Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/10 Draft: Best BC Gear

DING! What's that sound, Christmas shoppers? That's right, only 15 days until JC's b-day! Christmas is almost here and with that in mind, Wesley and I will give you a guide to the best and most essential BC gear. We won't provide links to purchase it, though, because we're not whores like that*.

* We completely would be if we got a kickback of any sort, but since we don't....

Big ups to reader Chris C for suggesting this idea to be drafted!


1M) Superfan/GridIron Club Gold T

Very simple....if you're still in school, it's the
Gold Superfan shirt you get when you come to BC now with the uber-cheesy saying on the back (did you see this year's??? "Sesquicentennial"?? Are you f'in kidding me?? Bwahahahahaha!!).

Once you're done with your time on The Heights and on your way out to the real world or grad school, you pass that one down a class or two and get yourself a GridIron Club Superfan shirt. It's still got the boxin' Baldwin on the front in the same obnoxious yellow gold, it just means you're a grad/alum/booster now.

Like 'em or not, they're essential gear now days and it's what BC's known if you're going to a game, make sure you have one of these puppies on!

2W) Beat Cancer T

Beat cancer, basically a
great shirt with a great benefit. This one was done right, outside of the angry chicken, which should always be replaced by the interlock :)

3M) White (home) hockey Jersey

The home hockey jersey is a thing of beauty.
ust VERY sharp looking and a great thing to wear in the winter time at the game or out and about. Plus, if someone starts to annoy you, you can just drop your gloves and start a fight; later claiming that it was "just the hockey blood getting the best of you."

4W) Maroon Football Jersey

Let me say, not a huge fan of the whites, not certain why, but I'm not. The maroons are well set off,trimmed in gold, white lettering, whether you like italics or not is up to you. But I definitely think it is a classy look.

5M) Coaches Visor

Specifically here I'm talking about the sweet visor
Wesley hooked me up with last time he was in Chestnut Hill earlier this year. My old cotton BC one had run it's course and had been lost so I needed a replacement. The one Wesley picked up for me is the same one Coach Spaz wears, it's 8% cotton and the rest synthetic fibers which whisk away the sweat from your brow. Not only is it great because of the comfort of keeping your forehead dry, it's also slightly lighter, and best of all, super cool looking. Very sharp visor here, folks.

* this isn't a picture of the actual visor, I couldn't find a photo of the correct one.

6W) Under Armour Polo

Don't know if you've seen this yet or not, but its out. The new under armour polo, good color, breathes easy, and is just a good looking shirt

7M) BC Beanie

If you're going to be tailgating outside after October,
these are a must. They keep your head and ears warm, but also are reversible for the ever fashion conscious (okay, I'm not, but for some folks; they like to be able to have different colors). I've actually had a couple in my life, one was gold/maroon reversible, the one I have now is maroon and grey. Both are/were very nice and I always break them out when the seasons change and I know I'll be outside for an extended period of time.

8W) ACC Championship Yellow “Terrible Towel”

Yes I cheated, haha but this can be purchased anywhere for about 5 dollars! 10 if you get the Egyptian cotton , and you can feel like part of the team.

9M) Whale Pants

What can you say about Eagle in Atlanta?
He's a trend-setter! He took something that was used to describe a bad fan and made it cool (the makers of these pants should outfit him for free for the rest of his life, IMO). I've seen more and more of these out and about as time goes on. There's really no bigger statement of being a BC die-hard than wearing these BC pants. It says "the pain of wearing these pants is nothing compared to the pain of being a BC diehard". Or something...

FWIW, I don't have the stones to wear these quite yet, but perhaps some day in the future.

10W) Lids cap

This new favorite hat, well my future
favorite hat, as I asked for it for Christmas, so I hope santa is reading this to make sure
I have it for the bowl game!


BCMike drafted: Superfan-GridIron Club T, Home Hockey Jersey, Coaches Visor, BC Beanie, Whale Pants
Wesley drafted: Beat Cancer T, Red Football Jersey, Under Armour Polo, A3CG Terrible Towel, Lidz Hat

12-10 Draft: Best BC Gear
BCMike: Superfan-GridIron Club T, Home Hockey Jersey, Coaches Visor, BC Beanie, Whale Pants
Wesley: Beat Cancer T, Red Football Jersey, Under Armour Polo, A3CG Terrible Towel, Lidz Hat free polls


  1. Be careful with the ballcap in #10. I rocked that last season and the yellow and maroon don't exactly match with all the new stuff they put out (you know, like the BC windbreaker with the italicized lettering on it). That was my only complaint. I went back to a hat with the main logo and it matches much better now.

  2. you should do ways to know you are too old to wear a superfan shirt

  3. BCguy--too old for a Superfan shirt would be once you have graduated. Hand it down, and start supporting the school as an alum and booster through the Grid Iron Club.