Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid-Season Report II: Stickers and Brownies

Well we've broken out the ruler and smacked a couple knuckles. Now that we've gone over the areas of improvement, it's time to look at what has gone right this season thus far, and were some kudos deserve to be dispensed.

Since Wesley started us off yesterday, I'll take first jab today.

1M) The emerging star that is Killer Kuechly

If you're read this blog before, this probably shouldn't be a big surprise. At the end of last season, we collectively thought that LB was the strong part of the team. Then Herzy was diagnosed, Mac ripped a tendon, and all hell broke loose.

Starting along side other equally green LB's such as Clancy, Williams, LeGrande, Morrissey, and DiSanzo; Kuechly clearly stood out from day one. At this point in the season Luke has nearly double the number of tackles as anyone else on BC defense and has raised the expectations and hope for the future.

In what was a very bleak off-season, we've been rewarded for our patience and loyalty with Herzy beating cancer, Mac coming back, Luke emerging, and oh....a 5-2 record thus far. Not too shabby.

Shinskie @ QB

I do feel like Shinskie gives us the best opp to survive , as he is the best game manager of the QBs.. MM seems to be coming along.. but right now Shinskie is our man

3M) Giles, Rossi, Scafe plugging the middle

Much was made of the enormous space that was being vacated by BJ Raji and Ron Brace as they entered the NFL this spring, but BC has really been fortunate to have had so much luck with plugging the middle as we have this year.

Much was expected from Scafe, and when healthy, he's very much delivered and been the stalwart at DT we expected him to be. So kudos there, but even more so to Giles and Rossi who have done a phenomenal job in one season stepping in for the big hogs. They're not getting the pass rush I'd like to see just yet, but for the time they've been there, no one can really complain.

My nightmares of people running up the gut on us all day every day have been vanquished....and we have these three fellas to thank for that.


not just from what was seen against NCST.. I like the idea of throwing the wildcat wrinkle out there.. but there has to be the threat of a pass as well, or else its not going to last long. But it gets your RB into your opponents secondary, quickly!

5M) Colin Larmond's emergence

If I'm going to be honest, I underestimated the kid. There were rumors in the off-season that "someone" was going to transfer to Pitt, and it was heavily believed that Larmond was the target of the Pitt staff. I had thought at the time "whatever, no big loss, we have a ton of young depth at WR".

Well, I was wrong.

Larmond is special.

He's only a sophomore now, but he's shown flashes of brilliance. He has better physical tools than anyone of recent play, but is still learning how to use his body to make the catch. He doesn't yet have Richie Gunns' route-running or leadership, nor B-Rob's big-play knack, but I think those will come with time. It's going to be enjoyable watching him the rest of this season, let alone 2010 and 2011.

Openness to Media

This is small, And I am partial. But in the past BC hasn't been near as open with the media.. Spaz seems to be an open book with the media.

Yes this can bite you at times.. but overall your fans love it, they are dying for any information about the team, its progression, and getting to know the team/coaches / players more intimately. I thoroughly hope this continues

7M) Clearly having two stud soph, and one stud frosh RB

Montel earned the starting nod this past year, and clearly he's done his job to cement his position. However, I have enjoyed how the staff has also given Haden and Deuce touches, as they both show the ability to do great things as well. Not having to worry about RB's for the next three years at a minimum is a luxury not many teams have. I feel very fortunate.

8W) Big Mac Comeback

I am not sure what it is , but he brings some fire back to the BC defense .
Definitely saw a bit of it against NC State.. And I think it is exactly what BC needs. The younger guys need the leadership, out there at the Mike position, and Mac brings it...

9M) Pantale

As I've stated before, I'm a Lars Anderson fan and really was discouraged when I saw that he had been moved the "h-back" spot by Tranq and they had inserted Pantale as the starting TE as a RSF.

They've still manged to use Lars some (not as much as I would like, as noted yesterday), but Pantale looks exceptionally good as a pass-catching TE as a red shirt frosh. Great hands, good route running, and nice size. If we can get him to block a little better and put on a little more weight we could have a pretty special two TE set with Pantale and Anderson.

10W) Sid Vicious

Yes, I am aware, I am a broken record on Sid, Although I have no man crush whatsoever on the guy, I have to say he has done a stand up job so far. I don’t care if you are playing Pop Warner football, or for the NFL, flawless XP, and FGs is a great feat , I definitely understand that none have been past 40 yards.. But he has been perfect so far.. Cheers to that!


BCMike drafted: Kuechly, Giles-Rossi-Scafe, Larmond, RB's, Pantale
Wesley drafted: Shinskie, Wildcat, Media, Big Mac comeback, Sid Vicious

10-21 Draft: Mid Season Report, Kudos
BCMike - Kuechly, Giles-Rossi-Scafe, Larmond, RB's, Pantale
Wesley - Shinskie, Wildcat, Media, Big Mac comeback, Sid Vicious free polls

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