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10/9/10: Keys to the Game vs. NC State

Keys to the Game BC vs. NC State


1W) Offensive line give more than 3 secs to the qb

Whoever does QB, hopefully Rettig, is young, and will take longer than usual to work his progressions..

Let me go on the record, the O line is strong and talented enough to be one of the better in the league, but they haven’t been cutting the mustard the past few games, I don’t know what they need to do to get it all worked out, but I hope it happens this week!

2M) Taking advantage of Russell Wilson's "500!" balls

The last couple of games I've watched of NC State, Russell Wilson has a LOT of confidence in his WR's to go up and make the catch in traffic. We need our guys who play back (read: the safeties) to be ball hawks on Saturday and capitalize when Wilson serves it up to the highest leaper.

At the very least, I need to see Wes Davis and Dom LeGrande laying the lumber on these guys going up for the jump balls so that even if they do get their hands on it, they don't come down with it.

3W) Montel to relive the 2009 rb demo he put on.

If you remember the game, then you remember the stats.. BC could really make some serious progress with another performance by the ninja Montel had 264 yards and 5 td’s as the Eagles destroyed the puppies 52-20.

4M) Let TOB and Dana Bible be TOB and Dana Bible

If (or more likely when) NC State gets the lead and is in the 2nd half, they'll start to be uber conservative and turtle, much like they did vs. VT last week. BC needs to stay aggressive on D and shut down the predictable run on first, run on second, pass short on third down offense by NC State (which, ironically enough, Gary Tranquill seems to also have perfected).

5W) Be creative on offensive playcalling

Bazooka, Flee-flicker, pass on first down for crying out loud. NC State watched the tape from last week I can promise you that.. well it is time to open it up now. Heck, just make it fun to watch for starters. But if the Oline is unable to hold back a rush, you have to be creative.

6M) Use a rover

To me, Russell Wilson is probably the best mix of a very mobile QB who still keeps his eyes downfield looking to hurt you with his arm first.

He's more comfortable and more accurate in the pocket, but if you force him out without containing him he absolutely can hurt you with his legs. I'd like to see our LB's spy on him and be in an upfield rover position to be able to cover quick slants early in the play but stay back anticipating the contain on Wilson particularly if we're sending more than four after him

7W) Wes Davis pick

Good call on the Rover, I do agree.. where is Akins lol.

I am going for a Wes Davis pick. Wes is a Senior, a leader, and he led a team meeting the other day to talk about how they are going to comeback after losing to Notre Dame..

Well I am thinking Wes would rather lead by example, and an interception, especially early, will do more talking than he could possibly imagine..

8M) Push the Pantale

While most of the WR's last week had sub-par days to say the least (outside of Bobby Swigert), one of the best offensive weapons on the team seems to have been put out to pasture by Gary's time to get Pantale back in the fold here, he's a great receiving TE that can stretch the field and make the LB's respect the drops which could open up some breathing room for Montel.

9W) WR blocking

Good call on utilizing the tight ends, we have some great ones, wish they were getting more looks, they should be the quarterbacks bff.

We need to have some good wr blocking, its been abysmal as of late, and can only improve. This is both on runs and passes. And this makes small plays into large ones, exactly what we will need to do to win..

10M) No Shinskie Staredown

The story broke late last night that Dave Shinskie is back at the helm at QB for the Eagles, making it seem as if Chase Rettig can't go. This is yet another opportunity for Uncle Dave to step up, we'll just have to find out to see if he can take it.

The physical tools have never been in question with Shinskie, it's usually been poor decision making and bad throws. The pet peeve of mine that Shinskie is guiltier than sin of doing is the staredown. Moreover, he'll usually pump fake in the direction of where he's going to throw it on routes that aren't hitches or come-backs, resulting in a telegraphed throw that D-backs have only been too eager to pick off.

If BC's going to have a chance vs. NC State this Saturday, the Shinskie Staredown can't be in full effect.
Wesley: O-line, Montel Demo, Creative OC, Davis Pick, WR Blocking
BCMike:Russell 500, TOB&Bible, Rover, Pantale, No Shinskie Staredown

10-8 Keys to the game vs. NC State
Wesley: O-line, Montel Demo, Creative OC, Davis Pick, WR Blocking
BCMike: Russell 500, TOBBible, Rover, Pantale, No Shinskie Staredown free polls

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