Thursday, December 3, 2009

12/3 Draft: Worst things about the A3CG

We here at BCDraft are far from far from petty (I'm not NOT licking toads....), and with the A3CG this weekend, we're a little bitter not to be a part for the first time in three years. With that in mind, here are the things we don't like about the game / the even this weekend:


1M) That both teams lost to mediocre SEC teams the week before the game

Honestly. If you're going to screw VT and BC out of going to the A3CG again, the least you could do was not get egg all of your face before the game. Losing to SEC teams RIGHT BEFORE the ACC Championship is bad. Very bad. Losing to two pretty shitty SEC teams right before the SEC championship is horrific. This conference has to fight, scratch, kick and claw for every ounce of respect it can get in football. Getting tossed around like a drunk prom date like Clemson and GT did last week was embarrassing for every fan of every ACC team in the nation. Way to go, Tigers. Way to go, Jackets.

2W) Boston College not making it.

Must I really elaborate here?

3M) That either will likely get smoked in a BCS bowl vs. a legit opponent.

GT is a tough opponent when you only have a week to prepare for that gigantic pain in the ass that is the Paul Johnson triple option...but over a week? Over two weeks? Whomever plays GT will likely do to them what an over rated LSU team did last year: smoke 'em. Clemson won't win unless the opponent starts punting on first down, and punting AT CJ Spiller. Get ready to add one more "L" to the already very ugly BCS record for the ACC.

4W) Just no cool factor
To me this game really doesn't have a huge amount of appeal..

ACC finally gets the night game for Championship weekend.. and its possibly a snore fest, and everyone will be done after watching the FL/AL game..

5M) Having to listen to the announcers and the media say how horrific the ACC is over and over and over again

The first point about the teams losing to mediocre (and that's being kind) SEC teams just before playing for the conference title won't be lost on anyone, especially the announcers who usually know just about nothing about the conference anyway. We'll be having our championship game filled with speculation about the great Florida/Bama matchup, the Texas undefeated season, the BCS busters in TCU and Boise State, and how about the undefeated team from the Big East in Cincy? ACC teams will play second fiddle topic-wise in our own championship game. Again, pretty embarrassing.

6W) Being Jealous not being in warm Tampa

I don't know were you are, but even here in Alabama its in the 30s-40s

Would I much rather be in Tampa? Why of course! I really REALLY
wish I was going to Tampa this year.

7M) Having the writers/announcers comment on how there are much more fans there this year now that BC isn’t there (the fact that the schools that are going are MUCH closer has nothing to do with that, of course…)

It's no secret that BC doesn't put a ton of butts in the seats when compared to a large public school...but that difference is pronounced ten-fold when you choose a location that is 1,000 miles away from campus so that not even the richest of the rich BC kids can't justify the expense to go to the A3CG. This year with both Clemson and GT being able to DRIVE to the game should make it a decent turnout...and since everyone already accepts that VT "travels well", you can expect to hear BC made the scapegoat for prior year's poor numbers...fairly or not.

8W) GT/Clemson losing and then getting the peach bowl

And I don't even care if its another bowl, but hide and see what happens.. Neither GT nor Clemson will fall below where they are supposed to land as the runner up in the ACC... Meanwhile , Boston College went to the Music Bowl last year, Great time and all.. but still not a fair trade.

9M) Having to wait until next year for a chance to be ACC Champs

It's a weird feeling not being in it. Thankfully we really didn't have to play more than one game knowing it was impossible to go to the Championship game, but it stunk nonetheless. We've been very fortunate as BC fans in that, even dating back to the Big East days, we've generally been in the hunt up until the very last game of the season. This year, Clemson won our division, and they deserved the title over us (as they throttled us at Death Valley), but it still wasn't all that bad given the low expectations that were being crammed down our throats by the media at the start of the year. Next season when we bring back more starters and a healthy Herzy, it will be a whole 'nother ball game...and one I wish we could start tomorrow, not nine months from now.

10W) Seeing spiller one more time

Seriously, I am just done watching him. He is good, fast, yadda yadda ya.

But a couple things being He has yet to hit the 1000 mark. He is great yes, walk on water , no.


BCMike: Smacked by mediocre SEC, Another BCS loss, being told how awful the ACC is, BC made scapegoat for A3CG numbers, waiting 'till next year
Wesley: BC not making it, No cool factor, Being jealous and not in warm Tampa, GT losing and getting Peach, Seeing Spiller one more time

12-3 Draft: Worst things about the A3CG
BCMike: Smacked by mediocre SEC, Another BCS loss, Bad ACC, BC Scapegoat, waiting til next year
Wesley: BC not making it, No cool factor,not in warm Tampa,losing and getting good bowl, Spiller free polls

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