Monday, October 10, 2011

10-10-11 Draft: Worst of the Worst vs. Clemson

Wesley is away and traveling, so I might be doing this one on my own. We'll start off with my first pick and if he's not back by tomorrow, I'll draft alone (sad, right?)

Ok.... Worst of the Worst vs. we go!

1M) The @BCGeneD tweet

It’s one thing to give the fans of alumni a hard time if we’re winning loads of games and getting lauded in the press for how great we are. It’s another thing to do it while we are clearly in the midst of the worst season of football Boston College has seen in literally decades.

Many commented on the Gene tweet, most citing poor performance by the team, well below average coaching, boring play-calling, with some even commenting on the relatively lackluster home schedule. The truth of the matter, in my opinion, is that none of those things actually has any sort of drastic effect on BC fans getting butts in seats prior to kickoff. This is clearly an issue with the tailgating/gameday atmosphere at Boston College.

If you have two, maybe sometimes three hours to rush in, pay an exorbitant amount of money for a spot, spark your grill, find your friends, and finally get around to cracking a cold one you’re realistically looking at 1.5-2 hours of active tailgating. That’s simply not cutting it. If Gene (who I still support but is apparently intentionally making it increasingly more difficult to do so) wants to know why BC fans aren’t in their seats before kickoff, he should have taken a tour of the Clemson tailgating fields at 8AM, seven hours before kickoff.

Or at UCF at 8AM, twelve hours before kickoff.

Once you—be it a student, alum, casual fan, or family member—have had your fill of tailgating, eating, drinking, hanging out, playing games, talking football, catching up with folks…you’re READY for the game. You WANT it to start. It’s not that BC fans don’t want to go to the game or don’t look forward to it, it’s that College Football is an EVENT. The game is PART of the event, the showcase, the main act. But please, don’t kid yourself. Most folks going to a BC game this year, save the die-hards, aren’t going for the stellar lineup of opposing teams or the paltry 1-5 record. They’re going there to try to enjoy the EVENT, not just the game.


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