Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/1 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Florida State

It's Thursday, and we all know what that means....Keys to the Game!

BC is looking to "gold out" Florida State as ESPN College Game Day comes to Chestnut Hill!

This week, we go solo with our podcast due to an unfortunate cancellation by Scalp ' it's just Wesley and BCMike this time around.

Below are the keys to the game...but for a much more detailed explanation AND our final score predictions, you'll have to listen to the podcast here ---->

Keys to the Game vs. FSU (for a BC win)

1M) Push the FSU run off tackle (stuff the middle)
2W) DLine push on Ponder
3M) Spread around the ball on offense
4M) Shinskie eliminating mistakes
5M) Shadowing Ponder on 3rd downs
6W) Minimize FSU homerun plays
7M) McGov's D stiffening and forcing FG attempts from 40+
8W) Find this year's "zone option read"
9M) D-Fletch and i-J stepping up on 4 wide sets
10W) Clean kicking game by Twigley and Sid


BCMike drafted: Force run to the outside, spread it around on O, Shadow Ponder, D forcing 40 yd FG, D-Fletch and i-J step up
Wesley drafted: DLine push on Ponder, min shinkskie mistakes, no FSU HR's, this year's Zone read, Clean kicking
10-1 Draft: Keys to the game vs. Florida State
BCMike - Force run to outside, spread around on O,Shadow Ponder,D force 40yd FG, D-Fletch and i-J
Wesley - DLine push Ponder, min shinkskie mistakes, no FSU HR's, this yr's Zone read, Clean kicking free polls

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