Monday, April 26, 2010

4/26 Draft: Spring Game Highlights

Finally, after waiting for eons for the Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Game to arrive, it finally happened. For those of us unable to make it to The Heights for the game, we were able to watch it on the 'net...albeit a little on the pixelated side. But hey--better than not being able to watch at all.

Here are the top ten things we walked away from the Spring Game with:


1W) Having four functional QBs

This time last year, we had nothing but questionable quarterbacks.This year, I breathed a sigh of relief when the ball is in the QB's hands. Although I feel it will be a tight race, It will be a good one. We are in a tremendously better position this year at quarterback.

2M) Marsco the front runner for the starting QB job

I felt like going in to the Spring Game that it was Dave Shinskie's job to lose. Most of us believe that "Uncle Dave" has all of the physical tools necessary, but needed to get much better at feeling the pocket, reading defenses, and reducing mistakes.

IMO, he looked exactly the same as he did vs. USC at the end of the year. Yes, I understand it's a small sample size and you don't want to judge a player by just one performance, but anyone who says they weren't disappointed in Shinskie's effort on Saturday is lying through their teeth. I think he opened the door to other competition.

I think Mike Marscovetra (aka "Marsco") walked through it.

He made smart reads and wasn't afraid to take chances downfield when they presented themselves. He looked more confident, more in command, and simply put--he looked comfortable. Now, his game experience isn't what Shinskie's is, and one might argue his ceiling may not be as high as either Rettig or Shinkskie--but I do believe that if the depth chart was filled out today, Mike Marscovetra would be the starter.

3W) Max Holloway

Mike, this is just where I feel we will disagree, although it goes without question that marscovetra had the best game on saturday let me say there is more to playingin the fall than the spring game. But as spectators thats about all we have to go on.

Max Holloway piled up four sacks. I didn't count that many, but we officially have an edge rush. Twice it was at the expense of Mike Goodman who didn't look good, man. Perhaps he should be moved to DT or G. I digress...

Holloway showed great speed but almost as important, great technique and leverage. He was able to dip the shoulder in at the right time to throw of the blocks of the tackles and TE's he was facing and by the time they had adjusted to his lower position, Holloway was by them and turning the corner.
You still have to be concerned about his size and weight (much like Momah), as if a team runs right at either one of these two you don't really feel great about it; albeit Holloway to a much lesser extent.

Regardless, on third and long where our D-line gets to pin their ears back, I'm betting we're going to see a lot more sacks this year.

4M) Momah being effective

I don't recall Momah getting much pressure or sacks--the stats say he had two sacks, but I have to be honest--I don't remember them. The plays I concentrated on him he wasn't able to generate much of a rush, he played about a foot too high, but he was able to stretch out and swat down a handful of passes. He's next to impossible to pass over. This could lead to many deflections/interceptions.

The point here being he was surprisingly effective. Is that because our OL/TE's are not used to blocking someone as rangy and athletic as Momah, is it because Momah is just a pain to try to take on, or perhaps the OL is just rusty? I think the truth is somewhere in the middle of all of that; but I do also believe that Momah is going to be surprisingly disruptive if he gets an opportunity to see a good number of snaps this year.

5W) Chase Rettig

A glimpse into the future.. Chase Rettig showed we have a lot to be excited for in the future. Although he is a bit raw, he could be the real deal.

6M) Isaac Johnson

He looks considerably bigger, which really helped when he had to step up in run support and open field tackling. One of the best things about Rodderick Rollins was that he played OUR scheme well--he didn't let guys get behind him, he could help out in run support, but most of all he made the open field tackle and didn't let a small catch turn in to a big gain. I liked what I saw from him yesterday.

7W) Mike Javorski

What could have been a huge, and I mean huge ding in the running game of both Phifer and Deuce out. Javorski stepped up and looked great, especially for a walk-on rb. He looked like an oversized pinball out there, and had a great knack of keeping his legs moving after initial contact.

Although Harris' shoes are very hard to fill, I feel Javorski could be very serviceable in giving him a breather.

8M) Ryan Lindsey stepping up

We knew the WR corps had to step up this year and take it upon themselves to fill the void left by BC legend Richie Gunns. Colin Larmond, Jr. was out of action and that meant a lot of question marks.

The big star WR on the day IMO was Ryan Lindsey who showed the ability to get open and make plays on short slants, crossing patterns, and even the deep ball--which resulted in the longest gain of the day on a pass from Marsco for 46 yards.

9W) Kicking game

I am going with the kicking team Being all backups and walk ons due to injuries of the first string.

I don’t think one field goal was missed, nor one punt was muffed.

10M) Spaz' willingness to let the QB's all play

The easy way out would be to play Shinskie for most of the game as he was the starter last year. By opening it up and letting all four kids get equal reps, more or less, he sent a signal loud and clear that the job was up for grabs.

It was exciting as BC fans to see Marsco mature, Rettig throw a couple lasers, and catch Bordner's nice touch on passes to the flat. Shinskie didn't have his best game, but there's still time to improve before the fall. I hope he takes the opportunity to further step up his game and we see improvement when the 2010-2011 season starts.


Wesley drafted: 4 functional QB's, Max Holloway, Rettig, Javorski, Kicking Game
BCMike drafted: Marsco front-runner, Momah effective, beefed up IJ, Ryan Lindsey, Spaz opening up QB competition

4-26 Draft: Best from the Spring Game
Wesley: 4 functional QB's, Max Holloway, Rettig, Javorski, Kicking Game
BCMike: Marsco front-runner, Momah effective, beefed up IJ, Ryan Lindsey, Spaz opening up QB comp free polls

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4/15 Draft: Top things to look for in the Spring Game

The early enrollment guys are in. The juniors are back. Guys from the practice squad and hurt house are back in the mix. We'll tackle the top ten things that BC fans need to look for in the Spring Game here....


1M) Improved QB play…either from Shinskie or elsewhere

As a BC fan, you have reason for some serious optimism heading into the '10 season. Last year, in what was billed as a rebuilding year by most, and a two-win year by some (will Andre Ware ever live that down? EVER?), the team overcame much adversity to put up a very respectable record and a bowl berth vs. USC. The only thing that was constantly lacking consistency last year on offense was QB.

...but there's hope..

Shinskie now has another year under his belt as a collegiate quarterback. Another year under Tranq. Marsco does, too. Rettig has been, as much as we can gain from first-hand accounts--as good as advertised. Still more have hope for Bordner as a natural talent and leader. IMO, the question here isn't IF someone will step up, but WHO will step up. It's Shinskie's job to lose, but don't think for a minute that Spaz & Co. won't put in the least tenured guy in place of the most. Heck, Shinskie has by far the most experience and he's a "true" sophomore.

This team, if you look at the talent and the schedule, has a chance to be pretty special. The big question of "how special" will be answered by our starting quarterback...let's find out who that is.

2W) Jonathan Coleman/ Clyde Lee filling the shoes of all the departing senior Wide-outs.

When people think of offensive questions, people are going to think of the Quarterback automatically, and that’s understandable..

But too often the person he will be looking for is overlooked. A good Wide Receiver can make a slightly off Quarterback look good.

Last year we had a senior laden Core of WR’s , which helped a true freshman QB look formidable, with that core out, some of the younger ones are going to have to step up their game. I’ll be very happy to see one or both of Coleman and Clyde step up in that mix.

Coleman has been said to be a great raw talent, with great moves, height, and range. The biggest fault against him is that he didn’t pick up football soon enough. But he seems to be filling in the voids fast, and taking a workmanship mentality to the gridiron.

Clyde Lee is a bit more of a mystery, last year this time we heard he is the one who is really going to springboard into the season. But I honestly can’t remember 5 plays he was in. But this year seems it could be different, there are more voids to be filled, and we are hearing that CLee III is coming out strong in the spring again. His speed and nose for the ball has the potential to be a very good on field display.. If either of these players consistently excel this spring, it should almost without a doubt translate into some serious playing time this fall.

3M) Finding an edge rusher

Good call on the wide-outs, Wesley. I am certainly going to miss Richie Guns going across the middle and making the big play when we need it. I hope some of the younger guys step up and embrace the role as he did last year.

For me here, I'm going to have to say the other glaring weakness from last year. On offense, we didn't get consistent contributions from the QB. On defense, I have to say it was our edge rushers.

The BC D, or the Spaz D now run by Govs works great if you get pressure on the QB. It makes them make quick decisions and very often, our D is in the position to capitalize on either bad throws or bad mental errors by opposing QB's. What happens when we don't actually get a rush is the QB has time to read his options and, if he's a smart and/or veteran QB, read the D and take the easy 8-10 yard gain we typically offer. No turnovers, just moving sticks.

For our D to really tweak up the turnover game, we need better pressure from the outside guys. We're never going to blitz a lot so it's up to the front four guys to generate it. Let's find out if one of the youngsters can provide a much needed spark in that department.

4W) Find who will be giving Montel a breather!

I felt bad for Montel last year, heck even coach Tranquill felt bad for Montel last year.
But with his “this is how we do it” mentality you knew he would pound through about anything.

After Phifer red-shirting last year, and Deuce only getting an appetizers worth of reps, you’ve got to wonder who fills the void.

Most Division 1 College football programs have at least 3 RB’s that you can trust to hold the rock a decent amount of carries, and really some have more than that. BC’s goal will be to find at least another two. Right now my gut feeling is we don’t find this out until the fall practices, but I am hopeful we do beforehand.

5M) Filling Boomkat’s void.

Arguably the biggest loss on the team next year, on either side of the ball will be Marcellus "Boomkat" Bowman. Boomkat was a playmaker and a devestating tackler/hitter. His presense will almost certainly be felt every game. How much really will be the question.

Wes Davis is the other starting safety at free, but who is going to play SS and help provide run support? After all is said and done, my money is on Dominic LeGrande, but there's a position battle back there and it's far from being decided at this point. Hopefully the spring game will shed some light on that.

6W) Finding who puts in the XP’s

I believe that Kicker is one of the most overlooked positions on the field, sure its not overly glamorous, but its like electricity, people don’t really think about it unless its not on.

After Sid Vicious spent the last 20 years kicking for Boston College, he finally has moved on.

I know I have voiced my opinion in the past about Sid, I thought he was formidable, just of course wish he had a bit more range.

I mean you have to give the guy some credit , he is the leading point scorer for BC!
This competition will be between Ryan Quigley and Nate Freese. As Quigley (or twigley as his teammates seem to call him) will be a Jr. this year I am going to have to assume he may be the favorite, but Freese was very well touted coming out of high school, and was red-shirted last year, so I would like to see what he has. Also, on a personal preference note, I would like to see some sharing of duties, having one person do all the kicks can be a little nerve-racking.

7M) Will Cleary step up? Spinney? Richman? Who will take over for Tennant?

As O-Line U sends yet another talented trencher to the NFL, the Eagles look to reload the center position with another horse from the stable. Who will it be?

Many suggested early on that Claiborne might move over a spot and the line would then need a new guard to replace Claibs, but Spaz has been pretty vocal about not moving the big guy. That means someone else will have to step in and step up their game.

The only "Center" by recruiting position was Mark Spinney, but reports have been up and down on the youngster. We've heard good things about Emmett Cleary and Nathan Richman thus far, and he's got to be the front-runner at this time. But who will wind up starting the first game of the year snapping to....well we don't know yet....we'll find out soon!

8W) Tranquill opening it up a bit

Having nothing but “fresh-meat” at the QB spot had to be a bit difficult for having a wide variety of play calls for the Quarterbacks, you want to do a few things , and do them very well. Well after a winter of focus, these guys should be able to handle a lot larger workload.

Tranquill is known for his wide-variety , and pure volume of plays. So I am curious If we will see these this spring. Maybe more things like the “Bazooka” I am not sure, just hoping to see a bit more of Tranquill’s creative side.

9M) Will Quinn elevate his game and play next to Scafe?

I'd argue that there hasn't been a recruit that created a buzz like Quinn had coming in last year since Brian Toal. Much was expected of the young man--and expected early. However, he's not yet been able to deliver on the field. It's been reported that he's had some leg/knee issues and isn't playing with the right leverage to this point, but that he's also occasionally an unstoppable beast up the middle.

I'd really like to see if the "real Quinn would please stand up" and we can find out how this young man's career is going to progress. I know most Eagles fans thought he would at the very least be starting by this his 2nd year at The Heights.

10W) A good showing at the spring game, could show some excitement to fill the stands in the fall

It pains me to even admit it, but last year I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Boston College didn’t have a problem getting fans to the stadium on a consistent basis. Even for key matchups, like against FSU the stadium was about half full at kickoff. BC can do a lot better than that!

A good telling sign in my opinion will be the amount of interest there will be for the Spring game. This could be a indicator of what to expect in the fall.


BCMike drafted: Improved QB play, finding an edge rusher, filling Boomkat's void, replacing Tennant, Quinn
Wesley drafted: WR's stepping up, Montel's breather, who is kicking XP's, Tranq opening it up, attendance

4-15 Draft: Top things to look for in Spring Game
BCMike: Improved QB play, finding an edge rusher, filling Boomkat's void, replacing Tennant, Quinn
Wesley: WR's stepping up, Montel's breather, who is kicking XPs, Tranq opening it up, attendance free polls

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/13 Draft: Best things from the Frozen Four

By now you're probably pretty aware that our Boston College Eagles took home the hardware from Detroit for the second time in three years, and the third time this decade.

I can say that by all accounts, the Frozen Four is absolutely the best sporting event I've ever been to. Even when we come up short (St. Louis in '07), it's still a blast. If you haven't made it to one yet, you're really missing out. Make it a point to go next year...hopefully our Eagles will be back in it again.

The week starts Thursday so instead of going over the game points, we're going to address the Frozen Four experience and games as a points from everything!


1W) Winning the national title / becoming team of new millennium

I have to come out of the gate stating the obvious.
Winning the national championship is a GREAT accomplishment. Early on in the year Boston College didn’t look like it would be where it is today- National Champs that is. They looked solid, but a couple of early losses made many question the possibility of how far – guess they showed us.

2M) Being matched up with Miami on Thursday

Make no mistake about it, much like a big bowl
game, the Frozen Four is a pretty substantial financial if you like to eat and drink like I do, it doesn't take an accountant to tell you that you need to weigh your options here.

While Miami was the overall #1 seed and the top rated hockey club through most of the year, I was still confident. Vegas said Miami was a -120 favorite. I was still confident. All of the ESPN pundits said Miami would win. I was still confident. Why?

I'll give you three reasons why: 2006, 2007, and 2008. Yes, those are different teams--I understand that...however, the coaches are the same, and for the most part, the style of play is the same. Miami is big, physical, athletic and can grind you into submission. BC just matches up well with these teams after they've played games like that. The Eagles are just a fast, quick team that won't let the big guys push them around--they make them skate their butts off trying to catch them. That's why you usually see big third period out of our guys, they wear down the bigger teams trying to catch up and by the third their legs are shot....but I'm rambling here.

The point is that when I saw we were playing Miami, I really felt like we had a great shot of getting to the final. I have a TON of respect for Miami, I just felt like we would match up well with them...and thankfully I was right.

3W) Sticking it to the man in the third period.

Wow, while leading 1-0, BC wanted to make
certain that Wisconsin wasn’t going to hang around and make it interesting. Cam Atkinson had a lot to do with that as he scored 2. But you also have to give some credit to the whole team another in particular has to be John Muse for being able to preserve a shutout against a great Wisconsin team.

4M) Wisconsin fans…before and after

On a whole I did enjoy the vast majority of the Wiscy fans I met. However, I did enjoy the over exuberant confidence most displayed. Yes,
again Vegas had BC as the underdog; but after we had the type of game that we did on Thursday dominating the RedHawks from Miami, you would think that they might be a little trepidatious. Not so much. Here's the conversation I had with no fewer than five Badger fans:

[Wisconsin accent]
Badger fan: So, you think your boys match up? I t[h]ink our boys might be a little faster, little better skaters. Definitely think we have the size over you guys and for sure I think we might be a bit more physical. Our defense has five NHL draft picks, most of 'em first rounders so I got to say I think we certainly got that defensive advantage...but it should be a close game, what do you t[h]ink?"
[/Wisconsin accent]

That's what cracked me up. They honestly felt like they were better than BC in every facet--including in net--despite what Muse's track record was. I asked a couple of them why we are even playing the game if they're faster, stronger, bigger, more physical, and more skilled.

My take going in was that they had the size and strength, we had the speed. I think I overestimated their strength, but other than that I'd say it played out pretty close to that.

5W) BCMike, reversing the curse in a serious way.

As we all know. Mike has had quite a curse. I want to say he was up to 11 games? I am sure he will correct me if I am wrong. But I pleading for him to wait until the Weber State game in the fall to attend any Boston College Sporting events… well he didn’t listen. And it seems like the curse may have flipped, he attends, and the Eagles win the National Championship. What effect will this have on the rest of the teams? I am not sure, but I am eager to find out.

6M) Meeting Andrew

Ha! I do have to say a good amount of my friends
weren't too happy with me when I told them I was going to the Frozen Four given my attendance curse track record. Nick from The ACC Report specifically gave me shit ten stories tall. I do have to say it was a great pleasure watching BC win a National Championship, a memory I will not soon forget.

On to my #6. For those who went to Bookies, the designated BC bar on Saturday, you likely met Andrew. Andrew is everything that is right about BC. Andrew's family is all Michigan grads, and living in Michigan, Andrew has had zero contact with BC outside of just liking Boston College. In addition to having previously met Doug Flutie and Matt Ryan, he had now convinced his family to take him to the Frozen Four so he could cheer on the Eagles on the Ice.

Andrew was a great kid and a shining example of what is right with BC. He's a super student and his dream is going to BC when he's old enough. He's in sixth grade now (I know, call Spaz now) and his Mom told me that he's constantly worried about his GPA because he found out what he'll need to get into Boston College. Andrew was nice enough to come and find us in the waning seconds of the game in section 100 and he was able to enjoy his first national championship. We hope he does in fact one day come to BC and continues to be the die-hard fan (and good luck charm) he is. Thanks, Andrew--you made our day.

7W) BC getting into the elite in the hockey category

There have been a bunch of College hockey
programs that have 3 National Championships, although it is a HUGE accomplishment, to really stick out, more than 3 is needed. With Boston College winning its fourth it will be mentioned with others such as Michigan, Denver, Minnesota to name a few. Winning its fourth really put BC into an elite group

8M) The Frozen Four Fans

It sounds cheesy, but it’s what makes the event so
great. Jerseys from just about every school were there. I saw Navy, Ferris State, everyone from the tourney...just great stuff. It really is the vibe of the event that makes it so fantastic, everyone is just chill and happy to knock back a beer with you and talk hockey, football--whatever. It's the commonality of enjoying and being passionate about college hockey that brings us all together and it's a very mutual respect / fun environment. Think the absolute opposite of playing football vs. West Va in Morgantown. It's Shangri-La for sports fans.

9W) Having back to back blowouts

I must admit, even the most maroon glasses I own , the last thing I envisioned was back to back blowouts. With a combined 12-1 between the games , it was nothing short of beat downs that were handed out. And once again, only allowing 1 goal alone out of these games is great work by Muse, and moreover great work by Jerry York, who has given every BC fan something to be proud of.

10M) Reliving the 2004 Red Sox moment

I was one of the few fortunate souls who genuinely
was at Busch Stadium in 2004 when the Red Sox won their first title in 86 years in St. Louis. Aside from the sheer joy I felt, it was also one of those times where you just embrace everyone who is wearing your colors. Much like in St. Louis I found myself being hugged by random strangers who were BC fans and were just enjoying the moment with me and everyone else there. As a fan, it's really pretty darn neat I have to say.


Wesley drafted: Winning title, 3rd period, reversing BCMike curse, BC now elite, blowouts
BCMike drafted: Miami matchup, Wiscy fans, Andrew, fellow fans, reliving Red Sox moment

4-13 draft: Best Frozen Four moments?
Wesley: Winning title, 3rd period, reversing BCMike curse, BC now elite, blowouts
BCMike: Miami matchup, Wiscy fans, Andrew, fellow fans, reliving Red Sox moment free polls

Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5 Draft: Guys we do not look forward to seeing in 2010

After discussing the people we were glad that aren’t back for 2010, we thought now was a good time to address our fears and talk about the ones that we aren’t so happy that came back for another season.


1W) Ryan Williams, RB, VT

This guy is special we know it. Young,
strong, and great vision.

I knew this guy was special in the recruiting stage when he chose between BC/VT and I wish him nothing but the best, unless he plays BC

2M) Brian Kelly, HC, ND

I'm a big believer in the Boston area
native and I think he's going to turn ND around. I'm just hoping it's not this year...but it could be.

3W) Eugene Jarvis, RB, Kent State

This tiny powerful back has reason to
look for some revenge this year at the Heights...

His 2009 career was cut short there last year there. Eugene is a great running back, and plays very tough.

4M) Tyrod Taylor, QB, VT

Once only truly a scrambling threat, he improved
his passing game markedly last year and is now very much a dual-threat QB. We saw what he did to our Eagles last year in Blacksburg, I'm hopeful we won't see a replay again of the same thing in '10...but we might.

5W) Frank Beamer, HC, VT

I have a lot of respect for beamer, he
focuses on the details of the game and beats you with those. I feel as he is in the top ten coaches in the nation but may not always get the recognition he deserves. Anytime they term a style of successful play after you (Beamer ball) you've gotta be doing something right, right?

6M) Russell Wilson, QB, NCSU

While I believe that Wilson was much more
bark than bite in his sophomore campaign, the reality is that the little fella still has a lot of talent and if he can let the game come to him instead of forcing the issue (and plays) that should help quite a bit. He's going to be hamstrung by Dana Bible's offense no doubt, but he's got to be on your short list of players that *could* go off for a huge game any given Saturday...we just hope it isn't against our Eagles this season.

There are rumors that Wilson, along with Clemson QB Kyle Parker are going to leave the sport in pursuit of a professional baseball career; but as of now those are only rumors.

7W) DeAndre McDaniel, S, Clemson

This guy could have easily played on Sundays,
although he would not have been a first rounder he had the potential to be great. Finishing second in interceptions with 8, he knows how to locate the ball. 2010 should do nothing but improve his stock.

8M) Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson

BC has been pretty darn good stopping stud backs in recent years, but when
we do have problems with one, it tends to be a smaller, speed scat-back type of player. Ellington fits this mold. While he doesn’t, IMO, have the same explosiveness that his predecessor C.J. Spiller had, he’s a speedy back and could cause serious problems catching the ball out of the backfield. I’m sure Dabo Swinney will try to use him in the passing games running that same wheel route that Spiller embarrassed teams with, let’s just hope his relative lack of experience will not allow him to reach his full potential this year vs. our Eagles.

9W) TOB, HC, NC State

Not because he is a great coach, but he
does get the WTF win , to accompany the WTF loss, and with BC’s possibilities this year that could be them, plus he looks like death, and the last thing you want to hear is announcers talk about how he rescued BC from the depths of hell.

10M) Kevyn Scott, S, Syracuse

You're probably thinking to yourself...who
the heck is Kevyn Scott? Well I'll tell you who. He's the starting safety for Syracuse (as best as I can tell). Why is that important? It's important because we're playing 'Cuse the last game of the year this season and frankly, it's important to know the name of the starting safety/unknown RB third string backup who is going to possibly run for 250 yards and four TD's. The Diamond Ferri curse is alive and well friends. We must respect and fear it until proven otherwise.


Wesley drafted: Willams, Jarvis, Beamer, McDaniel, TOB
BCMike drafted: Kelly, Taylor, Wilson, Ellington, Scott

4-5 draft: Guys we're not happy about seeing in 2010
Wesley: Willams, Jarvis, Beamer, McDaniel, TOB
BCMike: Kelly, Taylor, Wilson, Ellington, Scott free polls

Friday, April 2, 2010

4/2 Draft: Players we are happy not to see in 2010

As we look forward to next season, it's fun to look at who is going to step up and perhaps be a big player for our teams and those we play against. However, an equally important point to note is those thorns in the side that are no longer there any longer (thank goodness).

So without further ado, the guys we're chipper about not having to see line up across the line of scrimmage from our Eagles in 2010.


1M) CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson

After watching Spiller take it to the house in Death Valley last year on a punt return, I am sure I have now seen Spiller score on BC in every way conceivable outside of the kicking game (actually kicking field goals and extra points). As happy as Tiger fans were that CJ was coming back for his senior season last year, I'm just as happy to see him finally leave the orange and purple behind for the greener pastures of the the NFL. Sadly, the Tigers' cupboards are far from barren in the backfield, but none of the other players taking Spiller's spot(s) have his unique explosive ability and nose for the endzone. Not many players do.

I will add that CJ Spiller has suffered a little bit from ACC-disease here in the Southeast (SEC territory), much like Matt Ryan did. Now that Spiller, like Ryan, are now out of college and primed to make a big splash in the NFL, the locals are now heaping on praise. Amazing how much better the players get once they're not in the horrific ACC that has no talent, no? I'm rambling here, but here's a real excerpt from a conversation I recently had with a 'Bama acquaintance of mine:

BCMike: "So who do you think will be the first RB taken in the draft this year?"
Bama fan: "CJ Spiller, no doubt. Kid is crazy talented. He's going to be a multi-threat guy wherever he goes. And that speed? Woo-hee!"
BCM: "Wow. Did you think he was the best running back in college football this year?"
Bama fan: "Oh hell no. I wouldn't even put him in the top half of SEC backs."
BCM: *scratches head*

2W) Riley Skinner, QB,Wake

If I were a betting man, I’d have to guess that Riley Skinner put up over 1,500 yards on Boston College, although BC has beaten Wake Forest every time since 2007, it has been more than just a slight nail biter, last year going into OT. I respect Riley Skinner, and feel like if he gets a chance to play on Sundays he will be successful.

3M) Golden Tate, WR, ND

I make no bones about my great disdain for all things Notre Dame, and that certainly does lead to a good amount of bias. Some of it I think probably offsets the Notre Dame propaganda machine (they're going by the acronym "NBC" nowadays), however I have to give it up for Golden Tate. I will say out of the last ten years, he's one of the few legitimate stars that has lined up on the gridiron for the guys from Indiana Catholic Community College. He's about as skilled as they come athletically and a true play-maker. I think he made Claussen appear much better than he was/is (and on a side note, as a Skins fan, I get literally nauseous at the prospect of that f*cking emu being drafted by my DC boys).

4W) Jason Worilds, DE, VT

Jason has been a beast for Virgina Tech, as much as I hate to admit it, and he’s also been very good at terrifying Boston College Quarterbacks. Fortunately, we won’t have to worry about him any more as Jason will without question be playing on Sundays

5M) Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

The other half to the home run threat that Clemson
enjoyed these past several years is the speedster Jacoby Ford. It didn't seem that he would hurt BC down the field too terribly often, but he was good for a reverse and a TD seemingly every time out. Having Ford depart step in step with Spiller was a Christmas gift given early to every d-coordinator in the ACC.

6W) Jimmy Clausen, QB, ND

Not that I think he is a star, but I was just tired of seeing his face.

Clausen is projected to be one of the first Quarterbacks taken in the draft, I personally don’t see it. He does have great arm strength, but I feel if you can’t be successful in college, how can you succeed in the Pros?

7M) Kam Chancellor, SS, VT

Chancellor was instrumental in helping the Hokies load up the box and stop the BC run. He was an athletic, hard-hitting safety that had enough speed to recover even if the play-action was effective in getting him out of position. VT does seem to grow great hybrid players on trees there in Blacksburg (as I consider Chancellor to be), and Chancellor was no exception. I'm glad we'll be going against some inexperienced starters this season.

8W) Charlie Weis, Coach ND

Yes, I know I cheated, but how could we write a list like this and not include Charlie Weis? Not like he Is suffering , and wondering where is next meal is coming from, although I think that may always be a question for Charlie.. but he got a nice buy out, and if he prepared the math was there for him to never have to work again.

9M) Dan LeFevour, QB, CMU

Happy not to see Charlie Weis, Wesley? Sure, he's not much to
look at, but hiring Kelly and firing Weis was the worst thing that could happen to BC fans. I'll always be in debt for the lower mediocrity that Weis kept his alma mater in for years.

For me, I'll take Dan LeFevour here. Sure, we're not scheduled to play Central Michigan in 2010, but twice is certainly enough. Many remember his heroics which almost cost us a W three years ago (his coming out party), and last season I thought we did a nice job forcing the Chips to beat us in ways other than the LeFevour show, but just the same if you play that guy enough times he's going to lick ya. The CMU chips were a good team last year and you could make a case for that being the best game our Eagles played. Not having to spin that wheel and see if we come up roses again vs. DLF makes me happy. Best of luck to the guy in the Pro's.

10W) Thaddeus Lewis, QB, Duke

Thaddeus Lewis is basically the opposite of Dan
LeFevour for us.Thaddeus has had a very respectable career in Duke, right when we didn’t have to play them. Well now Duke is back in the rotation, and I for one am glad that he is not there.


BCMike: Spiller, Tate, Ford, Chancellor, LeFevour
Wesley: Skinner, Worilds, Clausen, Weis, Lewis

4-2 Draft: Glad they're gone!
BCMike: Spiller, Tate, Ford, Chancellor, LeFevour
Wesley: Skinner, Worilds, Clausen, Weis, Lewis free polls