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11/18 Draft: Heisman Contenders

The season is coming to a close shortly (I know, right?), and Heisman banter is everywhere. Today we throw our two cents in.


1W) Case Keenum

Although he has fallen off the radar a bit ,
since the decline of his Houston team,
it is hard to overlook the accuracy and amount of yards that Case has put up.
Case has a rating of 155.76 , 4,194 yards and 31 TDs.. to me that is just nuts.
As a Junior , you wonder if he plans on leaving early for the draft.

2M) CJ Spiller

First let’s be honest…this year, there really
isn’t a bonafide Heisman contender deserving of the award. This is not to say that the award always goes to the most deserving player *cough* Jason White *cough* but this year’s crop is pretty scarce. That being said, I do believe CJ Spiller to be the tallest midget here. He’s used in any and every way possible for Clemson, and is a legitimate threat running, receiving, returning, and even passing. As many CJ Spiller supporters have pointed out, CJ’s career numbers line up almost exactly with Reggie Bush’s, however Reggie also only played for three years, but CJ split time with current Cleveland Brown James Davis for three years as well…so you could possibly call that a wash.

3W) Toby Gerhart

Gerhart from Stanford is starting to make a
late surge, especially with his play against USC. So far he is averaging over 5 yards per carry a total yardage of just shy of 1400 yards, and 19 TDs...Pretty impressive numbers if you ask me.

With his recent limelight, he could just be getting noticed right at the correct time! If Stanford continues to play well, I see Toby's stock to also rise.

4M) Mark Ingram

Sophomores need not apply…until Tim
Tebow came along. Now the award truly goes to who the voters believe is the actual best player in college football, regardless of age or academic rung. This year, it may very well be Mark Ingram. Ingram gets my vote for the best pure running back in college football this year. While there are others that are more versatile (Spiller) and others that are more explosive (Devine), Ingram is as close to a total package as there is for a pure running back in 2009. Not that this should matter a whole lot, but is there anyone who doubts that out of all of the candidates in the Heisman talk this year who will have the best NFL career? Ingram is ready for the NFL now as an every down back.

5W) Ryan Williams

Let me preface this with... He is only a

Already over 1200 yards for the season, his FIRST season in College football.
and averaging almost 6 yards per carry, Ryan is proving that it doesn't matter what year you are, that you can dominate. If Ryan really pushes he can get an invite to New York, but right now he is the dark horse.

6M) Tim Tebow

I hate putting Tebow here. I really do.
But, the fact of the matter is that he may very well be the best college football player….not just in 2009, or in 2007 when he won his first Heisman, but ever. That’s right, ever. Love him or hate him (I’m in the second camp, just over-saturated), you have to agree that there’s a legitimate argument to Tim Tebow being the best college football player ever. What’s more is that despite getting his bell run and undoubtedly being a different player ever since, he has his Florida Gators in line for ANOTHER national title. I know the voting takes place prior to the national championship game, but if Florida wins it again with Tebow leading the way…is there any doubt who the award should go to?

7W) Jordan Shipley

Yeah Yeah I know WR rarely get this
award.. But let me get this out there.
Shipley is having a GREAT year.. I mean Great. Although he only has 8 TDs so far. He has already grabbed almost 1100 Yards.. and a ton of that is YAC. Proving to be Colt McCoy's favorite target, a lot of Jordan's yards were after being double and sometimes even triple covered! If not a Heisman winner, I definitely feel that he is an Honorable Mention.

8M) Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy is a sure-fire first ballot hall of famer
in the “best name for Texas College Football” voting. I actually think Jordon Shipley deserves the nod over Colt in this year's Heisman's voting, too...but Wesley stole him away a pick too soon for me.

Much like Tebow, McCoy has lead his Longhorns to an undefeated season (so far) and has made the big plays when he needs to. The one thing I don’t think McCoy gets enough credit for is his elusiveness and speed as a runner. I think we want to make him a “gunslinger” QB, as his namesake would seem to lead us to believe, but he’s really a well rounded collegiate QB and can seriously hurt you with his legs…not just his arm. I also believe that out of this class of Heisman contenders, much like Ingram with RB’s, that Colt will have the best NFL career of this bunch.

9W) Andy Dalton

How can we even have this discussion
without talking about Andy Dalton.
His stats are good, not crazy, but very good.. he has thrown for over 2000 yards
17 Touchdowns, with only 4 picks. and has a completion percentage over 63.
But his real accolades come as he just continues to win. And I for one feel like that is where the Heisman typically fails.. Andy Dalton is a great leader as a Junior for the Horned Frogs, and I expect him to continue this trend next year!

10M) Josh Nesbitt

Hey, if Eric Crouch can win it at Nebraska running
the option and hardly ever throwing the ball, why can’t Nesbitt win it at GT under the same parameters? Last season teams concentrated on stopping the QB first and the result was record numbers and national accolades for Jonathan Dwyer. This season, teams geared up to stop the reigning ACC Offensive player of the year only to find that Nesbitt is a significant threat on his own. It’s really tough to judge players in Paul Johnson’s offense, and Demaryius “Bebe” Thomas is a luxury that not many QB’s have to throw to as a safety valve…but you can make an argument for Nesbitt being largely responsible for GT being ranked in the top five by season’s end.


Wesley drafted: Case Keenum, Toby Gerhart, Ryan Williams, Jordan Shipley, Andy Dalton
BCMike drafted: Spiller, Ingram, Tebow, McCoy, Nesbitt
11-17 Draft: Heisman Contenders
Wesley - Case Keenum, Toby Gerhart, Ryan Williams, Jordan Shipley, Andy Dalton
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