Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SPECIAL: BCDraft interview with WR Johnathan Coleman

Those who follow recruiting know that the name Johnathan Coleman came out of nowhere to be a white-hot WR prospect. BC was lucky enough to nab him last year and this season Coleman has red-shirted. Wesley caught up with Coleman recently and Johnathan was kind enough to give us the time to let BCDraft readers find out more about him.


BCDraft: Johnathan, Thanks for taking the time to have this short discussion, so more BC fans can know a bit more about you.

BCDraft: You grew up in the Bronx, but played football in Randor, can you tell us and our readers how that process went? Basically you started playing your Junior year, Correct?

Johnathan Coleman: I got to Radnor all on academics. Someone suggested my grandparents to put me in the A Better Chance Program when I was in 8th grade. The A Better Chance Program takes minority students from poor backgrounds and puts them in private boarding schools [or] our high ranked suburban public schools. After visiting many schools in the northeast I decided to go to Radnor. At Radnor I played basketball all four years and baseball my freshman and sophomore year. I didn’t start playing football until my senior year. Everyone in my high school was pushing me to play football all my previous years but I was so focused on basketball because I was getting D2 looks early in my sophomore year. However when my senior year rolled around I decided to just try it out and see what happens. I found that I liked football. I didn’t have good technique but I was able to get by on athletic ability. After I good season at Radnor I got a lot of looks for D1 and D1AA schools. I was surprised schools wanted me so much seeing that I only played one year. It was a good time in my life. Eventually I committed to BC and now I’m here!!

BCD: Has there been any current upperclassman who has taken you under his wing and tried to help bring you along?

JC: All of the upperclassmen have had an influence on me. They all have helped me at different points in times. I appreciate them helping me out as I’m still trying to learn the technicality of playing receiver.

BCD: What NFL WR do you think your game most closely emulates?

JC: I am nowhere close to him but my goal is to play like Randy Moss one day. Even before I started playing football Randy Moss was my favorite player in the NFL. He has tremendous ability. He’s a FREAK.

BCD: Tell us about some of the WR's who we haven't been able to see on the field as much this year...C. Lee 3, etc.

JC: Clyde Lee is a great receiver. He’s so fast and quick and I think he will be real good next year. Ryan Lindsey is also really good. He was down on scout team with me this year and he made a lot of good plays. I think he will be great next season.

BCD: Why BC, how do you see yourself next year, what WR slot do you like to play (X, Y, Z). Things about the team that only an insider would know...

JC: I chose BC because It has a great academic reputation as well as a standout football program. My goal for next year is to start. I will work as hard as I can to do so. I play the X slot, which is on the outside majority of the time.

I think that most people don’t know that our team is full with a bunch of funny guys. Everyone is always cracking jokes in the locker room and everyone is always laughing. Its good because that means our team gets along well.

BCD: BC was selected to go to the Emerald Bowl, which it is slated to play USC, can you tell us how you feel about this match-up, and how the rest of the team feels about it.

JC: I feel that The Emerald Bowl is a great opportunity for us to show the nation that we are a program that should be taken seriously in the upcoming years. The coaches are preparing us well for the game and the guys on the team are excited to play USC.

BCD: You just are finishing up on your first semester at BC, what was your hardest class? what surprised you?

JC: Surprisingly my hardest class is Theater. It takes up so much time because I have to read plays and remember all of the characters. I have to remember all these technical terms that have to do with stage design, costume design, and play writing. It’s a fun class but it’s a lot of work.

BCD: You were recruited by Ryan Day, who happens to be your position coach, can you tell us about your relationship with Coach Day, and how your recruitment went?

JC: Being recruited by Coach Day was a huge deal because I was able to start building my relationship with him early. Currently Coach Day is teaching me everything I need to know about being a good receiver. Sometimes we will have 1 on 1 session during which he goes over the playbook with me. I feel like we have a good relationship.

BCD: You were red-shirted this year, where do you feel your game has improved to prepare for next year?

JC: My biggest issue coming in was speed and physicality of college football. When I first got here Coach Day would always tell that I wasn’t running hard enough. I needed to force myself to run faster. Now I just try to give all I have every play and it seems to be working.

I also had to adjust to the physical part of the game. Early in the season I was hesitant hit people on blocks but after a long season on scout team I feel that I have gotten over that hump. I would say that being red-shirted is a good idea for anybody especially for some who only played one year in high school.

BCD: Johnathan, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Good luck in San Fran, we'll be cheering hard for BC!


  1. this is a great read and very much appreciated. ABC is such a great program in my opinion. This interview makes me realize that I would much rather read about current players and their experiences at BC (both on and off the field) rather than high school seniors going through the recruiting process.

    I imagine the SID would want to manage this somehow but man, what a great tool for drawing people to the program. After reading this how can you not root for a guy like Coleman?

  2. Yup, this is a way better use of my time than thinking about the URI loss, whether we'll land Louis Young at CB, or if the band will play in San Fran. Good stuff.

  3. Sounds like a great kid. Great read.