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9/18 Draft: Which OOC opponents should BC play?

Much has been made of BC’s out of conference scheduling thus far this year. We’re all aware that a certain Catholic Community College in Indiana has decided to slither out of a long-term deal due to the fact that we kept on beating them. We’re replacing ND with USC a couple years from now, and the schedule is pretty much set.

But what happens if GDF places a phone call to us and demands our draft of Top OOC opponent requests? Well, better safe than sorry, I say. To be included on this list the opponent has to not be in the ACC…that’s it.

So with that, I’ll get it started off (BCMike).

1. Notre Dame

This isn’t too tough. I actually really enjoy this rivalry because we have perennially been the underdog in the series, yet we continue to win. The two teams play for the
Ireland Trophy, something that the students at ND decided we should play for. I like having it at Chestnut Hill…and besides, we’re the only two catholic D1 universities. There’s really not a good argument from either side on why we SHOUDN’T play. The games have been filled with passion from the players and fans alike, and I deeply lament it’s soon passing. If I had one golden bullet for this question, it gets fired squarely at Notre Dame. I take ND as the first overall selection here.

2. Penn State
Mike, Good pick with ND as a first one, if it was still available I would definitely have to go with them..
Instead I am going with Penn State.

Penn State has a great tradition, plays in a good conference(although has no conf championship which is irritating) and BC constantly competes with Penn State with Recruits. I wouldn’t even be opposed with playing a home and home with them , just for the TV time, and Recruiting publicity that it would offer.
Top that with Joe Pa being the one that coached our Coach Spaz, and helped him with getting his first job, and I think you have a dream come true on the schedule.

3. Regional Cupcake

Ok, listen, I know that cupcakes don’t usually fill the stands, and they don’t by any
means really offer much of a challenge as far as the team is concerned (well, usually…). However, what they DO provide is W’s. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If there’s one thing to be learned from Greg “Shady” Schiano and Mike “Sleezy” Tranghese, it’s that WINS ARE ALL THAT MATTER. When the BigEast was on the verge of death from the BCS, the BigEast teams played absolutely no one , but racked up wins. That caused them to go to 5-0, 6-0, etc., then they played other quality opponents later in the year when both were ranked (so a loss to a good OOC opponent doesn’t hurt as much). I know people want Texas, USC, Florida, etc., to come to The Heights, but I for one feel like we play enough tough games in the ACC and certainly don’t need to load UP the OOC schedule. Give me one or two cupcakes and I’m happy. Wins are wins, baby.

4. Texas
Mike, you are wrong, cupcakes don’t have to be on the schedule, I’d rather get to be on TV, than constantly play these cupcakes.. who is next?
And Playing more than one cupcake a year doesn’t help us, if anything it shows a lack of filling stands and selling tickets.

On my choice, I choose Texas. Texas always seems to be in the limelight, for better and for worse. Something that BC struggles to be in.

Having them on the schedule, will help legitimize BC as a national power, which is definitely needed.
Also , Texas is a recruiting hotbed, so this will also be a great win for BC

5. Stanford

I think I may have put Stanford higher pre-Jim Harbaugh, as he’s proved himself to be a bit of a douchebag by yanking offers to committed kids left and right, but school-wise, location-wise, and ability to win the game-wise, it’s a no-brainer. Stanford is one of the best schools in the nation and does graduate a lot of their kids. BC doesn’t get an opportunity to play on the West Coast a whole lot, and we have a surprising amount of alumni out there that would attend and support the Eagles. Plus, it’s a BCS opponent I think we beat 75-80% of the time.

6. Vanderbilt
Great call with Stanford Mike.

On that note, I am going to choose Vandy.. And maybe this is revenge for last years Music City Bowl. I am not sure.
I think BC matches up well with Vandy. Both Great schools that graduate a large portion of their players, and have great degrees.
Also this matches BC up with an SEC opponent, which is always good.

7. Cincinnati

I hear what you’re saying…But, but….but MIKE! Cincy is in the Big East! Aren’t they our sworn enemies now? To be
honest, I hold no ill will towards most of the BigEast, sans the schools that sued us. I certainly have nothing against the schools and programs that came in to fill our void. Cincy, under Brian Kelly, is looking like a rising star in the Big East, which makes this a challenging enough game in years to come which should make the season ticket holders happy. More importantly, it gives us access to the Cincy market where BC has flourished in recruiting the local Cincy Catholic leagues. Continuing to hold on to, and help expand that market I believe to be very important to our program.

8. BYU
Yes BYU, I know Utah isn’t necessarily known for having the most recruits coming out of the state. But it is known as being a hard nosed, no nonsense football program, with hard, tough , players.. I like this matchup, as we had it in the past , I would like to bring it back.

9. FIU

Okay, so I’m cheating just a LITTLE bit here as I’m throwing FIU under it’s own category as opposed to being listed as a cupcake—which they no doubt are. However, here I’m really looking at recruiting once again. Florida exposure has been a good thing for us, and more Florida exposure would be even better. Plus I’m a big fan of wins.

10. Northwestern
I really feel like I am getting one of the best ones here with my last pick.

Another one of those schools that match up really well with BC, as far as academics.
We constantly compete with NW, with recruiting, and Illinois/Midwest is a great area.
Northwestern has also proven itself to not just be a Cinderella team, but a team that can repeatedly compete.
I would really like to see BC add them to the schedule permanently.


BCMike- Notre Dame, Cupcakes, Stanford, Cincinnati, FIU
Wesley- Penn State, Texas, Vandy, BYU, Northwestern

9-18 Draft: Which OOC opponents should BC play?
BCMike- Notre Dame, Cupcakes, Stanford, Cincinnati, FIU
Wesley- Penn State, Texas, Vandy, BYU, Northwestern free polls

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  1. ND has to stay, and PSU/Texas would be interesting additions.

    Regardless of all this, we're GOING to get USC in '13 and '14, which if nothing else will be good publicity.