Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/16 Draft: What school should the Big 10 draft?

The Big10 has finally realized that the national perception of the conference is an over-rated Ohio State and a bunch of also-rans. Adding in to the fact that voters don't get to see any Big10 teams play for the last three weeks of the season (also could be interpreted as "don't have to see"), the powers that be of the former "Western Conference", now the BigTen.
BTW, if and when they expand, are they seriously going to stick with "The Big10"? I'm pretty sure "Big12" is already taken, and being two schools off really doesn't jive with the overall academic reputation of the conference...I digress...


1M) Mizzou

In the Midwest footprint? Check. Public School? Check? Large land-grant school? Check. Good research program? Check. New media market? Check.

If the Big10 were created today (err, 11...err....12?) and the Big10 had to start from scratch, how wouldn't Mizzou be included? Big12 homers will argue that the Big12 is a better conference, but it's really about what's a better fit for the program. Mizzou isn't going to win anything any time soon being in the same football conference as Texas, OU, etc. They'll be willing to listen and the Big10 would be foolish not to admit them if they accept the invite.

2W) ND

Notre Dame.. Yes I know they would be cutting thier own financial throat here, but
thae heat has been on for QUITE some time now. And really, going 6-6 year in and year out really doesn't help thier ratings in any manor either.. You have to think that to prove thier relevancy in this decade/ millineum etc they would have to do a lot better than that, plus the geography would also play a role. I just wonder how long they feel like they should be an independent, with special BCS ties, if they never see a BCS game outside of from the stands.

3M) Pitt

Notre Dame? Wasted pick! This would, and will, NEVER HAPPEN. Why? Because when is the last time you saw any person, entity, etc., take a 91.7% paycut? That's exactly what ND would be doing if they joined a conference. All of that TV money, bowl money, ticket sales, etc., would now be split 12 ways, not one way. Never gonna happen. I can see why the Big10 would want them, but ND isn't coming.
My choice here is to raid the BigEast and go with Pitt. Pitt is a decent/good school on
the western side of PA, which since the Penn State expansion is now in the outer lengths of the Big10's footprint television-wise.
It's got a good basketball program and an up and down football program (but one that has a lot of good historic accomplishments/players), and again a good public research university. You're not going to expand a ton of marketshare as many folks in Pittsburgh are Big10 fans anyway (much like GT being in tATL, but ATL being an SEC city anyway), but it's not a big academic downgrade like WVU or NJU would be, and would add a nice rivalry for PSU who doesn't really have one naturally in the conference currently.

4W) Cuse

As in the Orangemen, yeah thats right, to me they are still the Orangemen. When you join a conference, you have to add something. Kind of like what BC adds to the ACC, media market, different fans, different recruiting areas etc. Syracuse could add that for the Big 10 and 3/4. And also add some good basketball matchups as well.


Sure, I know that it's slightly outside the footprint and is a private school, but TCU is a true diamond in the rough and would seriously add credibility to the Big10's football teams. I'm absolutely ignorant on TCU's other sports teams, but much like NBE
members with basketball and BC with baseball since joining the ACC, I imagine a couple years in Big10 hoops and TCU would be able to be competitive.
TCU's record speaks for itself, and it's not padded the way that Boise State's has been, TCU has gone out and played good teams on the road. They would instantly compete for Big10 titles in football and the rest would likely come around in time.
It's a good school, but not a big research center (non-public's rarely are due to a lack of public $$$$$$ financing $$$$$). Still, a very good option for the conference.

6W) Cincy

I truly feel like TCU would fit well in the Big 12, but Big 10 would probably work pretty well too.. maybe we just need an all texas league, wow just tons of schools, players, talent out of that state.

Now I choose Cincy, and I am 200% certain this would infuriate the Big Easty but more reason to do it . Cincy is becoming , or maybe even has become a team definitely worth mentioning. Whether that is coaching, the program etc, time will tell. But Cincy moving over to the Big 10 would give them matchups that would take them over the hump and instead of playing the Runner up SEC team, they could easily be playing for the National Championship!

7M) Iowa State

Nice call with Cincy, Wesley. I thought that Cincy was private and was surprised to learn otherwise earlier this year.

If you want to know how to expand without pissing off the current members, ask the North Carolina schools of the ACC: Don't bring in anyone good! The ACC has been "down" ever since the conference expanded and BC, Miami, and VT started representing the divisions in the ACC Championship game.
You don't run that risk with Iowa State. You get more wins for most of the teams in the conference. You get another natural rivalry with Iowa (Illinois), and another large, public, land-grant institution. I'm not sure on their research capabilities, but that would be gravy. Bring in Iowa State and chalk up one more win per Big10 team.

8W) Louisville

Yes , That Louisville! And there are a couple of reasons why.
Get the Big 10 to start matching up with SEC teams as thier market would grow slightly more southern, and having them play KY, TN etc.
Louisville long term in the basketball arena has been a contender and will be one. And I honestly feel like they will get thier football program back to where it needs to be shortly, but I guess we will see when that actually does happen.

9M) Navy

L'Ville? I guess, I mean I can see the Hoops being a positive, but I'm not sure it's academically where the Big10 wants to go.
My last selection here is Navy. That's right, the Middies! Academic rep? Check. Public? It doesn't get any more public! Large land grant? Kinda...but most of all it's a great academic addition (Annapolis) and, *AND* it would expose the Big10 to the DelMarVa area that Maryland currently holds. Navy wouldn't win any titles any time soon, but they would be good for the conference and a literal zero-risk move.


Haha.. I will more than likely lose this one just because.. But hear me out, or read me out or whatever it is that you are doing. MTSU is located in a good media market of Nashville. Which currently only supports 1 team that is Vandy. And I would have to
say if you have ever been to Nashville you are well aware that Vandy really isn't the "Home Team" per se. Its more of a buffet style of teams ranging from Memphis, Vandy, Bama, UT, KY and a few more. Let me add another stat for you, MTSU only trails the UT Vols by about 1500 students . Yes THAT UT, in LANE Stadium with the disgusting hunter orange color, seating over 100k..
Another reason, MTSU has only been division 1 BCS, whatever you want to call it for about 8 years, and this year they are headed to a bowl..
And not only does it benefit the Big 10, the MTSU Blue Raiders would love to play some other teams than the Sun Belt, and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers!


BCMike drafted: Mizzou, PItt, TCU, Iowa State, Navy
Wesley drafted: ND, Cuse, Cincy, L'Ville, MTSU

12-16 Draft: What school should the Big 10 draft?
BCMike drafted: Mizzou, PItt, TCU, Iowa State, Navy
Wesley drafted: ND, Cuse, Cincy, L'Ville, MTSU free polls


  1. If Iowa St or Mizzou goes to the Big Ten, then Arkansas can go to the Big XII, then someone like WVU can go to the SEC.

    My general thoughts are any Big XII team would be better off staying in the Big XII, unless it was Baylor looking to downgrade their conference altogether to WAC/Conf USA. Any Big East team offered Big Ten (Syr, Pitt, Cincy, Louisville) should take it in a heartbeat.

  2. Erik-

    No doubt any BigEast team would leap at the chance of joining a major conference (despite the fire and brimstone act when BC/VT/Miami left, we all know the only emotion on display was jealousy).

    I think that Mizzou actually fits better as a Big10 school, but for them to MOVE, there would have to be some sort of strong financial package. I still maintain the point you brought up about Arkansas...I think they go back if offered, too.