Monday, November 9, 2009

Draft 11/10: Best BC YouTube Videos

Today, we draft the Best BC Videos. Although neither BCMike, nor I (Wesley) created a single one of these, I will say that these are ones that we repeatedly enjoy, whether to relive a certain moment, or to get pumped up for a future game.. So without any further hesitation..

1W) 2009 Video

This isn’t just the most recent video, I honestly feel like it is the best.It ties in previous years, it is futuristic.. It's got Meter on it, which I feel is awesome. It just pumps me up.. sums up tons of GREAT plays.. and Makes you VERY excited to be an Eagles fan. I think I watched it 5 times this morning after I chose it .

2M) Hail Flutie

This just gives me chills everytime I see it. "Flutie's done it!!l with Doug jumping up and down, jubilantly. Good way to start the season off and a nice reminder why it's always a good bet to believe in BC.

3W)Matt Ryan Video

I am not going to lie to you, it makes me sad to watch this haha.. However lame that is, its definitely true. Boston College is very fortunate to have him come through thier program. This just reminds you what type of player he is, type of heart.. And what a year 2007 was!

4M) Matt Ryan VT game '07

The 2007 season was insane. Just about every team that was ranked had lost. BC didn't even start the year ranked (as per usual) but had enjoyed a meteoric rise to number 2 in the polls. This was the Eagles first big test....on the road, at Lane Stadium, vs. a top ten team in Virginia Tech. 99% of this game was unwatchable for the Eagles faithful, but the last 2.5 minutes were about as good as it gets. I will always remember Meter's call on Matt's TD pass to Andre Callendar as it won us the game and enormous amount of respect for both Matt Ryan and the BC football team.

5W)Mark Herzlich Special

Honestly, This could easily be number 1.You get a great insight into what Herzy is going through in his daily regiment with Cancer.He lets everyone know his goals of running back onto the field. Being fortunate enough to meet the Herzlich family on several occassions, I was glad that the public was allowed some insight into this great family.

6M) Hockey Championship

I love college hockey. If you have never been to a Frozen Four, do yourself a favor and go. Amazing time. The only thing better than winning a national championship is beating Notre Dame for a national championship. Awesome team, great run, great title.

7W) Ohliger Self Made Special

I know its odd, but I actually really like this.. Ohliger had a rough time @ BC. Although I thought I heard he is back/ or finished his degree from there? Anyways.. The video I think depicts the life of a kicker pretty well. And you kinda somewhat understand some of the frustrations and personal wins that Kickers, and Ohliger himself go through.

8M) Basketball Mix

This is fairly new and was created to get Eagles fas pumped for the 09-10 season. Nice clips from last year, but also several years back including the Cookie Monster, Duds, Sean "puffy" Williams, Marshall, etc. Very well done.

9W) BC/ Clemson 2007

This is a steal getting this as my last pick! What a game this was, and what a win! I can't lie, returning to Clemson this year with BCMike, I was hopingfor some sort of a repeat of what happened in 2007, but we obviously came up short. I like this video for the pregame smack talk from both sides, as well as the in game highlights.Also, another one with John Meterparel in it.. He just hypes you up in my opinion.And what about that Deep pass from Ryan to Gunnell!!

10M) Meet Matt Ryan

I spoke last week about how had really improved the past couple years. I believe this was actually the start to it. Yes, it's campy, but it's fun and original.

Wesley: 2009 Video, Matt Ryan, Herz, Ohliger, BC/Clemson
BCMike: Hail Flutie,VT 2007, Hockey Championship vs. ND, Basketball Mix, Meet Matt Ryan

Draft 11-9: Best BC YouTube Videos
Wesley: 2009 Video, Matt Ryan, Herz, Ohliger, BC-Clemson
BCMike: Hail Flutie,VT 2007, Hockey Championship vs. ND, Basketball Mix, Meet Matt Ryan free polls


  1. Reader Edward emailed us this video...definitely a great one as well!