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9/23 Draft: Best Available Recruit for BC in 2010

Recruiting is definitely not an exact science..
But it is a little bit of math, physics, and gambling.
Here we choose our picks as we feel match BC's needs.
As recent recruits @ QB and Reciever have been filled.. this will be slightly harder than anticipated.

1W) Henry Anderson (DE)

As I usually try to wait until the late rounds to cheat, I am going round one, first choice on this one. Currently a Stanford commit, Henry Anderson would be a great pick up at DE, and fill a void at depth in this position. As I no longer can respect any offer given by Harbaugh, I think BC could entertain him quite easily. Also, Mr. Anderson's grades seems to outstanding.. and recruiting out of GA, can only help BC in the future.

2M) Bjoern Werner (DT)

Let me first preface my picks by saying I'm far from a recruiting guru. I leaned pretty heavily on Rivals recruiting and
Eagle Outsider's listings/rankings, etc.

Werner looks to be a great get as a DT. He's grown up all over, including Maryland, Connecticut, and mainly Germany.
What makes this particularly appealing to me is that we already have another German in Kasim Edeballi. All we would need is one more German with a "G" in is last name to have "KGB", with "Kasim" (insert the G), and "Bjoern". Hell, mabye it could just be Giles?
Point is we obviously still need to fill holes at DT, particularly with the talk that Quinn will be moved to DE.

3W) Seantrel Henderson (OT)

Now I would have to say that I would be an idiot to not want the overall #1 prospect.
And BC has recruited in MN. BC is definitely going against the Big name schools here with Michigan, USC, OU, etc going after this stud. But why do I feel BC has even a fighters chance?
Well, a couple of reasons. 1) With recent highly recruited players commiting to BC, Boston College has shown that it can go against the big dogs and compete. 2) BC is O-line U afterall. showing that its a pipeline to the NFL. 3)Depth. Our offensive line is not dramatically deep, and the possibility of immediate playing time is there.

4M) Jarrett Darmstatter (TE/DE)

I'm going back to the DL here again. Darmstatter is a TE/DE, which I believe we would certainly prefer him to fill DE shoes. Another Jersey boy, at 6'4", 241lbs, he could probably pack on 10lbs if he enrolled in the spring and be starting in the fall. Competition will be tough for Darmstatter though, we're going against a slew of offers. Nine other BCS teams involved here.

5W) Sharrif Floyd (DT)

Pennsylvania always seems to be a great recruiting ground for BC, and this is no exception.
Sharrif is a player that at one point BC seemed to lead with, now seems to be the one chasing.
Sharrif is now being courted moreso by Florida, Penn State etc.
Sharrif would be a great addition to the team, again because of depth issues now on the D line, he has the possibility to see almost immediate playing time. And you have to agree that seeing Raji and Brace on Sundays couldn't hurt ,right?

6M) Rodman Noel (CB/S)

Sharrif Floyd? C'mon, Wesley. Even the most casual fan of recruiting knows BC has been out of the picture on Floyd for quite some time now. While he'd be a great get, he's simply not coming to BC. Wasted pick on your part.

Mike Farrell of Eagle Action commented on Rodman Noel a little while back stating that Rodman might even be better than Jimmy, a current Eagle on BC's roster who is starting to show some early returns. This also would continue to show that BC can recruit and get the best players in the state and New England, as well as continue to showcase our pipeline with Everett.

7W) Brad Herzlich (LB)

Pennsylvania once again shows up on the radar here. And what better than Brad Herzlich, Mark's Brother. Other than a proven gene pool for growth, size, smarts etc. Brad has shown that he can play with the best of them as well. if you check out his tape, he appears to be more than just Mark's brother. Also boasting a great GPA, I feel like BC would be missing something by not getting Brad Herzlich.

8M) Shane Johnson (OG)

Johnson comes from Maryland's famed DeMatha* at 6'5", and tipping the scales at just over three bills. From looking at his tapes, he looks to have fantastic pass protection, a great ability to get under a guy's pads that is rushing him. His run blocking isn't fantastic, but that's much easier to teach. I don't think he would be ready as a true freshman to start, but he looks to have promise and be a guy who could do so in a couple of years.

* thanks to Chris C for the help!

9W) Ibraheim Campbell (DB)

Although 100% unintended, getting a 3rd recruit out of the hot state of Pennsylvania, will not hurt Boston College at all. Currently , BC looks great at the DB position, but thats not a reason to stop recruiting , its can actually be justified as more reason to get deeper. as there will be great talent to help train the young atheletes, and more possibilites of redshirting and having more experienced players on the field in the future. Ibraheim appears to be a great player with a lot of upside, also , of all the players I drafted appears to be the one to be leaning to BC the hardest.

10M) Brandon Coleman (WR)

Coleman looks NFL prototypical at 6'6" 200lbs. While we looks pretty darn good at WR now with Shakim Phillips coming in, you can never have enough depth at talent positions. He apparently runs a 4.5 40, and that's just scary fast for a guy 6'6". Due to his long frame, when he's running at full speed he doesn't LOOK like he's going that fast, but then he zooms right past defenders who have take the wrong angle as a result.

Coleman going deep with Phillips crossing over the middle? Yeah, that sounds pretty nice to me.


Wesley- Anderson, Henderson, Floyd, Herzlich, Campbell
BCMike- Werner, Darmstatter, Noel, Johnson, Coleman

9-23 Draft: Best Available Recruit for BC in 2010
Wesley- Anderson, Henderson, Floyd, Herzlich, Campbell
BCMike- Werner, Darmstatter, Noel, Johnson, Coleman
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