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9/22 Draft: Best surprises thus far in '09

After yesterday's downer, we're bouncing back today and reflecting on the positives thus far into our early season. It actually was somewhat therapeutic. While the loss to Clemson was a tough one to swallow, it helps when we look at the big picture and see that there are SOME positives going on, and several we didn't see coming.

So here we're going to draft the biggest positive surprises thus far in the '09 season.

Now finally dry (like the play on words here?), BCMike starts us off with the first selection:

1M) Luke Kuechly

It's hard to let a true freshman just "be", as it's so
terribly tempting to coin them "the next ____" or "little _____". To me, on defense so far Kuechly is the best true frosh player I've seen since Toal, who won BigEast rookie of the year award (or "newcomer"...whatever). It's not fair to say Kuechly wasn't highly recruited, as BC battled Stanford, Michigan State, Louisville and others for his services....but knowing what we've seen this far early in Kuechly's career, it's fair to say that he's better than a "three star" ranking and on the fast track for a pretty terrific time at The Heights.

The fact that he's done it all thus far with the preseason expectations of red-shirting this year, but instead playing--nay, STARTING makes it all the more impressive. Kuechly is easily my #1 pick here.

2W) Marty Bowman

This kid needs a nickname, he is really taking away the
deep threat by laying the lumber to anyone that comes near him. A senior leader , I really feel like bc may have one of the better secondaies in the nation. And with new starters on the line, and a very young line backer group, marty really helps make everyones job easier

3M) Two early blowout wins

Heading into the season, all we heard as BC fans was how horrific we would be, and that we would *probably* be able to beat Northeastern, but we should most certainly be on the lookout for Kent State. For as long as I've been a BC fan, it seemed that our teams played--for better or for worse--to the level of their competition. The first two games provided a lot of hope (we'll see if that was justified or not as the season advances), as BC absolutely demolished NE and KSU, winning by a combined score of 88-7 (and that 7 was a late TD in garbage time vs. KSU).

4W) Megwa back on the field

Wasn't it stated by jags, to forget football, just hope this guy can walk again? After that horrible hit he took across the middle against clemson last year, which broke his leg, he was also in a coma. Clarence has shown a ton of strength, both interior and exterior, to get back on the field this year.

5M) Mike Morrissey’s play

Great call on Megwa, Wesley. As good of a football
player as Clarence is, he's arguably and even better guy. So happy to see him back on the field competing after everything he went through.

I like to think of myself as being fairly in-the-know about our players, so when names like Morrissey and DiSanzo were starting to get tossed around, I have to be honest, I really didn't know what to think. As I researched more, I found that Morrissey was actually a walk-on. Eek! That's fine and all for kickers....but LB's??

Morrissey has absolutely proven my low expectations wrong and proved himself to be extremely valuable. He caused a safety vs. Northeastern and the INT Clancy made was a direct result of Morrissey's hustle and batted ball. He's a smart player and a fun one to watch.

6W) Sid being perfect

Sid is batting 1000, what was a major concern before the Season, sid has proven himself reliable. Which should really help in future games
Mike you have to say that you were as surprised as I was to hear that Sid has the lead in most ACC kicker stats.

7M) Beat Cancer T-Shirts

You're right about that, I never thought I would see Sid's name up in lights like that. Give credit where it's due, nice job by Sid thus far this season.

For my fourth pick, seventh overall, I'm going with the
"Beat Cancer" shirts that BC was able to produce. Not only is the #94 jersey available for sale, but BC organized the shirt sales such that $5 from every shirt goes to the ACS specifically for finding a cure for Ewing's Sarcoma. To me, the biggest surprise is that BC did this well. Don't get me wrong, I love my alma mater and all, but in the past, this would completely be something that BC botched up or didn't do in time. Serious props to the folks at Follett and BC for coming together and making this happen. Very happy to see this executed correctly.

8W) Flaherty stepping in flawlessly for Geiser

When a long snapper is replaced, not many people even notice, but sometimes they do. And when they do its for all the wrong reasons. Flaherety has played this year so far without any major issues, and as a red shirt frosh, I call that a win.

9M) Pantale

It should be known that I am a big fan of Lars
Anderson and was surprised to see both Lars and McMichael shifted to "H back" positions on the depth chart. What that really turned out to mean was weak side TE, as we've run a ton of 2-TE sets on offense thus far early in the year.

I had heard good things about Pantale last year through his work with the scout team, but you never really know until the kids put on the pads and play in an actual game. Pantale is a terrific route-runner and a prototypical catching TE. He doesn't have the size or strength yet to be a great blocker, but the buzz was for real, he looks to be a pretty special player at TE for years to come.

10W) DiSanzo

Now, I know keuchly is getting a lions share of attention. Disanzo is quietly getting it done as well. He seems to pursue very well, wraps up his tackles , and against Clemson he even had a pick. Still very young in his BC career, he shows a lot of promise, and excited to watch him continue to excel.


BCMike drafted: Kuechly, blowout wins, Morrissey, Beat Cancer T-Shirts, Pantale
Wesley drafted: Bowman, Megwa, Sid, Flaherty, DiSanzo

9-22 Draft: Best surprises thus far early in the '09 Season?
BCMike - Kuechly, blowout wins, Morrissey, Beat Cancer T-Shirts, Pantale
Wesley - Bowman, Megwa, Sid, Flaherty, DiSanzo
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