Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11 Draft: Worst part about the football season ending

We tend to be glass half-full kind of guys here at BCDraft, but with the end of the regular season already here and only the Bowl Games left, we reflect on what we deem to be the worst part about having the football season come to an end.


1W) Wander around all day because not sure what I am supposed to do on Saturdays anymore

Seriously, Saturdays will be a bit different without the structure that ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN360, and of course the OCHO gave me . Now I will have to look around the house endlessly for things to fix, start, entertain myself with.. YES, situation is dire!

2M) Not having a placeholder for the week, something to look forward to on a constant basis

Listen, I know there's more to life than football. Okay, maybe not a LOT more, but there's more out there. Point is, during football season, I set my internal weekly clock to Saturday afternoons. Monday sucked, well that's okay it's only five days until Saturday. Wednesday blew. Hey, that's okay there's a Buffalo game on and BC plays in three more days. Thursday is draggin....hey, at least there's VT vs. GT on the tele tonight, plus BC plays in 48 hours!
The carrot on a stick throughout the week is how I function during football season. I will be forced to now try to keep up with a tricky basketball schedule and an even more fickle hockey schedule (television-wise, at least).

3W) Realizing my life somehow revolves around CFB

Hmm after having draft choice 1, Maybe my life somehow sometimes revolves around NCAA football.. and I am ok with that..

4M) Having to wait nine months to shut up the haters/doubters instead of next week.

As a BC fan, you're probably pretty darn used to having your team be disrespected throughout the preseason, during the regular season, then starting back up a couple weeks after the MNC game is over.
The best part about the regular season is our boys give us the enjoyment of shutting up the doubters week in and out, aside from the obvious black-eye losses that all but two to three fan bases will have felt this year.
After the bowl game, we'll have to go back into "well, we'll just have to prove it on the field....nine months from now" mode...which really sucks.

5W) Running low on material for the blog.

Let me tell you, creativity isnt in my gene pool, its just not, thats more BCMike than it is me. So when the season is in full gear, the Draft kinda drives itself, but now that the season is winding down, it gets a lot more difficult and I start banging my head on the wall more than normal.

6M) Being forced to throw my support behind a team that just lost to Harvard….AGAIN.

Now please don't get me wrong, I'm actually a BIG BC hoops fan and while I don't pretend to know the BC hoops team quite as well as I do the football team, I'm still a pretty darn close follower. That being said, the hoops team has been tearing my heart out on a consistent basis ever since that OT loss to 'Nova four (?) years back with not just one, but a handful of WTF losses.

We just lost to Harvard.
It's a little tough getting the wind started in my sails right now is all I'm saying.

7W) Being extra productive at work

Work LOVES when its not football season, for the main reason of I am 50000x more productive.. now let me tell you yes of course I always work very hard.. take pride in my work , yadda yadda ya. but Extra effort just comes a bit easier, when Its post season

8M) Not having a built-in excuse for why I should be drinking in the early afternoon.

It's no secret that I enjoy tipping back. I enjoy "good" beer more than "beer-beer" (read: Miler Lite, etc.), but a time and a place for all, I say. The beauty of College Football Saturdays here in Atlanta is that no one looks down their nose at me for throwing them back at 11:45 before the noon game. Now I just have to say I'm drinking before noon to stop the voices in my head...which isn't nearly as socially acceptable.

9W) Travelling to suit other peoples wants vs mine.

When its football season, I can have a reason to want to go somewhere, and a time, its really a no brainer, but when its over, I kinda just lose all direction , and play second fiddle to everyone elses plans to do things.. Which I am never a fan of.

10M) Knowing that we’re about to watch the seniors play their last game in maroon and gold

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm being sappy but if you're as much of a diehard as we are, you've grown to love cheering for these guys. It's always bittersweet to see a player you've cheered for and watch develop over four or five years play his final game in the BC uni. A few might play at the next level, but for most of these guys it's the last time they'll throw on the pads. As a former player (just HS), I still miss getting on the field and hitting people...and I knew the last game I took my pads off there wouldn't be another time; which is really just a very melancholy moment.


  1. You don't really notice how boring this time is until you sit down in front of your blog and realize that there's no games to write about.

    I need some fresh material.

  2. No doubt.

    It's going to be a challenge once football season ends for good!

  3. you'll need to do player stuff, least want to meet in an alley way etc. BTW I loved your interviews with players earlier, if there is anyway you could get that going again it'd be awesome.

  4. Thanks, BC Guy...there might just be one on the way (we're always trying to get them, they just happened to fall all at once earlier this year).