Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12/22 Draft: Expanding the Pac-10

Just when we were running a little low on material, the CFB gods help us out. Sure enough, right on the heels of the Big10/11/whatever talking expansion, the Pac-10 has thrown it's name into the ring as well as a conference that will also explore expansion (PAC-12 here we come!).


1W) Hawaii

Let me start by saying, yes I know this is an odd one, especially to start off with. But I think Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean, no? And it really probably fits in better with the PAC group anyways. I honestly think that Hawaii can give some challenge to the PAC teams.

2M) Boise State

The ACC Rule aside (thou shalt not
bring in teams into the conference that beat the incumbent teams, else said expansion teams be named "bad fits"), Boise State is a no-brainer. The football team has won something close to 38 of it's last 40 games. Say what you want about the quality of the opponent the Broncos play, but they've done it vs. some pretty good teams as of late (OU in a BCS bowl, the Pac-10 Champion Oregon Ducks this year). It would be a good move for the Broncos because they wouldn't have to worry about how awful their schedule is; they'd have a built-in legitimacy playing Oregon and USC every year as well as Cal, a much improved Stanford team, etc.

Plus, they could keep the smurf turf and just use the white logo outline for the Pac10. See? It all fits.

3W) Fresno State

Fresno State.. think about it.
They are on the sea of lost, they belong in the PAC.
They have been rather successful in the WAC overall, and really thier location make them prime for the PAC!


BYU has had a solid program for
quite some time now after falling from grace post-Ty Detmer. The Cougs are a good get for the Pac-10 as BYU is a good school and let's face it, there's not much risk in bringing in these clean-cut folks. The basketball team is good every once in a while, but the football team has been very competitive and would continue to be after moving up in the world and joining a major BCS auto-bid conference.

5W) New Mexico

QUIT LAUGHING!!! The Lobos would make a great homecoming matchup for all the current PAC teams! heck even Washington St!

6M) Utah

The Utes have proven that they are
no flash in the pan, producing BCS winning bowl teams and first round picks. While Utah still doesn't get the name recognition and automatic respect that perhaps they deserve at this point, joining a major conference could give them the boost they need to get over the hump of legitimacy.

7W) Colorado

All joking aside, This probably makes the most sense.
Colorado isn't really a fit for the Big 12.. It's almost an outsider, so shouldnt the PAC be an option? There is no question whether the PAC would want them, they definitely would, and I honestly think this would be mutually benefical as recruiting in CU would increase, and the media market of the PAC would as well!

8M) Colorado State

Well hell, Wesley...if Colorado is going,
shouldn't Colorado State go, too? I mean you already have Washington/Washington State, Oregon/Oregon State, Arizona/Arizona State, Cal/Cal State? Ok, well it ends before Cal State, but still, if we're going to add the Buffs, it would make sense to add the Rams as well.

9W) Boston College

Yes Boston College.. Have you figured out why I say BC? NO?
well is BC near the Pacific Ocean? Negative, they are near another body of water. I think they would just like BC, or to SAY BC because that seems to be the hot thing to do lately.
Naming BC as a team that wants to jump conferences, to the Big east, Big ten, heck Why not the PAC! Although I am pretty certain that BC would prefer to stay in the ACC. Kinda working out pretty well for them you know? Oh and the whole BC doesnt travel well stigma would be in effect if they played in the PAC btw.

10M) San Diego State

BC? Boy, you are off your rocker.
I'm going with another public UC-system school with San Diego State. It's nice because it actually does expand the media market a little bit by getting the San Diego area (okay, not much, but still), plus it's a large state school that's churned out a surprising amount of NFL talent over the years (Marshall Faulk / Joe Gibbs / Herm Edwards anyone). I'm sure the powers that be in California wouldn't mind adding another school from the Great Republic.


Wesley drafted: Hawaii, Fresno State, New Mexico, Colorado, Boston College
BCMike drafted: Boise State, BYU, Utah, Colorado State, San Diego State

12-22 Draft: Expanding the Pac-10
Wesley drafted: Hawaii, Fresno State, New Mexico, Colorado, Boston College
BCMike drafted: Boise State, BYU, Utah, Colorado State, San Diego State
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  1. Remember that the Pac-10 is just as much a basketball conference as it is a football conference. This reason alone is why schools like Boise State, Fresno State and Hawaii probably won't be extended invites.

    For bball + football, I think Pac-10 has to give a hard look to Utah + BYU first.

    Another out-there suggestion is UNR and UNLV. Keep the two schools per state meme in a contiguous state to the current Pac-10 states.

  2. Good point about the hoops, Brian. I will say this, though...I think that teams that join conferences that are historically weaker in something than the rest of the conference is gets better, and gets competitive fast. Miami basketball, BC baseball are good examples.

    My guess is that the 4 Cal schools hold a lot of the weight much like the 4 NC based schools in the ACC do...in which case they may prefer another Cal school (or two).

  3. Sorry for the slightly tardy post, but I liked the topic and wanted to chime in. I also think the schools should be BYU and Utah. As Brian pointed out they're both good football schools, with fairly strong basketball traditions.

    Also IMO, one of the cool things about the Pac 10 is that each school has a natural rival... USC-UCLA, Stanford-Cal, and all the state schools. These teams have one of the most heated natural rivalries in the country and, especially now that their teams are strong, could give the Pac 10 a big boost.

  4. Interesting commentary, especially with everything going on. A couple thing (besides the OBVIOUS "no ways" that would surround the first 5 of your options):

    1) You were on the right track during Col State, it didn't end there, Stanford is only about 20 miles as the bird flies from Cal, and you forgot UCLA and USC, where USC is actually closer to The Rose Bowl (UCLA's stadium) than UCLA is.

    2) You're picking this teams purely based on talent of football. What makes the world go round? Yeah, that's right, money. Boise, ID; Honolulu, HI; Fresno, and whereever New Mexico plays don't have the followers, nationwide fanbase, TV network, or even just population in the area. As much as I would like a UNLV or SDSU to join, the Vegas and SD market are already Pac-10 areas, so they wouldn't gain anything by adding them.

    I like the effort though and it will be crazy to see if this Pac-16 comes to fruition.