Monday, January 4, 2010

Draft 1/4: Best Fight Songs

Well welcome back, and we hope that you had a great Christmas and New Years. Now we are back at it.. And what better way to get started than to discuss the best fight songs in College Football.

1M) Navy, Anchors Aweigh

What can you say about this classic? On a somewhat related note, I'd like to reiterate that there's nothing worse than playing Navy in a bowl game. Not only do you have to prepare for the pain in the ass running attack, but everyone...I mean EVERYONE else is rooting against your team when you're playing Navy. But the song is nice!

2W) FSU, War Chant

Mike, what a steal you have with Anchors Aweigh.. Honestly I had almost forgotten about it before you chose it.

Now, my choice is the FSU War Chant.. yeah you know you have it in your head now. its catchy, it gets the fans into it, and opponents hate it ., all prerequesites to a great fight song in my opinon. I get so sick of hearing the War chant , over , and over , and over.. but then again.. I like it as well..

3M) Michigan, Hail to the Victors

The FSU war chant is pretty classic alright. I have heard Braves fans claim they started it first, but in my mind is started at FSU.

For my second pick, third overall, I'm going with Michigan's Hail to the Victors. When I think of College football songs, this is actually what pops in my head. Hail, Hail to Michigan, the leaders and the best (song).

4W) USC, Fight On

I actually do like Fight On, I know a lot of people don't. But it sounds like something taken right out of a Ben Hur Movie. And reminds you that you are playing the Trojans. I honestly think this is one of the best songs played at a football game, although I wish I would have heard a little less of it while I was in San Francisco.

5M) Oklahoma, Boomer Sooner

Boomer Sooner should probably lose a couple points for being annoying, but it's impossible not to hum along to and when it starts playing you know who they're reppin'. FWIW, in my mind all of the words are "boomer sooner", just repeated throughout. I don't care to know the real words....

6W) Clemson, Tiger Rag

Great song, sooo great that about 5 teams use it, and have thier own spin on it. This song is soooo good, that if I happen to hum or sing it around some Gamecock fans, they go absolutely nuts, what else would you want from a song?

7M) Wisconsin, On Wisconsin

There are a couple good Tiger Rag tunes for sure, Wesley. I think I might prefer LSU's take on it more than Clemson's, but they're both good for sure.

The Wisconsin song makes me think of cheese, and cheese makes me happy. Therefore, this song makes me happy.

8W) Tennessee, Rocky Top

I hate this song.. haha. but it as catchy as all get out.. and sometimes i even catch myself singing it.. just don't tell anyone.

9M) Notre Dame, Victory March

I hate to admit it, but the ND fight song is a classic. To me, along with the Michigan fight song, they are the two most well-known fight songs in college ball. Thankfully we haven't had to hear it played very often during the Charlie Weis era, but that could change now that they have a Bostonian in charge.

10W) Boston College, For Boston

Although I like Shipping up to Boston a bit more, I still like For Boston, its easy to sing, and for a less seasoned vet to hum.


BCMike: Navy, Michigan, Oklahoma, Whisky, ND

Wesley: FSU, USC, Clemson, Tenn, BC

1-4 Draft: Best College Fight Songs
BCMike - Navy, Michigan, Oklahoma, Whisky, ND
Wesley - FSU, USC, Clemson, Tenn, BC free polls

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