Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here are our keys to the game vs. Clemson, Wesley and I's favorite road every other year we play the Tigers. Unfortunately we're both traveling this weekend and can't make the game, but we'll be there drinking beers in spirit.


1W) Tight Ends involved

I know we say it like clockwork, but Spaz is clearly not getting these cliff notes I email him and GDF every week. In short get the tight ends involved, they are a talented group, and a good safety valve if the O line is getting beat

2M) Hampton Staying back on Sammy

Our secondary will have it’s hands full (more than usual) as we take on the Frosh WR Phenom Sammy Watkins. It’s been much publicized, and rightfully so, that Clemson has beaten three ranked teams in a row, so the numbers Sammy is putting up aren’t exactly like the cupcakes most D1 programs boast about entering the mid-point of the year. Watkins, in his true frosh campaign has 31 receptions, 471 receiving yards, and six TD’s. Put another way, he has more TD’s caught than we’ve thrown this year.

Clemson is going to look to blow us out early and hope our kids don’t fight back. We need to protect against the big plays and that means Hampton Hughes staying back protecting against the big play deep vs. Sammy Watkins.

3W Tahj

Respect Tajh, he actually is a very good qb who is mobile, fast, great at short passes and a great decision maker. Honestly all of the attributes in a qb that does very well against Boston college

4M) Dre, Deuce, and Kimble steppin’ up

Montel is out vs. Clemson. We need Andre, Deuce, and Tahj (ours, not theirs) to carry the load and attempt to keep the Clemson defense honest by having a good ground game on Saturday. I’ve really liked Andre when he has room, Deuce’s straight ahead power, and love Tahj catching the ball out of the backfield. All three need to step up now that Montel’s gone again.

5W) Remind Clemson who is who.

Its no real secret, everyone is holding their collective breath in Death valley after beating three ranked teams in a row, the are known to come out flat and lose the winnablegames, therefore screwing their season. In comes Boston College, with the ability to win games they are drastically favored against.., perfect storm? Possibly

6M) Stay calm through the storm

As Spaz reminds us at every opportunity he’s given, he’s chosen to play a ton of younger guys who may not have played at Clemson before. Playing at Clemson to a hopped up Clemson crowd can be very initimidating for a young team, just ask the young team we had two years ago (wait, how can we still be “young”, then? Never mind…) which put forth one of the most putrid offensive efforts ever displayed while wearing a BC uniform. We need our young guys to stay confident, and I know that’s asking a lot, but they need to try to block out the rowdy Clemson fans and just “do work”.

7W) Rettig leads

Your last one makes me want to play in traffic.

if Boston college is going to have a chance to win, Rettig is going to have to have a stellar game, allot of things go into that, but a completion rate over 70% and no picks is what to look for.

8M) Spiffy and Kimble

I have to say I like what I’ve seen out of Spiffy back there returning kicks with Kimble. Chances are pretty good that we’ll have more than one kickoff to return on Saturday, but we can change the momentum of the game with a good kick return for a TD…or, at least out to the 50. Our special teams needs to step up and help BC gain good field position for us to have a fighting chance.

9W) Offensive line Cohesion

Another one of those we have said since the first game, the offensive line has players on it, I truly believe that , the problem is they all break down at different times, and in short they just arent used to playing with eachother. The offensive line needs to set its groove, especially is number 7 is going to happen , they are going to have to help settle Rettig's (un)happy feet so he can have a chance to succeed, and our Rbs will need holes to run through.

10M) Coach / Play-call aggressively

Yes, this is a little risk/reward here, but there’s quite literally zero way we win this game if we approach our playcalling and coaching conservatively. On offense we need to take shots, we need to score. We’re not going to win this game by scoring under 20 points like we have every game this season vs. D1 opponents. Yes, we might turn the ball over now and again but it will be worth it, attempting to play the conservative ball control offense vs. Clemson is going to get us embarrassed, and in short order.

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