Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16 Draft: Best plays vs. UVA

So, you're really looking forward to going to this bar with your friends. It's a couple of towns away, but It's supposed to be a super-hot hook-up spot and there's a local all-girls college right up the street. A "Target Rich Environment", as Goose would say.

You can't wait to get this night started. It's going to be a piece of cake for the night to go well. You're going to use your big city charm on the local gals and swoop in and steal the belle of the ball...and then finish the night right.

Everything looks good as you first enter, but then as you get closer, the girls aren't as good looking as you had first thought. Your Mojo just isn't working, as the natural instincts you're so familiar with just aren't responding to the situation. Maybe it was that your one true love back at home decided to go out on a date with her Ex instead of waiting for you. Maybe it's that you don't like going to bars this far away from your home. The girls are just not that responsive to your witty just thought this would be much easier than it is.

The last remaining girls hitting over the Mendoza line have left the bar. Now it's just you and the local lady barfly. Well, you can't go home alone here. You took the trip, might as well come home with something.

After finishing off a baker's dozen of Sam Boston Lager's, you start working your stuff with the barfly. It's a long, boring, tedious process where you finally grind her will down to come home with you.

So, it was a win in the books. But it sure wasn't pretty.


1W) Keeks sack

As I said on the scratch pad it was almost too easy

Kuechly came in on a weakside blitz, without anyone even there to slow him, he almost seemed surprised, when he got to the QB, and then tactfully took him to the ground. I think this is his first sack of the year? I am not certain, but it was a great play!

2M) Morrissey stop on Sewell

Give Mike Morrissey the game ball (if anyone wants it)!
The defense was tired after being pushed down the field in the very loose prevent defense and was being taken advantage of via the short underneath stuff that the LB's have to cover/tackle. Morrissey made his drop, but when Sewell took off he rushed in and made a perfect form tackle. If he goes for the arm tackle, or just about anything else, Sewell moves forward another foot to a yard and UVa has a first down...and who knows how the game ends. But Mike Morrissey put his shoulder on Sewell's hip and drove him back, taking all of his momentum with him (as Keeks swooped up on top after the fact). It was a tough, ugly win...but without that play by Morrissey it might not have been a win.

3W) Shinskie TD Dive

Mike I gotta admit, I'm a big Morrissey fan, he plays with a ton of heart, truly fun to watch!

On my pick, I choose the Shinskie TD Dive.. Let me preface this with it wasn't pretty.. wait that is a gross understatement.. it was plain ugly.. it kinda was foreshadowing for the whole game.. Ugly, hard to watch, but got needed results. Shinskie was about 6 inches away from the goal line, and you could tell he was going to sneak as he planted a foot back to push from, and after official review, it was a TD.

4M) Montel Grindin' it to 1K

Another day, another 100 yard rushing performance
by Montel. He didn't have any big gainers this week, but his heart was on full display. He was clearly gassed by the fourth quarter but kept on running strong as the team needed him. His 38 carrier were a career high and helped him over the 1K yardage mark for the season. He joins the most recent RB to reach that plateau, who also happens to be the RB he reminds me of most: Derrick Knight. Great season by Montel and this gutty performance adds to his growing legend.

5W) Roderick Rollins "Collins" INT

I love it when an announcer can't seem to get the names right.. especially on big plays, and especially not coming back and correcting it. But enough on the crappy commentating, on to the Pick. Rollins, or Collins , if you like, was sitting back, and just moved up on the ball to grab the errant pass. On a drive that seemed surely a score for the Hoos.. Timing was great. Rollins has quietly been taking care of business all year long.

6M) Never having to listen to Ryan Rose call another game.

My ears were bleeding. The game was tough enough as it
was, I really didn't near to hear Ryan Rose openly cheering for UVa the whole game. His begging at halftime of "UVa only needs one play. Just one play!!!" set him up perfectly for his cheering to commence when the Cavs scored the pick-6. "See!", he exclaimed. "I told you they only needed one play!!". Best of all, he let loose with a "awww, no. Big gain by BC's Montel Harris on the ground" following the kickoff return after the pick-6.

At first I thought I was being hypersensitive about it, but everyone I spoke to felt the same way. It's one thing to have a crappy broadcaster for your game...but one that openly roots against your team? That was just too much. BCDraft readers, do me a favor and kick this bonehead in the shins if you ever see him.

7W) Sid still perfect

I know , I sound like a broken record, but I like it.
Sid hasn't missed one attempt, all year long, yes I know his longest FG is short
of the 40 yard line, but perfect is perfect. If Boise St. isn't snubbed for it, then neither should Sid. And this game would have had a different look if Sid missed his point after, as the hoos would have only needed 3 to tie. Although it a small milestone, its an important one, and one that us at BC could get used to having.

8M) Boomcat's blast

He was flagged on the play for this spectacular play, but
I'm still unsure of whether or not it was actually illegal. Spaz isn't sure, either. Regardless, Bowman was ALL over the place vs. UVA making great plays. He didn't have a sack or an interception, but he was flying around making tackles and breaking up passes everywhere. Great all-around game by Bowman...and illegal or not, I loved the blow-up of the punt returner. He had the ball before Boomcat hit him...that's fair in my book.

9W) Strong alcohol allowing me to watch the game

This game was just hard to watch.. The win was great, no doubt about it. But the pretty factor was just not there. There really weren't many times I said to myself WOW that was awesome. It was a slow screeching on a chalkboard. So to spice it up a bit, I compounded the game with a lot of alcohol.. and it was highly tolerable.

10M) Pantale's running after the catch

Many other collegiate TE's after the catch the ball turn
around and face the defense first, making sure to not get blown up by a LB or safety flying in. They look cumbersome as they lumber slowly turning around before eventually going downfield. Pantale doesn't do that. He looks like a WR most of the time. Not a fast WR, mind you, but he's fluid. When he catches the ball, he's usually thinking about the move he's going to make to slip the defender or turning in stride getting up the field. He's always moving forward after he catches the ball and picks up positive yards. He had several catches like that vs. UVa this past weekend.

Wesley: Keeks sack, Shinskie Dive, Rollins-Collins, Sid Perfect, Alcohol
BCMike: Morrissey stop, Montel 1k, no mo Rose, Boomcat Blast, Pantale

11-16 Draft: Best plays vs. UVA
Wesley: Keeks sack, Shinskie Dive, Rollins-Collins, Sid Perfect, Alcohol
BCMike: Morrissey stop, Montel 1k, no mo Rose, Boomcat Blast, Pantale free polls


  1. BTW, I know the pic I used for Montel is an old one, but it was that or use a pic from earlier this year vs. another team. There were not many photos available from this game, for whatever reason...

  2. The picture at the top makes me somewhat ill.

  3. Make sure to look though the goggles!

  4. As Rainier Wolfcastle said on The Simpsons: "My eyes! The goggles do nothing!"