Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Draft: 10/24: Draft the Seniors

Well the final regular season game is coming up this weekend, so we thought we would take time to Draft the Seniors, they will definitely be missed.

1.Richie Gunns

I've watched BC football for quite a while and there are two WR's that I have enjoyed over all others: B-Rob and Richie Gunns. Richie's tenacity and fearlessness to go over the middle (short, medium, or long) knowing he's going to get clobbered yet still going up and making the catch is unparalelled. If you need a first down on 3rd and 10, as a BC fan you know where the ball is going. He's been dependable, and a great leader at the heights. He will go down in my book as one of the best WR's at BC.

2W) Sid Vicious

Most Underrated player I have ever seen, grabbed from the stands, to the field, and his opening game was against Virginia Tech, how about that for an opener, and this year, his senior year, he is perfect so far, and he is now our currentpoints leader.. Let me say that again so it registers a bit better, Steve Aponavicius is our ALL TIME POINTS LEADER.. What a great story Sid has been!

3M) Marcellus "Marty" "Boomcat" Bowman

Bowman waited for his chance and has made the best of it, cecoming a fan favorite for his trademark slobberknockers where he comes in from the side of the field so fast the screen blurs (no joke, Eugene Jarvis can attest to this....watch the replay, he really does blur before he blows up the scat-back). While only starting one season, he's managed to endear himself to Eagles faithful as one of the best, most fun to watch, and certainly one that we will miss the most next year.

4W) Mike McLaughlin

Being a two time team captain says something.. Especially when you have stars such as Herzlich and Raji and Brace that you are bumping elbows with. Mac has had a great run at BC, although his numbers arent mind blowing his preformance on the field has been. I think all BC fans remember the leap frog sack he put on Maryland in 2008. That was just an exclamation point on a great career for Mac

5M) Matt Tennant

What can you say about a guy who dominates for three years as a starter? Tough, gritty, and mean....great qualities for the QB of the O-line. He's gone against the best in the ACC and best'd them all. I'm guessing going against Raji and Brace in practice all those years helped him along! Just the next stud O-lineman from O-Line U

6W) Justin Jarvis

Justin has had a great career at BC, he has caught Touchdown passes from Matt Ryan to Chris Crane to Justin Tuggle to Uncle Dave at 6'5" Jarvis has been a big target in the end zone for BC, and will be missed next season

7M) Clarence Megwa

Here at BC, we don't do small challenges. Our players don't have to battle academic eligibility issues, they're more concerned with things like beating cancer and surviving comas inducedby life-threatening blood clots after broken bones. Megwa worked his arse off to get backon the field in 2009 and his spirit is what this team is all about. This wonderful story is often glossed over by Herzy's amazing tale; but Megwa's is also worth the price of admission. We will miss him very much next year.

8W) Jeff Smith

Jeff was a burner that Boston College fans fell instantly in love with, especially after his display at Clemson while runningkick returns back. Boston college felt like it finally had its speedster. "The Jet" had concussion issues though, and was thought that he would never play football again. well he was cleared to play, and gets to finish up his regular season this week against Maryland. Jeff also proved his speed on the edge a couple times this year, especially at home against Florida state on a wheel route that went for a touchdown.

9M) Austin Giles

Giles has been the quintesential team player. Want him at DE? No problem. Short at DT? He'll pack on 20 lbs and give it a go. With a motor that is ever going, I can promise you that you never saw Giles half-ass it or quit on a play. He played hard every down and gave it everything he had, every game. Coaches tell players to "leave it all out on the field". Giles is the posterboy for how to follow that.

10W)Jack Geiser

With my last pick I am going with someone that , the lower the stats, the better the preformance. Jack has done agreat job at long snapper here at Boston College, by barely being noticed. By not being noticed, everyone is certain he is doing a great job.. Jack, thanks for being reliable at your position. Here is us noticing you, in a positive light.

BCMike: Gunns, Boomkat, Tennant, Megwa,Giles
Wesley: Sid, Mac, Jarvis, Smitty, Geiser

Draft: 10-24: Draft the Seniors
BCMike: Gunns, Boomkat, Tennant, Megwa,Giles
Wesley: Sid, Mac, Jarvis, Smitty, Geiser
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