Monday, October 31, 2011

Best of the Best vs. Maryland

As we stated in the last post, if its a best of the best, it will probably get out there a bit earlier than a worst of the worst.. and well we didn't have to be held accountable for that , it was an easy one for BCMike and I.
so without further ado, here... we .... go!!!

1M) We won

Call it a cop-out, I don't care. We finally won a game vs. a d-1 (FBS) opponent and I'm flying sky high.

I'll have specific points later, but to me the best part about this win is that WE FINALLY FUCKING WON A GAME.

2W) Run blocking
Call it a weak Maryland d line, but it was exactly what we needed and called for in the keys to thegame, now ifthey would just involve the tight ends in the game outside of blocking

3M) Deuce going for double-deuce

Deuce Finch was apparently just slow playing us all. We all liked the kid, but I don’t think anyone had in mind his 243 yard, 2 TD performance. As Eagle in Atlanta pointed out, it wasn’t a couple of big runs that inflated the stats but rather a constant grind of 7, 8, 9 yard carries with a 20 yarder sprinkled in here and there. Yes, he had a couple fumbles—both in the red zone (one in ours, the other in theirs) which hurt us and could have let us get a blowout, but the weather was tough on all parties Saturday.

4W) Duggan stepping up

With kpl out for now with an injury I thought Duggan did a good job filling in and gave a glimpse into the future. And as he gets bigger, I feel we are going to have a great player. Solid tackler and good instincts, a lot like another player that came from st x

5M) Amidon end-around

Alex once again had another team under-estimating his speed as he took the pitchfrom Chase and turned the corner. Great blocking by all, but terrific job by Alex turning on the jets and zooming past all of the defenders into the endzone.

6W) Getting to actually watch the game

On Saturday I was actually in Pittsburgh, as some of you know I travel frequently. Well the duke tech game was running over and I started watching the game on my phone, the guy running bettis sports bar saw me trying to watch, came by and put the BC game on for me, I knew it was going to be a good day then

7M) Keeks INT

Keeks of course turned in another stellar performance racking up tackles and diagnosing plays faster than a half-hour special of HOUSE, but getting a turnover is always great. Keeks was WAY back in zone coverage and easily picked off O’Brien who was trying to force the issue. I thought for a second he was going to find his way into the endzone for a pick-6, but the INT wasgreat itself. Four turnovers on the day for BC, this one was the prettiest.

8W) Sylvia INT

To balance out the Keeks INT, The Sylvia INT was what I thought put MO on our side. Sylvia not only made an athletic move to get the ball, but was able to bring the ball back so the Eagle would be able to make a move with the Ball on Offense. Not too shabby for a Freshman, Redshirted or not.

9M) The Maryland Footballs

Honestly, this game could have been different if Maryland hadn’t dropped so many passes. Yes, I know it’s bad weather and you need to run to win, but numerous Terps dropped multiple balls vs. our Eagles. Conservatively I think there were 10 drops, but the real total is likely closer to 15. I don’t know if the Maryland balls were some sort of new Under Armour Hyper-Suck model or what, but the Terps had an unbelievably hard time holding onto the ball Saturday…which is just fine by me.

10W)Ability to do the Best of the Best

First and foremost , I am a BC fan, I hope that is 100% understood. So When BC loses I don't enjoy being clever on the worst of the worst.. I would 1000x more rather to do the best of the best, and frankly its easier, my kind of memory is more agreeable with the wins, rather than the losses. So I tend to remember the big plays of BC a lot better than the ones against them.

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