Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8 Draft: Reasons not to play UCan't (UCONN)

Some local BigEast schills like Mark Blaudschun and Desmond Conner will throw the "BC should play UCan't!" argument out a couple times of year when feeling particularly lazy (well, lazier than usual). There are a multitude of reasons why BC doesn't want to, nor will do this.

We'll draft our top reasons why below....

1M) BC gets nothing out of it.

We win, we're supposed to. We lose, and
"the tides have changed in New England football!!". Seriously, what actual benefit does BC receive from playing this game aside from saving ten bucks on gas? UCan't has come a long way with a good Head Coach in Randy Edsall and has proven themselves to be sometimes competitive in the abysmal BigEast...good for them. But by playing UCan't, we offer them a chance to beat the best football team in New England...something that we simply don't have to afford them the chance to do.

2W) Acknowledging they exist.

If we play them, then we are saying we know that they actually have a team, as of right now, they are dead to us... its almost like they are a fable.. as far as I am concerned Rumplestilskin lives in Hartford, Conn.

3M) Helping them out again, this time AFTER being sued

As many of you know, BC was instrumental in UCan't becoming part of the BigEast, and particularly in bringing them in a year early when the league booted Temple (ironic now that they would die to have Temple back...the Owls may have been the best team in the BigEast this year after Cincy should they have been part of the league). UCan't chose to ignore this when they sued BC and Gene D personally.

The good news is--and anyone who has ever seen GDF speak publicly in the past several years can tell you as much--that the only way UCan't plays GDF is if it's scheduled in 2030. Gene is making sure it never happens on his watch (probably another 10 years or so), nor his predecessor's for as long as he can ensure it (probably around another 10 years).

So, the issue is moot until at around 2029 anyway.

4W) Yukon Fans.. having to wear a flack jacket at the game.

For some reason, Yukon fans severely dislike BC fans, to a point where BC fans wouldn't necessarily want to make it a family outing. With flying obscenities to match the flying beer bottles. Safety of fans, players etc may be a severe concern..Now I know every team has its rotten apples, I wont disagree with that, but @ Yukon it just seems to be an outlandish number

5M) Having to protect your valuables from the basketball team, should they show up and cheer on the team

The only thing classier than a UCan't
thuggish wanna be fan is the sticky fingered basketball team. These clowns have more steals off the court than on it. Make sure to protect any valuables you bring to the game (particularly laptops) unless you wnat to attempt to repurchase them at the local pawn shop.

6W) Sure, they are relevant today, but soon they will be losing their coach, and their program probably won't last too many seasons after that :).

Truthfully, Yukon has a good coach, unfortunately he wont be there too much longer. Yukon wont be keeping him too long.. Other programs are noticing that he has been successful there and want to try him at thier program. I honestly believe that as thier coach goes, thier program will follow. Edsall will be a hard coach to replace.

7M) Because for us, we would be replacing Northeastern with UCan't, for
them, it's their SuperBowl.

I hate to say it, but in some ways this
would sort of be a role-reversal for BC/ND, as ND generally doesn't give BC much respect (much how we don't give UCan't much), and it would be pretty tough for our guys to get up for playing the Puppies. UCan't, on the other hand, would be playing the most important/highest profile game in the history of their program. While BC beats UCan't 95/100 times (or thereabouts), the odds skew sharply in UCan't favor on a one-game basis where our kids are pissed to be in Hartford and theirs are geeked beyond belief.

8W) Because I want to replaces NE with a decent team.

Like Temple or Iowa State or North Texas even would be a step up. I don't want to hear anything about a regional matchup.. Do we really even compete with Yukon for any recruits? Do they even recruit any similar type of player? Those are actually serious questions.. But ones that I already know the answer to.

9M) Because giving in to hacks like Blauds only give them more power

Blauds and Conner have been pontificating
on behalf of Trangsleezy in the past and now post retirement...I understand why UCan't should do it. Obviously it's a great opportunity for UCan't. It's not for BC. Why these writers write such garbage and can still sleep at night is bewildering.

10W) Because we had enough games on espn360 last year.

Seriously, we have enough espn360 games, I don't want to play another Div II opponent in 2010.. 2010 should be our year to really compete.. another Div II team doesn't really help us... And Espn360 games are not fun to watch on my laptop., and thier announcers, thats another story altogether.


BCMike drafted: No win situation, helping out UCan't, larcenous hoops team, their SuperBowl, Giving hacks power
Wesley drafted:
Acknowledging they exist, Flack Jacket, they're headed for disaster soon, better OOC opponent, espn360

12-8 Draft: Reasons not to play UCan't (UCONN)
BCMike: No win situation, helping out UCan't, larcenous hoops team, t SuperBowl, Giving hacks power
Wesley: Acknowledging, Flack Jacket, headed for disaster, better OOC, espn360
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