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12/18 Draft: Best plays of the 2009 Regular Season

Before we dive deep into our draft, let us preface with it is without question that Mark Herzlich beating cancer is the overall number 1 of best things of 2009, but this being focused on the on the field plays, we are going to roll with those.


1W) Isaac Johnson vs Wake to stop a would be loss

This feels like FOREVER ago, do you
remember, we ALMOST lost to wake at home, actually it was about to happen.. in OT.. and you know it would have been a horrible horrible trend.. but it was all stopped, by a play by the backup in the Secondary Isaac Johnson by swatting the ball in the attempted handoff by skinner…

2M) Boomcat’s goal-line blowup vs. ND

It's truly very sad that such an
outstanding defensive performance (our best of the year, IMO) was in a loss as the offense fumbled and intercepted the ball away FIVE times, but there was one specific play that stands out in my mind from that game.

Notre Dame is on the BC half yard line. It's fourth down. Former Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis decides to go for it. Hey, it's only a half-yard, right? The ND back gets the ball and takes a step towards the goal line...then out of no where, Marty Bowman comes in and stops him DEAD in his tracks, holding the Fake Irish out of the End Zone and giving the Eagles another shot of life. Absolutely dead in his tracks. Amazing hit.

3W) Keeks pick 6 vs. CMU

Just when you thought he had done
it all, and he almost had.. but he finished with a pick 6 to help the offense out against Central Michigan. This is when we REALLY found out more about our young star LB

4M) McMichael’s Pine Tar Grab vs. Wake

This to me, on offense, was the biggest
jaw-dropper of the year. The pass from Shinskie was a little hot, and a little high, but McMichael just stuck out his paw and nabbed it out of the air like it was a Nerf Velco football set. The catch was so tough to make that the safety who was in pursuit of Jordon took the wrong route when the big TE made the grab, clearing the way for the TD rumble.

5W) Shinskie to Jet wheel route vs FSU

Call me nostalgic , whatever.. but this
was just a great play, something the fans had been almost verbatim asking for.

And I am a big Jet fan. Oh , and let me top that off a bit… when everyone was calling for us to watch out for the FSU speed.. and then we beat them with…. Speed.. right down the line.. gotta love it!

6M) Mike Morrissey’s stop on Sewell on 4th down vs. UVA

While BC should have beaten ND (IMO)
and was the favorite vs. UNC at home, this year was devoid of the usual "WTF loss". UVA could have been it, and very likely would have been had it not been for Mike Morrissey's heroics stopping a late-charging UVA team lead by a very tough to handle Jamel Sewell. Only needing three yards for the first down on fourth on the BC 14(ish), Morrissey quickly got in great tackling position after originally going into his drops to stop Sewell and preserve the BC victory.

7W) Montel 41 carries vs UVA

Workhorse, animal, determined, some
of the verbs I think of when I hear 41 carries. Montel never complained, fretted or anything

When he was asked to take the workload of the carries in almost a dangerous fashion. Racking up over 1300 regular season yards didn’t exactly hurt either.

8M) Montel running Wild(cat) all over NC State

The numbers are still eye-popping:
264 yards, five TD's, and a near 10 yard/tote average. If memory serves, the stats out of the wildcat, ahem "Bazooka", were even more gaudy, somewhere around the 20 yard/carry mark.

The amazing performance by Harris was unmatched this year by any other back to my knowledge, although the Wolfpack soon earned the reputation of being the team that one could earn career numbers against in 2009. Regardless, this remains the most outstanding single game running back performance in the history of Boston College football.

9W) Sid, All points leader…

I will keep this one short and sweet,
as I am sure that I have shared enough love for Sid from day 1 of the season.

But to come from the stands, to the BC all time points leader, is impressive to say the least.

10M) Bowman blowing up Kent St’s Jarvis

We never wish injury on anyone,
which is exactly what happened to Eugene Jarvis after Marty Bowman hit him. Watching the hit on ESPN360, the only way that one could if not at the game in person, you could understand why. Bowman was literally a blur and it's not too often that an internet game image can make you go "wow!" and cringe at the same time.

For Eagles fans, it set the tone on what we would look to expect from Boomcat week in and out, and stands as one of the biggest hits and best plays for the Eagles on the year.


Wesley drafted: IJ swat in OT, Keeks pick 6, Jet wheel route, 41 carries for the Ninja, Sid all time leading scorer
BCMike drafted: Boomcat ND blowup, McMichael pine-tar grab, Morrissey's UVA stop, Montel Bazooka's NCSU, Bowman Jarvis hit

12-18 Draft: Best plays of 2009 regular season
Wesley - IJ swat in OT, Keeks pick 6, Jet wheel route, 41 carries 4 Ninja, Sid leading scorer
Boomcat ND hit, McMichael grab, Morrissey's UVA stop, Montel Bazooka's NCSU, Bowman Jarvis hit free polls

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