rettig can do in a full game. I know he'll not be anywhere close to perfect but fairly or not, my hopes for the rest of the season rest squarely on his shoulders at this point. For Rettig, who will still have a slightly bum wheel at kickoff, to have a good chance at playing his best vs. the 'Noles we need him upright and protected. O-Line needs to step up in a big way and make sure the future stays bright.

2W) Respect Ponder

Mike Great first pick, I’d have to agree wholeheartedly..

On my second pick, I am not saying bow
down to Ponder, but the man has played very well. VERY well, meanwhile BC’s run defense has actually been its shining star, currently number 5 in rush defense. I feel that BC should focus more on their Pass D and test FSU to try to win by running the ball (hope I don’t eat these words.)

3M) Contain Ponder

Excellent point, Wesley. Ponder in the pocket has great touch and if you give him time to set up, he can throw a nice deep ball.

Here what I'm specifically getting at is
making sure our DE's keep contain on Ponder when rushing upfield. Ponder never, ever looks like he's going that fast but he's sneaky quick and before you know it, he's picked up a first down with his feet and extended the drive.

Yes, we need pressure on Ponder, that's certainly a given as I agree with Wesley's point of concentrating on stopping the FSU passing game first and foremost--but we have to make sure we're methodical in the way we go about doing it with the DE's keeping contain and the LB's applying pressure up the gut in his face.

4W) WR's using extra “stick-em”

Being at the NC State game, and the ND
game it was overwhelmingly apparent that the wideouts were having issues holding on to the ball. The majority of our wide outs are frosh and that’s great In the aspect of our future looks great.. but in the experience department we are lacking., our most experienced starting WR was out last year testing a new position of DL. The Wide outs need to get some extra stick-em on their gloves to help out Rettig.

5M) Aggressive play-calling

I'm looking at you, Gary Tranquill.
There's simply not going to be a snowball's chance in hell of BC winning this game without taking a couple chances on offense. We need to be aggressive and take shots downfield, particularly with Rettig's arm. Dinking and dunking with one route progressions is not going to work and further will likely lead to Rettig's injury if we keep him running around looking for our guys to late in the play break open after one move vs. FSU's D-backs.

Go aggressive. I don't mind INT's 45 yards downfield in exchange for a couple of complete deep balls. Please, please be aggressive Saturday.

6W) Resurrection of the FB

Mike I agree, the hardest thing to watch is dink and dunk especially when it is unsuccessful. I want to see the car get out of neutral and into maybe even a second gear., not too much to ask right?

In case you have missed it, BC has a FB, his name is James McCluskey, and he actually is pretty talented too.. but he has been MIA for most of the season, only getting into the game sparingly. When its 3rd and goal from the 2, put him in and power through. And when you need someone else to pick up a block throw him in there as he has shown he can be quite serviceable doing so.

7M) Feed Montel delayed handoffs

Montel has had some previous success before, but this year he seems to have had his greatest success when running delayed
handoffs. My guess as to why this is the case is that it gives Montel a chance to see where the run-blitzing LB's are coming from, and avoid them. We've seen what happens when Tranq calls for straight dives up the 1-2 or 3-4 gap (center/guard LR, guard/tackle LR). It's not been pretty and it hasn't mattered who was in the backfield with the defenses that have been thrown our way thus far.

Plus, BC's O-Line is pretty darn tall and it's tough to spot Montel behind the trees on a delay play. I think Montel will come to play on Saturday and this looks like the best way to use him.

While I supported the read-option in the preseason, it's pretty clear we have no QB capable of running it effectively and if all you're doing is handing the ball off to Montel, there's little point to it, that's not a read option, just a slow hand-off. I'd like to see the O-Line have wide splits, go back in pass protection, and let Montel find the holes where the LB's aren't run-blitzing through.

8W) Utilize the TE’s in passing game

Couldn’t disagree more on that one Mike,
glad you grabbed up that late pick.. A delayed anything coming out of the backfield doesn’t appeal to me at all. Part of the reason I’ve liked watching our younger backs like Andre Williams was they shoot out of the backfield like Cannon.. well I take a small piece of this back, can Montel throw? A toss, would at minimum be entertaining!

Starting this season I was aware of our depth at TE, and our potential to really utilize them as our potential top passing target, heck I even won the Heisman with Chris Pantale on NCAA ’11 for crying out loud.. but that isn’t happening , we aren’t using our TEs like we should in my opinon. As most of our competition will dare us to throw the ball and send a linebacker or two to help the defensive line crash our Oline, there will be open parts of the field right across the middle., id like to see us hit those passes against FSU

9M) Taking advantage of prime time

BC has been in the spotlight once before
this season, that was the embarrassing performance vs. Notre Dame in primetime. While this game won't be on at 8PM, it is directly following College Football Gameday on ESPN so many eyeballs will be watching to see

A) How good FSU is and
B) How bad BC is.

Let's step up and show the country that we do have the talent to compete and pull of the big upset win with the nation watching.

10W) Quigley playing all world

Let me go ahead and say, Quigs, or Twigs as some people call him has been playing very well, VERY well. He has been asked to kick
out of his own end zone waaay more than most Kickers, and he does it and does it well. What BC will need from Quigley is when he has to kick (which I obviously hope isn’t too many times is to pin FSU waaayyy back. So we aren’t giving them the short field every time they get the ball.. Quigley has done a good job of this so far this year, we are just going to need that much more of it this Saturday.


BCMike drafted: Protect QB, contain Ponder, aggressive playcalling, delayed runs for Montel, Prime time playas
Wesley drafted: Respect Ponder, WR stick-em, resurrection of FB, use of TE's in passing game, Quigs all world

10-14 Draft: Keys to the Game vs FSU
BCMike: Protect QB, contain Ponder, aggressive playcalling, delayed runs for Montel, Prime time play
Wesley: Respect Ponder, WR stick-em, resurrection of FB, use of TE's in passing game,Quigs all world free polls

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