Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/17 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Clemson w/Special Guest Willy Mac from Block-C

A big THANK YOU to Willy Mac from Block-C for joining us for the keys to the game this week.

*NOTES* I'm an idiot (not telling you something you don't know) and said Aaron Kelly instead of Jacoby Ford. ALSO, my apologies to Clemson people and BC people alike how I spoke about Jeff Smith in a "Oh I KNOW YOU KNOW HIM!" way, I didn't realize how much of a jackass I sounded like. Also just ignore the fact I was nervous and sounded like I was on a treadmill. Or just assume I was. Whatever.


Here are the basics, but the good stuff (okay, semi-good stuff?) is in the podcast above.

Keys to victory for BC:

1 BCD) Keeping Spiller between the tackles
2 Block-C) BC's O-Line picking up the blitz, specifically Richman's play
3 BCD) Pressure up the middle on Kyle Parker
4 Block-C) BC scoring early, taking out the crowd
5 BCD) Big hat on Jacoby Ford
6 Block-C) Getting the QB confident on facing the zone
7 BCD) Punter / Special Teams Play
8 Block-C) Establish the run to let BC's QB's face man coverage

Keys to victory for Clemson

1 Block-C) Establishing the run
2 BCD) Score quickly get the crowd involved to rattle the young Eagles
3 Block-C) DeAndre McDaniel getting big plays
4 BCD) Executing the wheel route with Spiller
5 Block-C) Young WR's stepping up all responsibilities
6 BCD) Spiller going over 100 yards on the ground
7 Block-C) Spiller / Ford involved in the return game
8 BCD) Keeping Kyle Parker upright


If Clemson wins, BCMike gives Willy Mac a six-pack of the most recent batch of homebrew, and Willy Mac reserves the right to change the name of the brew to "Block-C Beer".

If BC wins, Willy Mac buys Mike drinks at the Esso club after the game while wearing a BC jersey.

ALSO! For more BC vs. Clemson banter make sure to check out Eagle in Atlanta's back and forth with Tiger Illustrated.

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