Monday, October 19, 2009

10/19 Draft: Best plays vs. NC State

It was the game Spaz had waited to play, and he had the Eagles ready. The Eagles had easily their best scoreboard performance of the year and worked over TOB's Wolf Pack at Alumni Stadium.

Just as there were way too many things wrong with last week's game, this week we're left with an embarrassment of riches on the best plays vs. NC State.

I'll add that I (BCMike) was not at this game and therefore feel partially responsible for the win (see the worst of the worst VT post if you're unfamiliar with the "BCMike attendance curse").

On to the best plays vs. Ginger's boys....

1M) Montel Harris smashing the record books

Despite splitting time for most of the year last season with Josh Haden, Montel actually set the all-time record for rushing yards by a freshman in BC history last season. This Saturday, Harris broke out the record books just to smash them again. Harris piled up a record-breaking 264 yards *and* a record breaking FIVE touchdowns in the rout.

To me, this accomplishment is amazing on it's own, but when you take into consideration that it was done

A) vs. a BCS team
B) intra conference
Ba) Against a team not named Duke
C) this was a team that was obviously facing a defense that was going to key on the running
D) w/out a really good passing game (13 completions)
E) Against a defense that had allowed 63 yards on the ground (team) for the YEAR, on average per game after six games.

This was a truly outstanding performance by Montel.
Oh, and FYI Patriot Golfer...Montel Harris was NOT a Tom O'Brien recruit.

Shinskie pump and toss 50 yarder to Larmond.

I have to give credit here to Larmond on the adjust and jump, because it was good movement and that deep of pass is hard to correct and get under.. But also will have to give some credit here to Shinskie, he pump fakes to a short pass, and then tosses deep, something that he really has had a problem with in the past is fake passing to his intended target, he adjusted well. Great TD pass..

3M) Luke Kuechly's 14 tackles

Yeah, we're kind of running out of superlatives to
say. I'll go with "I don't remember the last time I saw a kid as a true freshman that I was 100% sure would be an all-time BC great". Let's hope Luke stays healthy and continues to grow.

Ten of those were solo tackles, by the way.

4W) Montel Harris 1st Wildcat "TD"

Luke, "Superman" or whatever his nickname is , has been outstanding! He has been a great player for a true frosh, and can't wait to see him progress!

Wildacat, Or should we call this Bazooka? Seems like that is what the BC staff is calling it. I am calling this a TD, because it only came about 3-4 yards short, and he was able to finish the job by running it in. There were some great holes created up the middle, and Harris was able to take advantage. Harris has outstanding stop/go abilities, and he really demonstrated that.

5M) Alex Albright

Alex had a fantastic leaping swat in the endzone in
the 2nd quarter on 3rd down near the goal line. Russell Wilson had scrambled away from trouble twice, and had a great line on a TD pass. Albright was dropped into coverage, and instead of quitting on a long play when everything else had broken down, he kept his head on a swivel and made an incredibly athletic play diving and swatting the ball away.

The front four (and sometimes three) managed to get good pressure and Albright had a lot to do with that. In BC's two bad losses, Albright didn't play vs. VT and only saw limited action vs. Clemson where he was hurt. A healthy Alex Albright makes a world of difference to our defense.

6W) Jim Ramella Sack/Fumble/Fumble Recovery

Do you know how hard this is? haha.. Especially on a QB like Russell Wilson , who is known for his elusiveness? Ramella was able to bull rush past Jullian Willams, sack Russell Wilson, and force him to fumble, and somehow cover the fumble.. I think Boston College was only rushing three guys on this play as well. which makes it even more crazy.. Its almost like Jim got Crazy eyes , and was a man on a mission and nobody was stopping him.. was truly a great play.

7M) Shinskie rebounds strong

After posting the lowest D1A QB efficiency
rating of any quarterback in five years, Shinskie rebounded strong and played a smart game. While only 13 for 25, he threw two touchdowns and NO interceptions. He also held on to the ball when sacked from the blind side and pulled it down instead of forcing the throw on multiple occasions. There were also a handful of drops from the wide outs that would have bolstered Shinskie's stats that were notable.

8W) Spaz Kill shot..

Was that you snickering? I know it was me.. When Shinskie pulls the ball back for a throw to Flutie in the Endzone on fourth down.. I loved this.. Everyone cries about keeping the foot on the accelerator throughout the game.. well this put BC up 52-20.. how's that for speed? I have got to wonder what was being said in the radio between Spaz and Tranq when they decided to just go ahead and put 7 more on the board.. but I was VERY happy that they did..

One thing that was missing after the TD , was a view over to the other sidelines to see the expression on TOB's face.

9M) Outstanding Safety play (both Bowman and Davis)

Let me say that I actually very much
disagree with A) going for it on 4th down, and B) passing for it on 4th down. The game was in hand and there was no need for it. Take the three and go on your way.

After a very poor outing vs. VT where both Bowman and particularly Davis had games to forget, they also responded with outstanding performances vs. NCSU. Davis had a nice INT on the DeLeon Gause deflection but most important was the open field tackling by both of these guys.

Many times NCSU had tossed a ball short of the sticks on 3rd down needing their player to beat our man and make a play for an additional 3-5 yards for the first down. Both Davis and Bowman came up and make sure handed tackles and kept the play in front of them.

10W) Aponavicius still perfect

Yes I understand we aren't booming any 50 yarders.

But still.. perfect is perfect.. Boise State doesn't get punished for having a weak schedule, why should Sid be punished for no attempts over 40 yards?

Giving Nate Freese another year to mature and get his leg even stronger helps BC as well.. Sid has really been a very reliable kicker.. Have to give credit to the coaches to get an extra 5 or so yards from Montel to make the FG this week, as they happened to know his EXACT range.


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