Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Eagles this week travel to Charlottesville to take on the Cavaliers. By the time we kick this game off, we'll know whether or not Clemson has stubbed it's toe in Raleigh thus opening the door for us to control our own destiny.

Our boys can't afford to take the Hoos lightly, however. They did win three straight at one point stringing together wins vs. North Carolina, Indiana, and Maryland (by a combined score of 83-19, no less), and BC hasn't exactly been world-beaters on the road to put it lightly.

To help flush out the keys to victory this week, we've invited Joe from Soaring to Glory to join us. As per usual, our guest clearly brings up better points than we do.

Below are the bullet-point keys to the game. To hear more, including where to find buried treasure* and our final score predictions, make sure to click on the podcast button below.

1 Soaring to Glory) Defense doing thier thing
2 BCDraft) Road jitters
3 STG) Hit the qb?
4 BCD)Make uva go the distance of the field
5 STG)Good Punts from Quigley
6 BCD)O line blocking extended
7 STG)Win the first qtr
8 BCD)Keep it close first half
9 STG)Stop running red zone drives
10 BCD)Big Runs behind Claiborne, O-line.

* buried treasure directions may or may not be included

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