Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Draft 10/26: Worst of the Worst vs Maryland

Well that sure was a kick in the pants. BC showed a lot of heart in a great come back attempt, but it came up short, inches short to be exact. There definitely wasn't a shortage of potential worst of the worst, but before we start we definitely want to wish Albright, Gause, and Wes Davis a very speedy recovery!

1W) Getting stopped on 4th and inches

There really could not be a more true term of nail on the coffin. And I really don't think I need to add any details on this.

2M) Play calling

It was the 4th quarter before our first pass on first down. Execution is a problem as well, but we are painfully predictable and completely devoid of any creativity.

3W)Momah tipped INT

Does it kind of seem like I am picking on Momah lately? Hmm well maybe.. I think Momah has all the athletic ability to be a great receiver, and the God given height as well.. just can’t seem to get it all in motion.. at all. So much that I think we would be best served as a diversion on Offensive Goal line situations, and on the Dline. But on this play it was one of Rettig’s first passes that were tossed well, right into the hands of Momah only for it to go off his mitts into the air and into Maryland’s hands.

4M) Sticking with what doesn't work
Historically, the bend but don't break D wad effective as we has at least one corner (Blackmon, Tribble, etc.) who was fast enough that the staff would allow them to play up and challenge short throws now and again.

This year, we have chosen to play back and not challenge anything and allow WR screens to be run ad-naseum. Enough is enough, we need to challenge people.

5W) WE (BCDraft) asked for it

We really did. If you look back to our fourth pick with Soaring to Glory We said we wanted to force O’Brien to beat us.. well he did. I actually have to give a lot of credit to the Freshman, he played a great game. BC stopped the run, no doubt only allowing 43 yards on the ground.. but O’ Brien played well. There must have been a link for BCDraft on the medifast weight loss program for Fridge to see our keys. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/27/AR2009082701605.html

6M) The Chase check-down
Guilty as charged, Wesley. Kudos to O'Brien, he played well and did what Maryland needed to get the W.
While I still strongly believe that Chase is the right QB for us now and likely in the future; he checked down constantly in the last game. To be fair to Chase, 90% of the patterns appeared to be underneath routes but when BC needed to move the ball down the field in chunks we dunked and dunked for two and three yards.

7W) ESPN3 Commentators

Ok, if the game wasn’t already hard to watch, the commentators made it that much worse. They called the head coach for BC Spaziano, called Rettig- Retting, Called Noel a well experienced DB. Called any play where a DLine made penetration a blitz. BCMike and I were talking during the game, and we agreed there is a reason why these guys were on ESPN3.

8M) Return game

I am sure Chris Fox is a great kid, and we all hope Shakim Phillips will develop into one of the premiere possession WR's in the ACC. However, at this point Phillips is not striking fear into the heart of anyone and Fox has been consistently inspiring. I don't know of they're practicing much differently than they're playing but personally is like to see Bobby Swigert on kicks and ponts and Amidon joining him on Kick-off returns.

9W) Harris Fumble

Mike I agree, I cringe seeing Montel back there but he did do good. Phillips seems like a fish out of water back there, and Chris Fox hasn’t been impressive. Id be good with Swigert and Amidon, as I would imagine they are the future in that dept, might as well get them the reps. Now montel has been very reliable.. especially that he always extends to get more yards on each carry. But his fumble against Maryland set up an easy score. Montel hasn’t dropped the rock many times at all during his career at BC, but the ones he has seem to be at the worst possible times.

10M) Albright not alright

One of the few bright spots this year has been the outstanding play of DE Alex Albright. Alex has battled injuries and surgeries his entire career at BC But pushed through and was having a terrific senior season. For Alex to go down after working so hard just isn't fair. At the time we're writing this we don't know how severe the injury is but we all hope we will get to see Alex back on the field before the year is over.


Wesley: Stopped on 4th, Momah tipped int, We asked for it, ESPN3, Harris Fumble

BCMike: Play Calling, Sticking with it, Chase check-down, Return game, Albright not alright

Draft 10-26: Worst of the Worst vs Maryland
Wesley: Stopped on 4th, Momah tipped int, We asked for it, ESPN3, Harris Fumble
BCMike: Play Calling, Sticking with it, Chase check-down, Return game, Albright not alright
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