Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/9 Draft: Best College Cheerleaders

When the Football games aren't quite going the way you want them to, there is something else that you can focus on.. yeah thats it.. the cheerleaders.. noticed more so at halftime and pregame.. they are a good distraction when your team just can't seem to get going..

And we are going to draft a few of our favorite here. Starting off with Wesley

1W) Miami

I am going to have to go with Miami first. I remember when I was younger.. and was at a Miami / Florida game.. And I actually got the opportunity to eat lunch with the Florida Cheerleaders.. which was awesome.. but then it was game time.. and I saw the Miami Cheerleaders!! WOW!


Listen, I know they're apt to cheer at the wrong time,
but the white sweaters just do it for me. For my money, the USC Song Girls are simply the best of the bunch. Not the brightest of the bunch, mind you...but I'm not tuning in to hear their stance on International Economic Policy, either.

3W) Alabama
Mike.. GREAT call on USC.. I am a HUGE fan!

Alabama always has some great looking southern girls, and they somehow even seem approachable. ok yeah, I know better haha..

4M) Texas

Apparently I have a thing with cheerleaders out of uniform
(normal uniforms...oh hell, any uniform). The Ladies from the State Nation of Texas always bring it. Very, very nice eye candy here.

5W) USCe (aka South Carolina)

Carolina definitely is a surprise on here I bet for most..

but going to a few Carolina games has made me a fan.. Very good cheerleaders.. and they always hold the craziest signs

6M) Oregon

While their uniforms are ugly, their cheerleaders most
certainly are not. I wonder if any of the girls here are dating LeGarette Blount? That eye black could come in handy...

7W) Boston College

Although , I am certain I am biased.. BC seems to be the only northern school I could think of to draft that I appreciated their Cheerleaders.

They always seem to be some of the best of the bunch.

8M) Arizona State

Nice call with the Eagles. Molly did us proud last year
(or is she still with the team? Don't know?).

ASU is constantly rated one of the biggest party schools in America. So, in my mind, all of these ladies aren't just good lookin', they know how to have a good time as well. That plays big in my rating here.

9W) Florida State Cowgirls

Yes.. With my last pick.. I WILL CHEAT!! haha..

FSU cheerleaders are great and all.. but I will choose the "FSU COWGIRLS" WOW!!!
They really are more than just an internet wonder!

10M) Oklahoma

You know, I might be on my own here, but I actually strongly prefer the FSU Cheerleaders to the FSU Cowgirls. I don't know, I guess maybe I'm just tiring of Jenn Sterger a little bit.

For my last selection, I'm going to another OU...
Oklahoma! While OU and Texas are big rivals in football, these cheerleaders should be rivals as well. Perhaps this type of thing would best be decided in a wrestling pit of jello? What, too much?


Wesley - Miami , Alabama, USCe, BC, Cowgirls (FSU)
BCMike- USC, Texas, Oregon, ASU, Oklahoma

9-9 Draft: Best College Cheerleaders
Wesley - Miami , Alabama, USCe, BC, Cowgirls(FSU)
BCMike- USC, Texas, Oregon, ASU, Oklahoma

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