Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31 Draft: Our favorites from '09

So we took a couple holidays off..sue us! Actually, please don't sue us. We don't make any money off of this thing and frankly can't afford the for missing a couple days.


Since today is the last day of 2009, we thought we would take the spirit of Christmas and The New Year alive by enjoying some self-absorbency. Below are our favorite ten posts of the year. If you haven't seen them before, give them a read, they might be enjoyable for you as well.

Again, thank you to all of our readers and ESPECIALLY those who comment and write in emails to us. The feedback is really what keeps us going, so thank you. We hope you've enjoyed reading BCDraft as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

We can all pray that we'll be significantly better in 2010, but don't get your hopes up. I'm just saying, let's be realistic about this. I digress...


1W) Patriot Golfer / NC State preview

We did this one while I was conferenced in; while driving down the road in California.. First we were just going to do a normal Keys to Victory against NC State, then when we thought about it , we thought it may be a bit more entertaining to have Patriot Golfers Point of view on the game.. and it turned out pretty well.

2M) American Gladiators

We've had a good bit of fun photoshopping
various things throughout the year, but this was one of my favorites. To give credit where it's due, this was Wesley's idea that we worked together on. Some photos came out better than others, but just about every one of them gave both of us a healthy belly laugh. My favorite is still probably the main picture with Spaz, Govs, and Tranq.

3W) Alex Albright interview

I want to say that this was our first Player Interview? If I am wrong, I am sorry.
But it just lined up really well. The questions were both personal and impersonal, football and random, but the real content came in Alex's responses. He was both direct and verbose, with his answers and showed EXACTLY what a BC Student- Athelete is!

4M) Marcellus Bowman interview

We were most fortunate to have Chris Cameron hook us up with Marty for a live phone interview. It was our first taste of really acting like "media" members (we all know we're entirely too unprofessional to be considered media, but still...) and the interview itself was just fantastic. I liked Bowman before the interview and after talking to him, I became one of his biggest fans. Terrific kid, great player, and as Mike Farrell from says--hardest hitter ever at Boston College.

5W) Renaming the Pac-10

Haha, quick and dirty, yes this was fun, and VERY easy.. but the amount of hate mail, and such that we got from this was amusing. as much as it proves that the most work doesn't usually = most fruit, as this article had our most reads so far.

6M) Andre Ware predictions

As BC fans, we're a little bit on the hypersensitive side when it comes to preseason predictions. Now some would make the suggestion that this reaction is a learned one; as the media has never been kind to BC in any sport (outside of hockey) in the preseason and we're always one of those teams who has to prove they belong, instead of having to prove that they don't (see OU, ND, tOSU). Andre's comments at the beginning of the year set off a shitstorm that I'm not sure we've seen before or since. Andre called for "two, maybe three" wins for our boys who were returning from their second consecutive A3CG. On the verge of a nine win season, we penned the Andre Ware article which has proven to be one of our fellow BC fan's favorites to date.

7W) Meter

I have to admit it , I am a serious Meter fan. He does a great service for BC, and I think his voice helps spread the BC name around. I honestly can't, nor want to hear any other voice of the Eagles. Meter didn't let down , when he showed us how a real podcast should be run.

8M) Emotions of TOB

Again, I must give credit where it's due--this
was another one of Wesley's ideas that morphed into the final post that became "The Emotions of TOB". Much like the Gladiators post, this one had us both rolling as we found photo after photo of Ginger showing zero expression and then coming up with the best emotions to describe them. Nothing of substance here, but plenty of laughs...and that goes a long way for me.

9W) First post

Let me prelude this with, I FAILED .. haha It was our first draft, and I honestly didn't know where it was going. Heck , I still don't. This draft was to basically rank the top 10 ACC teams.. and although I virtually failed,it laid a good foundation for going forward. As it was a very difficult start, it was very fun start to something good.

10M) Worst of Worst from Clemson

This was the first game Wesley and I went
to together this year. We had a blast despite the multiple rain delays and losing badly. Being able to share our frustrations with what went wrong set a template for future posts and allowed us to go outside the box a bit with our thoughts (which has, for better or worse, become a bit of a staple around here) with selections such as "6. Getting my piece of shit tent up".

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