Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17 Draft: Coaches on the Hot Seat

Coaches can be on the "hot seat" for any number of reasons. High expectations, no movement after long periods of time, or just burying a blue-chip program in a sea of mediocrity.
Up today, Wesley and I will draft the Head Coaches at BCS Schools that are probably feeling their backsides getting pretty toasty.


1M) Al Groh (Virginia)

I don't want to hear about academic excuses. If BC can put together teams that compete every year for a division title, UVA should be able to, too. There's no doubting that Groh has been able to bring some talent to Charlottesville...just check out some of the Pro's that have passed through Jefferson's school: D'Brickashaw Furguson, Chris Long, Heath Miller, Matt Shaub, and quite a few others...and yet he's never finished higher than 2nd in the division throughout his nine (NINE!?!) year tenure. It's time to move on in Charlottesville.
Groh can keep his post if he can upset BOTH Clemson and VT to close out the year.

2W) Charlie Weis (Notre Dame)

I really feel like one more loss puts Charlie Weis out of a job.. Notre Dame has expectations, realistic or not, That they want met, and yesterday. So now its more of a question of not if but when that Weis gets replaced as the HC
and who replaces him. My thought is that this actually happens next year, after another tolerable season. Weis can right the ship, but he better win every game from here on out to do so, and I mean every single game.

3M) Steve Kragthorpe (Louisville)

Remember when BC joined Miami and VT in leaving the Big East for the much, much, much greener pastures of the ACC? When that happened, many people questioned the legitimacy of the BigEast having a BCS bid. There were all sorts of discussions about what team needed to finish where to retain an auto-BCS bid...

Who saved it? One of the newcomers to the group, the L'Ville Cardinals. Lead by Brian Brohm and Michael Bush, Bobby Petrino took the program to new heights (well, on the field, at least) and helped to save the BigEast's auto-bid...
Since then, it's been nothing but downhill. Brohm left, and was picked much lower than the Cards fans thought he would go. He's done nothing in the NFL. Petrino left for Atlanta, who he then left for WOO PIG SOUIE Arkansas.
Kragthorpe came in billed as a QB guru, and he's been anything but. L'Ville is the laughing stock in the Big East, and that's REALLY saying something.

The only way Krags should stay is if L'Ville has given up on Football and is just going to wait through the fall until Petino time in the early winter when hoops rolls around.

4W) Dan Hawkins (Colorado)

How can one person look so good at one school, and then look so awful at another?
Well , level of competition , different assistants, etc. But to say that Hawkins has gone from first to worst in the minds of Head Coaching would be a severe understatement.. I am guessing he is missing the good ole Mountains of Boise, as he sits 13-24 currently at Colorado

5M) Ralph Friedgen (Maryland)

The Fridge took Maryland back-to-back-to-back TEN WIN seasons at Maryland his first three years, from 2001 through 2003. Since then, it's been hard scrabble times at College Park, with the Terps averaging under six wins a year.
Maryland has a "Head Coach in Waiting" in James Franklin who has been named Fridge's successor. I'm guessing he'll be the head man come kickoff in 2010.

Fridge can hang around for one more year if Maryland dominates both FSU and BC, to the point where there's some hope for the future.

Tom O'Brien (NC State)

Is it ok for me to laugh??? HAHAHAHAAHAHA
There I got it out of my system!

But seriously TOB is in trouble, O'Brien succeeded Chuck Amato, who got terminated for poor preformance as well, his record over 7 years was 49 -37 with 9 of those losses coming in 2006, TOB on the other hand..is 14-18 at NC State.. Look out TOB, I don't really care how much discipline you have.. if you aren't winning games it really doesn't matter.
I Think TOB has a short leash, but feel like if he can pull out a GREAT 2010 season, he might be ok, if not a GREAT season, I have to think he is gone.

7M) Paul Wulff (Washington State)

Now listen, I understand it takes a while to turn around a sinking ship...but Washington State is so terribly screwed right now that they need a big time builder. Paul Wulff is a young guy who is energetic and a former Cougar player and alum. However, this is guy who had never coached at any position at any BCS teams before. His sole experience came with Eastern Michigan. I'm guessing you don't learn how to compete with USC and Oregon there.
He's only two years on the job, but at 3-20, the writing is on the wall.
Winning vs. in-state rival U-dub saved him last year...if he does it again, he'll stay another year.

8W) Rich Rodriguez (Michigan)

When I think of Rich Rodriguez I think smileball, did I say that? Yes, When I think of Rich Rodriguez I think slimeball. Rich Rod actually had some success at WV, but much like Dan Hawkins he got too big for his britches. And the Michigan fans wont deal with it for long, just ask Lloyd Carr.
After going 60-26 at West Virginia, Rich Rod is currently 3-12 at Michigan, smeared with scandal, violations and more. Rich Rod will probably only have one more year as a trial coach in 2010, before the Michigan faithful decide to cut their losses.

Bobby Bowden (Florida State)

Now let me say that I'm actually very much in the camp that believes that Bobby should be able to hang up the coaching whistle whenever he damn well pleases. The accomplishments the man has notched during his long coaching career speak for themselves. FSU was nothing before Bobby Bowden...literally.

That being said, if Bobby Bowden was Bobby Bowden's boss...would he stand for four and five loss seasons? The appearance is that Jimbo Fisher has control of the offense, but others say Bobby has hamstrung him.
As much as I respect Bobby Bowden, I do believe it's time for him to move on. Let's all hope he makes the choice for himself instead of forcing someone to make it for him.

The only way Bobby stays is if the trustees allow him to. Simple as that.

10W) Lane Kiffin (Tennessee)

Lane I am going to put you on the luke warm seat. After an offseason of trash talkin, recruit dropping, and just overall causing a ruckus.. You don't preform on Saturdays in the fall.
Everyone knows if you talk the smack, you have to be able to back it up!
The Tennessee faithful are only going to put up with this for so long, remember Phil did win them a National Championship
So you better get to work!
Lane can improve his situation by getting Bowl eligible this year.


BCMike drafted: Groh, Krags, Fridge, Wulff, Bowden
Wesley drafted: Fat Charlie, Hawkins, TOB, Rich Rod, Kiffin

11-17 Draft: Coaches on the Hot Seat
BCMike drafted: Groh, Krags, Fridge, Wulff, Bowden
Wesley drafted: Fat Charlie, Hawkins, TOB, Rich Rod, Kiffin
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  1. Is that a real picture of Bobby, or a Statue? you be the judge !!

  2. Wow Lane Kiffin? That Tennessee team started slow, but there is a TON of talent there and they are probably the best 5-5 team in the country. Get your licks on them now...they're going to be a force in the next 2 years.

  3. Are you counting the talent that just got five to ten, Dave?

  4. Among that group only 1 of them was a regular player for the team. And as we've seen with other programs that have "behavioral" issues...particularly in the SEC...they'll just find the next one to replace him.

  5. Great breakdown!

    Rich Rod will really be in trouble should Ohio State blow out Michigan. If there is one thing Wolverine fans can't take, it's losing to the Buckeyes.