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11/6 Draft: Best BC Websites

So, at the risk of stepping on some toes, we thought this would be a fun exercise: ranking the BC blogs/websites! Our parameters were couldn't be a mainstream site (so no ESPN College Football, CBS Sportsline, CFB Datawarehouse, WEEI/BC Blog, etc.), and it had to be BC-themed (sorry Nick).

That being said, we chose to think of this as a beauty pageant. If your favorite blog isn't on here or isn't ranked high enough...hey, we love 'em all. You're all sexy bitches to us.

We've also excluded BCDraft, as we would have not been chosen anyway...and this way we don't feel as bad about ourselves.

And....we're off!!

1W) Eagle In Atlanta

The Godfather of BC Blogging, I would think that gets the most hits, and that comes with a lot of hard work and constant substance.
He doesn't try to appease the masses, he states his opinion, and welcomes others
Typically he isn't going to release the breaking news, but more of point you all the directions to work the scavenger hunt

Think Bill O' Reilly's Talking points. Good blog, and definitely a daily read.

2M) Eagle Action (Rivals)

Nice choice going with Bill's Eagle in Atlanta blog
as the first pick. He would have been mine as well. In addition to running a hell of a blog, Bill's honestly a really nice guy and a good dude all around. I'm fortunate enough to call him and his wife my friends and he's certainly one who has helped me along with this whole blogging thing. But enough about your pick....

Eagle Action has some good days and some bad days...some good characters, some real a-holes...but it's generally pretty interesting and there's a lot of good recruiting information on there. A long time ago, Eagle in Atlanta described the Rivals and Scout sites as the "glass half full" and "glass half empty" crowds, which I thought was a terrific way to put it. They're not all "Rah-Rah's" on there, but it's more full of positive-thinking Eagles than Negative Nanices.

My thought on that is that it's generally not the easiest thing in the world to be a die-heard Eagles fan and I really don't need a bunch of people telling me how awful we are. One of the main reasons I don't care for Scout, frankly.

3W) Eagle Outsider

A free version of EagleInsider or eagleaction, with more of a renegade feel. Where some quick witted, and very opiniated
people that have been turned off from scout/ rivals have decided to migrate.
About anything goes on the site, and no one seems to hold back. but it seems to have a good amount of material, a consistent following, and no cost. it is worth a visit in case you haven't yet.

4M) Boston College Interruption (BCI)

I'm going with BCI as my fourth pick here. While I'm not sure
I've loved the new SB Nation integration, as the old BCI seemed to be lighter and more playful (which I prefer), there's no doubting the knowledge that Brian and Jeff (and BCRaj, who is a frequent contributor both in the blog and in the comments) have. Much like Eagle in Atlanta, BCI has been at it for well over three years now and have a dedicated following which has been earned and is richly deserved.

the "Pardon the Interruption" format on ESPN, I think these guys have really done a terrific job of morphing news with editorial, making it a fun and often thought provoking site for readers.

The old logo is still better.

5W) Soaring to Glory

A fairly young blog, but definitely pumping out some worthwhile content.

As a blogger myself,( wow that sounds weird to say, but I guess that is what we do here at BCDraft... feels more like shooting the crap) I know that sometimes the hardest thing is being consistant and putting out articles that people want to read. Soaring to Glory has done a great job of that, and although the blog hasn't been around for a long time, it gets high marks in my book.( One of my largest complaints on blogging, is typically just ripping off and reposting it as if you are breaking news.
Most people that read your blogs are at least somewhat informed, they know the basic stuff, they are looking for new angles on typically the same information, or at least thats my thought. And Soaring to Glory does a great job of doing this. )
On another note, we plan on having Soaring to Glory be part of our Podcast next week for Keys to the Game Vs. VA.
Hopefully, he can make BCmike and myself sound somewhat interesting.


"Hopefully, he can make BCMike and myself sound somewhat interesting"...that's a tall order there, Nordberg....

I am in complete agreement on Soaring to
Glory. For a young blog, I think he's clearly the best of the bunch of the new crop. While it's funny to say, I think his idea of doing the blog round-ups of the other BC folks out there is really a good idea and he typically does a very nice job with it. I would love to see more content from him, that's my only complaint.

I'm going with the *OFFICIAL* home of your Boston College Eagles, While BC had rightfully earned low marks in years
past, both the website and BC's website have improved ten fold over the last year or two. If you tried going there before and were disappointed, check it out now. There's almost always a ton of multimedia offerings and they're getting much more aggressive with their videos with features such as "BC Breakdown" and other BC recaps/interviews.

7W) Eagle Insider

The opposite or the same as EagleAction, take your choice on the description.
But Eagle Insider is a pay board, with "Exclusive" information. Although I have yet to be entertained by either the banter/ or the information released.
some people swear by it . But I feel the site itself, and its content, to be overall lacking for myself. And this could be just lack of exposure, or not
getting the humor on it. But I have yet to become addicted, or to put it in my personal rotation.

8M) CBNB / BC Egowz Foobau

CBNB (who recently moved the URL to www. has been around for what seems like a couple years now. He's generally very good at finding media that is out and available, so almost like a "news synthesizer", but seemingly (perhaps uninintetionally) centered around media clips that are available.

He's been more active as of late, which moved him up my board, as I give big points for updated/new content. Also, he's getting more editorial which I also like...give me your take on it, not just here's what I found...know what I mean?
My one gripe is that as someone who is also on Eagle Action, a lot of the same information is posted; even sometimes things we have posted have wound up there (again, perhaps by chance, perhaps not)...which is a little disappointing because we're hopeful to find new things or at least new takes on things. That being said, on more than a handful of occasions he's found some REALLY great media clips that no one else has it's most certainly worth a stop on your daily blog roll.

9W) BC Eagles Football

A fairly new site to me , that BCMike had pointed out to me a few times.
Although not quite on my personal BC information rotation yet. I do frequent this site. Its not giong to break
new rumors of the hottest prospects in the nation, nor is it going to display the emotion behind a win or a loss.
Its a fact site. with all the details from how many seats are in a stadium to current standings to Fight Songs.
It also links videos, pictures, etc. For the purposes intended, I like this site.

10M) BC All-Acess / Eagle All-Access

You know Wesley, I think the BCEaglesFootball site
has actually been around for as long as I remember. I just recently went back to it for scheduling information (he always has the most updated future opponents schedule anywhere) and found he started taking/sharing pictures from game day which I personally REALLY like. As you can tell, I love both A) media and B) editorial/your take, so when it's creative media I'm always a big fan.

For my last selection I'm going with BC All-Access / Eagle All-Access. This blogger is actually a current student at Boston College and does a nice job of providing a pulse from the student body feel. Much like CBNB, however, he tends to use a lot of publicly available media. As a blogger who has such a phenomenal inherent resource as being on campus, I'd really like to see some more player interviews, or fan polls from the local from the games...It just seems to me that while he does a very good job that there's HUGE upside available here if he could start using more of the options and resources that are readily available. If he does so, you could see this blog shoot WAY up the charts on my ranking list.


Wesley drafted: Eagle in Atlanta, Eagle Outsider, Soaring to Glory, Eagle Insider,
BCMike drafted: Eagle Action, BCI,, CBNB, BC All-Access

11-6 Draft: Best BC Websites
Wesley drafted: Eagle in Atlanta, Eagle Outsider, Soaring to Glory, Eagle Insider, BCEaglesFootball
BCMike: Eagle Action, BCI, BCEagles, CBNB, BC All-Access free polls

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