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10/1/10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. ND

The Fraudulent French come to The Heights this Saturday night on national television and it's going to be a good one. Not only is this the last year of the "Holy War" / "Battle for the Ireland Trophy" for a couple years, but also the first game for the much heralded true freshman Chase Rettig.

Below are Wesley and I's keys to the game vs. Notre Dame this Saturday.


1M) Script the first three plays

There's no doubt that Chase Rettig's nerves are going to be out of control and having the first several plays scripted is going to help everyone out. In there should be one run, one simple pass and one deep pass to let him uncork one and get the zing out. Let's get him comfortable and practicing those three plays that are scripted so he doesn't have to think about those. Execute those three well, and then once we've pushed through the nerves, we can go ahead and compete as usual.

2W) O line Pass Blocking

I cannot stress this enough.. Although last week was a bit rough, it coulda been significantly better if the pass blocking was better.

Run blocking seems to do pretty well, especially post Kent State. But picking up the extra guys, and Pass blocking is going to be crucial. Get a sack on rettig early , and it will really negatively effect his moxey. Hold up the line, and he can have some time to make some good decisions downfield, and our WR some time to get open

3M) The Pressure of the Crist

Unlike last week when I advised against going after Tyrod Taylor, this week I think we should pressure Crist--and straight up the middle. From what I've seen he actually throws a pretty ball when given time and not we can accomplish both by firing KPL and Keeks up the middle at him and using Herzy's great range in the middle to pick off any errant quick tosses he'll have to make.

4W) Get Pantale the ball

He is a great option, and one of the more seasoned players for Chase or MM to toss the ball to.

Pantale is a special TE, and I would really like to see him get more looks. He could be the bail out check down for the young QB

5M) Get and keep the crowd involved early

Even the most entrenched whale-pants wearing "sit-down" codger will agree that Alumni gets rockin' for night games (I believe this to be in no small part to the lack of two hour tailgating limits before the game...the kids will be full of liquid courage well before the game comes close to kick off).

Add in the fact that while many BC folks consider this to be our main rivalry game, many ND folks/players do not. This means our fans an players would be pretty geeked up for this game regardless, so if we're able to pounce in ND early and get the crowd involved, I think they could be a difference maker against a 1-win ND team that comes limping into Alumni Stadium Saturday night.

6W) Montel getting over 100 yards

Good call on the Crowd BCMike, I like the added excitement of the eagle flying for the opening ceremonies..

On my number 6 I am going to have to predict this.. if Montel gets over 100 yards, it will equal a BC victory.
My thought process on that is, Notre Dame will be loading up the box to stop Montel, so if he is able to get 100 yards, either 1) their loading up the box isn’t working, or 2) they had to change game plans to counter a successful Rettig.

(Thanks to Turner Action Sports for the Montel Pic)

7M) Screen away

Wesley I have to disagree with your assessment on the Montel and 100 yards theory. VT loaded up the box and Montel actually had a pretty darn good game, rushing for over 100 yards and nearly 6 per tote. Unfortunately, if the rest of the offense doesn't play well, it can certainly mean doom and gloom for BC fans once again.

My 4th key here, 7th overall is going to be going to the screen passes early and often. Montel is really terrific in space and as long as our OL guys can get out and pave the way, this is a great way to keep the pressure off of Chase. The good part about starting a true frosh at 8PM on national television: you know what's going to be coming from the defense...Blitzes. Lots of 'em. If we can catch ND in a couple of these blitzes with some nice screen plays, BC can force ND to play back a little bit and that's when Montel gets a little breathing room.

8W) Conversion in the red zone

BCMike, hey I didn’t say it was the key for every game, just this one..

This seems like an obvious one, and well it really is..but BC has been terribly unsuccessful while in the red zone at just over 50% Boston College needs to do what it can to always get the points while in the red zone, even if it is 3.

9M) Getting Freese back on track

Oh I hear ya there, Wesley--it's just that ND enters the game with the 103rd ranked rushing D, so I'm expecting we'll have some success with Montel & the big uglies up front.

For my last key, I'm going to go with getting our kicking game back on track here. Freese looked great in his first two games, even causing Brian from BCI to start with a "#Freese4Groza" hash-tag on Twitter. Unfortunately he only had one real attempt last week and it wasn't pretty. Last week was the first real pressure game for the Eagles and this one will be that much tougher at night under the lights on the big stage. We need Freese to get established early as a weapon so we can get aggressive in the red zone, as you mentioned earlier here.

10W) Contain Kyle Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph is a good TE for the Fraudulent French.. and I really don’t think number 10 is going to be a very hard one to do with Boston College’s stellar LB corp. But Rudolph can get hot, so hot his nose shines bright.. sorry I couldn’t resist saying that.. lol. But Rudolph can impose a threat, and will be Crists go to option if he gets heat on him, which he may, especially with DQ or Dillion Quinn coming off suspension.


BCMike drafted: script 1st 3, pressure Crist, Alumni involved, Screen away, Freese back
Wesley drafted: OL Pass block, Pantale, Montel over 100, Red Zone Conversions. contain Rudolph

10-1Draft: Keys to the Game vs. ND
BCMike:script 1st 3, pressure Crist, Alumni involved, Screen away, Freese back
Wesley: OL Pass block, Pantale, Montel over 100, Red Zone Conversions. contain Rudolph free polls

9/30/10 draft: Reasons to hate Notre Dame

So, let's just assume that everyone hates Notre Dame except Notre Dame fans. That being the case, Wesley and I decided to ask WHY from a BC perspective:


1W) Unjustified self worth.

I have never met a team or group of fans that felt so highly of themselves, even when they suck. Notre Dame feels they have overwhelming self worth to the sport of college football, when they havent been relavent in plenty of years..

2M) Because my ancestors didn't land in f*cking Indiana

Listen, I'm Irish, and a fairly stereotypical one at that. I love my beer, potatoes, and fighting (football works here). However there's one thing I don't get as an Irishman--that's how--exactly--a team in nowheresville Indiana has the balls to call themselves "The Irish". My great great great great great grandfather came over on a boat and landed outside Philly. Many others had Ellis Island as their port if entry. But most came through and into Boston.

You know where the boats didn't land? Where the Irish didn't immediately settle?


3W)Lou Holtz

Like that one Mike, don’t think many people even think about that.

On this one I am going with Lou Holtz.. Do I really need to elaborate?

4M) False air of superiority (academically)

Wesley, Louth Holch is an excellent selection. The man talks like his mouth is full of M&M's and he's still on the ND payroll.

The last time I was in South Bend for a BC was a couple years ago. After the game was over, a drunken stumbling student came up to me, my friends, and my father and proclaimed: "we'll give you a win, but not an acceptance letter."

While it was funny watching this imbecille stumble and crash to the ground in a pile of fail moments later, it was only further down the line that I learned that most ND folks honestly believe this to be true--that BC is a, as they have called it--"backup college" for ND wanna-be's.

Before I go into my tirade let me say this: as an institution of higher learning I have nothing but respect for ND. It's a great school, it really is. If you can't see that, than you're just an idiot, a hater, or some combination of the two.
But on to the tirade. Do you know which school is harder to get into? Which school has more applicants for less spots? Higher average SAT scores for incoming freshman? Which one is rated as the a "new Ivy"?
That would be Boston College.

We don't want to be you, ND. We're already better than you.

5W) Won't join a conference

Seriously, you aren’t that special.. just join one.. I understand you want to keep all your royalties, and thats fine, but if you aren't playing in a conference, let alone one with a Championship, how can you ever be taken seriously, I mean if you ever were decent of course. so I guess this is a moot point.

6M) Because ND is a Buick

That's right, you heard me. What's that? Buick is an over-priced piece of junk? Well have you considered our 1948 model? No? Well what about back in the 1960's, when we mattered? No?

Well, ND hasn't mattered for anything for quite some time, but they will never let you forget about way back those days when they actually did.


Because a channel somehow falls for this snake oil. Seriously, NBC wake up, Show some other Football games rather than Notre Dame playing, you actually usually have one of the better HD pictures available, and commentating isnt horrible. But putting Notre Dame on every week just is nuts. Does ESPN show Wyoming vs SDSU every week? No, my point exactly.

8M) Every QB they've had since Montana

Seriously, from Ron "four national championships in the bag" Paulus to Jimmy Claussen and every douche along the way, the ND QB is always supposedly awesome and never, ever is.

9W) Because Rudy was the worst football movie ever made.

And Sid Vicious was a better story for BC. A real life story.. With a pretty happy ending..

10M) The 1993 Fake Punt (c/o's "Legrande")

Okay first of all, I have to 'fess up and say I actually really liked--borderline LOVED that movie Rudy regardless of the satanic institution that's a part of that movie. Not sure how I feel about all of that now that Joe Montana came out saying that it never really happened, but that's another story.

For those folks who say that BC/ND is not a rivalry, all you really need to examine is the 1992 and 1993 games between these schools. While most BC fans can tell you that it was BC that broke ND's heart in 1993 with that David Gordon kick, many can't tell you WHY it came down to that in the first place.

The short, short, short version is that ND, in 1992, was up by around 30 points. Late in the 4th quarter, because he's a lying, dirty, scumbag of a slobbering stuttering shell of a human being--Lou Holtz decides this is an opportune time to run a fake punt.

That didn't sit well with Tom Coughlin. He had the score of that game put up in the locker room immediately afterward on a big scoreboard in the locker room. And there it sat. All spring. All summer during workouts. At the start of the season. Throughout the season. And you know when that ND game came, at the very last game of the season--BC was ready to take on the undefeated Notre Dame Slimy Irish, and take on they did. One week after ND beat FSU, BC knocks off ND on the strength of David Gordon's foot and sends FSU to their first National Championship.

You have to wonder...would BC have been as geeked up for that game should ND had not attempted and executed successfully the fake punt? We'll never know.
Wesley: Self-worth,Lou Holtz, Conference, NBC, Rudy
BCMike:Irish,Academic false superiority, ND is a buick, no QBs, 93 Fake Punt

9-30 draft: Reasons to hate Notre Dame
Wesley: Self-worth,Lou Holtz, Conference, NBC, Rudy
BCMike:Irish,Academic false superiority, ND is a buick, no QBs, 93 Fake Punt free polls

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Week 4 ballot preview

Draft 9/28: Worst of the Worst vs. Virginia Tech

Well, that sucked.

In one of the more painful offensive games in recent memory (only truly eclipsed by the record-setting Clemson game of last year), BC lost a very winable game and wasted a very good defensive effort in this tough loss.

The silver lining as BC fans is that we turn the page on the Uncle Dave chapter and enter a new one with Chase Rettig (and/or Marsco).

Sadly, this draft was WAY too easy to complete, as there were many poor things that didn't make the cut simply due to the 10 pick max. Let's digest this, move on, and take down ND next week.

Wesley...start us off man. What was the worst of the worst vs. VT?


1W) Interception in the endzone for shinskie.

Ruined any rhythm that he possibly was thinking of getting in., and made the fans go from a nice roar to a low grumble. Shinskie would have been better just throwing this one into the dirt or the stands.. when you are in the red zone, you need to come away with points, but when you make a turnover , you not only come away with 0, you give them an opportunity to make points out of your mistake.

2M) Amidon stumble

Before Uncle Dave had a chance to throw that painful INT in the endzone, he actually had a shot at a wide open Alex Amidon. Throw was fine. Amidon’s legs weren’t, as the turf monster ate him up. No one within 10 yards of him standing alone in the endzone if he doesn’t trip up.

3) Shinskie half time run

Mike good call on the Amidon Stumble.. it really did take some wind of the sails, on what was actually a pretty good pass, although I will give Amidon a small pass as it was one of the very first passes thrown his was at the College level.

I think I am getting a good 3rd round pick here with the Shinskie half time run.. It basically was the encapsulation of all that is wrong in life.. war,disease, etc. Time was running out we were in the red zone.. and we are only down 7.. the minimum we should leave with is 3, and that is really up for debate.. the announcers said it. Just don’t take the sack.. but they didn’t know what was in store. Shinskie showed good feet and field vision as he trucked down towards the end zone.. just to tackle about a football length short of either out of bounds or the end zone, and BC goes to halftime with 0 points.

4M) LeGrande and Wes Davis not reading

Wesley, great call on the Shinskie brainfart. While that play drove me nuts, it wasn’t as bothersome to me as it was to some people. I mean, there WAS an opening, and he DID have a good shot to get to the endzone, he just executed poorly and half-assed it at the last yard and came up short. But you’re right, I probably lost the competition this week by letting it get to you here at three.

For my second pick, fourth overall, I’m going with Wes Davis and Dom LeGrande not reading BCDraft. Want to know how I know? Because our first key to the game last week vs. VT was making sure LeGrande and Davis kept back when Taylor scrambled. The BC D played a great game, truly…but this was a big, painful brainfart that wound up costing us six points. Third and fifteen range, LeGrande decides to start moving towards the line of scrimmage about 25-35 yards away from the action. Tyrod Taylor was moving towards the line of scrimmage but had close to zero chance of making a first down running the ball. Just as we warned it would happen, as soon as our safeties jumped up, Taylor lollipopped one over their heads for a huge gain that set up the TD score. Just a very big swing in momentum and a big game changer.

5W) O line U, getting bull rushed

Towards the end of the game, parts of the line were getting bull rushed similar to the Raji/ND one.
BC has a great tradition on their O line.. and have VERY skilled and capable people to blow most other teams off the line on EVERY single down, but for some reason it wasn’t happening

6M) Spaz starting the second half w/Shinskie

While the Uncle Dave brainfart was plenty disheartening, let’s remember that this game was only 7-0 at halftime. It wasn’t lost yet, and while our offense had only driven down the field on the backs of the zebra’s, the VT offense wasn’t impressive vs. our D at all, either.

After watching the first half of Shinkskie’s putrid, depressing play, I consoled myself with the thought that at least he was done for the day and we’d see Marsco start the second half and perhaps put a fire under our guys and give us a chance to take this game.

But then there he was, back under center again. I just had the biggest gut-punch feeling….just like in Harry Potter when the Dementors approached Harry’s train and sucked all of the life and happiness out of him…leaving him soulless and unable to have a single positive thought…that’s how I felt when I saw Shinskie running back out to start the second half after BC gained possession.

7W)The runaway punt

It was one of those punts where you think you know what the PR is thinking.. call the fair catch and let it roll into the endzone for a touchback…. Well that didn’t happen.. it stopped in the shadows of the goal posts for BC, giving them horrific field position on what was already becoming long day.

8M) 2nd Shinskie INT

The announcers spoke to it when they said that it didn’t look like Uncle Dave was all there from the last play, and I think that probably had something to do with it. To me, this kind of wraps up Uncle Dave’s career at Boston College pretty accurately. He was trying to be tough, trying to stick it out, but wasn’t smart about it and mixed that with his two biggest faults (staring down receivers for an eternity and believing his arm can out-throw coverage), you come up with the 2nd INT of the day.

This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and likely the last play David Shinskie will ever take part in as a part of the football team. Good intention, poor execution.

9W) Laying the big Goose egg when the clock read 0:00

I know this wasn’t necessarily one play, but a combination of all plays.. BC hasn’t been shutout in 8 years, and that time was to VT as well. It really made me realize that we not only had a lot of issues to work on, but moreso questions, on overall direction, who to play, and stuff like that , rather than we just got beat by VT.. now all we can hope for is a rematch in Charlotte.

10M) Shinskie fumble

To be fair to Uncle Dave, the pocket did break down, however he was holding the ball out at his hips just asking for it to be taken away, which the Hokies had no problems doing.


Wesley drafted: Endzone INT, Shins halftime brainfart, O-Line U bullrushed, runaway punt, Goose Egg
BCMike drafted: Amidon stumble, Safeties coming up, Spaz sticking w-Shins, Shins 2nd INT, Shins fumble

Draft 9-28: Worst of the Worst vs. Virginia Tech
Wesley drafted: Endzone INT, Shins halftime brainfart, O-Line U bullrushed, runaway punt, Goose Egg
BCMike drafted: Amidon stumble, Safeties coming up, Spaz sticking w-Shins, Shins 2nd INT, Shins fumb free polls

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9/24/10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. VT

We are very lucky to have Furrer 4 Heisman from Gobbler Country join us this week to help draft the keys to the game for VT. Hopefully his insight will be better than ours, as...well, ours is crap. His keys are below ours.

But enough about what you already's what Wesley and I believe the keys to the game are this week vs. Virginia Tech!


1M) Wes Davis and Dom LeGrande staying home

Virginia Tech wants to run the ball, that’s a given.
Tyrod Taylor is a running threat, that’s also a given. However, what VT is able to do on offense quickly is fairly limited unless the safeties creep up trying to stop a crazy Tyrod Taylor scramble or in run support to stop Ryan Williams Darren Evans and David Wilson, in which case all Taylor has to do is lollipop one over the top to a streaking Danny Coale or Dyrell Roberts.

They’re plenty talented running the ball, but BC’s D is based on making our opponents earn every yard to get down the field. Let’s play back on the safeties and make Taylor be precise with his passes if he wants to attack the Eagles downfield.

2W) Utilize the crowd

Whether bs or not by beamer alumni
gets loud, and this will be a good time to show it even being a noon game and our edited version, should be able to be a factor

3M) Take a shot with Coleman deep early

VT has lost two of three, but let’s not kid ourselves,
they’ve got a terrific coaching staff and we know they’re going to force Uncle Dave to beat them. Early on, BC is going to want to establish the run but that’s nearly impossible when there’s eight guys in the box. I say early on, we need to take a chance deep with the freakishly athletic Coleman and stretch them to let them know what this young man is capable. If we’re lucky, we can get on the board early. If we miss, at least we show his abilities and talents early and force them to play back a little bit.

4W) O-line cohesiveness

Especially with Mark Spinney in there, they
had issues with kent, now it's vt, hopefully the 2 week break fixed this issue and restores the gpa at o line u

5M) Gause and Fletcher tackling near LOS

While some BC fans breathed a sigh of relief
that BC would only have to worry about power back Darren Evans, perhaps you haven’t watched much of the Hokies this year. In addition to the powerful Evans, the kids from Blacksburg also have a little hyper sprite in their pocket named David Wilson. He’s very fast and likes to hit the hole early, but has no problem bouncing outside where many times BC forces speed backs to go.

That translates pretty simply into our corners getting off of blocks and coming up in run support once the run had been bounced outside, or at the very least containing the run so our more than adequate LB corps can come up and make the play. If Gause and Fletcher don’t tackle well on Saturday, don’t expect a BC win.

6W) Settle Shinskie early

After last years beat down courtesy of the hokies, one thing is certain, shinskie is more streaky than my college freshman year 's love life.Settle him down get some easy tosses in and then progress from there. We want more tds than int s

7M) Don’t pressure Tyrod Taylor

This one might have you scratching your head, but hear me out. Recently I was chatting with a BC defensive player who intimated that he thought Taylor wasn’t running nearly as much this year even though the situations continue to present themselves. Why we both wondered. His best guess? This is Tyrod’s final audition in a Hokies uniform before his NCAA days are over and he’s trying to prove himself to “The League” that he can be a pocket-passing NFL-caliber QB.

After watching every VT game this year, I have to say that argument actually holds a lot of weight. Taylor is taking more time than ever back in the pocket and very frequently has thrown the ball on medium and short routes when the five to ten yard run was blatantly open.

My point here? I’d rather take my chances vs. Tyrod Taylor’s arm than his legs. Let’s play back and see if he continues to try to force the action to show that he’s capable…and perhaps the BC defense can prove him wrong. It’s very unlikely we’re going to get many sacks on Taylor anyway, and the chances of him breaking contain are good to great even if we do…so the smart thing in my opinion is to let him force the throw and capitalize when he does.

8W) Herzy coming back out party

It's time VT is reminded of the Herzy of old!

9M) Stripping Darren Evans

Ever since Evans has come back, he’s running hard,
but he’s also running recklessly with the ball. From the limited time he’s seen, he consistently not covering up and holding the ball out like a loaf. I expect Keeks, Herzy, and KPL to try to strip Evans and Mr. Johnny on the spot, Mr. LeGrande to be there to pick up the fumble recovery.

I think this game will be a very tight contest and turnovers are going to play an even bigger role in this game than most. Time for the D to keep up the turnovers and strip Darren Evans.

10W) DeLeon Gause KR / PR

How can I not mention gause.. Pr and kr its
going to be key.. gause needs to show that he can take his close break outs to the next level 10


Okay, that's the take from two BC guys...but what about from the VT faithful...what do they think their Hokies need to do to win this Saturday in Chestnut Hill?

Gobbler Country's Keys to Victory for VT:

1G) Get Pressure Up the Middle

Shinskie and Marscovetra aren't fazed by outside pressure because of their confidence in their left and right tackles.
For the Hokies to disrupt the BC passing game, they'll need to get through the middle of the BC offensive line. John Graves, who was the anchor of the Hokies' defensive line last season, has been quiet so far in 2010. That puts pressure on Antoine Hopkins, who is starting for the injured Kwamaine Battle, to get to Shinskie in four-man rush situations.

If he can't, then you'll blitz packages similar to what Virginia Tech ran against East Carolina last week. Look for Bruce Taylor and Lyndell Gibson to blitz up the middle to try and put pressure on the BC QBs. If they're successful, it will force Shinskie and Marscovetra outside the pocket and hopefully into making some of the same mistakes we saw last year in Blacksburg.

2G) Keep the Defense Fresh

The most important reason the Hokies need to establish the run game is to help their defense. The Hokies' front seven is facing a much bigger, much more physical offensive line than they're used to and if they're not careful they'll get worn down as the game goes along. Sustaining drives and converting on third-and-short and critical for the Hokies to keep their D on the sidelines.

Conversely, the Hokies' D have to force some three-and-outs. This starts with containing Montel Harris on first down and forcing the Eagles to pass.

3G) Get on the Scoreboard Early

When Montel Harris has struggled against Virginia Tech,
it hasn't necessarily been because of something the Hokie D has done. It's often been because Tech jumped out to an early lead and forced the Eagles to go to the air. This happened last year in Blacksburg and in the 2008 ACCCG.

Tech needs to neutralize Montel Harris because he's BC's best offensive weapon and because it will make BC one-dimensional. It's not just up to the defense to do this, it's also up to the offense. The Hokies haven't scored an offensive touchdown in Chestnut Hill since 2002 and if that happens again, there's obviously no way they can come away with a win. They need to get in the end zone -- and do it early -- to help take the Eagles out of their game plan.


A BIG thank you to Gobbler Country for joining us this week. We hope the VT team has a short, but very influential case of food poisoning before the game but then has a great rest of the season.

All kidding aside, these have almost always been great matchups and we look forward to hopefully another great game this Saturday at Noon. Make sure to catch more of Gobbler Country over at over on Twitter @GobblerCountry