Friday, December 4, 2009

Reasons to dislike the SEC CG

Call us haters, call us loyal to ACC, it doesn't really matter... We are what we are. But there are some things that I am really going to get sick of during this game of Number 1 and Number 2 in the Nation.

1W) Tebow

I am not certain if I really even need to put a description, but maybe for the Tebow fans I need to.. so I will. I am sick and tired of hearing his name. Do I respect him , of course, he is great at what he does, he truly is.. and a great role model as well, as the one Gator not arrested this year. But I am just tired of hearing his name. But I am sure I will next year as he plays TE/LB ... I am kidding Florida fans :)

2M) The fact that the BCS doesn’t provide a championship game, it’s simply the matchup of the SEC title game winner vs. the Big 12 title game winner (or Ohio State/USC, if undefeated).

Seriously, how pissed off are you if you are a Cincy team? They're not even in the discussion and are an "auto-bid" conference. What's the point if you can have a dream season where you beat the living daylights out of every team you play but don't have a shot in hell of playing for the national title? Same goes for Oregon, who despite one loss has clearly played a tougher schedule than Florida. Alabama, to their credit, played VT at least. Regardless, the fact that we start the year under the assumption that it's going to be one of four options: SEC winner / Big12 winner / Ohio State / USC just sucks. I'm tired of it.

3W) Heisman talk

The whole game, this will be the mantra... 2 Heisman hopefuls battling it out .. I beg to differ.. I honestly don't think (at this time) either of them should recieve the Heisman.. of course thats just my opinion.. but I think that there are plenty of other canidates that are far more qualified, starting with Gerhart, Shipley, I'd even put Golden Tate above Ingram and Tebow.

4M) Tim Tebow (yes, I’m selecting him too…because we’re going to hear him so much)

I'm sure Tim Tebow is a nice guy, and as we've said earlier my main beef with the guy is that he makes me feel bad about myself and who I am...but given this is his last game in the SEC and leading up to the Heisman, the Tim Tebow chatter will be at a level that is going to be simply frightening.

I'm considering putting together a drinking game for the kids that has you take a sip of beer (taking a shot would cause death) every time the Announcer says "Tim Tebow".

Over/Under on the game of Tim Tebow's.....412.

I'm taking the over.

5W) SEC is the best

Listen, yes I know SEC is good, and it really didn't help the cause that the ACC really screwed the pooch last week when thier 2 ACC champ contenders lost to middle of the road SEC teams. But I guess I just really don't want to hear it. The SEC is good, but after the 1000th time of hearing that basically every player is going pro, even the backup redshirted kicker.. I get a bit sick to my stomach.

6M) It’s being called the national semi-final game now here in Atlanta.

Perhaps it's true. At least this year it's true, but they're billing it as an annual affair here in Atlanta on the radio...the funny thing is that the locals don't just think that the SEC Championship game should play for the national title EVERY year, but some are irate that there's not a rule that would allow two SEC teams to play for the national title year in and out. The blinded homerism is just awe-inspiring.

7M) Joe Haden on Julio Jones

I really didn't like Josh leaving BC, and having to watch Montel take over 40 reps as RB was just testing fate really.. Josh's Brother, Joe, is also a GREAT athelete, and will more than likely be covering another GREAT athelete as well in Julio Jones.. Hearing this matchup will remind me over and over that Josh is no longer at BC.

8M) Atlanta flooded by SEC homers (even more than usual)

As many here know, I felt no dislike towards UGA prior to moving to Atlanta. Then it's shoved down your throat like none other and you just have a natural gag reflex that, if you're not an SEC fan, makes you want to puke up all over anyone who attempts to cram it down your pie hole. Well, when the SEC Championship game is in town (football OR Basketball), the risk of that goes up at least 50%. There's still a ridiculous amount of SEC homers in Atlanta anyway, but it reaches catastrophic proportions this weekend.

Just like a major snow....if you don't have to leave your house, just stay in and weather the storm.

9W) Saban / Meyer Matchup

Both coaches are definitely good, well compensated coaches. Are they the best in the League? In my opinion, no, they are not. They are good coaches with Great talent. But during this game you will hear over and over of how they are playing an elaborate game of chess.. sorry its more like checkers, not chess. Check Mate!

10M) The fact I'm still going to watch it

As much as we jest about disliking the SEC, the fact is that Florida/Bama will be a good game. Are they over rated? Possibly. Is the SEC as a whole riding on a reputation built more than earned this season? Absolutely. However it's still going to be a good game and despite all of above, I can assure you I will be watching it Saturday.


  1. Wow, how can you not be excited about a pair of 12-0 teams ranked 1 & 2 slugging it out for the right to go to the national title game in a re-match of an instant classic that was played under the exact same circumstances?

    I have zero ties to either school and I'm jacked for that game just as a fan of college football.

    But I also would like to see 'Bama win this game just to stop the Tebow-ning

  2. My draft
    1) Tebow
    2) Tebow
    3) St. Timothy of Gainesville
    4) Urban Meyer
    5) Tebow