Monday, December 7, 2009

Draft 12/7: Reasons to be excited for the Emerald Bowl

Well Boston College was formally invited to the Emerald Bowl Sunday, and so was thier opponent, USC. Boston College Players, Fans, Alumni are all excited for this great matchup, and if you're not already, let us help you out a bit with a draft of reasons why you should be!

1W)GREAT primetime exposure!!

Being the day after Christmas, not really competing with any other games on at this time.
This is the only bowl that matches the PAC-10 vs. ACC against eachother.. And this will be the Saturday after Christmas and people will be dying to get thier fix from coast to coast, and what better way to satisfy that fix than a matchup of USC and BC!

2M)Getting a shot at USC when they're not at typical "USC" strength

Let's face it , USC is USC but this year they have had more losses than they are used to. They have never even attended the Emerald Bowl before.. But this opens it up for a prime matchup against the Eagles!

3W)Almost Guaranteeing a sell out

Don't call me Rand Mcnally but you know USC is not too far from San Francisco, far enough to book the hotels, but a very easy drive. And BC has a large amount of alumni in the San Francisco area, and they have known that they were the preferred ACC team of this matchup, so hopefully there will be a good BC presence there, but what BC doesn't bring, USC will cover the difference, without question.
Sitting in the relatively new, and gorgeous AT&T park 40k+ shouldn't be a problem, so I wouldn't hesitate on purchasing your tickets soon.

4M)Finally not getting screwed by the bowl selection process

No matter how hard they tried to screw us, they still didn't win.
Gator got FSU, Clemson got leaped over and goes to Music City
But honestly BC fans couldn't be happier with thier result of playing in San Francisco.

5W)A bowl actually being a class act.

They are actually very excited to have us. And very complimentary of BC. Let me start with Gary Cavalli, he is a great Bowl Director and I would hope that a lot of other bowls were ran similarly to the way that the Emerald Bowl is run. Here is a quote from the Emerald Bowl Website. “We could not be happier with this matchup,” Cavalli said. “In USC, we have one of the great brands in college football and a program that is almost always in the national championship hunt. In Boston College, we have one of the nation's premier academic institutions and an over-achieving team that overcame a lot of adversity this season. "

6M)A chance to go 9-4 against a solid team, not just a cupcake.

We get to see if our guys can rise to the occasion, not just "fight off the letdown"
as they did vs. MSU and Vandy. This really is national exposure for all the pundits that didnt give any credit to BC at the start of the season, to see what they are all about... AHEM ANDRE WARE!!!

7W)Great City to make it a vacation!

I don't know about you, but it's about time for a vacation, and what a great location to have one like San Francisco. Hotels are reasonable, Napa is nearby, so is Lake Tahoe. It's a great location to make everyone happy and do a lot of things at once!

8M)Having everyone who is not a USC fan cheer for us (exact opposite of playing Navy)

Boston College appreciates all the random fans it has, and can get, being a smaller school in the Northeast, it doesn't always get the publicity as other schools. USC on the other hand has tons of publicity and everything they do is in the limelight.. Most people either cheer for USC or against them... so unlike playing an academy such as Navy, BC will more than likely have some extra people cheering them on!

9W) Being able to go enjoy it! And mike staying away ..

Let me say, it's fun and all travelling with Mike, especially to Bowl games, but I like to watch BC win, and it's been a pretty rough going this year with Mike's luck while he is at the game. So I will be attending this game, enjoying the SF experience, going to Napa etc. and Mike, hmmm Mike you will be on the couch... correct? ( The oddsmakers in Vegas are listening )

10M) A chance to get a head start on the series that starts in 2014(?)

Boston College and USC have a 2 game session that starts in a couple of years, and the BC faithful have already started talking up this game. What a better way to start off this great matchup than a bowl game that could have a storied ending to warm it up!


Wesley: Exposure, Attendance, keeping it classy, VACATION, Attending
BCMike: USC, not screwed, no cupcake, adding fans, future series

Draft 12-7: Reasons to be excited for the Emerald Bowl
Wesley: Exposure, Attendance, keeping it classy, VACATION, Attending
BCMike: USC, not screwed, no cupcake, adding fans, future series free polls

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  1. BC-USC series starts in 2013 in California with the return trip to the Heights in 2014.

    See you at the bowl game. Go Eagles!