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Draft: 10/26: Worst of the Worst vs. VT

As the Losses continue to mount, there is no doubt that BCMike and I have a harder and harder time writing up the worst of the worst. Believe me , we would crank out a Best of the best with a ton more Vigor! But, we are committed in good times and hard times. The Tech game showed some improvement, but we still have some work to do, meanwhile, here are the worst of the worst from the game.

1M) The Tease

Allowing me to think how wonderful it would be to wear my BC shirt with pride on Monday, giving everyone a hard time for making fun of my team every day this season…then taking that dream away in the second half.

2W) The Halftime adjustments

Virginia Tech made them, and we didn't. We came out the second half flat, and with no more tricks in the bag, and our house of cards fell to the ground.

3M) Inability to diagnose / stop the WR screen

VT ran one WR screen to see if it worked. It did—so they tried it again—and again….and again. Each time we were equally unable to stop it. It was very frustrating as VT was pretty plainly telling our guys that "hey, we're going to keep on running this play until you stop it"…and we couldn't. Very depressing.

4W) The D Line

Do I think our D Line is talented? Yeah I do, but they lack the consistency to put constant pressure on a QB, or even to stop the run. Throughout the game our guys appeared winded, and just plain getting beat by the O Line of Tech, and I think our D line has a standard to live up to ( see Raji, Brace) and frankly theyaren't able to do it .

I am excited to see Ricci and Ramsey next year together as I think they have some serious potential up the middle.

5M) Chase missing the open man

It wasn't too often that Chase had enough time to throw and actually had a man wide open. Amidon (it waseither Amidon or Bobby Swigert) was wide open with no one around him. Chase put just a little too much steam on the ball and overshot the WR who could have backpedalled in. It's not too often we're going to get a TD handed to us on a plate. When it's offered, we really need to take advantage of it—particularly by a club as good as VT.

6W) Dbacks in the 2nd half

Something happened at half time, not sure if it was a make a wish program that allowed kids to play DB for BC or what, but after a stellar first half by our DB's they were unable to cover Tech's Wide out's , bad positioning, timing, etc. It really was bad all around. The Key play that stuck in everyones mind was our best player in the secondary Donnie Fletcher getting horribly out maneuvered in the end zone, allowing a Tech Touchdown.

7M) The "here ya go" D on the last drive of the 1st half

If you're an Eagles fan who has watched our team from the beginning, you probably had a little bit of D?j? vu when you saw VT drive the ball 80 yards in the last minute of the first half. Looked an awful lot like Northwestern, didn't it? We played way back, looking to prevent the 50 yard play that was never coming. We gave up large chunks of yardage and allowed VT to score right before the half, stealing the momentum and leaving us with a "what just…just…happened…?" feeling on D despite playing exceptionally well up until that point in the game.

8M) Andre Williams Running

Mike you areexactly right, I think we all knew what was going to happen going into the 2nd half.

Let me preface this with I like what we saw from Deuce against Tech, and I know the O Line didn't do anyone a tremendous amount of favors, but where did Andre Williams rushing go? The Andre williams that absolutely crushed Syracuse? The one with speed, vision, and power.. It wasn't there against Tech, and I sure hope that we see it in the future.

9M) Jim Noel missed INT

Good call on Dre. I'm a fan as well, but he just didn't hit the holes hard like he has been. Not sure if he's still banged up or not, but we need him to WANT to run over people if he's going to be effective.

Logan Thomas didn't bring his A-Game vs. our Eagles, but we didn't take much advantage of it, either. On a tipped ball, the pass went up in the air and directly to Jim Noel. Yes, he had to dive for it—but since I've seen Jim make plays easily a hundred times more athletic than that one it's simply one he should have had and one we could have really used.

10W) Being 1-6

BCMike, I was REALLY thinking I would see how this loss effected your home life as the final pick ..
Like Mike stated in his first pick , we were given hope, but being 1-6 and our only win being to Umass, and making us officially out for a bowl game this year hurt, I cannot lie. I love bowl games, even the crappy ones, We showed a lot more fight in this game, but the result was VERY painful.

BCMike: Tease, WR Screen, Chase missing, here ya go, Noel missed INT
Wesley: Halftime, Dline, Dbacks, Dre, 1-6

Draft: 10-26: Worst of the Worst vs. VT
BCMike: Tease, WR Screen, Chase missing, here ya go, Noel missed INT
Wesley: Halftime, Dline, Dbacks, Dre, 1-6 free polls 

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