Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Draft 12/23: Renaming the PAC-10/12

Now with the PAC 10 talk of growth, and potential teams to grow into that conference, we thought we would give some fresh material for the conference to steal and label themselves as marketing geniuses! Here goes the renaming the PAC! Since we used "Pac-12" yesterday, we're going to try something more outside the box....


1M) The Pacific Conference

Just drop the "10"! "Pac-con". Just like
Pac-Man, just Pac-Con! You can still have the phone pacific thing going on without the risk of being another Big10 also ran having the wrong number in your conference title.

2W) The Big Surf


I think conferences need to have snazzier names. Yes, I used the word snazzier haha. ACC/SEC/Big EAST yaddda yadda ya. The Big Surf.. Doesn't that just entice you.. just a little bit even??

3M) Conference West

Kind of like C*USA, just
putting the conference first. Conference West!

4W) Left Coast Conference

Ok, I try not to go overly political on this site, because first last and always this is a BC/Football/ Random site first, and a Political Site last. But California/Oregon/ Washington etc are known for being Liberal or left. So why not just call this the
left coast conference? Plus, a more simple answer is look at a map, most of these schools are on the left side (if you are curious which side is left
put your hand up, its the index finger and thumb that make an L)

5M) Gold Rush Conference

The reason that the country
populated itself so quickly across the west, in addition to the homestead act, was the Gold Rush! What's that? No, not the poorly colored BC gear, I'm talking about a new conference, the Gold Rush Conference!

6W) West Side Conference

Good call on the Gold Rush Conference.. I like it !!
I am going with West Side Conference.. Bring Ice Cube, WC, and of course Mack 10 as spokesmen.It's descriptive, its quick and to the point, what's not to like about the West Side Conference?

7M) West Coast Conference

Okay, so I know the WCC is
already taken, but what do you do when you're a major power and want something that someone has? You buy it! The Pac-10 can all have the members chip in a couple mil and buy the conference name away from it's current owners and go with the new WCC name.

8W) The Big Quake Conference

Ok ok , no history lesson is
needed here, large portions of the PAC resides on fault linesGrowing up in california, I learned VERY quick what earthquakes were! So as a good intimidating name such as the The Big Quake Conference!

9M) It doesn't matter because the East Coast media will ignore you anyway

That's right, you heard me.

10W) The Big West

Just when The Big East started sounding cool
, oh wait it didn't . But the Big West sounds a bit more fluid. Although the Big West is already being used.. I am sure that the PAC could easily come off the Greenbacks necessary to make this happen.


BCMike drafted: Pac-Con, Conference West, Gold Rush, WCC, Doesn't matter

Wesley drafted: Big Surf, Left Coast, West Side, Big Quake, Big West

12-23 draft: New Name for the Pac-10
BCMike: Pac-Con, Conference West, Gold Rush, WCC, Doesn't matter
Wesley: Big Surf, Left Coast, West Side, Big Quake, Big West
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  1. It will be PAC-WEST

  2. you're a dumb ass and your blog is a waste of server space.

  3. Pacific Inter-Mountain Pariah (PIMP) conference?

    Championship Inter-Mountain Pacific (ChIMP)Conference?

  4. Joe,

    I couldn't agree more. Hell, we're both dumb asses. Thank god blogger is free to let morons like yourself and us meet!

    BTW, that's a sweet double wide in your profile pic. Are those available for away game tailgating?

  5. No seriously this was a horrible read, your thoughts are not interesting, clever or funny but are truley uninspiring. With most cases of failure you would encourage that person to try harder or to atleast keep trying, however, this is so bad you should just stop.

    Actually I take that back. This blog did provoke my mind to remember something I've heard before
    "Mr. Madison, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and God have mercy on your soul.
    Lastly, I think the puppy who lost his way was a better story.